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St. Paul Preaching

“Faith cometh by hearing... As it was written in the book of the
sayings of Isaias the prophet: A voice of one crying in the
wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.
Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and hill shall be
brought low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough
ways plain. And all flesh shall see the salvation of God... Make
straight the path for thy feet, and all thy ways shall be established.
Decline not to the right hand, nor to the left: turn away thy foot
from evil... Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways, and see, and
ask for the old paths, which is the good way, and walk ye in it:
and you shall find refreshment for your souls.”
(Romans 10:17; St. Luke 3:4-6; Proverbs 4:26-27; Jeremias 6:16)

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Abraham Was Not A Jew

[4.55 MB]

Abraham was an Adamite, Semite, and Heberite but was not an Israelite or a Jew. The Israelite race began with Abraham’s grandson Jacob (aka Israel) and Jacob’s twelve sons and hence Abraham was not an Israelite or a Jew. The strict meaning of the word “Jew” is an Israelite of the tribe of Juda. But the most common meaning of the word Jew since the end of the Babylonian captivity includes all Israelites. (This audio was previously titled Asr225.)

7-28-2013 7-28-2013 16 min. Alr0100

A Catechumen Enters the Church, Sin No More, Great Apostasy, and Other Topics

[1.5 MB]

Why Mary’s Little Remnant celebrates the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the first Lord’s Day after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: * Perfecting the Catholic faith is like perfecting war games; * A catechumen is brought into the Catholic Church; * Do not let scruples prevent you from entering the Catholic Church. You do not have to wait until you are perfect, but you must not be committing any mortal sin and you must believe in the Profession of Faith for the Days of the Great Apostasy; * On examining your conscience and making a good confession. Do not try to find sins that do not exist, which stoicy or scrupulous people do; * God does give the faithful a moral certainty that they are pleasing to him and thus in a state of grace, but they can still commit mortal sin later and become displeasing to God; * If you are right with God, he will let you know when you sin, especially if it is a mortal sin’ * Quick confession is as if you did not sin at all and incurs minimal punishment due to sin. The longer you take to confess and repent, the harder it will be to overcome it and the harder will be will be the punishment due to sin; * The nominal Catholic heresy that you cannot stop sinning, just go to confession, is like the protestant heresy of salvation by faith alone, only this one teaches salvation by confession alone without the need to be sorry and a firm purpose of amendment. If, according to this heresy, Catholics cannot stop sinning, then they can never have a firm purpose of amendment. My conversion story is proof that you can stop sinning; * Against false devotions that promise salvation by simply praying the Rosary or wearing a scapular and thus without having to believe in anything, obey God’s commandments, and do good works. We get grace so that we can do these things. Hence we must cooperate with grace or it is useless; * Catholic priests in mortal are banned from administering the sacraments, and some mortal sins ban them for life from functioning as priests; * The most dangerous people in the whole world are non-Catholic family members; * Nominal Catholics are move evil and dangerous than Talmudic Jews, Moslems, and even Satanists; * The Devil’s trick that keeps nominal Catholics confessing to nominal Catholic priests. He tells them: “Even though you cannot stop sinning, you will at least not commit as many sins. In the mean time, they never stop sinning; * Devils even beat up good Catholics, but good Catholics beat them back and always win; * God punishes all those who attack or persecute good Catholics; * The Great Apostasy did not start with the Vatican II Church, it goes way back to the 11th century; * True popes had to be replaced by apostate antipopes for many years so that the Antichrist could progressively come to power; * There is a war going on down here in this fallen world from the time Adam and Eve fell; * No somewhat moral person (like a conservative Moslem, Protestant, or Orthodox Jew) will convert to the Vatican II Church; * My opinion is that all who are still in the Vatican II in these days have sinned against the Holy Spirit and thus will never convert. They are like Canaanites whom God will just destroy. I hope I am wrong about this; * Satanists are good actors and thus do not be fooled by outward appearances.

8-20-2023 8-20-2023 67 min. Alr0379

Accursed Jews, The: Part 1, Cursed for Original Sin and Mortal Sin

[72.8 MB]

The first part of this lecture shows how Jews who do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and God are cursed for original sin and cursed for mortal sins against the Ten Commandments. They are guilty of violating the first three Commandments by committing mortal sins against the faith for worshipping a false god or gods or no god at all and practicing false religions. And they are guilty of violating the seven other Commandments by committing mortal sins of immorality, such as adultery, immodesty, fornication, murder, racism, drunkenness, illegal drug use, stealing, lying, homosexuality, extortion, buffoonery, materialism, covetousness, envy, greed, etc. This part contains video clips of cursed Jews blaspheming the Catholic God, the apostles, and God’s Catholic Church. But according to the apostate document Nostra Aetate, all of these faithless, blasphemous, and immoral Christ-denying Jews are not cursed but blessed because they are racial Jews. This audio is also available on video (Vlr27a).

4-2011 4-2016 106 min. Alr0024a

Accursed Jews, The: Part 2, Cursed for Deicide

[29.7 MB]

The first part of this lecture shows how Jews who do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and God are cursed for original sin and cursed for mortal sins against the Ten Commandments. They are guilty of violating the first three Commandments by committing mortal sins against the faith for worshipping a false god or gods or no god at all and practicing false religions. And they are guilty of violating the seven other Commandments by committing mortal sins of immorality, such as adultery, immodesty, fornication, murder, racism, drunkenness, illegal drug use, stealing, lying, homosexuality, extortion, buffoonery, materialism, covetousness, envy, greed, etc. This part contains video clips of cursed Jews blaspheming the Catholic God, the apostles, and God’s Catholic Church. But according to the apostate document Nostra Aetate, all of these faithless, blasphemous, and immoral Christ-denying Jews are not cursed but blessed because they are racial Jews. This audio is also available on video (Vlr27a).

4-2011 4-2016 44 min. Alr0024b

Against Albert the Great Wretch

[55.2 MB]

This lecture is taken from a chapter in my upcoming book The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers and Scholastics. It reveals crimes of the apostate Albert the Great Wretch that most people do not know about: 1) His apostasy of glorifying philosophy in all the three ways; 2) His glorification of mythology and its false gods; 3) His idolatry for believing that astrology, stones, and astronomical and mythological images have power to affect creatures and events; 4) His idolatry and sinful divination for making a diabolical automaton (a golem); 5) He was cursed with madness and insanity before he died. One of his crimes that most people do know about but are also guilty of is Albert’s glorification of philosophers and their philosophies.

9-6-2015 9-6-2015 81 min. Alr0148

Against Envy

[5.28 MB]

Against envy. Serve God according to your vocation. The Blessed Virgin Mary is God’s holiest and most loved creature. Lucifer was envious of Mary. (This audio was previously titled Asr11.)

2-12-2006 3-2017 21 min. Alr0234

Against Hypocrites - Especially Those like Apostate Fr. Brian Harrison

[9.36 MB]

Ecclesiasticus 2:14: This lecture deals with the great evil of hypocrisy, of the man who has a double heart and goes upon the earth two ways. Men become hypocrites because they lust after power or money or fame or luxury. In every case they love the thing they lust after more than God. All politicians in today’s godless world are hypocrites, and the higher they rise in politics the more hypocritical they become. However, there is no worse hypocrite than the nominal Catholic who professes with his mouth that he is Catholic but talks and acts like a non-Catholic, which in fact makes him a non-Catholic. It would be better for such a one to not call himself Catholic and hence stop his hypocrisy. Elias had to deal with hypocrites such as these when he denounced evil Jews who professed belief in the God of Israel but also worshipped or respected the false god Baal. I use the example of the nominal Catholic Fr. Brian Harrison who is actually a non-Catholic hypocrite who has a double heart and goes upon the earth two ways. Out of one side of his mouth he says the Holy Trinity is God and out of the other side he says the Moslems, who deny the Holy Trinity, worship the true God. He would have a better chance to save his soul if he embraced Islam and professed himself to be a Moslem than to halt between two ways as all hypocrites do. He is also a hypocrite for not answering nine basic questions I asked him on 1/7/2004. The first two were “Is the Old Covenant still in effect?” and “Is Talmudic Judaism a false religion?” To this date, I have received no answer to these questions and the other seven. (This audio was previously titled Asr133.)

6-29-2008 7-2017 41 min. Alr0256

Against Intellectual Evolution and False Prosperity

[30.9 MB]

This lecture deals with the error of intellectual evolution that stems from the error of Darwinian evolution. Both of these errors have been condemned by the Catholic Church’s ordinary magisterium. Intellectual evolutionists teach that intellectual capacity evolves as time progresses and hence men become smarter and wiser than past men. This error is easily disproved by logic and human history. Mankind’s overall general intellectual capacity is exactly the same as it was from the time when Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Paradise. The intellectual evolutionists deceive people by making them think that an increase in knowledge means an increase in mankind’s overall intellectual capacity. This is not true. Accumulated knowledge and intellectual capacity are not the same. One man can have less knowledge about things than another man but have a higher intellectual capacity. A race that is predominately ignorant and uncivilized is not that way because its people lack intellectual capacity but because they refuse to use their intellectual capacity since most of them are slothful and lazy. The defect is in their will and not in their intellect. God’s grace and man’s cooperation can open up any man’s understanding so that he can know and believe the things he needs to be saved and to live a good, moral, and orderly life. Also, just because a race or nation is scientifically advanced and prosperous does not mean it is blessed. Most times it is cursed, and this is a worse curse from God than the curse that savage and uncivilized races or nations are under. The former are high-tech heathens, and the latter low-tech heathens. The error of intellectual evolution leads to the heresy that a dogma evolves and hence changes its meaning because, according to this error, past popes who infallibly defined dogmas could not define the full truth because they were not as wise and smart as future men. (This audio was previously titled Asr96.)

9-16-2007 3-2014 45 min. Alr0086

Against Loneliness and Boredom

[8.17 MB]

This lecture deals with the great evil of loneliness and boredom, which are from the Devil. Good Catholics are never lonely and never bored. God fills their hearts, souls, minds, and entire life in all places and under all circumstances. Loneliness and boredom are signs that a Catholic is in mortal sin and does not truly love God above all things. Whatever you are lonely for is your god. The remedy for loneliness and boredom is sufficient prayer, penance, studying the Catholic faith, and living a good Catholic life in word and deed. (This audio was previously titled Asr191.)

10-4-2009 6-2017 36 min. Alr0254

Against Pharisaical Self-Righteousness, Condescension, and on Evangelization

[8.10 MB]

Against Pharisaical self-righteousness. Be not condescending, and do not provoke people. Evangelizing is the greatest act of mercy (those who do not, actually hate people). Eating with sinners does not mean socializing with them. (This audio was previously titled Asr32.)

6-25-2006 2-2018 35 min. Alr0292

Against Racism

[6.22 MB]

This lecture deals with the genesis of races and the mortal sin of racism (which is the hating of a race). Catholics are forbidden to hate anyone, let alone a race. Each race originates from a single man who was obedient or disobedient to God or did some other extraordinary thing. Some races are blessed and some cursed but not because of their race but because the majority of the people in that race obey or disobey God. The blessing or curse that falls upon a race is a general rule; hence good men can come out of cursed races and evil men can come out of blessed races. A race can also go from being blessed to cursed or from cursed to blessed. In the end, most men in every race are ultimately evil. Hence only a very, very, very few people of any race from the time of Adam to the Second Coming of Jesus will be saved. Race does not save anyone, but faith in and obedience to the true God does. Let this be a warning to those who place race or family over God. (This audio was previously titled Asr95.).

9-9-2007 5-2016 27 min. Alr0170

Against St. Benedict’s Preparatory School

[7.86 MB]

This video exposes the apostate, idolatrous, and heretical Saint Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ, and Fr. Edwin Leahy, its headmaster. And it exposes the apostate, idolatrous, and heretical Abbot Melvin Valvano and the other so-called Benedictines, the Newark Abby Oblates, who are associated with the school. This is just more evil fruit from the rotten-to-the-core Vatican II Church. Also available on video (Vlr32).

4-5-2012 4-5-2012 34 min. Alr0038

Against the Idolization of Infants and Children

[4.82 MB]

The idolization of infants and children is a denial of the Salvation Dogma. The apostate Dimonds deny the Salvation Dogma because of it. They believe that certain baptized children with the use of reason who adhere to Protestant sects and never heard of the Catholic Church or Catholic faith can be inside the Catholic Church as Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr50.)

11-12-2006 10-2016 21 min. Alr0206

Against the Matriarchal Line Heresy and on Racial Identity and Racism

[5.61 MB]

This lecture presents more proof against the apostate Jewish heresy that traces race from the matriarchal line instead of the patriarchal line. According to this heresy, the tribe of Benjamin became extinct during the Old Covenant era and St. Luke was a Jew instead of a Gentile. This lecture also deals with God’s will that races preserve their unique identities minus false gods, pagan religions, pagan customs, and anything else that violates faith and morals. The United States destroys God’s ordained preservation of races by blending all races together and hence destroying the unique qualities of each race. One way the USA does this is by busing people of one race into schools attended by people of another race. God has allowed this as a punishment to all races because they have abandoned the one true God, the Catholic God. This curse from God has low-tech heathens punishing high-tech heathens, and vice versa. Just observe the race riots during the 1960’s. Marriage within one’s race is the general rule. However, faith comes before race in choosing a spouse. Catholics are forbidden to marry non-Catholics. Hence if a Catholic Italian man cannot find a Catholic Italian woman to marry, he must marry a Catholic woman from another race rather than marry a woman who is not Catholic from his own race. Catholics are not spiritually related to non-Catholics within their own races. Hence a Catholic Italian has more in common with a Catholic African than he does with a non-Catholic Italian; and most importantly, all the essential things of his life are in common with the Catholic African while he has no essential things in common with a non-Catholic Italian. (This audio was previously titled Asr97.)

9-23-2007 8-2017 25 min. Alr0261

Against the Pagan American Indians

[2.91 MB]

The pagan, heathen, American Indians are glorified and exalted by almost everyone. The Prophet Isaias pronounces a curse from God to all “who call evil good and good evil.” (Isa. 5:20) Most if not every American Indian has returned in force to the pagan vomit of their heathen ancestors, including those who think they can mix Jesus Christ and Catholicism with their false gods and false religion. (This audio was previously titled Asr136.)

7-20-2008 10-2016 13 min. Alr0210

Against Zionism

[98.4 MB]

This lecture consists of the reading of RJMI book Against Zionism, published 7-2008, with additional comments not contained in the book.

4-2010 4-2010 430 min. Alr0022

Albert Pike Campground Flood

[1.34 MB]

On 6-11-2010 God warned the Freemasons of their impending doom by flash flooding the Albert Pike Campground in Arkansas. Over twenty people died. The dead-and-in-hell Albert Pike was a Grand Pontiff of Freemasonry and lived in the United States. His diabolical book Morals and Dogmas is known as the Freemasonic “Bible.” (This audio was previously titled Asr209.)

6-13-2010 6-13-2010 6 min. Alr0081

Amos Curse and the Necessity of Obeying God's Commandments

[5.45 MB]

Thank God that He has not yet destroyed the world. One can travel from sea to sea to find the Catholic faith and will only find it in the works that God has given me. I know of no other place where the Catholic faith is. This is not unique! The faith was lost during the Old Covenant era for 100 years in which there were no faithful religious leaders or priests and very few, if any, faithful laymen. Nominal Catholics are worse than apostate Jews. The conspiracy against God and His Catholic Church has succeeded in removing good Catholic teachings from most of the public domain. Jesus’ circumcision teaches men that we must obey all of God’s laws. (This audio was previously titled Asr60.)

1-1-2007 11-2016 24 min. Alr0217

Amos Curse, Faith before the Mass, Abjuration

[44.9 MB]

To find the true Christ and the true Mary and hence the true Catholic Church, one must first and foremost know and put the Catholic faith before anything else in the whole world. Anyone who puts the Mass before the Catholic faith is not Catholic and will never have a hope to be Catholic until he first puts the Catholic faith before the Mass, before the sacraments, and before everything else. Men can be saved for want of a Catholic priest and Mass, but men can never be saved without believing in and professing the Catholic faith. The primary way to identify if a person who says he is Catholic is truly Catholic is by examining if he holds to the full deposit of the Catholic faith, point by point. Do not attend Mass at any church unless you first thoroughly question the priest to see if he is Catholic in word and deed. If the priest holds one heresy, he is a heretic and thus you cannot attend his Mass; if you do, then you share in the guilt of his heretical sin and hence are a formal heretic and commit other mortal sins, such as sacrilege and sins of omission, every time you attend his Mass. (This audio was previously titled Asr113.)

1-6-2008 3-2014 65 min. Alr0082

Anger, Rebuke, Hatred, and Curses and Against the Dimonds

[24.3 MB]

This lecture consists of the reading of RJMI book Anger, Rebuke, Hatred, and Curses, published in 11-2004, with additional comments on the Apostate Dimond Brothers not contained in the book.

8-2-2009 8-2-2009 106 min. Alr0013

Antichrist is a Jew, Great Apostasy, Americanism

[11.7 MB]

Protestants are just like apostate Jews because both willfully misinterpret Bible verses and prophecies. The apostate Jews willfully do not see Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, just like Protestants do not see the Catholic Christ, Catholic Church, and Catholic faith in the New Testament. John 4:3 proves that the Antichrist will be an apostate Jew because he will be accepted by apostate Jews. Hence the Antichrist cannot be a pope or even a pretend pope like the apostate antipopes of the Vatican II Church, as the apostate Dimonds proposed. To my knowledge the apostate Dimonds have yet to admit they were wrong when they foolishly prophesied that both Paul VI and John Paul II are the Antichrist. Just because the Vatican has been taken over by apostate Catholics and will be destroyed by God does not mean that Catholicism is not God’s one and only religion during the New Covenant era, just like when the Temple was taken over by apostate Jews and was destroyed by God did not mean that Judaism was not God’s one true religion during the Old Covenant era. Just as the Prophet Ezechiel (Chapter 8) was given a vision of the corruption in the Temple by apostate Jews, so also his vision applies to the Vatican that has been taken over by apostate Catholics. “The idols of the house of Israel were painted on the wall all round about” represents the idols and false gods in the Vatican and elsewhere in Rome. “Behold women sat there mourning for Adonis” represents mythological books brought into the Vatican in the 14th century and promulgated to Catholics by wicked apostate antipopes like Nicholas V who glorify and exalt Adonis and other false gods of mythology. And apostate antipopes made laws that allowed and even encouraged Catholics to read these pagan mythological books under the nice-sounding term “the classics.” “And they adored towards the rising of the sun” occurred when many apostate antipopes and others practiced astrology and thus worshipped the stars, sun, and planets and the mythological gods they represent and when apostate antipopes did not condemn heliocentrism as heresy, which teaches that the sun and not the earth is at the center of the universe and all the planets and stars revolve around the sun and not the earth. This is a form of sun worship in which the center of attention is the inanimate sun and not the earth on which Jesus Christ was born and lived. And this heresy, which contradicts the ordinary magisterium, also undermined the credibility and truth of the whole Bible. The Great Apostasy kicked into high gear in the 14th century when Apostate Antipope John XXII canonized the notorious heretic Thomas Aquinas. This was one of the evilest and most destructive events that fueled the Great Apostasy down to today. The theologians replaced the Bible, Church Fathers, and the Magisterium. They became their own magisterium. And apostates like Fr. Cekada and John Daly bow down to these theologians and apostate antipopes instead of the Bible, Church Fathers, and the Magisterium. The notorious heretic John Daly knew better at one time but was seduced by the notorious heretic John Lane because both are infected with intellectual pride. During this Great Apostasy God will never give Catholics a good pope because they do not deserve him, because they would not obey him. The heresy of Americanism and its false prophet Fr. Hecker and its promoters, such as Gibbons, Ireland, Keane, and McCormack, prove how wicked Apostate Antipope Leo XIII was for not taking effective action to stop this heresy. Leo did not condemn Hecker’s works or any book by name for teaching Americanism nor denounce anyone by name as a heretic for teaching and promoting Americanism. That is why Americanism is known as a phantom heresy. And these phantoms, like Gibbons, Ireland, and Keane, continued to teach, promote, and practice the heresy of Americanism to the point that it blossomed into modernism. (This audio was previously titled Asr157.)

11-23-2008 3-2014 52 min. Alr0080

Anti-Church Father Jerome

[124 MB]

The supposed saint and supposed Church Father Jerome was a heretic, idolater, deceiver, and liar. Hence he was an apostate and thus not Catholic, not a saint, and not a Church Father. He was an anti-saint and anti-Church Father. Here is a summary of some of his idolatries and heresies: 1) he was an idolater for glorifying pagans and their philosophies and mythologies; 2) he was a heretic for denying the Salvation Dogma; 3) he was an apostate for glorifying the apostate Origen; 4) he was a heretic for holding several of Origen’s heresies; 5) he was an apostate for glorifying the apostate Clement of Alexandria; 6) he undermined Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy; and 7) he taught the error that the Holy Roman Emperor St. Constantine the Great was baptized on his deathbed and the calumny that he died as an Arian heretic. Also available on video (Vlr41).

12-30-2014 12-30-2014 181 min. Alr0051

Anti-Church Fathers and the Hellenization of Christianity, The

[139 MB]

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! As Gentiles entered the Catholic Church, many of them were false or insincere converts. St. John said, “And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus is not of God: and this is Antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he is now already in the world.” (1 Jn. 4:3) Many of these false or insincere converts dissolved Jesus by mixing the Catholic God and Christianity with the gods and philosophies of the pagan Greeks. At first they were put down quickly. But their influence grew in the 3rd and 4th centuries. And when they were put down, they festered underground until they re-appeared in the 11th century when the Great Apostasy began. The most influential Hellenizers were so-called Church Fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Basil, and Jerome, who were actually apostates and Anti-Church Fathers. Indeed, these Anti-Church Fathers said some strange things! These strange things are heresies and idolatries that they picked up from the pagan Greeks whom they idolized. Also available on video (Vlr40).

12-25-2014 12-25-2014 202 min. Alr0050

Apocalyptic Timeline

[4 MB]

This lecture is best listened to on the video version (Vlr22) because it presents three charts of the main Final-Day events that take place from the beginning of Antichrist’s reign to the landing of Jesus Christ on Mount Olivet from Day 1 to Day 1335: Day 1 - The reigns of the Antichrist & the Two Witnesses begin. (Apocalypse 13:4-5) Day 1257 - Antichrist murders the Two Witnesses. (Apocalypse 11:7) Day 1260 - After 3½ days the Two Witnesses resurrect & Antichrist’s reign ends. (Apocalypse 11:11-12) There are 33 days left for men to convert. Day 1290 - Antichrist is destroyed 30 days after his reign ends. (Daniel 12:11) The days of total darkness begin, which are the last days for conversions. Day 1293 - Last day of darkness, if it lasts 3 days. Once the darkness is lifted, there is no more time to convert since the elect have been marked. Day 1294 - Christ & His army appear in the heavens: the darkness is lifted, the sun & moon are destroyed, mountains crumble, the earth burns, stars fall, the wicked & elect are gathered in Kidron valley for a 27 day slaughter of the wicked. Day 1320 - 60 days after the end of Antichrist’s reign, the last reprobate is killed and sent to hell along with the last devil. The elect wait 15 days for Christ to land on the purified earth. Day 1335 - Christ lands upon earth on Mt. Olivet 1335 days from the beginning of Antichrist’s reign. (Daniel 12:11-12)

4-2009 4-2009 17 min. Alr0010

Apostate Antipope Benedict XVI (the Rat Man) Visits the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

[18.0 MB]

This lecture denounces Apostate Antipope Benedict XVI (a.k.a. the Rat Man) for yet more crimes of apostasy, which took place during his visit to apostate Israel from 5/11 to 5/15/2009. His visit alone is an act of apostasy because no true pope can recognize the current State of Israel because it is occupied and ruled by apostate Jews. Jesus Christ forbade apostate Jews any legal right to Jerusalem and Israel. The Rat Man also committed many more crimes of apostasy and heresy and blasphemy during his visit. For one, he breathed more spiritual life into the Beast by bowing down before the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel and hence gave credence to the big Jewish lies that Jews died in a Holocaust during World War II and that Hitler wanted to exterminate the whole Jewish race. And he also denied the Salvation Dogma by breathing spiritual life into the apostate Jews who died during the so-called Holocaust. He said all six million of them are saved, are in the bosom of God. He breathed spiritual life into the whole Jewish race by promoting Talmudic Jewish racism. The Rat Man said that all the Jews who died in the so-called Holocaust are saved because they were Jews who hence had Jewish names. Thus he teaches yet another and a unique heresy that certain men can be saved by their names alone—as long as they are names that belong to racial Jews. And he committed mortal sins of hypocrisy and omission by ignoring the true plight of the Palestinian people who are under the tyrannical yoke of apostate Israel. The Rat Man does not even uphold his heretical belief that all wars are unjust. If he really believed this heresy, then why did he not condemn Israel’s unjust war against the Palestinians in Gaza! Not only did the Rat Man say nothing about it, he even refused to visit the Palestinians in Gaza—the scene of a current and real war crime that was right under his nose. Yet the Rat Man visited the Holocaust Memorial to give solace to the apostate Jews regarding a crime that never took place. I guess the lives of Gentile Palestinians are not as important as the lives of apostate Jews. So we see the spiritual harlot, the Apostate Catholic Church, has yet again breathed spiritual life into the Beast and the people of the Beast and the land of the Beast. Take solace, all men of good will, because the Beast will turn on this harlot, as well as the physical harlot (the USA), and will destroy her when it no longer needs her. (This audio was previously titled Asr185.)

5-17-2009 1-5-2017 119 min. Alr0222

Apostate Antipope Francis’ Visit to the Americas and His Anti-wall Heresy

[52.6 MB]

This lecture shows some of the heresies and hypocrisies of the extreme lefty liberal apostate Antipope Francis I. During his recent trip to Mexico, Francis opened his mouth and put his ass in it! The non-judgmental Francis judged Donald Trump and others by saying that they are not Christians because they correctly support building a wall to keep foreigners from illegally entering the USA. While they are not Christians for other reasons, they certainly are not non-Christians for wanting to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants from entering the USA. But when it comes to the extreme liberal lefties, he reverts to his non-judgmentalism. He says that he cannot judge homosexuals, such as one of his homosexual monsignors, and does not judge lefty liberals, such as Obama, Biden, and Kerry, who support homosexual marriages, abortion (the murder of infants in the womb), transgenderism, feminism, etc. According to the dope, poop Francis I, all these lefty liberals are Christians as long as they do not build a wall to keep people from illegally entering a country. Yet he has a wall around Vatican City with gates to keep people out. Francis also idolizes the poor, criminals, and pagan heathens. He is a glorified social worker and nothing more. He only cares about the corporal works of mercy and not the spiritual works of mercy, without which no one can be saved. While he correctly condemns capitalism, he goes too far by supporting a form of Marxist communism by fostering class warfare, the poor against the rich, subjects against rulers, slaves against masters, employees against bosses, wives against husbands, etc. This audio is also available on video (Vlr52).

2-21-2016 2-21-2016 77 min. Alr0162

Apostate SSPX Bows to Vatican II Church and Apostate Jews

[32 MB]

Firstly and most importantly, the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) has always been a non-Catholic sect because it teaches its flock the salvation heresy, which was held by its founder, the notorious heretic Bishop Marcel Lefebvre. Hence every person who attends Mass at an SSPX church is outside the Catholic Church for being associated with a non-Catholic church. The SSPX is also heretical on several other counts. The heretical SSPX has once again proved that it is a false opposition party set up by Satan to trap nominal Catholics who put the Mass before the Faith. Bowing down before the apostate Vatican II Church, the bishops of the SSPX have petitioned the head of the Vatican II Church, apostate Antipope Benedict XVI, to lift their excommunication—which Benedict (the Rat Man) did on 1-21-2009. The SSPX is now in the process of being regularized and completely homogenized with the non-Catholic Vatican II Church and its apostate antipopes, which includes being Judaised by bowing down before the apostate Jews by removing anything offensive to the apostate Jews from their teaching instruments. Yes, that means the SSPX must bow down to the Holocaust Memorial Idol that has replaced the Passion of Christ and justified the whole apostate Jewish race. And that means they must not call apostate Jewish Christ-denying evildoers evil. (Isa. 5:20) But one of the SSPX bishops, Richard Williamson, has thus far refused to bow down to the apostate Jews and their phony Holocaust. He has correctly exposed the Holocaust of Jews in gas chambers during World War II as a huge lie. And for this he is being persecuted by not only the Vatican II Church but also the SSPX. Bending over backwards to kiss the feet of apostate Jews, Bishop Fellay (the head of the SSPX) has silenced Bishop Williamson and said that if he does not recant his truthful statements about the Holocaust he will be kicked out of the SSPX. In other words, Fellay commanded Williamson to tell a huge lie in order to appease apostate Jews and the Vatican II Church. This is just more proof that the SSPX was founded and is run by Freemasons. It is most probable that Bishop Lefebvre was a Freemason, as well as its current leader Bishop Fellay. Bishop Williamson has committed the only so-called sins that really matter in this modern world: he denied the Holocaust and spoke against apostate Jews. Three countries so far are in the process of bringing criminal charges against Bishop Williamson: Germany, Argentina, and France. So we have more proof that those who deny and blaspheme Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints are rewarded while those who expose the blasphemous and evil Jews are punished and excommunicated from the world community. The Jews waited for the right moment to use Bishop Williamson’s comments, as proved by the sequence of events that took place after the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops. And it also proves that the Vatican II Church is controlled by apostate Jews and is an instrument of the Antichrist. In the end the apostate Jews will have achieved their goal by Judaizing the SSPX and warning others not to behave as it has regarding its attacks against the apostate Jews. Bishop Williamson, I warn you that you are being punished for your own mortal sins of heresy and association with the heretical SSPX. Get out of the SSPX before God pulls back all of His grace from you and totally abandons you. This is your moment to convert and abjure into the true Catholic Church, which is found not in the many Traditionalist churches that go by the name Catholic but here in New Mexico with me and Mary’s Little Remnant. For the love of the one true God, the Catholic God, get out of the evil, heretical, and hypocritical SSPX, which is nothing more than a spiritual harlot like its bastard founder Bishop Lefebvre. This is your day of salvation. You may not get another chance! This audio is also available on video (Vlr21).

2-1-2009 2-2015 47 min. Alr0009

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, The


This is a short lecture that deals with the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven, body and soul. Jesus, in the human flesh He got from Mary, said to Mary during her Assumption, “This is the flesh of My flesh and the bone of My bone.” (This audio was previously titled Asr140.)

8-15-2008 4-2017 8 min. Alr0241

Assisi 1893: Chicago's Idolatrous World's Parliament of Religions

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If one thinks that the idolatrous and heretical interreligious abomination that took place at Assisi in 1986 was the first time that apostate Catholics respected false religions and false gods and entered into religious communion with self-professed non-Catholics, he would be mistaken. The rotten, corrupted, and putrid waters of this kind of abomination were first tested in 1893 in Chicago, USA, at the World’s Parliament of Religions, in which apostate Catholic bishops, priests, laymen, and pretend Cardinals respected false gods and false religions and prayed in communion with various self-professed non-Catholics, such as Hindus, Buddhists, Apostate Jews, Moslems, Protestants, Schismatics, etc. Apostate Antipope Leo XIII not only knew about the idolatrous and heretical World’s Parliament of Religions and the nominal Catholic attendees but actually blessed it and them. After two years of more idolatrous and heretical interreligious events held or attended by nominal Catholics in the USA, Leo XIII received vehement complaints from conservatives who opposed these abominations. Only then did Apostate Antipope Leo XIII take action by banning the event planned for Paris and future events. But his response was not only woefully insufficient but also heretical because he did not condemn these events as idolatrous and heretical nor denounce the nominal Catholic attendees as automatically excommunicated idolaters and heretics. And he heretically referred to Protestants and other non-Catholics as “dissenting brethren.” Also available on video (Vlr35).

2-2013 3-2014 64 min. Alr0042

At Times Only a Very Few Are Faithful to God

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Faith, obedience to God’s commandments, and good works are necessary for salvation. * There were only eight faithful people in Noe’s day; only one when God called Abraham; only one at times in the days of Elias and Eliseus; almost none at times in the days of Isaias, Micheas, and King David; there were no good kings in the Northern Kingdom of Israel and only three in the Southern Kingdom of Juda; only six at the beginning of the Machabean revolt against the Seleucids who Hellenized Judaism; there were only a few at first when Jesus began his public ministry, twelve then seventy-two and only one-hundred-and-twenty in the upper room after Jesus ascended into heaven; in the end times, only the two witnesses and the few who follow them until they gain more converts, which also proves that there is no Catholic hierarchy intact or else there would be no need for the two witnesses; I, Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi, am one of the Two Witnesses. The other one may be William George Norris, but that is not confirmed. The Two Witnesses and those who follow them will be protected by God until the time comes when some will die as martyrs. So woe to those who try to oppose or harm us, for you shall surely be punished by God according to your degree of malice; and, most men will follow the Antichrist when he comes to full visible power. Even if no one followed me and thus I was alone, my words and works are still true. Therefore, address the content of what I say and do and not the few who follow me. The truth is not determined by what most people believe or by who has the most followers. “Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou yield in judgment to the opinion of the most part to stray from the truth.” (Ex. 23:2) * Evil and sin are caused by the abuse and misuse of freewill. * To be saved, men must love the truth, be humble, and not be cowards. * If you truly loved someone who is on the road to hell, you would condemn him and call him to conversion. * The devil can only do what God allows him to do. The Devil is like a dog on a leash, and God holds the leash. Hence when attacked by the Devil go to God not the Devil. * Against papal idolatry.

10-29-2023 10-29-2023 59 min. Alr0382

Bad-willed vs. Good-willed People

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People want good things but not hard things and they deny Christ when told to carry the cross. Miracles are for good-willed people and to destroy the wicked. Test people, be not hasty to give credit. (This audio was previously titled Asr18.)

3-26-2006 5-2017 18 min. Alr0246

Be Separate from the Evil World and Evildoers

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To be saved, Catholics must seek to please God even if they must displease men, as St. John the Baptist did. They must be separate from the evil world and its ways. That means if Catholics want to be saved, they cannot be socially friendly with non-Catholics. If Catholics want to be around non-Catholics or bad Catholics more than around good Catholics, that is a sure sign they are in a state of damnation and hence on the broad road to hell. Catholics are forbidden under pain of the mortal sin of heresy to knowingly place themselves in any kind of religious communion with heretics and other non-Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr86.)

6-24-2007 3-2014 21 min. Alr0125

Benedict of Nursia, Saint

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This lecture honors Saint Benedict of Nursia and his obedience to all of God’s commandments, as taught by the Holy Catholic Church, which made him not only a good Catholic but also a great saint. The life of St. Benedict teaches Catholics what they need to do to be saved. They must separate themselves from the evil world, the flesh, and the Devil. They must put the Catholic faith before the Holy Mass. They must seek the true peace of God that only comes in solitude and humility. And only then can they bring that peace out into the world when they are with others. They must not lust after power or material gain. They must be prepared to be persecuted, calumniated, and reviled by not only non-Catholics but also bad Catholics. They must condemn democracy and the rebellious spirit fostered by it, which is rooted in disobedience to all constituted authority. They must hate false gods and false religions and destroy them when possible, as St. Benedict did when he destroyed an idol, altar, and grove of the false god Apollo and built a monastery upon the ruins. This true saint condemns the wicked apostate antipopes and false saints from the 11th century onward who progressively respected heresies, heretics, and false gods to the point of printing books that glorify false gods under the guise of the classics and had Catholics read and respect these wicked books. Instead of destroying the idols, as St. Benedict did, they resurrected and exalted them and put them in Catholic churches and even in the Vatican and hence began to destroy the holy places by desecrating them with idols of mythological gods and idols of pagan philosophers. This lecture ends with hymns to the great Patriarch Saint Benedict. (This audio was previously titled Asr206.)

3-21-2010 7-2017 32 min. Alr0255

Black Criminals, Racists, and Radicals

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This lecture addresses the black criminals, racists, and radicals throughout the United States. It also exposes the civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. This lecture shows the hypocrisy of people who refuse to address crimes by blacks; namely, the Newark Riots, the Rodney King Riots, and street crimes by blacks in general. Also available on video (Vlr31).

4-9-2012 6-2022 64 min. Alr0037

Blasphemies Against Jesus, Lucifer’s Sin, and Chastity

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More blasphemies against Jesus by the Judeo-Masonic media. This lecture deals with the sin that caused Lucifer and the rebel angels that followed him to be cast out of heaven and unto the earth and into hell. It also explains why Lucifer thought that he was God or that he could become God. The guaranteed cure for AIDS and cervical cancer caused by fornication is chastity, not pills and medicine and vaccines. But the main reason men must be chaste is because God commands it. No fornicator will enter the kingdom of heaven. (This audio was previously titled Asr70.)

3-4-2007 1-16-2017 43 min. Alr0223

Blasphemy at Carnegie Hall

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Against more final-day blasphemies by Satan and the Antichrist and his minions. Talmudic Jewish blasphemies against Jesus Christ, Mary, and God the Father were presented to the public in a play titled “Jerry Springer: The Opera,” which was shown in England and in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, NY, on 1/20 and 1/30, 2008. Catholics must declare all out war against such blasphemies and blasphemers! If they do not, then they are either not Catholic or bad Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr117.)

2-3-2008 9-2017 21 min. Alr0270

Blessed Virgin Mary Was Not Raised in the Temple, The

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This lecture refutes the erroneous opinion of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple, which states that Ss. Joachim and Anne presented their holy infant Mary to the Temple and left her there to be raised. It also explains why we of Mary’s Little Remnant celebrate the Purification of the Good St. Anne instead.

11-26-2015 11-26-2015 4 min. Alr0155

Biblical Proof of Things Men Must Do to Be Saved

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This lecture is a summation of many Biblical proofs of things men must do to be saved. It follows the outline of the article Biblical Proof of Things Men Must Do to Be Saved but contains extra comments. This audio is also available in video as Vlr60.

1-2018 1-2018 49 min. Alr0286

Birth Pains, Breastfeeding, Childcare, and Obedience to Husbands

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This lecture teaches about how women must obey the command God gave to the first created woman, Eve, after the Original Sin was committed: “To the woman also he [God] said: I will multiply thy pains, and thy groanings: in pain shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband’s power and he shall have dominion over thee.” (Genesis 3:16) In today’s world, most women do not follow even the smallest part of this Divine command. It is very common for women to disobey God by minimizing and even eliminating pain in childbirth. And even after the child is born, these same evil mothers do not care for their children in the natural way God ordained; that is, by breastfeeding as a mother must if she is physically able. Instead, these women use their breasts for lustful seduction and choose to bottle feed their infants, later to “sell them” to the local daycare so they can maintain their worldly business careers. Very few women today even know what it means to be a good mother, which entails not only giving birth to the children, but cooking, cleaning, lawfully obeying their husbands, and caring for the family in love and obedience. Unlawful disobedience to husbands is another reversal of God’s command that the man must have dominion over the woman.

4-24-2016 4-24-2016 29 min. Alr0167

Call for Children to Convert, A

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This lecture consists of my attempt to convert, by God’s grace and the Catholic faith, two non-Catholic children. (This audio was previously titled Asr223.)

11-27-2011 1-24-2012 17 min. Alr0103

Call to Conversion, the Necessity to Learn the Catholic Faith, and Other Topics, A

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To be saved, men must learn the Catholic faith. * Most nominal Catholics do not even know what a dogma or heresy is. * Most men are guilty of affected ignorance (a deliberate fostered ignorance) because they do not what to study the Catholic faith because they do not want to give up one or more mortal sins or lose friendships with the evildoers in this world. * On judgment day, God will bring to their mind all the times they could have but did not learn about the Catholic faith before he sends them to hell. * God loves all men and wants them saved, but men must love God back to be saved, which is proved by keeping all of God’s Commandments. * The minimum things to know and believe to be a member of the Catholic Church is the basic dogmas, all of which are contained in four pages (See RJMI’s Basic Catholic Profession of Faith) * One way to indentify a false prophet (that is, nominal Catholic prelates) is by their evil fruits. * God protected Catholics from these wolves in sheep’s clothing by the dogma that formal heretics and idolaters cannot hold offices in the Catholic Church. * If there is any hope for a man, God will punish him; if not, God will allow him to wallow in false prosperity and false confidence. * My biological family members were and are Sunday Catholics, and now most are not even that. * Our parish priests told us that we can never stop sinning. With priest like that, who needs enemies! I proved him wrong as I have now been chaste for over 26 years. It is the true Catholic faith that cleaned me up, not the Mass and sacraments without the faith. * Do not be shocked at the small number of us Catholics, as there were only eight on the Noe’s Ark and Jesus said, “Yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Lk. 18:8) * It was harder for us who are now Catholic to enter the Catholic Church but much easier now because of the restoration of the Catholic faith that is contained on my website. * It is sin and not God’s commandments that are heavy and sour. God’s commandments are light and sweet. Jesus said, “For my yoke is sweet and my burden light.” (Mt. 11:30) * God’s justice is felt by those who lived in died in false prosperity and false confidence when they die and God damns them to everlasting pain in hell. * Some obstinate sinners call God a homicidal maniac. But it is they who are homicidal maniacs. If God ever let them he heaven, heaven would be hell. God love, kindness, beneficence, and mercy is known to anyone who reads the Bible with even a little good will. * No man can truly love God unless he studies the Catholic faith and reads the Bible. The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind. * Most people do not become or remain Catholic because of idolization of family members and friends or because they do not want to lose their job or position in this wicked world. * The FBI is an instrument of the Antichrist. The FBI is now openly flouting the law in its persecution of conservative minded people.

10-2-2022 10-2-2022 41 min. Alr0355

Canada’s Hate Crime Law Bans Just Criticism and Promotes True Hate Crimes Against God

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While the Canadian hate crime laws ban all criticism of apostate Jews, Zionism, and homosexuals, Canada itself promotes and encourages true hate crimes; that is, crimes against Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Catholic Church, and the Catholic faith. Canada’s hypocrisy stinks to the highest heavens. Woe to Canada and the whole world who “calls evil good and good evil” (Isaias 5:20) On 3/4/2007, Canada broadcasted NBC’s blasphemous,Lost Tomb of Jesus. I read from an article titled “Defame Jesus win awards; Criticize Jews and go to Jail,” by Harmony Grant, a relative of Ted Pike. Even though she is a heretic and a Protestant, she wrote correctly on this topic. I pray that this gains her some actual graces from the Catholic God so that she abjures her false religion and enters the Catholic Church so that she may have a hope to save her immortal soul. Russia is less evil than Canada. It just recently banned a homosexual parade. (This audio was previously titled Asr186.)

5-21-2009 2-2018 31 min. Alr0296

Canonizations Are Not Infallible

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The Vatican Council of 1870 infallibly decreed that the pope was given the charism of infallibility to teach only on faith or morals and not to infallibly judge the sanctity of persons. The Vatican Council also infallibly decreed that the pope can only infallibly define things on faith or morals that were handed down from the apostles. Hence anything that was handed down since the death of the last apostle is not subject matter for papal infallibility. Therefore canonizations, the process of popes judging who are saints, are not infallible.

3-2-2008 3-2-2008 69 min. Alr0003

Capitalism Breeds Greed and Workaholics

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This lecture speaks about the great evils of capitalism and how it breeds greed and workaholics. Capitalism judges men by how much money they make and how smart they are, how many educational degrees they have. It causes men to break the Fifth Commandment (Thou shalt not murder) by traveling to work or school through extremely hazardous blizzards so they do not miss one day of work or school. As the sayings go, “Time is money for the worker, and time is brainwashing for the student.” These are the evil people that Jesus condemned as being very busy about things of this world but not busy about the things of Heaven and the world to come. “Be not solicitous therefore, saying, What shall we eat: or what shall we drink, or wherewith shall we be clothed? For after all these things do the heathens seek. For your Father knoweth that you have need of all these things. Seek ye therefore first the kingdom of God, and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. Be not therefore solicitous for tomorrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.” (Mt. 6:31-34) (This audio was previously titled Asr218.)

2-6-2011 2-6-2011 26 min. Alr0101

Catholic Bible Revised by RJMI, Roe vs Wade Overturned, and Other Topics

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1) Quick update on Dominion voting machines 2) Miracle that the collapse of Roe vs Wade came on the same day as the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Nativity of St. John (which rarely falls on the same day) and the digital release of the most accurate Bible in history, over 22 years in the making. Beware of all other bibles which are either inaccurate, contain many errors or have blatant damnable heresies in the commentaries. 3) Abortionists 4) Why the faith comes before the Bible 5) The Bible revised by RJMI is also a catechism with it’s extensive, clear and concise commentaries 6) Any errors in the Bible revised by RJMI are encouraged to be submitted [via email] for the next edition or revisions’ document. 7) Examples of bad, hypocritical, contradictory, ambiguous, or heretical commentaries 8) Reference Bibles available on request 9) Maps and other pictures 10) Victory mountain climb

6-26-2022 6-26-2022 40 min. Alr0339

Catholic Church’s Teachings against Homosexuals

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This lecture presents the Catholic Church’s teachings and laws against homosexuality and homosexuals. The lecture consists of reading from the RJMI book by the same title.

7-10-2011 7-10-2011 56 min. Alr0029

Catholic Commentary on the Texas Mormon Ranch Raid

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Based upon no evidence, Texas authorities raided a Mormon ranch in Texas on 4-3-2008, and kidnapped 460 children by taking them away from their parents. The authorities claim to be concerned about the morality of these children when Texas, as well as all the other States in the USA, is more immoral than Sodom. The Word of God says, “What can be made clean by the unclean?” (Eccus. 34:4) The USA’s attempt to make these Mormon children moral is like Satan, the king of immorality, attempting to make a lesser devil moral. Even though these Mormons are apostates and on the road to hell, they are more moral than most Americans. Hence, in reality, the Texas authorities want to make these Mormon children as perverted and immoral as the rest of America and thus make it harder for them to convert into the Catholic Church once addicted to sins of immorality. The more one sins against the natural law upon his heart, the harder it is for him to convert. The real reason Texas authorities raided the ranch is because these Mormon women are not feminists, have many children, oppose abortion and homosexuality, obey men, and believe the United States is very evil because of its gross and massive immorality. This audio is also available on video (Vlr8).

4-27-2008 4-27-2008 82 min. Alr0005

Catholic Exorcism Prayer, The

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The Catholic Excorcism Prayer, which Mary's Little Remnant prays monthly, is led by Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi.

11-6-2021 11-6-2021 43 min. Alr0327

Catholic Exorcism Prayer Introduction, The

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This introduction explains the necessity of the monthly Catholic Exorcism prayer.

11-6-2021 11-6-2021 21 min. Alr0326

Catholic Duty to Denounce Nominal Catholics and Heretics

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This lecture deals primarily with a Catholic’s obligation to make sure that those whom he is in religious communion with hold the full deposit of the Catholic faith and are not obstinately immoral. Catholics must not trust a man just because he says he is Catholic because almost everyone in the world today who says he is Catholic is not Catholic. They are nominal Catholics or Catholic in name only, just as most Jews during the Old Covenant era were nominal Jews in the religious and not racial sense. These evil Jews professed to believe in the God of Israel and true Judaism, but Jesus Christ said they did not believe in the true God nor true Judaism but that the Devil was their father and god. Jesus also accused these evil Jews of killing their own prophets. These evil and carnal Jews thought Abraham was dead just because his body was dead, but they could not see that Abraham’s soul was actually alive in Abraham’s Bosom where he waited for Jesus to take him to heaven. The evil Jews should have known better because they knew that after the holy prophet Samuel’s body died his soul lived in Abraham’s Bosom from where he came and appeared to King Saul. Instead, it was the evil Jews who were actually dead of soul and void of true Judaism even though they were alive in body. Just like the souls of nominal Catholics are dead and void of true Catholicism. Far from the false Francis of Assisi whom the evil world portrays as a peacenik hippie, the true St. Francis of Assisi held the full deposit of the Catholic faith and lived by it and demanded that his brothers live by it. In this lecture I read from and comment on teachings and rules from St. Francis of Assisi who teaches his brethren to not allow heretics and obstinately immoral Catholics in the order. And if a brother should become a heretic or obstinately immoral, kick him out and report him to the inquisitors. St. Francis also teaches, as the Catholic Church does, of the great evil of calumny or lies told against another person. He teaches that if the offender does not publicly confess his sins of calumny at the feet of the one he calumniated and those who knew about it, his sins will never be forgiven and all his prayers and sacrifices and other religious acts will not be accepted by God and are actually an abomination. Calumny is a violation of the Eighth Commandment which states that “Thou shalt not bear false witness” and of the Fifth Commandment for murdering a man’s reputation by lying about him. Mary’s Little Remnant had to fulfill these Catholic obligations recently just short of kicking out the obstinate offenders because they left on their own accord: “They went out from us, but they were not of us. For if they had been of us, they would no doubt have remained with us; but that they may be manifest, that they are not all of us.” (1 Jn. 2:19) Instead of overcoming their sins and making progress, they sank into the abyss of their sins and embraced the evil world and its ways. They could not bear to be around good Catholics: “For every one that doth evil hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, that his works may not be reproved.” (Jn. 3:20) This lecture also teaches that even when God kills people and sends them to eternal hell God acts not only in justice but also in mercy—mercy for those who are alive by removing an obstinate evildoer from the face of the earth so that he no longer hurts or corrupts others. When God or His faithful chosen people punish or kill evildoers by weeding them out from among Catholics, this makes it possible for the good to remain good and the weak to become good. Hence when God and His faithful chosen people punish or kill people, this killing is an act of justice and mercy and true charity. All of the nominal Catholics who believe in democracy are actually Americanist heretics. They believe in the false religion of Americanism. They are not Catholic but instead are just like the White Anglo Saxon Protestants or WASPS, as they are commonly known. (This audio was previously titled Asr182.)

3-29-2009 7-8-2015 44 min. Alr0141

Catholic Duty to Inquire about the Faith, The

[7.02 MB]

St. Peter, the first pope, tells Catholics to be “ready always to satisfy everyone that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you.” (1 Pt. 3:15) The only way Catholics can be of one mind and one faith is if they are willing and ready to profess their faith point by point, which includes condemning and rejecting the prevalent apostasies and heresies of the day along with denouncing sinners. Those who are not willing and ready to do these things are not Catholic no matter how much they may think they are and no matter how many holy Masses they attend. One such apostate Catholic is Fr. Albert Gonzalez whom I rebuked as an apostate because he would not denounce from his pulpit apostate Antipope John Paul II as an idolater for kissing the Koran even though Gonzalez did correctly believe that this was an act of idolatry. Last week (several years after the rebuke) three Catholics from Mary’s Little Remnant came across a family that attends Mass at Fr. Gonzalez’ church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The confrontation was providential as it proved what happens when a priest does not fulfill his obligation to condemn sin and denounce public sinners. When asked about the crime of John Paul II kissing the Koran, the father of the family said, “It was an act of love.” This answer is even more evil than just calling this crime a scandal, even though both are blasphemous and idolatrous. This man and his family would never have attended Mass at Fr. Gonzalez’ church if Gonzalez had condemned this crime as an act of idolatry and denounced John Paul II as an idolater and demanded that all in his church believe the same thing and kicked them out if they do not. When a Catholic brother denounced the father of the family as a heretic, the father said, “We are all heretics.” Figure that one out! A man who admits he is a heretic but instead of abjuring from his heresy wants to remain a heretic. This apostate family is just one part of Fr. Gonzalez’ wayward and apostate flock whom he sacrilegiously gives Holy Communion to every Sunday. He is no different than a Satanist who defiles the precious Body, Blood, and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. (This audio was previously titled Asr137.)

7-27-2008 10-2016 31 min. Alr0212

Catholic Holy Hour, The

[13.9 MB]

The Catholic Holy Hour, which is prayed once a month, is led by Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi. This audio is also available on video (Vlr069).

11-5-2021 11-5-2021 60 min. Alr0325

Catholic Lecture on Diet and Exercise, A

[40.7 MB]

It is a sin against the Fifth Commandment to be greatly or extremely over-fat or greatly or extremely under-fat (unless being under-fat is caused by illness or involuntary deprivation). The sin is venial or mortal depending on the level of harm to your health. I say over- and under-fat instead of over- and under-weight because a too high or too low fat percentage in the body, not weight, is what actually harms health. The sin is venial for persons greatly over-fat (obese) or greatly and purposely under-fat because this greatly harms their health. The sin is mortal for persons extremely over-fat or under-fat because this extremely harms their health. However, there is no sin or fault for persons slightly over-fat because this does not harm their health but only hampers it. And there is no sin or fault for persons who are slightly under-fat, according to some charts, because this does not harm or hamper their health. The lecture quotes from the RJMI article Diet and Exercise with additional comments. (This lecture is also available as an RJMI video lecture, Vlr64.

5-31-2018 5-31-2018 59 min. Alr0317

Catholics Must Be Willing to Kill and Die

[10.9 MB]

There is a time for blessings and a time for curses, a time for peace and a time for war, a time to heal and a time to kill, a time for the Sons of Thunder to hold back their thunder and a time for the two witnesses to unleash the thunder. Beware of those who heretically believe there is never a reason for just wars and just killings in the name and for the cause of the one true God, the Catholic God. It is hypocrisy and illogic to the highest degree to acknowledge that godless nations and godless people have a right to go to war and kill men but the one true God and His chosen people have no right to go to war and kill men. This lecture teaches from Josue, Chapter 10, about the Catholic dogma that there is indeed a time for war when God commands His chosen people to kill men, women, and children in His name and for His cause. (This audio was previously titled Asr123.)

4-6-2008 8-2017 47 min. Alr0266

Catholics Must Have the Spirit of Martyrdom

[25.0 MB]

Like faithful Job, a faithful Catholic’s life is a series of resurrections and crucifixions. God ordains this as a means to test the faith of His chosen (do they love God for Himself or for the good things He gives them). Martyrdom is not extraordinary but is the ordinary duty of all Catholics. A Catholic who dies as a martyr knows he is a worthless servant who is only doing his duty. He either dies as a martyr and goes to heaven or denies the faith and falls out of the Catholic Church and on the road to hell. My confrontation with Fr. Ashley and others at the Fraternity of St. Peter’s chapel in Pequannock, NJ, proves that they are heretics and hypocrites who do not love God or have the spirit of martyrdom. (This audio was previously titled Asr41.)

9-17-2006 2-2018 27 min. Alr0289

Catholics Must Pray for Non-Catholic Rulers

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Catholics must first pray that their non-Catholic rulers will favor them and thus allow them the religious liberty to profess and live by the Catholic faith in peace and security, and then they must pray for their conversion. And if their rulers are persecuting them, then Catholics must pray that they stop persecuting them; and if not, that God will destroy or remove these rulers and replace them with rulers who will allow religious liberty for Catholics. Thus Catholics must pray for all their rulers, which includes non-Catholic rulers, not just in their everyday prayers but also within the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the most powerful and effective prayer of all. This was the practice of the Catholic Church from Pentecost Day in AD 33 and probably until the Great Apostasy began in the 11th century. Many other prayers that benefitted Catholics were also removed from the Mass. Therefore the Tridentine Mass of apostate Antipope Pius V, from the 16th century onward, is very inadequate and greatly diminished so that Catholics no longer benefit from the prayers that were removed from the original Mass, and non-Catholics no longer benefit from the prayers for their conversion in the original Mass that were removed in the Tridentine Mass.

7-24-2016 7-24-2016 37 min. Alr0180

Catholics Must Put God before Family

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Holy men’s prayers or sacrifices will not save their ultimately obstinate family members and others. A warning to not socialize with non-Catholics and to avoid obstinately sinful family members. Catholics will be persecuted most by so-called Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr28.)

5-28-2006 10-2016 28 min. Alr0202

Catholics Must Separate from Evil Family Members

[1.59 MB]

This lecture is an admonition against loving family members over God. (This audio was previously titled Asr135.)

7-13-2008 10-2016 7 min. Alr0194

Catholics Must Vote for Trump in USA’s 2016 Presidential Race

[12.5 MB]

In this lecture I read from my article “Catholics Must Vote for Trump in USA’s 2016 Presidential Race.”

10-3-2016 10-3-2016 18 min. Alr0191

Catholics Will Be Persecuted and Hated

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Good Catholics will be persecuted and hated by most men. Catholics Must edify and help brothers who are persecuted. To be saved, men must be humble and accept admonishment. (This audio was previously titled Asr12.)

2-19-2006 4-2018 30 min. Alr0306

Catholics Will Be Persecuted, Few Are Saved, the Great Apostasy, and More

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The world will persecute Catholics. Few will be saved. Bishops, priests, and laymen deserve the Great Apostasy. Jewish plots and bloodguilt. Catholics must not get discouraged because most people do not listen. (This audio was previously titled Asr8.)

1-22-2006 2-2018 45 min. Alr0290

Catholics Will War Against Antichrist like the Machabees

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There is a time for blessings and a time for curses, a time for peace and a time for war, a time to heal and a time to kill, a time for the Sons of Thunder to hold back their thunder and a time for the two witnesses to unleash the thunder. This lecture teaches from the Biblical example of the Machabees. In the Final Days, Catholics will be required to fight in the same manner as these holy men. (This audio was previously titled Asr125.)

4-20-2008 9-2017 29 min. Alr0268

Certain Catholic Mysteries Are Incomprehensible by Reason

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This lecture deals mainly with two mysteries of the Catholic faith that cannot be comprehended by angelic or human reason: God’s ability to create out of nothing and God’s infinity. There are certain things about God that no creature can comprehend by reason because creature is not God and can never become God. Even in the secular realm there are things that men cannot comprehend, yet they believe these things. How much more should this apply to the supernatural, to things about God! To be enlightened about supernatural things, men must not lie about things in the natural world that they can know by God’s grace, reason, and the law upon their heart. (This audio was previously titled Asr56.)

12-17-2006 3-9-2016 40 min. Alr0164

Chaining and Unchaining of Satan, The

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Satan was chained for one thousand years when Christ died on the Holy Cross in 33 AD. That is when the de-paganization of the world began. Men were first progressively de-paganized by believing in Christ and becoming Catholic. Then, after about three hundred years, the nations began to be de-paganized, starting with the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor St. Constantine. At first the nations tolerated Catholicism, then favored it, and then it became the only religion of the nation and thus nations became Catholic nations. After one thousand years, in 1033 AD, Satan was unchained. Hence the re-paganization of the world began and thus the Great Apostasy began. Men and nations then became progressively re-paganized. Also available on video (Vlr39).

4-20-2014 4-20-2014 103 min. Alr0049

Charity for Souls and Self-Righteousness

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This lecture teaches about how very few men are saved, including very few Catholics, and the primary work of charity, which is loving souls and working for their salvation. It speaks of the false charity of the false prophetess Mother Teresa who cared only for the body and nothing for souls and what false gods or false religions they believed in. This lecture warns against envy, especially against those who do not wholeheartedly desire the salvation of all men, even the most evil. And it warns against the self-righteous Pharisees who do not forgive penitent sinners but look down on them. (This audio was previously titled Asr219.)

2-20-2011 6-1-2016 43 min. Alr0102

Charity Towards Your Neighbor

[5.45 MB]

On Talmudic Jewish racism during the time of Christ onward. On true charity towards your neighbor. Catholics must love all men from the heart and hence help them with corporal works of mercy while attempting to convert them—because this is the ultimate good. (This audio was previously titled Asr40.)

8-27-2006 11-2017 24 min. Alr0283

Christmas Lecture 2021

[8.54 MB]

Be on time; faith and deeds verses; fear of God; no forgiveness when confess without contrition; Catholics be not high-minded against the Jews as they became as evil as the Jews; proper use of pain medicine; the first sin was disobedience and was rooted in pride. Hence those who obey have a better chance of converting, such as the North Koreans, zealous Moslems, Orthodox Jews, Mafia men, and soldiers; most who become Catholic fall away; the only one the a Catholic absolutely needs to be saved is God. Hence if he is the only Catholic in the world, he has all he needs to be saved; maintain joy by kicking out obstinate sinners; Need humility to confess and repent; God rejects those who reject his Word; on corporal punishment; do not let emotions cause you to justify non-Catholics; proof the you love God is that you obey all of his commandments. If not, then your love of God is a false, mushy love, like the so-called love homos have for one another; many profess believe in the dogma of corporal punishment unless is applies to them; admonish a brother alone, if not listen, then with one or two witnesses, if not, then tell a ruler of the Church; Catholics’ Rule of Law is not the Satanic Rule of Law the world is now under; women are going to be the hardest to convert because of feminism; rebels only obey God when they want to; many slaves loved their masters so much that they were willing to die for or with them; the only good obsession if for God and the Catholic faith; Saddam Hussein was not near as evil as George, yet the common saying in the USA is, Bush Good, Saddam Evil.

12-25-2021 12-25-2021 37 min. Alr0330

Christ’s Kingdom vs. Satan’s Kingdom

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The only government pleasing to God is a good Catholic kingdom. If the Catholic Christ is not your King, then Satan is. Only Catholics are in Christ’s Kingdom on earth. Everyone else is in Satan’s kingdom. No one can have a hope to be saved unless he is in Christ’s Kingdom on earth, and no one can effectively fight against the one world order of the Antichrist unless he is in Christ’s Kingdom. The Apostate Church in Rome and its members are not Catholic even though they think they are, and this is the greatest deception of all! Only good Catholics can tell true history in all its parts and know all of the true reasons why things happen. If you are not Catholic, then you are definitely part of the conspiracy against the one true God, the Catholic God. Get inside the true Catholic Church before it is too late, before you die as you are and go to hell and before the reign of the Antichrist so that you may be able to fight effectively against the Antichrist’s one world order in which Satan is the king and to defend Christ’s one world order in which Christ is the King. Good Catholics always defeat the Antichrist and his one world order even if they must die as martyrs, which is the ultimate victory in which they go straight to heaven. For good Catholics everything is a win-win situation (Rom. 8:28), and for non-Catholics and bad Catholics everything is a lose-lose situation. Surely every apparent good thing men have on earth is immediately lost forever and replaced with eternal pain and torments if they end up in hell—that, dear reader, is the ultimate lose-lose situation: “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mk. 8:36) (This audio was previously titled Asr101.)

10-28-2007 9-2017 28 min. Alr0269

Clips on the Idolization of Family Members

[6.11 MB]

This lectures contains clips from three RJMI audios (An Explanation of Daniel 12; An Explanation of Zacharias 14; An Explanation of Isaias 24; and An Explanation of Apocalypse 21) and one RJMI video (Various Topics #1).

11-2023 11-2023 26 min. Alr0384

Commentary on Bruce Gott’s Bible Reading (1 Cor. 1)

[9.23 MB]

This lecture was recorded on 1/1/2023, The Feast Day of the Circumcision of Our Lord. Bible verses discussed include: * 1 Corinthians 1:10 ~ On division and schism within the Church. * 1 Corinthians 1:17 ~ Further on unity within the Church. * 1 Corinthians 1:21-31 ~ On God’s wisdom, man’s foolishness and his salvation through preaching. * John 10: 31-33 ~ Discussion on Jesus asking the Jews on which of his good works does he stand convicted off. * RJMI gives commentary, context, and explanation on above verses. * Other topics discussed include: * Freemason Walt Disney and the corruption of children through his movies that promote paganism, magic, mythology, and idolatry. * Other modern-day movies and books directed at the corruption of children such as Harry Potter et al. * The significance of changes to the Confirmation age of children.

1-1-2023 1-1-2023 40 min. Alr0361

Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 1

[76 MB]

This two-part lecture (also available as video), shows how apostate Jews conspire to control the world in order to bring the Antichrist to power. It exposes several of their conspiracies. These conspiracies began in the first century when the apostate Jews denied Jesus Christ. St. Paul said he was “serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and temptations which befell me by the conspiracies of the Jews.” (Acts 20:19) This lecture contains clips from several sources, especially from Marc Levin’s Protocols of Zion and Yoav Shamir’s Defamation. Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 1:

The Jews control the world; The super-racism of the Protocols & Talmud; Hitler's sins; Marc Levin actually promoted the Protocols of Zion; Marc Levin & Yoav Shamir allow the opinion that Jews control the world; True vs. false anti-Semitism; Zionist illegal occupation; Apostate Jews obstruct their criticizers.

4-5-2015 5-30-2015 111 min. Alr0130a

Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 2

[121 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 2:

Apostate Jews tell big lies; Their lies about Jesus & Christianity; Miscellaneous lies; Their lies about the “Holocaust”; They replaced the Passion of Christ and the Holy Mass with the “Holocaust”; Their lie that Hitler wanted to exterminate all the Jews; Hitler’s Final Solution was emigration not extermination; Hitler favored baptized Jews in the Third Reich; Why so many Jewish “survivors”?; Humane conditions in German-controlled prison camps; The “Holocaust” was not practical or possible; No bodies or human ashes found in Treblinka; Jews & Gentiles starved from food shortages in the Third Reich; There were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz; Buchenwald Hoax: Tattooed skin, shrunken heads, psychological warfare; Jews brainwash Jews with Holocaust lies; Apostate Jews & Freemasons behind the events of 9-11.

4-5-2015 5-30-2015 177 min. Alr0130b

Covid-19 Conspiracy, Part 1

[21.3 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 1:

(1)Introduction; (2) History nd Development of Covid-19; (3) History of theOrigin of the Covid-19 “Plandemic.”

4-4-2021 4-4-2021 91 min. Alr0329a

Covid-19 Conspiracy, Part 2

[21.3 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 2:

(4) Effects (Flu-like Symptoms; (5) Fear Mongering by Exaggeration, Lying, False Diagnosis, & Murder. There will be one or two more parts to this video.

4-4-2021 4-4-2021 99 min. Alr0329b

Covid-19 Conspiracy, Part 3

[28.3 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-heading of Part 3:

(6) The Treatment.

4-4-2021 4-4-2021 121 min. Alr0329c

Covid-19 Conspiracy, Part 4

[18.4 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-heading of Part 4:

(7) The Purpose of the Covid 19 Conspiracy.

4-4-2021 4-4-2021 79 min. Alr0329d

Covid-19 Conspiracy, Part 5

[18.4 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-heading of Part 5:

(8) Conspirators; (9) The Good that Comes from the Evil; (10) How to Deal with It; (11) Ending.

4-4-2021 4-4-2021 104 min. Alr0329e

Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy: Part 1, The Person of the Prophecy

[69.5 MB]

This three-part lecture explains Daniel’s Seventy-Week Prophecy as recorded in Daniel, Chapter 9. Part 1 shows that this prophecy can only refer to Jesus Christ, the one and only true Messiah. This audio is also available on video (Vlr23a).

4-2009 5-2016 101 min. Alr0015a

Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy: Part 2, The History of the Prophecy

[32.3 MB]

Part 2 explains the history of Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy. It shows when and where Daniel got the prophecy and when it began. This audio is also available on video (Vlr23b).

12-2010 5-2016 47 min. Alr0015b

Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy: Part 3, The Chronology of the Prophecy

[31.1 MB]

Part 3 explains the chronology of Daniel’s Seventy-Weeks Prophecy. It shows how the prophecy points to Jesus Christ as the Messiah and to the exact time of the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry until His death. This video presents as the best opinion that Jesus was born in 2 BC and died in 33 AD. And it also shows how Luke Chapter 3 and the Catholic Church’s ordinary magisterium limit the possible birth years for Jesus from 3 BC to 1 AD. This audio is also available on video (Vlr23c).

4-2011 5-2016 136 min. Alr0015c

Deception of the Major Media and Black Lives Matter, The

[123 MB]

This lecture shows how the apostate Jewish- and Freemasonic-controlled Major Media and the radical, criminal, and racist movement Black Lives Matter are inciting racism; turning black criminals, racists, and radicals into victims; and casting police officers as racists and criminals in order to incite riots and disrespect police to the point of murdering them. In the meantime, they ignore or downplay or make excuses for the real problem, which is black criminals, racists, and radicals and black-on-black crime and black-on-white crime. Hence the Black Lives Matter movement should be called Black Lies Matter or Black Criminals Matter because Law-Abiding Blacks certainly do not Matter to them; that is, blacks who are not criminals, racists, and radicals. And you never hear from them in the Major Media and Black Lives Matter. The Major Media and this movement, along with extremely liberal politicians such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton, certainly do not truly care about the law-abiding blacks in the inner cities who are being raped, robbed, drugged, mugged, and murdered by their own people, by black criminals, racists, and radicals. The end result is what the Major Media and Black Lives Matter want: lawlessness and disorder in which “evil is called good and good evil” (Isaias 5:20) in which black criminals, racists, and radicals are called good and police officers are called evil—the very police officers who are trying to bring law and order to black communities and protect law-abiding blacks and whites. This lecture also shows how the Major Media and Black Lives Matter lie, cover up, and withhold evidence in order to promote their lying, evil agenda. The very suppression of freedom of the Press that they accuse others of, they are guilty of themselves. This audio is also available on video (Vlr56).

8-15-2016 8-15-2016 180 min. Alr0190

Deathbed Conversions and Raising from the Dead

[4.99 MB]

Living a moral life without the Catholic faith does not save men. – Deathbed conversions are rare and many are insincere. God will make manifest to credible witnesses a sinner’s repentance on his deathbed. When God raises men from the dead, He does so within a short period after they die. It is unnecessary and even odious to God’s order that men be raised from the dead more than a generation after their death into a time in which no one knows them. (This audio was previously titled Asr88.)

7-15-2007 9-2018 22 min. Alr0313

Democracy Hypocrisy, Jews vs. Freemasons

[6.17 MB]

This lecture exposes the USA’s democracy hypocrisy of supporting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has been the sole ruler of Egypt for over 30 years, and rewarding him with 1.5 billion dollars a year. The reason the USA does so is because Hosni is pro-USA and, more importantly, pro-Zionism. In the eyes of the world rulers, the Jews and their Freemason slaves, that is what really counts and not what type of government a nation has. Hence, if a democratically elected ruler and party are anti-USA and anti-Zionism, like the Hamas Party in Palestine, the USA denounces the ruler and the Party and works to overthrow the democratically elected government. And if a monarch is anti-USA and anti-Zionism, the USA denounces him as a dictator and seeks to overthrow him and his government. But if the monarch is pro-USA and pro-Zionism, like Hosni Mubarak, he is supported and considered a beneficent ruler. However, Zionist Jews and Freemasons favor democracies because democracy corrupts the people with a rebellious, disobedient, anti-authoritarian spirit, while the Zionist Jews and their Freemason slaves are the real power hiding in the background. – This lecture also shows how the Freemasons and Anglo-Saxon Protestants are trying to buck their slave masters, the Zionist Jews, and how the Jews are fighting back. The former struck at the money power of the Zionist Jews and the latter struck at the oil power of the Freemasons and Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The Jew power wins 99 percent of the time because God gave the Devil and the Zionist Jews permission to bring their Antichrist to power and rule almost the whole world. That is why Rahm Emmanuel was kept on the voting ballot for mayor of Chicago even though he is not eligible. There was a struggle to keep Rahm off the ballot, but the Zionist Jews won yet another battle. (This audio was previously titled Asr217.)

1-30-2011 1-30-2011 27 min. Alr0105

Desecration of Catholic Places, The

[49.8 MB]

This video contains evidence of the desecration of Catholic places in Europe with images against the faith and morals from the 11th century onward. These desecrations, which became rampant in Rome from the 15th century onward, consist of images that glorify devils, idols, false gods, false religions, pagan philosophers and other pagans, vice, and grotesque deformity and images of immodesty and pornography. This video only contains a small portion of the evidence that is contained in the RJMI book The Desecration of Catholic Places. Also available on video (Vlr37).

12-25-2013 12-25-2013 71 min. Alr0047

Desecration of Saint Peter’s Basilica, The

[52.5 MB]

This lecture is one piece of irrefutable proof that the Great Apostasy was great indeed in the 15th century when St. Peter’s Basilica was desecrated with idols, false gods, false religions, immodesty, and pornography. And the desecration remains to this day! It proves that the apostate antipopes who approved or allowed this and other desecrations were as evil as the apostate antipopes of the Vatican II Church. And it proves that the new, heretical theology of scholasticism, which is the glorification of philosophy, led to these desecrations and many heresies, incompetencies, non-judgmentalism, non-punishmentalism, false saints, and massive immorality. Below is a list of the chapter headings of this three-hour lecture:

  1. Idolatrous and immodest doors of St. Peter’s Basilica “The Enemies on the Gates”
  2. Apostate Catholics hide the evidence
  3. Desecrations inside St. Peter’s Basilica “The Enemies inside the Gates”
  4. The hypocrisy of the “Entrance Sign” banning immodestly dressed visitors
  5. The Renaissance desecrations were worse than the Vatican II Church’s desecration of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
  6. Apostate Catholic Europeans are the same as Apostate Catholic Indians
  7. What if St. Patrick would have had idols in his church?
  8. Anathemas against idols and the desecration of holy places
  9. Churches desecrated with idols and immodesty are non-Catholic churches
  10. Culpability regarding desecrations
  11. The idolatrous doors desecrated St. Peter’s Basilica in 1445
  12. Some of the heresies of the Great Apostasy
  13. Some of the incompetencies
  14. There have been no true popes or true cardinals since 1445 when St. Peter’s Basilica was desecrated
  15. Pedophilia prevalent in the 16th century
  16. Idolatrous and immodest tombs in St. Peter’s Basilica
  17. Apostate Antipope Pius V gave idols to others and allowed them to remain on the doors and in other places
  18. Apostate Antipope Pius X allowed naked and idolatrous art to remain in churches and other places
  19. Other crimes of idolatry, heresy, and immorality
  20. What led to the desecration and the unchaining of Satan
  21. God will destroy St. Peter’s Basilica
  22. The Catholic way to learn about and exhibit idols and false gods
  23. Unless you condemn the idolatry and idolaters, do not talk to us true Catholics

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case a million words. It proves how perverse and corrupt their faith and theology were—even if one never studied the thousands of books, tomes, and summas of their perverse, corrupt, and heretical theology! This audio is also available on video (Vlr36).

3-2013 8-2013 184 min. Alr0043

Dogmas and Truth Cannot Evolve

[3.72 MB]

This lecture deals with the heresy that a dogma evolves and thus changes its meaning with the passage of time, which I call the Dogma Changer heresy and those who believe in it Dogma Changers. This heresy is based on the heresy of intellectual evolution which teaches that men become wiser, smarter, and better as time progresses. It shows how the apostate antipopes of the Vatican II Church use this heresy to undermine dogmas and the necessity of God’s grace and His Catholic Church. The dogma changers do not attempt this impossible feat of contorting past infallible papal teachings; instead, they simply say that the Salvation Dogma has changed its meaning from what the past popes have infallibly defined—and in this, they are less dishonest than the Traditionalist heretics. (This audio was previously titled Asr98.)

9-30-2007 10-2016 16 min. Alr0209

Dogmas on the Saints

[4.99 MB]

All Saints’ Day is especially celebrated for unknown saints and for saints that are not commemorated on the liturgical calendar. Unknown saints are those who are saints but were never declared as such. Some were not declared as saints for legitimate reasons, such as anonymity, and some for nefarious reasons, such as bad bishops or apostate antipopes who refused to recognize a saint for political or economic or doctrinal reasons. Two things make a saint: first and foremost God’s grace, and then man’s freewill by cooperating with God’s grace. The Catholic dogma on the saints gives glory to God and shows forth His power and goodness. Jesus Himself praises, honors, and venerates the saints, such as Jona, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and John the Baptist. Yet Protestants refuse to praise, honor, and venerate the saints. Satan hates the saints because like him they are creatures but unlike him they obeyed God and he did not. Hence anyone who denies the dogmas regarding the saints actually undermines and even hates the saints and hence imitates his father Satan. This lecture also briefly touches upon the Catholic veneration of relics. Included is a story from The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi proving the Catholic dogma on the saints. (This audio was previously titled Asr152.)

11-1-2008 6-8-2016 22 min. Alr0173

Drug Addiction: Physical

[8.15 MB]

This lecture deals with the mortal sin and growing problem of addiction to narcotic painkillers, such as codeine pills and hydrocodone bitartrate pills (also know as Vicodin), among the middle and upper classes, which is no different than heroin addiction among the lower classes. Devils are given great power over these addicts, and their physical and spiritual pains only increase. This lecture also tells you the only way to truly be cured and freed from this addiction, as well as all evil addictions. (This audio was previously titled Asr131.)

6-15-2008 3-2017 36 min. Alr0228

Drug Addiction: Spiritual

[9.05 MB]

This lecture deals with drugs that are not physically addictive but are spiritually or mentally addictive. While some addictions are physical, all addictions are spiritual or mental. Spiritual or mental addiction is harder to overcome than physical addiction. Marijuana and LSD are not physically addictive but are spiritually addictive and intrinsically evil drugs because they distort reality and judgment and hamper or destroy the will. This lecture deals with why so many people are addicted to drugs, which is because of their apostasy from the Catholic God, and the only cure, which is by turning in all humility to the Catholic God for help. (This audio was previously titled Asr132.)

6-22-2008 3-2017 40 min. Alr0229

Effects of Sin and Making Rough Ways Straight

[1.42 MB]

Commentary on the effects of sin. Catholics during these End Times do what John the Baptist did during the First Coming: Make rough ways straight. (This audio was previously titled Asr1.)

12-18-2005 4-2017 6 min. Alr0238

End Time Signs

[1.42 MB]

This lecture explains some of the events of these Final Days as prophesied by Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 24. This lecture will help you to not be fooled by the many false prophets and false Christs, especially the Antichrist. Jesus teaches that in the height of the Great Apostasy, which we are now living through, there will be no Catholic nations and no Catholic hierarchy. (This audio was previously titled Asr52.)

11-26-2006 10-2017 49 min. Alr0279

Epikeia and Other Topics

[21 MB]

Some of the Catholic topics and other subject matters addressed in this lecture include: Valid and invalid sacraments and legal and illegal sacraments; Some sacraments exist outside the Catholic Church and hence are valid but they are illegal; The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) is a heretical and schismatic sect. It is in schism for disobedience to their perceived papacy; The advent of Renaissance era cardinals; Supplied and ordinary jurisdiction rules defined; Epikeia laws and rules in emergency circumstances; Just and unjust authority; Rules and laws in the event of a vacant papacy; Valid and invalid marriages; Catholic rules, laws, and procedures for the election of the next validly elected pope; Addressing a valid pope in notorious mortal sin.

6-6-2022 6-2-2022 88 min. Alr0333

Erroneous or Improbable Opinions Regarding Mary Magdalen and Mary of Bethany

[41.1 MB]

This lecture exposes the numerous erroneous and improbable opinions, as well as unfounded rash judgments, regarding St. Mary Magdalen and St. Mary of Bethany, two holy women mentioned throughout the four Gospels. It follows the general outline of the RJMI article Erroneous or Improbable Opinions Regarding Mary Magdalen and Mary of Bethany but contains extra comments. This lecture is also available in video, Vlr61.

5-2018 5-2018 60 min. Alr0307

Eulogy for Brother Louis Wurth

[24.8 MB]

The first member of Mary’s Little Remnant to die was our Brother Louis Wurth. He died on 9-24-2013, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Ransom. He was 97 years old. God raised Brother Louis from the dead on 8-26-2008, and, as we have good hope to believe, kept him alive long enough to enter the Catholic Church and be in a state of grace. I say good hope because we had many signs that he is in purgatory. But if he is not and thus is in the hell of the damned, then so be it. God’s will be done! For video excerpts from the funeral and burial, see “The Funeral and Burial of Our Brother Louis Wurth” on the “Religious Ceremonies” video menu. Also see the “Gallery in Memory of Our Catholic Brother Louis N. Wurth” on the “Pictures” menu.

9-25-2013 9-25-2013 36 min. Alr0045

Evangelization, Will’s Political Activities, Pro-Life Rally in Dublin, and Other Topics

[10.7 MB]

On the proper way to evangelize * We will need miracles for major evangelization. * God is our public relations manager. * God admires zeal but it must be used for a good cause and in the right time and measure. * On MLR’s venture into the political arena. Every Republican officeholder will not condemn homosexuality. Hence they believe it is normal behavior and thus should not object when it is taught to children. As a punishment to the RINOs for supporting sodomites, it is better to let the extreme lefty liberals rule them and take away their religious liberty because they are not worthy of it. They proved this when the removed William Norris from office for upholding socially conservative values. But God will protect us true Catholics and give us religious liberty. * While the LGBT freaks are proactive in the public arena, the so-called conservatives are not pro-active in condemning them and presenting the truth. This includes almost all of the Pastors. Instead, they remain silent in the public arena because they are cowards. As are result, the LGBT community is wining hands down with no public opposition, except from us few conservatives who have no real power in this world. But us few true Catholics will have power in this world, and most of the world will hate us for it. * God has been playing possum a very long time, hiding his power and miracles, because the world is not worthy. * Miracles done by Protestants and other unbelievers are of the Devil. God has put them under the operation-of-error curse because they receive not the love of the truth. * The brothers in Ireland attended a Pro-Life Rally in Dublin. * To be saved, men must love the truth, be humble, and not be cowards. * Homosexual children must not only be bullied but also killed if they do not repent. And their parents should be the first to throw the stones. * Protestants are rebels against authority because they hate monarchies and dictators, which are the only forms of government that God approves of.

7-2-2023 7-2-2023 72 min. Alr0372

Everlasting Earthly Paradise, The

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Upon Christ’s second coming, this world and all its evils and evildoers will be burnt up and destroyed by fire. But God will not utterly destroy the earth. While the evil things of this world will pass away and no longer exist upon the face of the earth, the earth will remain after the second coming of Jesus Christ. But Christ will transform the old earth into a new earth, an everlasting earthly paradise.

4-17-2022 4-17-2022 45 min. Alr0331

Evidence regarding Deathbed Conversions

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The lecture deals with the evidence needed to prove deathbed conversions. If there is no evidence of a deathbed conversion, then the deceased is presumed to be gehenna (the hell of the damned). If there is proof if a deathbed conversion, then the deceased is presumed to be saved. It deals with the specific case of one of our Catholic brothers, Mario Virreyra and his father’s conversion on his sickbed.

7-30-2023 7-30-2023 34 min. Alr0377

EWTN Glorifies Origen, the Salvation Dogma, and Other Topics

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On the Salvation Dogma; ETWN’s glorification of Origen; the Universal Salvation heresy; the heresy of non-judgmentalism; must learn and believe the Catholic faith as infallibly taught for first 1000 years of the Catholic Church to save your soul. Any Church or church that breaks with that faith is not the Catholic Church or a Catholic church; the most evil and dangerous evildoers are nominal Catholic prelates, priests, bishops, and apostate antipopes. God will kill all nominal Catholics who do not repent and convert so that all that will be left will be us true Catholics vs the Antichrist and those who follow him; philosophy is like mind altering drugs, such as LDS, without having to take the drugs; to truly love God, one must have righteous anger; the differences between devils and damned humans; and other topics.

10-9-2022 10-9-2022 64 min. Alr0356

Expiation of Sins in Purgatory and Instructions Against Pride

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Catholics should pray a nine-day novena for the poor souls in purgatory with the ninth day ending on the Seventh Weekday before the First Lord’s Day in Advent and should ask the poor souls to pray for them so that they can make a good penitential Advent. Not only prayers but also the Holy Mass, alms, and mortifications help the poor souls in purgatory. The pains of the poor souls caused by the punishment due to their sins is proof of the rigor of God’s justice and how hateful sins are to God, as taught by the Church and testified by saints and the poor souls themselves. Pride, the root of all sin, prevents one from becoming good and being saved. One sign that a person has pride is that he never believes he has done anything seriously wrong to merit eternal damnation, when in fact he has done many things wrong to merit eternal damnation. Among these are the baptized who think they do not have to abjure their heresies and the heresies of the sect they once belonged to. The way to conquer the sin of pride is first by asking God to help you. And then always presume that you could be wrong when someone admonishes or corrects you. This will allow you to calmly listen to the admonishment or correction and then properly address it. Those who have pride hate authority even though they may pay lip service to it. Democracy by its very nature breeds pride and rebellion. If Catholics do not strive to be saints, they will be damned. (This audio was previously titled Asr155.)

11-16-2008 9-2017 26 min. Alr0274

Explanation of Apocalypse 1, An

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Blessed are they who hear and obey the final-day prophecies. Jesus is, was, and is to come. He is God from all eternity, was made man and died and ascended into heaven, and is to come again during His second coming. When Christ appears in the heavens, the apostate Jews will look upon Him whom they pierced and will wail and moan along with almost every other person upon the face of the earth, except the very, very, very few of the elect. The seven spirits are the seven angels of the churches. And the seven candlesticks are the seven churches or dioceses. Jesus Christ is divine, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Almighty. This vision of John’s was given on Patmos on the Lord’s Day, the first day of the week, which refutes the heretics who deny the dogma that the Saturday Sabbath Day during the Old Covenant era was replaced by the Sunday Lord’s Day during the New Covenant era. The whole universe and all its stars and planets are enclosed in water as a globe in the center of a pool of water that is at the feet of God who is in the heaven of heavens. This audio is also available on video (Vlr16). (This audio was previously titled Asr1169.)

1-1-2009 1-1-2009 17 min. Alr0062

Explanation of Apocalypse 13, An

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This lecture primarily explains the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 13. Satan’s unleashing in the 11th century is also described in this chapter. There are two beasts mentioned in this chapter. The first beast represents the Antichrist and the people who are bringing him to power, Talmudic Zionist Jews. This first beast was part of the sixth kingdom of the beast, the pagan Roman Empire, and was active until the 4th century. After the death of Christ, it was ruled by Talmudic Jews, Christ’s worst enemies, who used pagans and any other non-Catholics to assist them in their battle against the Catholic Christ. In the 4th century this first beast “who was” was dealt a death wound when Satan was chained and hence it started the seventh kingdom. This seventh kingdom of the beast operated secretly and underground because it was oppressed by the Holy Roman Empire. Its death wound was healed in the 11th century when Satan was unleashed and the beast began to ascend in power while the Catholic Church began to descend in power. And from the 11th century forward it made war against the saints by progressively overcoming true saints and replacing them with false saints and progressively replacing good popes and good bishops with wicked popes and wicked bishops. The eighth kingdom is the 3 1/2 year reign of the Antichrist and comes from the seventh kingdom because the seventh kingdom brings it to power. However, before this eighth kingdom can exist, this first beast needs another beast to bring it to power and point all nations toward it. This other beast is the Freemasonic USA, the Harlot, who dominates the world and forces it to adore the first beast by adoring the people who are bringing the beast to power, Talmudic Jews and apostate Israel. This other beast dominated the world after it sent fire down from heaven by nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused the world to be in awe of this other beast. And this other beast then set about its main task of exalting the first beast—exalting and defending apostate Jews and Zionism in order to bring the Antichrist to power. The USA’s Freemasonic and other heretical ways also infiltrated and dominated the Vatican. Hence the Vatican is an extension of this other beast that gives spiritual life to the first beast by justifying Talmudic Judaism as a true and good religion and apostate Jews as God’s chosen people who are under a covenant with God and hence faithful to God. While the Vatican gives this first beast spiritual life, the USA gives it physical life. I mention some of the reasons why God allowed me to start talking about the Book of the Apocalypse and other end-time verses. (This audio was previously titled Asr159.)

12-7-2008 3-2015 56 min. Alr0053

Explanation of Apocalypse 14, An

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St. John sees the Old and New Testament saints reigning in heaven with Christ, the beginning of the preaching of the gospel on Pentecost Sunday, and the fall of the ultimate Harlot, the USA. He then sees the reign and defeat of the Antichrist followed by preparations for the second coming of Jesus Christ. So many wicked are killed after Christ appears in the heavens that their blood, which is spilled in Kidron Valley, reaches to the horse’s bridle, which is more confirmation of the Catholic dogma that very, very, very few are saved. After all the wicked are killed and all the devils are sealed in hell, the elect (good Catholics) wait upon a purified earth for 15 days until Christ lands upon the earth on the Mount of Olives. – The true Christ appears in the heavens like lightning coming out of the east unto the west. And at the face of Christ, stars fall and burn up the earth, islands sink, mountains crumble. Beware of prophecy books because they will only confuse you! Available on video (Vlr12). (This audio was previously titled Asr165.)

12-30-2008 1-2020 50 min. Alr0058

Explanation of Apocalypse 16, An

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This lecture explains Apocalypse, Chapter 16, which describes the seven plagues or vials that are announced by the Two Witnesses and poured out during the reign of the Antichrist. These plagues are meant to show the power of the one true God, the Catholic God, over the Antichrist and his god, Satan. And they are meant to punish the Antichrist and his slaves with the hope that some may repent and convert and with the purpose to destroy the obstinate evildoers. Sadly and illogically, instead of repenting and converting after being afflicted with these plagues, most of them will curse the Catholic God even more. The first plague inflicts a grievous and painful wound on all who have the mark of the Beast. The second plague turns the oceans and seas into blood and kills the fish. The third plague turns the drinking water into blood so that the evildoers will drink blood—a just punishment because they shed the blood of the prophets and the saints. The fourth plague afflicts men with a very great heat from the sun. The fifth plague afflicts apostate Jerusalem, the seat of the Beast, with darkness and a pain so great that the inhabitants will bite their tongues. The sixth plague dries up the river Euphrates so that the kings from the rising of the sun can cross it and fight against the Antichrist and his army at Armagedon, at Kidron Valley. Two of these kings are Russia and Red China, which includes Vietnam and North Korea. There will be other kings too that will fight against the Antichrist. These kings will either be already converted and hence Catholic or will convert later like King Nabuchodonosor and other Babylonians whom God used to punish the worst of the evildoers. Before this happens, Red China and Russia will be 2 of the 10 kings who help destroy the Harlot, the USA, in order to prepare for the reign of the Antichrist. Red China will invade and occupy Southwest USA and possibly all of the USA. And Russia will invade and occupy South America. But when Antichrist comes to power, Red China, Russia, and one other nation will rebel against him and he will usurp them by declaring war against them. The European nations will serve the Antichrist until the end, and hence there will be no Catholic restoration in Europe. God has totally abandoned Europe because of its more than 700 years of great sins and rebellions against Him. Beware of the Christian Zionist ploy that casts the Russians and Chinese as the ultimate evildoers and apostate Israel and apostate Jews as the heroes and God’s chosen people. The seventh plague is poured out within one hour after the Two Witnesses are resurrected. This plague incorporates all of the afflictions from that time forward that will take place until the last evildoer and devil are wiped off the face of the earth. (This audio was previously titled Asr177.)

2-22-2009 2-22-2009 54 min. Alr0067

Explanation of Apocalypse 17, An

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This lecture primarily explains the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 17. Satan’s unleashing is also described in this chapter. It speaks of a beast that has seven heads and ten horns and a harlot sitting on it. The seven heads are successive kingdoms of the beast, each with an antichrist and harlot, until the reign of the ultimate Antichrist (an apostate Jew sitting in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem) and the ultimate Harlot (the USA). St. John was told that five of these kingdoms already were (the Egyptian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Persian, and Grecian Empires) and one was (the pagan Roman Empire) and one was to come (the seventh kingdom, the secret empire ruled by Talmudic Jews who use pagans and any other enemies of the Catholic Church). In each kingdom a harlot is ruled by an antichrist and used by him to corrupt the world and then destroyed by the antichrist when he no longer needs the harlot. These successive heads or kingdoms refute the Protestant blasphemy that the seven heads or mountains are in the same place at the same time, in Rome the home of the Catholic Church, as if the Catholic Church is of the Antichrist. The seventh kingdom is ruled by apostate Jews with one Jew as the boss. It ultimately unifies those under its control by secret societies like the Freemasons. The United Nations, NATO, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the G8, the Apostate Renaissance and Vatican II Church, etc., are the visible and external organs that get the work done as decreed in the secret societies controlled by the Jews with the help of Satan who keeps these organizations subservient to the interests of the apostate Jewish plot to bring the Antichrist to power in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. The ten horns represent either ten kings or a great number of kings who rule under the ultimate Antichrist, an apostate Jew. Apocalypse 17 tells us that before the Antichrist comes to full power, he commands the ten kings who serve him to destroy the Harlot, the USA, along with Rome and the Freemasons and other secret societies. One of the signs that the so-called Catholic Church was on a decline from at least the 11th century onward because of wicked apostate antipopes, bishops, priests, and laymen is that sodomy in nominal Catholic Europe was rampant because of massive faithlessness caused by the resurrection and glorification of philosophy and mythology and the creation of Theophilosophy and Scholasticism. To keep a Catholic camp pure, Catholics must kick out obstinate sinners. If you do not agree, then you are of the world and not of God. We will gladly send you the notorious heretics, feminists, homosexuals, fornicators, hard rock and rollers, rappers, buffoons, effeminates, thieves, etc., whom we kicked out—let them live with you! In fact you do live with them because you all belong to the evil world. Those who are of the world choose to live among such as these instead of among good Catholics; and hence God justly punishes them with one curse after another ending in eternal damnation if they die as they are, of the world. Those who think they can have one foot in the world and one with good Catholics are fooling themselves because they are squarely in the world. (This audio was previously titled Asr160.)

12-8-2008 1-27-2016 52 min. Alr0054

Explanation of Apocalypse 18, An

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This lecture explains the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 18. The United States is the ultimate Harlot, whose home base is New York City. This chapter describes the destruction of this Harlot by the Antichrist who uses the ten kings who serve him to destroy the Harlot. The people of the Antichrist (apostate Talmudic and Zionist Jews) use the Harlot to corrupt the whole world more than it already is and to bring their Antichrist to power. Once the Harlot is no longer needed and worn out, she will be cast off the back of the Antichrist and her flesh shall be eaten and burned. The apostate Vatican City will also be destroyed because this spiritual harlot is an extension of the physical Harlot, the USA. Available on video (Vlr9). (This audio was previously titled Asr162.)

12-21-2008 12-21-2008 38 min. Alr0055

Explanation of Apocalypse 21, An

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God has turned His back to nominal Catholics and will now turn to the Jews and prepare them for conversion. Nominal Catholics [meaning Catholic in name only because they are heretics or apostates] are the most evil people on the whole earth. The new earth will have the same substance as the old earth but not the same qualities. And the new heaven will be the heaven of heaven. The New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and has no Temple and no sun or moon. But the Antichrist’s Jerusalem is built upon earth, will have a Temple, and will have the sun and moon. Let us see if the Antichrist’s so-called paradise can end death, sickness, and sorrow. Only the true Christ, the Catholic Christ, will fulfill these things! The apostate Jews do not believe in the Book of the Apocalypse so it is expected that they ignore these true prophecies, but Christian Zionists are doubly guilty for acknowledging the Book of the Apocalypse while supporting the Antichrist and his apostate Israel and Jerusalem. The Two Witnesses and Mary’s Little Remnant are exposing and frustrating the Antichrist, as these lectures are doing at this very moment. St. John sees the measurements, materials, and structure of the New Jerusalem. The foundation stones represent the apostles, and the gates represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Available on video (Vlr19). (This audio was previously titled Asr172.)

1-6-2009 1-6-2009 47 min. Alr0065

Explanation of Apocalypse 22, An

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God will not let Satan win the earth; God will recreate it. The Garden of Eden was meant to be eternal and glorified if Adam and Eve remained faithful. The new earth will be even more glorious than the Garden of Eden and will be united to the heaven of heaven. However, no matter how glorious this temporal kingdom is, men cannot enjoy it unless the kingdom of God resides in their hearts. Jesus’ first coming was to primarily plant the kingdom of God in the hearts of men and then in nations. Jesus’ second coming will plant God’s eternal temporal kingdom upon earth where there will be no more evil or evildoers. It is then that God’s eternal kingdom will be upon earth in the hearts of all men and all nations. Blessed are they who know and obey the final-day signs that God has given us! When good Catholics of all generations say, “Come, Lord Jesus,” they are also calling for the coming of the reign of the Antichrist and the almost total destruction of the earth, which must come first. Good Catholics know that to get God’s ultimate rewards they must first go through the fire of great tribulations. So-called Catholics who think mankind can have true peace upon earth without Christ the King ruling in all hearts and all nations are not Catholic and are heretics—such as Fr. Gruner who promises non-Catholics true earthly peace as long as they support his false devotion to his false Mary who promises true peace to non-Catholics. Star worshippers will not have to reach out to the stars—some may fall right in their backyard. Beware, sun worshippers, because your god, the sun, shall be destroyed! In the new earth that the Catholic Christ will create, “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together; the lion and the ox shall eat straw; and dust shall be the serpent’s food: they shall not hurt nor kill in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.” (Isa. 65:25) The false Christ, the Antichrist, will not be able to fulfill this prophecy. Before the Antichrist comes to power, Vatican City will be destroyed and will remain desolate until Christ recreates the new earth in which Rome will be second in glory to the New Jerusalem. Available on video (Vlr20). (This audio was previously titled Asr173.)

1-11-2009 1-11-2009 57 min. Alr0066

Explanation of Daniel 7, An

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Daniel speaks of four successive evil kingdoms upon earth from his time forward. The fourth beast, or evil kingdom, is the kingdom that brings the ultimate Antichrist to power and is the most powerful of all. Daniel describes this kingdom as having modern weapons of warfare. He also gives us more information about the ten kings who destroy the Harlot, the USA, and help bring the Antichrist to power. Three of these kings shall be usurped when the Antichrist comes to power. Daniel tells us that the Antichrist will make war with the saints and overcome them, blaspheme God, and reign for a time and times and half a time or 3 1/2 years. He tells us that after the end of Antichrist’s reign, not all of the wicked will be killed until 60 days later. Of those 60 days, they will have 33 days to repent and convert. The remaining 27 days will be spent gathering and killing the wicked in the Valley of Josaphat (Kidron Valley). And 15 days later Christ will land on the Mount of Olives upon a purified earth. The Antichrist will believe that he can defeat not only Christ’s earthly army but also Christ Himself and His heavenly army. If there were a Catholic hierarchy intact, there would be no need for the Two Witnesses. Available on video (Vlr13). (This audio was previously titled Asr166.)

12-28-2008 12-28-2008 36 min. Alr0059

Explanation of Daniel 12, An

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This lecture explains Daniel, Chapter 12. St. Michael the Archangel rises up and fights for good Catholics in their battle against the Antichrist. The greatest tribulation of all time will occur during Antichrist’s reign of 3 1/2 years or 1260 days. Antichrist is thrown alive into the pit of hell 30 days after his reign ends or 1290 days after it began. However, not all of the wicked who served Antichrist will be killed until 60 days after the end of his reign or 1320 days after his reign began. And 15 days later or 1335 days from the beginning of the reign of the Antichrist, Jesus Christ lands upon earth on Mount Olivet. Therefore before Christ lands upon earth, the elect wait for 15 days upon a purified earth that has no evildoers or devils. The continual sacrifice of the Mass being taken away means that when Antichrist comes to power he will outlaw the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He will then destroy all the cathedrals and churches in Europe and elsewhere and kill almost every valid priest in the world—all as a just punishment from God. There will be no restoration to Catholicism in Europe. It will remain in the camp of the Antichrist until the end. God will turn elsewhere, such as China and possibly Russia, for conversions in these final days. It is certain that during the reign of Antichrist there will be at least one place where a legal Mass will be offered by Catholic priest and that is the home of the Two Witnesses in New Mexico. If there are any other Catholic Masses, they will be very few indeed! There would be no need of the Two Witnesses if there were a pope and Catholic hierarchy intact. God always sends prophets to restore the faith and order when all His religious leaders have gone astray. When the Witnesses are arrested and murdered and Catholics scattered, the end of the Antichrist’s reign is at hand. Those who take the mark of the Beast can convert and repent. Some time after the tribulation, the General Judgment takes place. The elect are the learned who are tried by fire and profess and live the full deposit of the Catholic faith, which is true wisdom, as opposed to the wicked and their false wisdom of Theophilosophy and scholasticism. One mark of the wicked is that they do not condemn heresy or heretical works or denounce heretics as they should. Available on video (Vlr11). (This audio was previously titled Asr164.)

12-26-2008 12-26-2008 62 min. Alr0057

Explanation of Isaias 5, An

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This lecture explains Isaias, Chapter 5. It teaches how God eventually pulls back grace from His chosen people when they become obstinately sinful and also becomes their enemy by severely punishing and destroying them, as He did to the Jews during the Old Covenant era and now to bad and fallen-away Catholics during the New Covenant era. Just as Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed, so shall Rome and the Vatican be destroyed. The holy Prophet Isaias speaks of one of the worst curses God sends against His fallen-away chosen people, the Amos Curse, in which God hides the deposit of faith from them so that it is impossible to find because they obstinately and persistently corrupted and denied it when it was available to them. And then, and even worse, God sends them an operation of error in which a false faith replaces the true faith, a false Catholicism replaces true Catholicism. So in just judgment God has taken the deposit of the Catholic faith away from fallen-away Catholics. Isaias also speaks of some of the crimes the Jews were guilty of, which today also applies to bad and fallen-away Catholics. This also proves that most Jews, as most people of any race, are evil, under a curse, and destined to eternal hell because of their obstinate evilness, which refutes the heretical and apostate Second Vatican Council document Nostrae Aetate which says that all Jews should not be looked upon as if under a curse and hence implies that all Jews, by their race alone, are good and destined for Heaven. (This audio was previously titled Asr216.)

11-2010 11-2010 95 min. Alr0113

Explanation of Isaias 24, An

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This lecture explains the Prophet Isaias’ apocalyptic Chapter 24 in which he prophesies Christ’s second coming when Christ appears in the heavens and destroys the heavens and the earth and all the evildoers and all other evil things and preserves a remnant of good Catholics on the purified earth in preparation for His landing upon the earth. This lecture also refutes the Millenarianists who take out of context Isaias 24:22 and Apocalypse 20:7 to teach that Christ reigns on earth for 1000 years and then Satan and the Antichrist are re-released from the pit to instigate another major rebellion against Christ. This lecture gives the proper interpretation of Isaias 24:22 which implies that Christ and Mary will rule on earth for a brief time before the General Judgment in order to call the last Catholic council over which Jesus Christ will preside. Christ will infallibly declare things that the last two popes did not because they lacked either knowledge or time. Hence Christ will infallibly declare saints who were not declared saints; infallibly depose so-called saints who were not saints; infallibly condemn wicked popes, other prelates, priests, and theologians; and infallibly define doctrines. Once the business of the Catholic Church Militant upon earth is completed by Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords and Pope of popes who sets all records and history straight, then Christ will summon the General Judgment. Hence when Christ lands upon the earth on Mount Olivet, the last pope will give Him the Keys of the Kingdom because when Christ is on earth only Christ can be the head of the Church on earth. Just as St. Peter could not be the pope or head of the Catholic Church while Christ was on earth because Christ was the head of the Church on earth and thus needed no vicar. When Christ gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, it was a promise and vow that Peter would be the first pope after Christ ascended into heaven. Also available on video (Vlr24). (This audio was previously titled Asr200.)

12-27-2009 12-27-2009 82 min. Alr0069

Explanation of Isaias 25, An

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Isaias Chapter 25 speaks of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, His destruction of all evildoers and evil nations by fire, His protection of the Elect (good Catholics), the necessity of patience to be saved, and the purified earthly paradise in which there will be no more sin, sinners, or any kind of evil and in which Christ will rule as the King of kings and the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Queen of queens.

8-2-2015 8-2-2015 33 min. Alr0146

Explanation of Mark 13, An

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Most men follow false Christs while the true Christ, the Catholic Christ, is discredited and blasphemed. During the reign of the Antichrist, good Catholics will be arrested and give testimony to the Catholic Christ. To testify to the truth of the gospel, good Catholics do not have to be geniuses but only simple and pure, like Ss. Peter and John who were uneducated fishermen. There will be chaos in families as family members rise up against family members. A good Catholic’s worst and deadliest enemies will be those of his own household. Only Catholics who endure unto the end will be saved, which refutes the Protestant heresy of salvation by faith alone. One mortal sin is all it takes to send a soul to hell. The Talmudic Jews are the chief evildoers who are bringing the Antichrist to power. Good-willed Jews and Moslems will convert to true Catholicism but never to a false Catholicism that lies to them and to the world by not speaking truthfully about all things. Obstinate sinners will like Antichrist’s kingdom, but they will never have true peace or joy. The Antichrist and the Two Witnesses will cause the great tribulations. God will shorten the final days because men have weapons of mass destruction which can destroy the whole world. Beware of the many false Christs and false prophets who show forth signs and wonders—they will never fool you if you love the Catholic God and hence the full deposit of the Catholic faith with your whole heart. World lovers will not be aware of the true signs of these final days. The Great Apostasy started in the 11th century when Satan was unchained because of the resurrection and glorification of philosophy and mythology within nominal Catholic teaching instruments and churches. It was so bad by the 15th century that sodomy was rampant in nominal Catholic Europe, which is one proof that nominal Catholic Europe was under the Romans’ One Curse of massive immorality for denying the Catholic faith by idolizing philosophers and mythological gods. During this time and until this very day, there are pictures hanging in the Vatican of philosophers, mythological gods, and naked people. The Medici family was one of the worst corrupters in this regard. They were pagans at heart and were either apostate Jews or at least in the service of apostate Jews. And there were many apostate antipopes who were just as evil as the Medicis. See my "The Great Apostasy Conspiracy" page. This lecture is also available on video (Vlr17).

2-2-2009 1-27-2016 46 min. Alr0063

Explanation of Matthew 24, An

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The seventh trumpet is sounded when Christ appears in the heavens. And Christ appears suddenly like lightning out of the east unto the west. Just before Christ appears in the heavens, the elect are being marked during the days of total darkness. Beware of the many false Christs. The only true Christ is the Catholic Christ, not the Talmudic Jewish Christ or the Moslem Christ or the Protestant Christ or the Greek or Russian Schismatic Christ—all of which are false Christs. Before the second coming of Christ, the gospel needed to be preached to the whole world, which occurred in the 16th century when the gospel was preached to the American Indians. The Antichrist and the Two Witnesses cause great tribulations in the final days. The final days will be shortened because modern men have the capability of destroying the whole world. God will make ineffective any nuclear attack that would destroy the whole world and hence will only allow limited nuclear strikes. The Antichrist will do many apparent miracles and deceive many. To not be deceived, judge all things by the full deposit of the Catholic faith and learn the true meaning of the final-day events as given us by the Catholic God, which will enable you to detect the Antichrist for who he is, a fake and a fraud. God gave us end-time signs for a reason, to guard men from being deceived. He also gave us numbers of days as to the time sequence in which these events take place so that we would know them and be prepared. When Christ appears in the heavens, the elect are first gathered and the wicked are left behind—one is taken, the other remains. The elect are taken to the Valley of Josaphat. This is the true meaning of the rapture, which has been heretically interpreted by many Protestants who think that there will be no elect on earth during the reign of the Antichrist. After the elect are gathered, then the wicked are gathered and taken to the Valley to be killed in this ultimate holocaust pit, not the fake holocaust fabricated by the apostate Jews during the World War II era. Kidron Valley will be the true holocaust pit that the obstinate apostate Jews have been digging for themselves over their centuries-long denial of the Catholic Christ and their many attacks against Him and His Catholic Church. Available on video (Vlr15). (This audio was previously titled Asr168.)

12-31-2008 3-21-2016 59 min. Alr0061

An Explanation of Zacharias 8, An

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TThis short lecture comments on Zacharias, Chapter 8, on how evil Jews were not only cursed with a seventy-year exile but were a curse to all the people and nations in which they were exiled. But after the seventy years enough Jews repented and did penance and hence God lifted the curse and blessed them. Let this be a warning to nominal Catholics who are more evil than these evil Jews were. How can you expect blessings, peace, and restoration when you are in the height of your sins and rebellion against the Catholic God—sins and rebellion which got worse and worse from the 11th century onward until now when the cup of your abominations is almost full! You have not even been punished by destruction and exile nor even acknowledged your many sins against God, yet you want peace, blessings, and restoration. I tell you loud and clear that there will be no Catholic restoration for Europe until after the second coming of Christ! (This audio was previously titled Asr189.)

8-23-2009 4-2017 8 min. Alr0239

Explanation of Zacharias 14, An

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This lecture explains the Prophet Zacharias’ apocalyptic prophecy as recorded in Zacharias, Chapter 14. He speaks of nominal Catholics fighting against true Catholics, the battle of Armageddon, the earthquake that takes place upon the resurrection of the Two Witnesses, the Mount of Olives being split into four parts, the days of darkness, the second coming of Jesus when He appears in the heavens and burns up the earth and destroys all those who fought against the true Catholic Church and good Catholics, the landing of Jesus on the Mount of Olives upon the purified earth, and Christ’s everlasting kingdom upon the new earth in the new Jerusalem that comes down from heaven.

9-2009 9-2009 78 min. Alr0068

Faith and Works; the Two Kingdoms; Sins Forgiven but Not Remitted During Old Testament

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Roman Missal reading on Faith and Works. – Two Kingdoms: Christ’s and Satan’s. – Old Testament Elect’s sins were forgiven but not remitted until they were baptized after Christ’s resurrection. (This audio was previously titled Asr17.)

3-19-2006 9-2018 16 min. Alr0316

Faith before Race, On Lazarus, Caiphas’ Prophecy, Evils of Democracy

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Even after God had called and commissioned Moses, God would have killed him if his wife had not circumcised their son. Let this be a warning to good Catholics. No matter how good you may now be or how many miracles God has given you or how many times God or other heavenly beings have conversed with you, you can fall away and be damned to hell. Race means nothing compared to the true Faith. Lazarus dead for four days represents the 4000 years from the time of Adam to Christ when the elect were gathered into Limbo where they waited to be redeemed, resurrected, and taken to heaven. Caiphas was a carnal Jew whose carnal prophecy was true in the spiritual sense. He feared losing material things more than losing spiritual things, such as his very soul. And what he feared came upon him: his carnal prophecy failed, Jerusalem was destroyed. But unbeknownst to him it was spiritually fulfilled when Christ redeemed men and hence did save the Jewish nation by first saving the souls of good-willed Jews, without which temporal things will only pass away. An eternal kingdom of buildings without souls to inhabit them is dead. It is not a true kingdom. Caiphas is like nominal Catholics who are carnal and not spiritual. They love material things more than spiritual things, more than the salvation of their own souls; hence nominal Catholics deny Christ just as Caiphas did. Democracy is an evil and illogical form of government in which the people get what they want and deserve. Nominal Catholics have embraced democracy and in so doing have cast off the yoke of the one true God, the Catholic God, and His one true Church, the Catholic Church. (This audio was previously titled Asr64.)

1-21-2007 12-2017 29 min. Alr0285

Faith before Signs and Wonders

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This lecture defends the Catholic dogma that the Catholic faith must come before signs and wonders. Signs and wonders are apparent miracles, exorcisms (the casting out of devils from humans), apparitions, and fulfilled prophecies. Signs and wonders are either from God or from the Devil. Regarding demonic signs and wonders, St. Paul says, Antichrist’s “coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders.” (2 Thes. 2:9) And Jesus says, “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.” (Mt. 24:24) Hence from mere appearances it is impossible to tell if a sign or wonder is from God or the Devil: “For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ [good Catholics]. And no wonder, for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light.” (2 Cor. 11:13-14)

To know if a sign or wonder is from God or the Devil, one must examine the faith and morality of the sign or wonder-worker as well as the faith and morality of any messages produced by the sign or wonder. St. Paul says, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.” (Gal. 1:8) And Moses says, “If there rise in the midst of thee a prophet or one that saith he hath dreamed a dream, and he foretell a sign and a wonder, and that come to pass which he spoke, and he say to thee: Let us go and follow strange gods, which thou knowest not, and let us serve them: Thou shalt not hear the words of that prophet or dreamer; for the Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or not.” (Deut. 13:1-3) That is why St. Paul says, “Try your own selves if you be in the faith; prove ye yourselves...unless perhaps you be reprobates?” (2 Cor. 13:5) And “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thes. 5:21)

Hence do not be fooled by demonic signs and wonders done by self-professed non-Catholics and members of false religions. And, most importantly, do not be fooled by demonic signs and wonders done by nominal Catholics and bad Catholics, especially the anti-Church Fathers and anti-saints who appear as angels of light, as good Catholics.

This lecture shows nominal Catholics and a Buddhist levitating; incorrupt bodies of nominal Catholics, Russian Orthodox Schismatics, and Buddhists; demonic stigmatas (which I call “stinkmatas”) on New Agers and nominal Catholics, such as the apostate Padre Pio who denied the Salvation Dogma and was guilty of other sins against the faith; and demonic apparitions and false seers and their heretical, immoral, or otherwise erroneous messages posing as godly (Catholic) apparitions and messages, such as the demonic apparitions of LaSalette, Fatima, Garabandal, Bayside, and Medjugorje; and the demonic seers Hildegard von Bingen, Bridget of Sweden, Anne Catherine Emmerich, and Therese of Lisieux.

Beware also of the many good teachings and acts of these demonic sign and wonder-workers which may make you think they are holy and blessed. After all, many Protestants and Russian Orthodox Schismatics have many good and holy sounding teachings and produce holy music but are nevertheless very unholy. It only takes one heretical teaching or one mortally sinful immoral act for them to be in a state of damnation and lead astray all who follow their heretical teaching or immoral act. St. James says, “Whosoever shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, is become guilty of all.” (Ja. 2:10) And St. Paul says, “Now I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who make dissensions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them.” (Rom. 16:17)

This audio is also available on video (Vlr59).

6-2017 6-2017 204 min. Alr0252

Faith without Works Is Dead

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This lecture begins with an update on the RJMI works that have recently been completed and those that are in progress. The remainder of this lecture contains hardcore Biblical evidence that completely disproves the heresy that “faith alone” is necessary for salvation.

This audio is also available on video (Vlr68).

12-26-2020 12-26-2020 51 min. Alr0321

False Obedience Will Send You to Hell

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If a Catholic wants to have a hope to be saved, he is obliged to disobey and resist the sinful commands and sinful ways of his superiors and to denounce them and to avoid or separate from them if necessary. Hence if a Catholic child wants to have a hope to be saved, he is obliged to disobey and resist the sinful commands and sinful ways of his parents and to denounce them and to avoid or separate from them if necessary. God gives all inferiors this power over sinful superiors because God must come first if one wants to save his immortal soul. And by the natural law upon their heart, God even gives this same power to non-Catholic children to disobey and resist the false religions and other sinful commands and ways of their non-Catholic parents, which will lead them into the Catholic Church if they are ultimately of good will. Catholic children must know that God is their ultimate Father and Mary is their ultimate mother and thus Jesus and Mary, through the infallible teachings and other just laws of the Catholic Church, must be obeyed above their biological father and mother. (This audio was previously titled Asr193.)

10-18-2009 10-2017 32 min. Alr0278

Fear of the Jews

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This lecture recounts my experiences with the many apostate Catholics who fear the Jews and hence do not denounce them at all or do so insufficiently. The Traditionalist apostates (such as Gary Potter, Fr. William Ashley, Howard Walsh, the dead-and-in-hell Bill Mara, Fr. Gruner, Jim Condit Jr., the Saint Benedict Centers, etc.) are guilty of this mortal sin and mortal sins of hypocrisy and omission because they know the apostate Jews are evil and say so privately but not publicly for fear of the Jews. In this lecture you will hear how Gary Potter could not even say the “J” word, Jew, when he introduced me before I made my first public lecture, “Prejudice and Conversion,” in 1995 at Most Holy Family Monastery in Berlin, New Jersey, when Brother Joseph Natale was the superior. You will hear how I was silenced by Fr. William Ashley in his chapel in Pequannock, New Jersey, and by the Saint Benedict Center in New Hampshire. This audio is also available on video (Vlr25).

4-4-2010 6-18-2016 60 min. Alr0018

Few Are Saved

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From the fall of Adam to the end of the world, only few men will be saved. God has told us this, time and time and time again. Not only will all unbelievers (which during the New Covenant era are all non-Catholics) be damned to eternal hell, but most of God’s chosen people also. Mankind is so evil that at times God has said that none are good, no not so much as one. And that includes God’s chosen people. And thus God tells us that many times all of His religious rulers and secular rulers apostatized along with all the priests and all the laymen. Let this be a warning to nominal Catholics who think that the Catholic Church always has to have a pope, cardinals, and priests in order to survive. God teaches the opposite. Regarding His second coming, Jesus Christ says, “Yet the Son of man when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Lk. 18:8) (This audio was previously titled Asr227.)

8-11-2013 8-11-2013 64 min. Alr0108

Few Are Saved and The Catholic Church Survives without Catholics

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Final Day prophecies prove that in these latter days of the Great Apostasy there are no Catholic nations, no Catholic hierarchy, and so few Catholics that they fit in one church. God will use this mustard seed, this very little remnant, to convert good-willed men in these Final Days, just as He used the few apostles and disciples during His first coming who numbered only 120 in the upper room while waiting for Pentecost. The Catholic Church does not need to have even one Catholic on earth to survive because She is a Divine Institution, the Mystical Body of Christ. (This audio was previously titled Asr51.)

11-19-2006 10-2017 39 min. Alr0277

Follow Up on Refutation of Tera Davis

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This lecture is a follow up on my refutation of Tera Davis. She joined the St. John the Baptist Chat site to subvert it and my works. Her bad will quickly became evident. * I bind men to me as sole ruler of the Catholic Church not based on miracles nor the fact that I am one of the witnesses mentioned in Apocalypse, Chapter 11, but solely upon the works God has given regarding the Catholic faith. * If miracles are necessary to obey every pope or bishop, then most popes and bishops must not be obeyed because most never did any miracles. In fact, St. John the Baptist, who had an extraordinary mission and opposed the hierarchy, never performed a miracle. Yet good-willed men followed and obeyed him because of the faith that he preached. * In order to cover her lies, she tells another lie regarding the supposed email she sent me that I never got. * The Devil used her to try to distract me from the work God has given me. If I listened to her and others like her, I would be endlessly investigating pre-1000 popes instead to completing the main works God has given me; such as the Catholic Prayer Book, the Profession of Faith for the Days of the Great Apostasy, my book in the Necessity of Penance, and the Holy Catholic Bible revised by myself. And there are many other works I must do regarding the faith, morals, and pastoral care. * My way of talking is the way all of God’s chosen men should talk when required, with power and conviction, and not as non-judgmental and non-punishmental wimps. * She could have engaged me privately but did not because she wanted to exalt herself and try to subvert me. Hence my public rebuke of her. In the end, she only made a fool of herself to good-willed men. * Smarts are a curse if one is not humble and thus does not have true wisdom. It leads to a lack of common sense and resorting to lies. * Her calumny and other rash comments prove that she is not stable, that her motives are not pure but corrupted. * If she has any good will, God will punish her. I, by the word of God, will kill many people when the time comes; but I cannot kill all people, as the Antichrist must survive and many who follow him in order to keep his evil empire alive for 3 ½ years. * Nominal Catholics give the Catholic God, Church, Faith, and Catholics a bad name; hence they are our worst enemies.

9-18-2022 9-18-2022 37 min. Alr0353

The Filioque Contrversy, Schismatics, and Other Topics

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This lecture was recorded on 6/12/2022. Main topics discussed here include: * Secular and religious movies: censoring, editing and viewing * The beginnings of the Filioque Controversy from Constantine’s era to Pope Leo III * The absence of Christ’s two wills being mentioned in the Catholic creeds explained * The eternal existence of God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit and schismatic opinions * How dogmas build upon one another and are defined by the Catholic Church * Schismatic "unorthodox" churches and their lack of unity * A monarchy is a natural law and equates to a father being head of his family * Material and formal heretics defined * The Eastern Schism and its rejection of the papacy * The Conciliarism Heresy * The scandal of being in religious communion with Non-Catholics * Inter-religious marriages and dispensations as in the Book of Esther * The killing of the Old Testament prophets was akin to the killing of Christ * Righteous vs selfish ambition.

6-12-2022 6-12-2022 82 min. Alr0334

Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Blockade

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In their goal of kicking all the Arabs into the sea and possessing Greater Israel in order to bring the Antichrist to power, Zionist Jews have committed yet another war crime by murdering eight Turkish citizens and one United States citizen who were bringing humanitarian aid by way of a flotilla to the Palestinians who have been murdered, wounded, persecuted, imprisoned, and blockaded in the Gaza Strip by the Zionists. The Zionist Jews banned building materials, food stuffs, cattle, and children’s toys from entering Gaza Strip. The goal is to get the Palestinians in Gaza to move out so the Zionists can move in and illegally occupy yet another piece of land in Palestine. No independent State of Palestine is even remotely possible as long as Zionists continue to enslave and murder Palestinians and are dead bent on illegally occupying Palestinian land, according to the United Nations Resolutions 181 and 242. Beware of those who do not sufficiently condemn apostate Jews, apostate Israel, and Zionism as the number one evil that is bringing the Antichrist to power but turn your attention elsewhere to a lesser evil. (This audio was previously titled Asr208.)

6-6-2010 6-6-2010 50 min. Alr0087

Four Causes of the Great Apostasy

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This lecture deals with four causes of the Great Apostasy: 1) the glorification of philosophy, which is scholasticism; 2) the glorification of mythology; 3) the glorification of immorality; and 4) the salvation heresy. This lecture begins with Jesus’ riddle that proved to the Jews that the Messiah was not only to be a man but is also God. He is David’s son and David’s Lord. (This audio was previously titled Asr144.)

9-7-2008 4-2014 42 min. Alr0085

France Says: Let Your Immodesty Be Known to All Men

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This lecture is regarding the recent events in France where hypocritical government officials have banned women from going to beaches dressed in the burkini—the Moslem answer to the grossly immodest bikini. These government officials have the audacity to arrest women that go to the beach fully clad and force them to undress or pay a fine, while they encourage and allow others to freely come and go almost completely naked.

8-28-2016 8-28-2016 14 min. Alr0188

Freemasonry in Global Politics and Business and Historical Anti-Heroes


Description: This lecture was recorded on 1/8/2023, the Feast Day of The Holy Family. The topics discussed here include: * The Christmas season is the most eventful time of year for feast days in the Catholic calendar. * Trump’s lies in blaming ‘hard-core’ pro-lifers for his election loss. * The corruption of freemasonry in Irish and global politics and their propaganda in movies and the revision of history. * The misplaced idolization of historical figures such as Patrick Pearse and Michael Collins in Ireland. * The true heroes of Ireland throughout history were the Irish saints such as Ss. Patrick and Brendan. * The founding fathers of the USA are promoted as American heroes but were in fact freemasons and deviants. * The prophet Jeremias was called a traitor by his own Israeli people for preaching the truth. * How the masons control by blackmail and financial rewards to keep their members in check. * The masons do not go by race, nation, or creed. They are all encompassing under their own Masonic agenda of one big global community. * Fake historical heroes should be exposed to stop people looking up to them as role-models and idols. * There are no longer any true Catholic nations that God is protecting and leading. * The death of Irish politician Martin McGuinness and his betrayal of his pro-life stance to appease his party’s new position. * Brother Bruce Gott relates his experience dealing with freemasons and freaks while he was promoting his art exhibitions and business. * Michelangelo and the Immoral Renaissance era art and its public display in the Vatican. * Brother Bruce Gott’s orchard and its outstanding naturally grown fruit produce compared to ‘nominal’ fruit. * The Hellenization of Christianity and the Great Apostasy should rouse righteous anger in every right-thinking person. * Irish history reveals the navigator and monk, St. Brendan, was first to discover America prior to Columbus. * Hitler closed down Masonic lodges due to their corruption and influences on society and to rid the apostate Jews of their money powers. * The premise of a United Ireland does not suit the Masonic agenda at present unless N. Ireland is brought back in to the European Union before a referendum would be called.

1-8-2023 1-8-2023 60 min. Alr0362

Freemasons Lose Roof

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God punished the Freemasons in Truth or Consequences, NM, on Maundy Day by ripping off the roof of their Masonic Lodge. The following day on Good 6th Weekday Mary’s Little Remnant had the privilege of processing by it. God miraculously protected us from being hit by a car driven by a Freemason who was determined to hit us. Let this be a warning to the Freemasons to repent and abjure from your Satanic religion of Freemasonry and come into the Catholic Church in order to have a hope to save your immortal souls. (This audio was previously titled Asr207.)

4-25-2010 4-25-2010 10 min. Alr0088

Gambling, Self-Control, and Addiction

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This lecture was recorded on 03/19/23, the 4th Lord’s Day in Advent. The topics discussed here include: *RJMI recalls his experiences with gambling and card-counting in casinos in New Jersey. *Good gambling vs. Sinful Gambling *Recreational gambling vs. professional gambling *Regulating spending in recreational gambling and knowing when to stop. *Degenerate gamblers have no allegiance to favourite sports and teams, their only goal is to chase winnings. *Recreational gambling and paying tithes to the Church. *Addiction to gambling and other vices. *Good movies on gambling. *Differences on cheating and creating an edge in gambling in order to win. *Making personal rules to stay within spending limits at recreational gambling. *Playing the lottery. *Regulating gambling and dealing with addicts in a true Catholic nation vs. a nominal catholic nation. *Apostate Alphonsus Liguori’s heretical advice on prostitution as a prevention to adultery, and how prostitutes become so. *Gambling in itself is not intrinsically evil as the stoics would have us believe. *The influence of the stoic perspective on alcohol and gambling. *Memorization verses on idolization of family members (Luke 8:21; Prov. 3:12) *False religions are more concerned about numbers in membership rather than preaching the truth. *The powerful “Marching to Zion” documentary by Pastor Steven Anderson. *TV commercials have now become overtly satanic in their content and gender role-reversals.

3-19-2023 3-19-2023 35 min. Alr0370

General Discussion 1


1) It us against them; that is, Catholics against non-Catholics. The Salvation Dogma drives this home. 2) How to deal with and at times work together with non-Catholics for good causes. 3) The USA allows more freedom for religious expression than Europe, but it is getting less and less. 4) Chinese will conquer USA and Catholics must submit. The China is less evil than the USA, and God will use it to help us Catholics in these end days. 5) The Antichrist is right around the corner. 6) USA’s Patriot fanatics idolize the USA and are going to have a hard time accepting submission to the Catholic Church and her rulers. 7) The only government God approves of is a monarchy in which one man has absolute power and authority. 8) Satan government is a monarchy. He is the king of devils and hell. But Satan uses democracies to instill rebellion, disobedience, and disloyalty. And democracy and is an illusion, as the secret power behind democracy actually rule, which is an apostate Jew as the head, with other apostate Jews under him and with the Freemasons under them. 9) Why those who want to become catechumens must submit to my authority as the ruler of the Catholic Church, even though I am not a pope. 10) Traditionalists are way more evil than Mafia men. The Mafia is used to obedience and locality and will even kill if they have to. 11) Death by hunger strike is not suicide. 12) Catholics do not and should not reveal all their sins to the public. 13) Jesus and Mary did not have to die because they were not guilty of original sin and thus had no concupiscence of the flesh. Hence it took a miracle for them to die. But their bodies could not be corrupted and thus Jesus and Mary are in heaven with their bodies and souls.

8-2021 08-2021 39 min. Alr0323a

General Discussion 2


1) You can take the Covid 19 test if you have to but not the vaccine. 2) How to become a catechumen in these days of the Great Apostasy. 3) Catechumens are Catholic. Penance done by an inquirerer or a catechumen earns merit for himself but cannot earn merit for others. Baptized catechumens must show proof of their baptism to see if it was valid or not. 4) Baptized catechumens who were never members of the Catholic Church do not have to confess their sins to a Catholic priest after they enter the Catholic Church because all their sins and the punishment due to their sins are remitted when they enter the Catholic Church. 5) On how gifts of confirmation are given to the faithful who were validly but illegally confirmed and those who were never confirmed due to a lack of a Catholic bishop to administer it. 6) A husband can punish his wife with corporal punishment if she deserves it, just as parents can punish their children with corporal punishment if they deserve it. And if a husband deserves corporal punishment, then the state can give it to him; but if the state is not willing, then others could, such a male relatives. 7) On the use of numbers instead of pagan names for the months and weekdays. 8) On RJMI’s Bible Commentaries that will be in RJMI’s Revised Catholic Bible.

8-2021 08-2021 43 min. Alr0323b

General Discussion 3


A brief on the Profession of Faith for the Days of the Great Apostasy and the necessity of it to keep out heretics and immoral people – How to address an immodestly dressed person – on taking the Lord’s name in vain.

9-2021 09-2021 7.43 min. Alr0323c

General Discussion 4


On what sports women can and cannoit play (Also See Online Catechims Lesson 4) - On YouTube removing my videos - Must not only believe in the Catholic faith to be saved but also must live it; te Profession of Faith for the Days of the Great Apostasy includes both of these things - The Devil and the Antichrists attack against the Traditional family by placing wives over husbands and children over parents - On the necessity of breast feeding infants when possible - The effect of not teaching Christians that apostate Jews killed Christ and are evil - On how the USA is trying to pass a law that allows the government access to bank accounts that are over 600 dollars and how the Antichrist is making it harder to transfer money - I will most probably be banned from the Internet for awhile but will be back by the power of God - Apostate Jews during World War II and its aftermath were the worst unjust torturers - The most powerful evildoers, warlocks and witches, must offer human sacrifices, the foremost being of Talmudic and Kabbalistic Jews; the major media covers up the many crimes of human sacrifice - Traditionalist nominal Catholics are as evil as Novus Order nominal Catholics - Movies that portray evil as evil are good but must be censored - Devils control all men who are not in a state of grace and thus even infants - Against idolizing infants and family members, as this is one of the main things that sends men to hell - On predestination and men go to hell because they abuse and misuse their freewill; on how the pagans who died never hearing the word of God are ultimately evil and thus damned – Against the heresy that all men, or almost all men, who die are saved and thus in heaven - The Antichrist favors criminals and oppresses men who have some sense of justice - How the apostate Jews and the rest of the world chose Barabbas over Christ and thus are all criminals - The apostate Jews rejection of Jesus Christ as King by saying they will have no king over them but Caesar is s a denial of the Messianic prophecies that the Messias will be not only a king but also the ultimate and everlasting King of Israel, and thus when they call their Antichrist a king they will show their hypocrisy - Against Christian Zionism - The apostate Jews denigrate or demote the Torah and exalt the Talmud and Kabala, which is nothing more than manuals of witchcraft - The meaning of the Bible verses that says the Antichrist will sit in the Temple of God, as the Antichrist will sit in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem - The Antichrist will mimic Old Testament prophecies regarding the Messias - Politicians must favor Jews in order to be elected - On the goodness of violent contact sports for males, such as mixed martial arts, boxing, and wrestling – And on hunting and against the idolization of animals.

10-16-2021 10-16-2021 84 min. Alr0323d

General Discussion 5


William Norris’ inspiration to read St. Patrick’s confession is confirmed; On the St. Patrick movie; On how St. Patrick did for Ireland what St. Martin of Tours did for France; Most Horror movies cannot be salvaged by censorship; Avoid sin by doing the Three Pillars of prayer, studying the Catholic faith, and penance; Must read the Bible, and God speaks to you through the Bible; Catholics can know for certain if they are guilty of sin but not if they are in a state of grace; on a good Examination of Conscience, and Catholics should examine their consciences every night; do not pester brothers for venial sin unless they are obstinate and disruptive to others but must condemn and avoid brothers who are guilty of mortal sin; past sins that are forgotten are remitted upon a valid confession; if not sure if a sin is venial or mortal, then presume it is mortal; pray to God to reveal your sins to you; Men cannot know the true God unless they know both the Old and the New Testaments; so-called Catholics who despise and do not read the Old Testament are nominal Catholics; Do not stop reading the Bible because of difficult passages to understand, just pass over them and you may understand them at a later time or by a good commentary; on the Dead Sea Scrolls; Must have only one Bible, as authorized by a pope; how heretics take Bible verses out of context to defend their heresies; on apostate Jerome’s vulgate and the Septuagint; the mortal sin committed for aborting a fetus, a body without a soul; the Talmud and Kabala promote most of the perversions in this final days; the allowable opinions on how many years are from creation of Adam to the second coming, from 6000 to 10,000 years; God seeds true prophecies in false religions; Lucifer’s fall; Movies that expose true evils of nominal Catholics are good movies; on censorship of movies.

10-23-2021 10-23-2021 84 min. Alr0323e

General Discussion 6


On slavery. There is a justified slavery and an unjustified slavery. God ordains justified slavery to punish evildoers or test the faithful and uses either believers or unbelievers to enslave people. And God ordains slavery not only for men but also for women and children and not only for a generation but also for several generations; On the necessity of justified corporal punishment. Do not obey laws that say you cannot administer corporal punishment to your children; The faithful who rather die than take the Covid 19 Vaccine die as martyrs, and their martyrdom is no less glorious than other kinds of martyrdom; God does not want to kill or hurt anyone but does so in order to punish disobedience and to maintain law and order; On how to convert people who are following the apostate Dimond Brothers, and on the Dimond’ Brothers hypocrisy; Against those who use character assassination and lies to discredit me instead of referring to my teachings regarding the Catholic faith and those who are denying it; A so-called Catholic who does not speak with righteous anger when the Catholic God and thus Catholic faith is denied and attacked and when the situation demands it does not truly love God. This is the heretical way of modern men who believe that any anger during a debate is a sign of weakness and of an indefensible position. Hence beware of those who speak only in a monotone voice and thus exhibit no passion or never speak with righteous anger when they should, such men as these are cowards and effeminate; On apostate Antipope John Paul II’s Broken Cross and how the desecrations in the Vatican are way worse than that; Beware of discrediting a notorious heretic or apostate by using evidence that instead of condemning him justifies him. For example, some condemned John Paul II as a Satanist for sitting on a chair with an upside down cross, but the upside down cross also represents St. Peter who died on an upside down cross. Hence instead of condemning John Paul II (who no doubt was an apostate and Satanist), this evidence justifies him as successor of St. Peter. Let the faith issues be first and foremost when condemning heretics or apostates.

10-31-2021 10-31-2021 93 min. Alr0323f

General Discussion 7


Conservative Protestants are not as evil as most nominal Catholics, many of them thank God or Jesus when they win a sporting event while most nominal Catholics are ashamed of the of the name of God and Jesus; true Catholics will be persecuted most by family members; UFOs are of the Devil; all the once Catholic nations have reverted to paganism; the different kinds of devils; the half-human half-animal heresy; how the Devil tried to prevent me from posting the Exorcism video and the good effect it will have on men of good will; on Advent, penitential days, and fasting and abstinence rules; how evil men are trying to reach God by telescopes and spaceships; atheists are the most stupid of all men, and how no proof can convince them if they are set on not believing in God; philosophers are similar to atheists; most nominal Catholics, including bishops and priests, do not believe in the Holy Eucharist; St. Francis Assisi was not a hippie, and how he cursed a brother; most people are effeminate; St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic were saints in the days of the Great Apostasy; apostate Thomas Aquinas was not accepted by many in his days; the Holy Eucharist is one of the greatest tests of faith; Jesus Christ’s human nature was divinized the instant it was created; on the Holy Hour and Exorcism videos and how important they are because unless a man is somewhat freed from the domination of the Devil he can never believe nor even desire to have the true faith, the Catholic faith.

11-27-2021 11-27-2021 54 min. Alr0323g

God Changes Hearts, Not Men and Psychiatrists

[2.26 MB]

Only the one true God, the Catholic God, gives true peace and instantly if He so wills. False religions, psychiatry, psychology, rehabs, etc., cannot bring peace or cure spiritual ills; instead they bring down God’s wrath. (This audio was previously titled Asr38.)

8-6-2006 3-2017 23 min. Alr0236

God Had Homos Killed in Orlando

[53.7 MB]

In Orlando, Florida, on 6/12/16, God used an evildoer to kill evildoers. In this case, a Moslem named Omar Mateen killed 49 notorious homos in a homosexual nightclub called The Pulse. Yet God was merciful because He did not ordain that all the homos should be killed, as there were 300 homos in the club that night. Let this be a warning to the homos and all homo supporters and defenders, as God was not so merciful with Sodom and Gomorrah in which He killed all the homosexuals. Instead of repenting, these evildoers turned the Orlando homos, whom God had killed, into martyrs and drew almost the whole world into supporting, defending, and justifying these homos and their homosexual sins. Politicians and other prominent people on both the left (which is expected) and the right tripped over themselves in their zeal to defend, glorify, and justify these homos and their so-called right to commit homosexual sins. But not all the world has fallen for homosexuality, as there are 77 nations that have laws against homos and 10 inflict the death penalty. According to the natural law, these nations are way less evil than the nations that support homos and homosexuality.

6-24-2016 6-24-2016 78 min. Alr0178

God Loves All Men and Wants All Men to Be Saved

[4.28 MB]

Even though God loves some men and races more than others, He nevertheless loves all men and all races and wants all men to be saved. “But thou hast mercy upon all, because thou canst do all things, and overlookest the sins of men for the sake of repentance. For thou lovest all things that are and hatest none of the things which thou hast made: for thou didst not appoint or make any thing hating it.” (Wis. 11:24-25) “God our Saviour, who will have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Tim. 2:3-4) Hence God even loved and wanted to save the obstinately evil Canaanites, even though He knew most of them would not be saved. (This audio was previously titled Asr226.)

8-4-2013 8-4-2013 15 min. Alr0111

God Punishes Sinners and Sinful Nations

[34.2 MB]

This lecture gives an account of the many ways God punishes sinners and sinful nations. It contains clips from movies which also demonstrate God's ways of punishing. There is only one true God, the Catholic God, who is all merciful — but also all just. Also available on video (Vlr28).

12-25-2011 12-25-2011 149 min. Alr0034

God Purified Mary's Little Remnant

[1.71 MB]

God and Mary purified Mary’s Little House and Remnant. (This audio was previously titled Asr2.)

12-25-2005 10-2016 8 min. Alr0196

God’s Chosen People Are Rarely Faithful

[7.23 MB]

Evil Jews not only murdered Christ, but also murdered and sought to murder His followers (Catholics such as St. Paul). During Christ’s First Coming ninety percent of God’s chosen people, the Jews, professed to be faithful, but were not. Hence God turned to the Gentiles and converted many of them. The Final Days parallel this but with Catholics as God’s chosen people, of whom more than ninety percent are not and will not be true Catholics because they reject the true Christ and true Catholic faith. Hence God will turn to self-professed non-Catholics, where most of the conversions will come from. (This audio was previously titled Asr45.)

10-15-2006 8-2017 32 min. Alr0262

God’s Punishments: 2011

[11.3 MB]

This lecture addresses some of God’s punishments that He sent upon the world throughout 2011. This last year set a record for natural disasters, not only in the USA but around the whole world. The Catholic God is punishing the world to help good-willed people repent and convert before He totally destroys the world by fire. Also available on video (Vlr29).

1-1-2012 1-1-2012 50 min. Alr0035

Good vs. Bad Jews

[6.72 MB]

There are good Jews and bad Jews. Good Jews believe in Christ, enter His Catholic Church, and die in a state of grace. Some evil Jews are warlocks (male witches). Warlock Jews existed during the Old Covenant era and now during the New Covenant era, such as those who practice the Kabala and Zohar – The Catholic God is the only true God and will destroy all false gods and religions. (This audio was previously titled Asr42.)

9-24-2006 5-2016 29 min. Alr0169

Great Apostasy, The: Part 1, Art imitates reality; Mixing the true God with false gods; The Feast of Fools

[32.2 MB]

This lecture titled The Great Apostasy will be in several parts. It contains evidence of the crimes and criminals of the Great Apostasy from the 11th century onward. This lecture was begun on the 27th day of the 12th month of the year of our Lord 2013. The chapter titles of Part 1 are 1) Art imitates reality; 2) Mixing the true God and true religion with false gods and false religions; and 3) The Feast of Fools. Also available on video (Vlr38a).

12-27-2013 12-27-2013 47 min. Alr0048a

Great Apostasy, The: Part 2, Astrology; Other occult practices; Homosexuality

[27.4 MB]

This lecture is a continuation of The Great Apostasy series. The chapter titles of Part 2 are 1) Astrology; 2) Other occult practices; 3) Homosexuality. Also available on video (Vlr38b).

1-2-2014 1-2-2014 40 min. Alr0048b

Great Apostasy, The: Part 3, Corruption of youth & pedophilia; Fornication & bastard children; Immoral heathen plays, dances, & banquets

[30.6 MB]

This lecture is a continuation of The Great Apostasy series. The chapter titles of Part 3 are 1) Corruption of youth & pedophilia; 2) Fornication & bastard children; 3) Immoral heathen plays, dances, & banquets. Also available on video (Vlr38c).

1-2-2014 1-2-2014 43 min. Alr0048c

Great Apostasy, The: Part 4, General corruption

[30.9 MB]

This lecture is a continuation of The Great Apostasy series. The chapter title of Part 4 is “General corruption.” Also available on video (Vlr38d).

1-2-2014 1-2-2014 39 min. Alr0048d

Great Apostasy, The: Part 5, Humanism & Humanists at the Papal Court

[40.9 MB]

This lecture is a continuation of The Great Apostasy series. The chapter title of Part 5 is “Humanism & Humanists at the Papal Court.” Also available on video (Vlr38e).

1-6-2014 1-6-2014 60 min. Alr0048e

Guardian Angels and Ex-Catholic Churches

[9.32 MB]

The first few minutes of this lecture teach that God gives all men a Guardian Angel. The bulk of the lecture deals with how a Catholic church becomes a non-Catholic church. And when a Catholic church becomes a non-Catholic church, the whole flock, infants included, who remain in that non-Catholic church are outside the Catholic Church for formal schism. It also teaches that it is possible to have a local bishop or parish priest who is a notorious heretic but the majority of laymen do not know it because his notorious heresy is contained in materials not meant for laymen to read. Hence the churches they belong to are Catholic churches as long as the notorious heretic priest does not teach his heresy or any other heresy in the church to the flock. But any Catholic who is privy to the bishop’s or priest’s heresy is bound to denounce the bishop or priest as a heretic, warn others, and avoid him in religious matters, under pain of being a formal heretic. (This audio was previously titled Asr199.)

12-13-2009 4-2014 41 min. Alr0083

Hail Mary Prayer Is in the Bible, The

[10.0 MB]

This lecture proves how the Catholic “Hail Mary” prayer is actually in the Bible. Protestant heretics and other bad-willed people who read even their heretical Bibles and refuse to honor Jesus’ mother Mary by rightfully calling her the “Mother of God” and “blessed among women” are dishonest and shameful hypocrites.

7-19-2015 7-19-2015 15 min. Alr0144

Hamas Party Election and Jewish Fear of Losing Power

[7.74 MB]

Part of this lecture deals with the USA not accepting the democratically elected Palestinian Hamas party, which is more proof that democracy is an illusion and an illogical and godless form of government. This lecture also deals with a letter from the Jerusalem Post that proves the apostate Jews are worried because the spell they cast upon the whole world with their false claims of Anti-Semitism is losing some of its power. (This audio was previously titled Asr90.)

7-29-2007 7-29-2007 34 min. Alr0133

Harlot’s Pride, USA Worse than Sodom, and More, The

[5.86 MB]

Those who believe that Moslems and Talmudic Jews worship the true God deny not only the dogmas of the Incarnation and Most Holy Trinity but also the dogma that Mary is the Mother of God. The epitome of democracy is a baseball game without umpires, coaches, or rules. You say it cannot happen? It has! Referring to USA citizens, John McCain says, “We can overcome every challenge.” Oh, can they overcome sickness and death and find the way to life everlasting? Can they build a spaceship that reaches God’s home in heaven and storm the gates? Can they stop a Hurricane Katrina from destroying most of New Orleans? This is more proof of the evil of democracy and Americanism, which promote the heresies of Humanism and Pelagianism, that man is his own God and hence can be good and create paradise without obeying the Catholic God and hence without God’s grace and other helps that can be obtained only by good Catholics. The national presidential debates prove that most people in the USA care only about their physical life and not their spiritual life. Jesus said, “For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel, shall save it.” (Mk. 8:35) Most USA citizens care only about money, homes, jobs, and health care but do not discuss faith or moral issues. They ignore not only the supernatural dogmas of the Catholic God but also the natural law that He places in all men’s hearts. Last week Connecticut’s Supreme Court passed a law allowing homosexual marriages, the third state to do so after California and Massachusetts. The USA is worse than Sodom and will suffer the same fate—worse because the Sodomites did not try to legitimize their homosexual perversion by pretending that men can marry men and women can marry women. The Republican Party is the lesser of evils when compared to the Democratic Party because the Republican Party is not as evil on moral issues. In the days of the Antichrist, good Catholics will not be able to get anything from the State and hence must depend upon the Catholic God to protect them in miraculous ways, as He did with Moses and the Jews when they journeyed through the desert. Good Catholics put their faith and trust in God and hence do not worry about physical issues. Jesus said, “Therefore I say to you, be not solicitous for your life, what you shall eat, nor for your body, what you shall put on. Is not the life more than the meat: and the body more than the raiment? Behold the birds of the air, for they neither sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns: and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not you of much more value than they?” (Mt. 6:25-26) The 911 conspiracy proves that every USA politician is working for the Antichrist because of their silence in the face of this bold crime by Jews and Freemasons. Anyone who does not believe the evidence of this conspiracy is a liar and cannot expect God to give him supernatural enlightenment. Of these Jesus said, How can they believe hidden things of God when they do not believe the very things that are before their eyes but instead lie about them. BBC News portrayed General Francisco Franco of Spain as a tyrant for killing anti-Catholics who were committing murder and grievously breaking God’s commandments and hence it portrays these murderous anti-Catholics as benevolent heroes, when in reality they are the true tyrants; specifically, the leaders of the apostate Jews, Freemasons, Communists, and the United States. This is yet another fulfillment of Isaias’ prophecy: “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil.” (Isa. 5:20) Three religions claim the right of total control over Israel and Jerusalem: Catholicism, Talmudism, and Islam. Hence no sharing is possible according to those who are honest about their religious doctrines. How does democracy solve this? It cannot because it ignores the facts that everything that happens in this world is for religious reasons and that the world is ruled and controlled by the Catholic God who will destroy all false gods and all false religions so that after Jesus’ second coming the only religion left on earth for all eternity will be the Catholic religion. (This audio was previously titled Asr149.)

10-12-2008 9-30-2016 26 min. Alr0134

Health Insurance in the USA

[44.6 MB]

The USA’s Health Insurance plan for its citizens is one of the worst in the world. Obamacare did not solve the problem. This lecture speaks of the good things in Obamacare and the bad things and that it must be rejected because the overall effect is disastrous to the middle class and will make the insurance companies even more rich than they already are. I also give the only solution to the healthcare crisis in the USA, considering that the USA is capitalistic, greedy, and corrupt.

10-18-2015 10-18-2015 20 min. Alr0153

Helen Thomas Fired

[4.80 MB]

The ninety-year-old Helen Thomas, the number one White House Press correspondent, was fired after 50 years of service. She served under all the Presidents from Kennedy to Obama until she spoke nine words against the Zionist Jews: “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.” She expressed her opinion that Palestinians and not Jews have the right to own Israel—and she was fired for it! (This audio was previously titled Asr210.)

6-13-2010 6-13-2010 21 min. Alr0112

Hell, the Eternal Prison of the Damned

[38.4 MB]

This lecture deals with the reality of hell and its everlasting pains and how almost all men end up in hell because they are obstinately evil. God has given men abundant proof of the existence of hell, not only in the Holy Bible and infallible teachings of the popes but also in testimonies from saints who visited hell and from damned humans. One such damned human is Fr. Paul Wickens. God has commanded me to tell a vision He gave me in which I met and spoke to Fr. Paul Wickens, who was forced to confess to me that he is in hell. Also available on video (Vlr4).

4-22-2007 2-25-2015 56 min. Alr0077

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 1, True Philosophy vs. False Philosophy

[31.2 MB]

This is a six-part lecture. Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 1:

06:49 – Philosophy is a religion; 09:04 – The only true philosophy is that of the one true religion; 09:27 – The philosophies of unbelievers are false philosophies and thus false religions; 13:32 – Some of the errors of Plato and Aristotle; 15:31 – The idolatrous and sacrilegious teaching that philosophy is the handmaid of theology; 19:16 – True vs. false definitions of philosophy; 42:48 – In this lecture I use “philosophy” to mean the false philosophy.

Also available on video (Vlr51a).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 45 min. Alr0158a

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 2, Condemners of Philosophy vs. Glorifiers of Philosophy

[55.1 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 2:

00:02:18 – The Bible, Popes, Church Fathers, and others against philosophy; 00:57:52 – Nominal Catholics who glorified philosophy; 01:10:11 – Side-by-side chart.

Also available on video (Vlr51b).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 80 min. Alr0158b

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 3, Scholastics and Other Philosophers Idolize Reason

[37.4 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 3:

02:10 – Scholastics either deny faith or put reason over faith, brain over heart, intellect over will; 07:53 – Good or evil, faith or faithlessness, virtue or vice is in the heart not the intellect; 08:40 – Men know by the natural law that faith is over reason and the heart over the brain; 12:48 – Culpable ignorance caused by an evil heart; 16:40 – God opens the understanding of men who first use their hearts by putting their faith in Him and dogmas; 24:16 – Scholastics try to reasonably understand some dogmas that are above human reason; 41:55 – Beware of scholastics who say that faith is over reason but actually put reason over faith; 51:12 – Jesus promotes devotion to His Sacred Heart, not to His Sacred Brain.

Also available on video (Vlr51c).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 54 min. Alr0158c

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 4, The Ways That Philosophy or Mythology Are Glorified

[114 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 4.

The Ways That Philosophy or Mythology Are Glorified:

00:04:26 – 1) By using philosophy or mythology to edify or enlighten oneself or others on faith or morals; 00:04:33 – 1a) by presenting philosophy or mythology as a true religion, or a religion in which one can be saved; 00:08:12 – 1b) by presenting philosophy or mythology as necessary or useful to better understand Christianity; 00:26:11 – 1c) by presenting philosophy or mythology as necessary or useful to live a moral and virtuous life; 00:32:50 – 1d) by using philosophy as a source of revelation on faith or morals; 00:45:28 – 1e) by loving or at least liking philosophy or mythology;

00:46:42 – 2) By using methods unique to philosophy; 00:46:54 – 2a) by emphasizing questions and not answers; 01:22:38 – 2b) by presenting dogmas and heresies as allowable opinions; 01:32:02 – 2c) by defending heresies and dogmas equally before saying which is heresy or which is dogma; 01:34:56 – 2d) by willful ambiguity or willful contradictions; 02:01:59 – 2e) by complicating answers; 02:06:36 – 2f) by not denouncing heretics as heretics;

02:09:36 – 3) By using terminologies unique to philosophy (scholastic babble).

Also available on video (Vlr51d).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 166 min. Alr0158d

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 5, Brief History of Scholasticism

[106 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 5:

0:02:29 – Scholasticism was underground from 4th century to 10th century; 0:04:28 – Scholasticism progressed from 11th century onward; 0:26:48 – In the 13th century Lombard’s Sentences became a standard theology book; 0:33:11 – The opposition to some aspects of scholasticism; 0:39:42 – The corruption of the Dominicans and Franciscans; 1:20:23 – The corruption of the Augustinians; 1:22:56 – The University of Paris; 2:12:55 – The University of Oxford; 2:15:03 – The Babylonian Captivity; 2:17:30 – Apostate antipopes during the Babylonian Captivity promoted Thomism; 2:18:05 – The Black Death; 2:21:30 – The Western Schism; 2:23:19 – Apostate Antipope Eugene IV desecrated St. Peter’s Basilica in 1445; 2:24:29 – Apostate Antipope Pius V proclaimed Aquinas “Doctor of the Universal Church”; 2:24:57 – Apostate Antipope Leo XIII proclaimed Aquinas “Prince and Master of All Scholastics”; 2:25:40 – Apostate Antipope Pius X made studying philosophy and Thomism mandatory for bishops, priests, theologians, and canonists; 2:28:13 – Apostate Antipope Benedict XV and the Code of Canon Law upheld Pius X’s decree; 2:32:06 – From the 11th century onward the glorification of philosophy and mythology, occult practices, immorality, and the desecration of Catholic places made steady progress.

Also available on video (Vlr51e).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 155 min. Alr0158e

Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics, The: Part 6, Theologians Effectively Replaced the Magisterium and the Bible

[33.7 MB]

Here is a list of the sub-headings of Part 6:

02:10 – Apostate Theologians replaced the Magisterium; 22:45 – Against the modern-day apostate scholastic Anthony Cekada; 40:32 – Apostate Theologians replaced the Holy Bible.

Also available on video (Vlr51f).

12-25-2015 12-25-2015 49 min. Alr0158f

Historical Proof of Accursed Jews

[13.6 MB]

This lecture consists of reading the chapter “Historical Proof of Accursed Jews” from RJMI book The Jews. It shows how faithless Jews during the Old and New Covenant eras were and are evil, cursed, and punished by God. During the New Covenant era every Jew that does not believe in Jesus Christ and is not Catholic is evil and cursed because he is faithless since he does not believe in nor worship the true God, the Catholic God, the Most Blessed and Holy Trinity.

4-7-2010 4-7-2010 60 min. Alr0020

Holy Communion, Non-Judgmentalism, and Against Apostate Fr. Paul Trinchard

[8.79 MB]

This lecture condemns the non-judgmental heresy that men can never judge what is in the heart of other men. Even pagans know this is false by common sense and the law upon their heart. God gives all men with the use of reason a mind and the grace to know and judge what is in a man’s heart if his thoughts are manifested by his words or actions: “An evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh evil.” (Lk. 6:45) In this lecture I speak about a confrontation I had with the apostate priest Fr. Paul Trinchard in Mississippi in which he shockingly said that he can never judge any man’s heart no matter how manifest that man’s sins are and hence he can never know if any man is truly guilty for committing a mortal sin. (This audio was previously titled Asr85.)

6-17-2007 7-2017 38 min. Alr0260

Holy Families and Against Feminism

[12.9 MB]

This lecture condemns the immoral and heretical sin of feminism. Feminism violates the natural law that is upon all men’s hearts. To have a holy family, women must be subject to their husbands. Women must take care of the home, which means they must cook, clean, sew, and do all the other household chores. Men cannot even help with the women’s chores unless necessary. If men do, they compromise the woman’s role in the home and will eventually become effeminate and the women feminists. Men who allow their wives to rule them and the house are effeminate and share in the guilt of their wives’ mortal sin of feminism. One of the Antichrist’s main weapons in corrupting mankind is to destroy the hierarchic structure in the family. The Antichrist uses democracies to do this. (This audio was previously titled Asr62.)

1-7-2007 5-2017 56 min. Alr0247

Holy vs. Unholy Families

[5.22 MB]

On holy families vs. unholy families. (This audio was previously titled Asr7.)

1-8-2006 7-30-2016 23 min. Alr0184

Homosexual Conspiracy, The

[13.2 MB]

This lecture exposes the Homosexual Conspiracy whose goal is to justify and glorify the great evils of homosexuality and homosexuals to the point that evil laws are being passed allowing homos to be united as if husband and wife in civil unions and marriages and allowing them to adopt children. Not even Sodom was as evil as this! And Sodom’s fate awaits every nation that does not condemn homosexuality and denounce homosexuals as perverted evildoers and punish them severely. Instead of doing this, almost every nation has now made it a crime to speak these truths about homosexuals and homosexuality.

7-3-2011 7-3-2011 58 min. Alr0025

Horse That Ran Like the Devil, The

[18.4 MB]

This is a true story of a horse named American Pharoah [sic], owned by the Orthodox Jew Ahmed Zayat and ridden by the nominal Catholic jockey Victor Espinoza. This horse won the Triple Crown, the first horse to do so in 37 years, with the help of the Devil. Victor Espinoza bragged about how he got a blessing from a Lubavitch Orthodox Rabbi before the Preakness (the second race of the Triple Crown), which he says gave him great power and caused him to win. He then went to the gravesite shrine of the Lubavitch Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (aka the Rebbe), who is believed to be the Messias by these Jews and many others, to get a blessing in order to win the Belmont Stakes and thus win the Triple Crown. Guess what—he won! This should come as no surprise to Catholics because true Catholics know that power was given to the apostate Jews to bring their Messias, who is actually the Antichrist, to worldwide rule. This event makes the Lubavitch Jews and their so-called Messias Menachem Schneerson look “blessed” in the eyes of the world. This lecture also deals with how the Devil manipulates sports and other things if God allows it and how God also intervenes. More proof that American Pharoah is a Devil’s horse is that its Jewish owners and others associated with the horse promoted Monster Energy products by wearing its symbol, which is the Hebrew number 666.

6-7-2015 6-7-2015 27 min. Alr0139

How God Punishes Apostate Catholics and Apostate Jews

[9.12 MB]

This lecture deals with how obstinate sinners do not know they are worthy of being punished by God. Hence they do not know when they are on the eve of a great punishment from God. And when punished, they do not know the real reasons why. And after they are punished, they do their best to forget they were punished at all. St. Peter says that in his day men pretended that God never punished the earth with a flood that killed all but eight people because of the great sins of mankind. And he says they also forgot that God said the next time He will destroy almost every man, woman, and child by burning the heavens and the earth with fire in these final days because of the almost total apostasy of men from God, like in the days of Noe. Till this day, bad and nominal Catholics do not know why God punished them with the Black Plague in the 14th century and the progressive apostasy beginning in the 11th century forward. The real reason is because of Theophilosophy and mythology which was progressively promoted by bad and nominal Catholics, wicked apostate antipopes included. And the apostate Jews until this day do not know why God has been punishing them for more than 2000 years with the loss of the Temple, altar, sacrifices, and active priesthood. The real reason is because they rejected the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and His Catholic Church. (This audio was previously titled Asr151.)

10-26-2008 3-2018 40 min. Alr0302

How Psycho Pills replaced Alcohol and Unhealthy Things replaced Healthy Things, and Other Topics

[15.2 MB]

On the College football championship game; on the heretic and radical Martin Lucifer King; on how psycho pills replaced alcohol and other unhealthy things replaced healthy things; people lived longer in times past without modern science because God ordained it; Utopians try to live forever but will age and die like the rest of men; advertisements interrupting shows is part of sinful capitalism, that is beside the fact that most of them are pagan and immoral; how many of the righties are more dangerous to us true Catholics than the lefties; how China’s communism is not Marxism but more like Hitler’s socialism; how the apostate antipopes contradict the true popes; and on the apparitions and messages of the false Mary.

1-14-2024 1-14-2024 65 min. Alr0385

How Science, Music, Art, and Theology Were Perverted and Other Topics

[17.8 MB]

Good Catholics are looked down upon by nominal Catholics and others. * Money is the god of most men in this evil world. Men are judged by them according to how much money they have. According to them, I am a loser. I went backward from college in which my parents wanted me to be a doctor to a trade school in which I became an optician. * The humanities, history, and arts in colleges turn the students into humanists (Freemasons without even knowing it). And even its sciences are perverted in some areas, such as they teach the heresies of Heliocentrism and Evolution. * The apostate Jews and Freemasons have perverted science, art, and music. But theology was first perverted by nominal Catholics and that is why the apostate Jews and Freemasons were so successful and perverting the world. * Without the true Catholic faith, all hell progressively broke loose. * Einstein was an apostate Jew who perverted science. His theory of relativity is false and was created to deny the dogma of Geocentrism. He is far from the hero he is made out to be. The apostate Jews and Freemasons pervert good things. And when they steal and try to do good things, they are not as good at it as others. Because they control the Multi-Media, the educational system, and finances, they spread their lies with no major public opposition. Hence, in many cases, they build up their heroes and put down or ignore the true heroes of science, art, and music. The same was done by nominal Catholics with theology from the beginning of the Great Apostasy in the 11th century. Nominal Catholic theologians and prelates perverted true theology and put themselves forward as the heroes and put down or ignored the true theology and true theologians, the true heroes, the Church Fathers and true popes. And because they controlled the highest positions, there was no effective opposition. The end result is that the perverted theologians were put forward as heroes and the evidence that condemns them from the true heroes (the Church Fathers and true popes) is hid. For example, the apostate Thomas Aquinas is put forward as one of the greatest theologians, a hero. Yet the fact that he was condemned by many in his life time and that his perverted theology was condemned by the true theology of the Church Fathers and true popes is never mentioned or even known. The apostate Jews did the same thing with the Holocaust lie. * The men who rule this world hate philosophy. They know it is false and impractical. But they brainwash other men with it to keep them confused, stupid, and in the dark. The Freemasons do this in the lower levels. Only at the 33rd degree do they learn the practical stuff. * Against the stoic heresy that Jesus suffered his whole life and the implications of this heresy which redounds to Joseph and Mary. * How apostate Jews and Freemasons create problems to discredit men and companies that rebel against them in order to destroy them or make them repent. * How God abhors cowards and hypocrites. * On how my ex-nominal-Catholic-friends in New Jersey tried to manage me. And when that did not work, they abandoned me; and thus I abandoned them. * How sinful capitalism is slavery. * Examples of how many apostate Jews idolize money and are cheap because money is their god.

4-7-2024 4-7-2024 76 min. Alr0390

How to Respond to Nominal Catholics; Exemptions from the Law

[34.3 MB]

When a Catholic or catechumen attempts to convert fallen-away Catholics who think they are Catholic, he must first deal with faith issues and not issues dealing with the Holy Mass or jurisdiction, which are secondary issues when compared to dogmas on faith and morals. And he must not respond to those who are of extreme bad will. This lecture also deals with the Catholic Church’s teachings on when Catholics are exempted from observing disciplinary laws by epikeia and how this relates to jurisdiction. I also teach that the SSPX is a heretical and schismatic sect. This lecture also shows that Lugo did not teach that Catholics can knowingly pray in communion with notorious heretics, as the apostate Dimonds would have you believe. But regardless, Lugo’s opinion is worthless because he was a Salvation Heretic for believing that certain men can be saved who do not believe in Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Trinity. It also teaches that Catholics who do not condemn heresy and denounce heretics when they are obliged to are guilty of the mortal sin of heresy themselves. (This audio was previously titled Asr128.)

5-18-2008 4-2014 50 min. Alr0094

Idols vs. Images

[17.6 MB]

Although God forbids idols, as stated in the First Commandment, He does not forbid holy images but instead decrees that they should be set up and venerated. Revelations in the Bible contain these dogmas, which were infallibly defined by the Catholic Church. One example of a holy image is the two Cherubims (images of two holy angels) that God ordained to be set up in the Holy of Holies over the Ark of the Covenant. God also ordained that pictures and statues of lions and oxen and cherubims be set up throughout the holy Temple. It is also common sense that all images are not evil, such as images of loved ones. There are three ways in which images are idols.

6-21-2015 6-21-2015 26 min. Alr0140

Immaculate Conception, The

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This lecture teaches about how and why the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin, which is known as the Immaculate Conception, the second greatest miracle of all time.

12-8-2015 5-2020 17 min. Alr0157

Implicit-Faith Heresy, Ignorance, and Hypocritical Tradcats, On the

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1) It will be easier to convert those who were not perverted by nominal Catholicism. 2) Most people were and still are not aware of apostate Jerome’s idolatries, heresies, and immoralities. 3) On the translations of my works into different languages and the reason why the original works are in English. 4) Popes can infallibly judge public sinners because their sins are manifest but cannot infallibly judge who is a saint because some men’s sins are not manifest and thus can be hidden; Hence canonizations are not infallible. And against the heresy that men cannot read hearts. 5) Most men love humans more than God and love sin more than God. 6) The Catholic doctrine on predestination tells men why the American Indians who did not have the gospel preached to them are damned to hell. 7) On how apostate Robert Bellarmine’s justification of Honorius undermined papal infallibility and the whole Catholic Church. 8) The word of God, as taught on my website, is like the best food, yet men reject it and choose crap. 9) On the apostate Alphonsus de Liguori’s denial of the Salvation Dogma and the implicit-faith heresy. 10) The sedevacantist who rightly condemn the Vatican II so-called popes as non-Catholic antipopes must do the same regarding the so-called popes from Innocent II onward or else they are hypocrites and undermine their own position. 11) Apostate Alphonsus de Liguori’s heretical teaching that defends red-light districts in nominal Catholic nations. 12) One does not need to read big books in order to obey God’s commandments. A simple word suffices backed up by actions; that is, by condemning mortal sinners and punishing them if possible. 13) One of the many reasons the modern day Israel is apostate and thus not pleasing to God is its gross immorality, such as massive homosexuality. But the first reason is because it denies Christ and thus is apostate. 14) God uses evil men from different sides to rightly condemn one another and thus expose their sins. 15) Nominal Catholics who excuse the many sins and crimes of the apostate antipopes and other prelates scandalize good-willed unbelievers and prevent them from converting. 16) On culpable and inculpable ignorance. 17) Most people brainwashed with lies do not at first believe the truth. But if they are of good-will, they will eventually accept it. 18) How the apostate Dimond Brothers excused Alphonsus de Liguori’s heresies. 19) On the necessity of consenting to the Profession of Faith as found on my website in order to become a catechumen or member of the Catholic Church. 20) While it is necessary to expose conspiracies, the Catholic faith must come first. 21) Only Catholics can expose all the reasons for the conspiracies. 22) On the miracle of God’s grace working in Catholics hearts to get his work done. 23) My sins for making excuses for the apostate antipopes and thus for not condemning them when the evidence was presented to me, which was also manifest in my debate with Hutton Gibson. 24) All the renaissance apostate antipopes missed the mark when trying to reform the Church, which was their sins against the faith by glorifying philosophy, false gods, and mythology. 25) One sign that the Great Apostasy began in the 11th century, was the great success of Protestant sects. 26) True popes needed to be taken away and replaced with apostate antipopes for the Great Apostasy to make progress and for the Antichrist to come to power. 27) Nominal Catholics are the most evil and dangerous to souls because they give the true God and true Catholic Church a bad name. The day will come, especially during the reign of the Antichrist, when the only people calling themselves Catholic will be true Catholics, like myself and my Catholic brothers.

5-1-2022 5-1-2022 102 min. Alr0332

Importance of the Ascension, The

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The Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus were all necessary in order for men to be redeemed. Old and New Testament prophesies about Jesus’ descending from and then ascending into heaven, proving again that He was not just a man and the Messiah and the Redeemer, but also God. (This audio was previously titled Asr80.)

5-17-2007 4-2017 17 min. Alr0240

In Thanksgiving For and To the Blessed Virgin Mary

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In this lecture I give thanksgiving first to God for giving the Blessed Virgin Mary all the graces and other helps she needed to be conceived immaculate and thus without the stain of original sin and without the concupiscence of the flesh and then to live a sinless, holy, and perfect life. I also give thanksgiving to Mary herself for using her freewill to cooperate with God’s grace and other helps most perfectly so that she never committed a sin in her whole life. She obeyed and loved God as much as any creature could. God, in His all-knowing mind, knew how great Mary would be even before she existed and thus granted her the miracle of the Immaculate Conception.

11-26-2015 5-2020 14 min. Alr0156

Incarnation of Jesus, The

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Whether or not the original sin was committed, God willed to dwell intimately among men as a man. Hence Christ would have become man in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary even if the original sin had not been committed. God tested the angels and tests humans by their willingness to honor Mary as God’s greatest masterpiece and to submit to her. (This audio was previously titled Asr53.)

2-3-2006 5-2017 19 min. Alr0245

Indelible Mark and the Immaculate Conception

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By generation man’s body inherits the venom of original sin that causes concupiscence. The venom of original sin injects original sin into his soul the instant his soul is created within his body. Baptism frees a man’s soul from original sin but not his body from the venom of original sin and concupiscence. The indelible mark, also known as the baptismal character, is only obtained by water baptism. And the indelible mark is the only thing that prevents souls from being re-infected with original sin by the venom of original sin contained in the body. – The miracle of the Immaculate Conception took place in the womb of the Good St. Anne in which Mary’s body was created pure, without the venom of original sin and hence without concupiscence. Therefore the seed of St. Joachim and the egg of St. Anne that made Mary’s body were miraculously free from the venom of original sin. Thus when Mary’s soul was created within her pure body, there was no venom of original sin in her body to inject original sin into her soul.

12-26-2006 5-2020 29 min. Alr0002

Intellectual Pride Leads to Denial of Dogmas

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Pride causes people to not believe in the dogma of the Most Holy Trinity. Intellectual pride causes one to delve too deeply into theological explanations of the Holy Trinity. It leads to the denial of dogmas regarding the Holy Trinity by false theologies. Examples of simple analogies explaining the Trinity. Definition of an act of faith. Scriptural proofs that Jesus is God. Reading from RJMI’s draft letter “Jesus is God.” (This audio was previously titled Asr30.)

6-11-2006 2-2018 39 min. Alr0291

Iraq War and Other Conspiracies

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Bill Moyer’s TV program, The Journal, exposed the conspiracy of lies that propelled the United States into its unjust war against Iraq. The show was titled “Buying the War.” Unbeknownst to Bill, he actually exposed the lying conspiracies of the Jews and their Masonic and other allies who have been successful in telling many big lies since the 19th and 20th centuries and especially since the end of World War II. His show proves that there was a coordinated effort by leaders of the USA, the left and right wing press, and lying witnesses who all lied about Iraq in order to go to war against Iraq. His show contains all the elements it took to spread the big Jewish lies—that Jesus did not rise from the dead, that men evolved from apes, that Jews did not kill Christ, and that Jews died in a Holocaust during World War II, etc. —a powerful, single-minded lying foe who controls a lying press, lying witnesses, and lying leaders. For this to succeed, there needs to be one person in ultimate power who gives orders and whose orders are obeyed. That person is the apostate Jewish Antichrist who gives orders though his chosen people, the apostate Jews, who control most of the world’s banks, economies, press organs, leaders, police forces, and armies. This is prophecy being fulfilled in which Antichrist comes to power by his almost total control of all the nations in the world. And these nations all have one design, to bring the Antichrist to power: “And the ten horns which thou sawest, are ten kings [kings of the earth who give their allegiance to the Antichrist], who have not yet received a kingdom, but shall receive power as kings one hour after the beast [the Antichrist]. These have one design: and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast.” (Apocalypse 17: 12-13). (This audio was previously titled Asr79.)

5-13-2007 6-2017 28 min. Alr0251

Israel and USA Hijack FIFA

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Yet again, the Harlot USA came to the aid of the Antichrist Israel by punishing FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football) for considering a ban on the Israeli soccer team because of apostate Israel’s unjust treatment of and apartheid behavior toward the Palestinians. The Harlot reached out over the ocean and had 14 FIFA members illegally arrested in Switzerland. Not only were the arrests illegal but they were also hypocritical. And, of course, the main reason for the arrests was not mentioned.

5-31-2015 5-31-2015 44 min. Alr0136

Jerusalem Belongs to the Catholic Church

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On 3-22-2010, at an AIPAC convention, the apostate Jew and Prime Minister of apostate Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking for Satan and the Antichrist and with an unclean spirit like unto a frog, blasphemed Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church by proclaiming apostate Jews as owners of Jerusalem. He based his claim on religion, which makes his crime even worse. Apostate Israel is violating not only international law but most importantly God’s law which bans apostate Jews from any ownership of the least part of Israel—let alone its capital Jerusalem! The main purpose of this lecture is to make reparation for this blasphemy by proclaiming from the rooftops the Catholic dogma that only the Catholic Church has the permanent right from God of ownership of Israel and thus its capital Jerusalem, which was sanctified by the life and Most Precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. This dogma was enforced by God ordaining the Emperor Constantine to convert Jerusalem into Catholic ownership and all the Holy Crusades whose holy purpose was to defend or re-conquer Jerusalem. In this lecture are some papal teachings that promote the Holy Crusades and proclaim the dogma that Jerusalem belongs to the Holy Catholic Church. I warn you again, the Zionists are paving the road for the eventual rebuilding of the Third Temple so that the Antichrist will sit in the profane and blasphemous Temple and rule almost the whole world. This audio is also available on video (Vlr26).

4-5-2010 4-5-2010 45 min. Alr0019

Jesus’ Lineage Chart

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Excerpt from “Mary Ever Virgin and the Lineage of Jesus.” This chart shows the two lineages of Jesus as traced through St. Joseph’s legal line (as recorded in Luke, Chapter 3) and his biological line (as recorded in Matthew, Chapter 1). And it shows how the tracing of Joseph’s biological line is the same as tracing Mary’s biological line and that James the Less, Jude of Thaddeus, Simon, Joseph, and Salome were cousins to Jesus. This chart is best listened to on the video version (Vlr6).

12-25-2007 12-25-2007 2 min. Alr0079

Jesus’ Sufferings in the Garden of Gethsemane

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Jesus’ pains and sufferings for the redemption of men’s sins began in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before He was to be crucified. In the Garden Jesus’ sufferings were spiritual and so great that He sweat blood. The first reason Jesus suffered was to redeem men from their sins. Jesus took upon Himself all the sufferings for all the sins of men and all the attacks against His Church—past, present, and future, beginning in the Garden and ending with His death upon the cross. So when Catholics say that Jesus suffers every time a man sins, we mean that during His passion Jesus truly did suffer for every sin, which in His foreknowledge He knew would be committed, and not that Jesus is now suffering in heaven. When Jesus told Peter to not take up the sword, He was not condemning the use of the sword but only the use of the sword on that occasion. Hence Jesus was not condemning the just use of capital and corporal punishment. (This audio was previously titled Asr121.)

2008-03-23 5-2018 36 min. Alr0308

Jesus is God and Man, Unbelief, and the Bad Fruit of Evildoers

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Riddles that prove Jesus is God and man: Jesus is David’s Lord and son, and Jesus dies but lives forever. Unbelief is in the will and not in the intellect. Wicked people bear bad fruit, and most of them know they are not holy. Fallen-away Catholics who think they are Catholic are the worst evildoers. The worst bad fruit is their denial of the Salvation Dogma, and hence they un-evangelize non-Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr36.)

7-23-2006 3-2018 48 min. Alr0303

Jews, Family Idolization, Protestants, and More

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Men can do things they need and want to do, so there is no excuse for them not following and obeying God. * The world is full of liars. Many refuse to look at the evidence. * Robert Kennedy on Covid 19 and was falsely accused of anti-semitism. * The apostate Jews could never have come to power unless Christians and nominal Christians allowed it. * The apostate Jews needed Protestants, Freemasons, and Christian Zionists to come to power. * As long as Catholics stay faithful, the Devil and thus apostate Jews, Freemasons, and other unbelievers have no power over them. * Catholics must be strict and unbending when it comes to the Catholic faith and morals. * Most men end up in hell for idolizing family members, for putting family members over God. * Catholics do not need non-Catholics to save their souls. Rather, non-Catholics need Catholics to save their souls. It is us (Catholics) against them (non-Catholics). * Family idolizers end up denying the Salvation Dogma. * It is not a numbers game, for most men are evil; and in these final days, almost all men are evil. * The utopians have no real use for religion, even the ones they profess to believe in. They want to bring paradise without God, by mere human effort. They love the false ecumenism that mixes and merges all religions and thus concentrates only on what they have in common. They are all human beings. And this is the heresy of humanism. * Protestants have no right to teach what the Bible means because they do not believe any man on earth is infallible. And they hate theocracies and monarchies and thus are more rebellious and evil than pagans who do believe in single man rule. * Against the heresy, the false and illogical statement, that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If that were true, then Almighty God would be the most corrupt. The fact is that men many without any power are just as corrupt as those who have power. It is not power that corrupts, but an evil heart. In fact, Republics (like the pagan Roman Empire and USA) that reject single man rule were and are more corrupt than any government ruled by one man. * It will be much easier to convert non-Catholics who submit to single man rule, such as, the North Koreans, Moslems who obey their Imams, orthodox Jews who obey their rabbis, and women who obey their husbands.

7-23-2023 7-23-2023 58 min. Alr0375

Judgmental Francis of Assisi, Apostate Therese of Lisieux, and Americanism

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This lecture speaks of St. Francis of Assisi and some of his Franciscan brothers who warned about the great evil of the new philosophers, the Theophilosophers, the Scholastics. In the 13th century three so-called Franciscans who were actually apostates, John Pecham the Archbishop of Canterbury, William de la Mare, and Bonaventure, and a so-called Dominican, Robert Kilwardby the Archbishop of Canterbury, and many other theologians nevertheless correctly condemned the teachings of Thomas Aquinas as heretical. But their warnings went unheeded. From the 11th century onward new so-called saints replaced true saints, and new and weak papal teachings replaced the old and strong papal teachings in order for the Great Apostasy to succeed. The papal teachings before the 11th century were stronger in condemning heresy and denouncing heretics and banning bad books and punishing criminals and enforcing all of the Church laws, but these teachings and other acts are now hidden from our eyes except for the infallible teachings contained in the councils. One of the modern and weak so-called popes, who was actually an apostate antipope, is Leo XIII who was weak and compromising with the Americanist heretic bishops of the USA, such as Gibbons, Ireland, and Keane. One of the new so-called saints that replaced the true saints is Therese of Lisieux. She denied the Salvation Dogma, denied God’s justice and wrath in destroying and sending obstinate sinners to hell, preached universal salvation, and preached the little or easy way to salvation. Her little and easy way to salvation is the Protestant way of salvation, which teaches salvation by faith alone without the need of working out your salvation with fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12). Consequently, Therese of Lisieux is not the Little Flower, as some call her, but the Big Stinkweed. And she was not the Child of Jesus but the Child of Satan. I then compare the teachings of this false saint to those of a true saint, St. Francis of Assisi. He was very judgmental, upheld the Salvation Dogma, cursed a brother to eternal damnation for bringing in philosophy books, and cast out fornicators from his order, etc. (This audio was previously titled Asr148.)

10-5-2008 3-2015 47 min. Alr0127

Just Oppression of the Apostate Jews and the Trial by Fire for Catholics

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Another TV show portrayed evil Jews as innocent simply because they have been oppressed. Most times oppression is not unjust but is a just punishment from God. When you first come to God with your whole heart and soul and mind, prepare for the trial by fire, for tribulation, for temptation as a necessary step to enter the Catholic Church and then to become a good Catholic. Once you pass this bitter test, you will find that God’s yoke is sweet and burden light and true peace and joy will come upon you. (This audio was previously titled Asr130.)

6-8-2008 2-2018 42 min. Alr0295

Just Punishment of Heretics, No. 1

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In the 13th century Luke, the Bishop of Tuy, records how the Catholic Church punished obstinate heretics with the death penalty. He records the burning of a heretic bishop during which a toad miraculously ate out the bishop’s tongue and how the bishop’s remaining burned flesh turned into toads, as witnessed by many people. He then correctly points out what a great evil heresy and heretics are, as proved by this miraculous event. This condemns the steady progress of non-judgmentalism and non-punishmentalism from the 14th century onward in which heretics have not been properly denounced or punished to the point of not being denounced or punished at all.

5-2-2010 5-2-2010 21 min. Alr0021

Justice between Apostate Jews and Moslems; USA Supports the Israeli Beast

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God is just: Jews and Moslems once united to fight against Catholics are now fighting one another. – USA supports the Beast (Anti-Christ Israel) once again. – Poverty converts the good willed. – The reasons Jews believed in Moses are the same reasons they should believe in Jesus (Jn. 9:28-29). (This audio was previously titled Asr35.)

7-16-2006 9-2018 22 min. Alr0314

Keep Your Flesh in Submission to Your Soul

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This lecture deals with the power the Devil has over our bodies, which, except for the Immaculate Virgin Mary’s, have not yet benefited from the redemption. Not until the General Judgment, when the elect get their bodies back in a glorified state, will their flesh benefit from the redemption. Hence all men, even saintly Catholics whose souls are pure, have a corrupted flesh, which is known as the concupiscence of the flesh. St. Paul speaks of his soul’s struggle with his corrupted flesh and how Catholics must crucify their bodies in order that their souls may live. To conquer the Devil’s control over our flesh, we must let our soul dominate our body, spiritual things dominate physical things, which can only be done by God’s grace and help and our cooperation. Only when our body is in subjection to our soul can we enjoy the good pleasures of the flesh in proper weight and measure. (This audio was previously titled Asr69.)

2-25-2007 10-2016 48 min. Alr0208

Kidron Valley and an Explanation of Apocalypse 19

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Armagedon and the General Judgment take place in the Valley of Josaphat, also known as Kidron Valley, which is the valley between the city of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. The Antichrist and the kings of the earth under him gather with their armies in Kidron Valley for the final battle against Christ and His earthly and heavenly army. When Christ appears in the heavens, the good angels gather the wicked in Kidron Valley where they are killed. So many wicked are killed in Kidron Valley that their blood reaches the horse’s bridle. This is just one more proof that very, very, very few are saved and most are damned. After the last wicked person is killed and the last devil cast into hell, the elect wait 15 days upon the purified earth for Christ to land upon the Mount of Olives. Of the elect there will be at least 144,000 Catholic Jews (if that number is to be taken literally) and Catholic Gentiles and the last pope to greet Christ when He lands upon earth in the exact same place from where He ascended into heaven. Purgatory ceases to exist once the General Judgment is commenced. Available on video (Vlr14). (This audio was previously titled Asr167.)

12-30-2008 1-2020 28 min. Alr0060

Kingdom of Christ, The

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Christ the King commands men and nations to obey and serve Him. Christ’s kingdom is not just spiritual but also temporal. There are only two kingdoms: Christ’s and Satan’s. Christ’s kingdom is the most powerful kingdom. Most men on earth are in Satan’s kingdom. Only Catholics are in Christ’s kingdom. Christ commanded Constantine to kill the enemies of the Catholic Church in order to bring Christ’s kingship into the temporal realm. (This audio was previously titled Asr47.)

10-29-2006 8-2017 32 min. Alr0263

Lenten Schedule, Converting Jews, Pointless Debates, & Other Topics

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This recording was made on 3/27/2022, the Fourth Lord’s Day in Lent. * Laetare (mid-lent) MLR Lenten and Holy Week fasting schedule. * Recommended viewing: “Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy, Pt.1 The Person of the Prophecy”. It reveals that Jesus Christ is the person of the prophecy. * Converting Jews through MLR content * Pointlessness of debates with schismatics, apostates, and heretics. * Once the true Church has determined a dogma it is no longer up for debate. * The salvation dogma and Feeneyism. * The ridiculousness of modern-day 'identities' and how this trend is setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist. * Which Holy Bible is the correct version? * Natural Law, freewill, spiritual blindness, and even devils believe in God though they have no grace. * Masoretic vs. Septuagint texts on Psalm 21 prophesying Jesus Christ, allowable opinions and Church Fathers comments on these verses.

3-27-2022 3-27-2022 73 min. Alr0350

Liberal vs. Conservative Moslems, Evil Democracy, Rare Deathbed Conversions

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Recent events in Pakistan and Turkey further prove that liberal Moslems who favor democracy have become so grossly immoral to the point of attacking convicted Moslems who try to eliminate gross immorality from the public life. This is just more proof that democracies are even more evil and destructive than the evil religion of Islam as practiced by convicted Moslems. – The main part of the lecture deals with how rare deathbed conversions are. (This audio was previously titled Asr89.)

7-22-2007 7-22-2007 37 min. Alr0132

Life Begins in the Womb

[89.7 MB]

This lecture is based on the RJMI book by the same title. Some of the chapter headings are as follows: The Dogma That Life Begins in the Womb; The Heresy That Life Does Not Begin in the Womb; The Dogma That the Body Is Conceived First and Then after Some Time the Soul Is Created in Its Body; The Heresy That Life Begins at Conception; Consequences Regarding Abortion; Male Souls and Female Souls; Other Points Regarding Abortion. This lecture is also available on video as Alr67.

12-26-2019 12-26-2019 131 min. Alr0320

Life of Saint Lupus, The

[4.64 MB]

This lecture shows how God defends His chosen people by just wars in which His chosen people kill evildoers or God Himself kills the evildoers without His chosen people having to fight. Without having to fight Attila the Hun, St. Lupus warded off an attack upon his city by his Catholic faith, his holy life, and his prayers and penances. (This audio was previously titled Asr213.)

8-1-2010 8-1-2010 20 min. Alr0122

Love God Above All

[2.58 MB]

Comments on worldly attachments and nominal Catholics. The necessity of putting God first and loving Him above all things. (This audio was previously titled Asr6.)

1-1-2006 11-2017 11 min. Alr0284

Love of Your Brother

[1.61 MB]

Love all men especially your Catholic brothers. Righteous anger vs. sinful anger. Hate the sin but love the person who sins, not as a sinner but as a human with a soul to save. (This audio was previously titled Asr34.)

7-9-2006 12-2016 7 min. Alr0220

Magisterium of the Catholic Church, The

[13.0 MB]

This lecture teaches about the Catholic Church’s magisterium, which consists of all the dogmas of the Catholic Church, the full deposit of the Catholic faith. Some of the things presented in this lecture are as follows:

  1. The solemn magisterium is all the infallible papal teachings on faith and morals;
  2. The ordinary magisterium is all the teachings of the unanimous consensus of the Church Fathers on faith and morals. These teachings are infallible and are known as ordinary magisterium dogmas. The first Church Fathers were the twelve apostles;
  3. The solemn and the ordinary magisterium were created by Jesus Christ and promulgated by the Holy Spirit speaking through the twelve apostles on Pentecost Sunday;
  4. The ordinary magisterium was promulgated and used (exercised) before the solemn magisterium. On Pentecost Sunday the dogma of the ordinary magisterium was first promulgated and then the ordinary magisterium promulgated the dogma of the solemn magisterium, of papal infallibility;
  5. The dogma of the ordinary magisterium (the infallibility of the unanimous consensus of the Church Fathers on faith and morals) was an ordinary magisterium dogma from Pentecost Sunday. The first time it became a solemn magisterium dogma, from the information I have, was in 451 by Pope St. Leo the Great at the Council of Chalcedon. It was then a dogma of both the ordinary and the solemn magisterium;
  6. The dogma of the solemn magisterium (of papal infallibility) was an ordinary magisterium dogma from Pentecost Sunday. The first time it became a solemn magisterium dogma, from the information I have, was in 517 by Pope St. Hormisdas in his profession of faith titled Libellus Professionis Fidei.

The dogma of papal supremacy was an ordinary magisterium dogma from Pentecost Sunday. The first time it became a solemn magisterium dogma, from the information I have, was in 381 by Pope St. Damasus I at the First Council of Constantinople. Also available on video (Vlr33).

12-25-2012 12-25-2012 56 min. Alr0040

Mailing List Lawsuit

[10.1 MB]

In this audio I speak of how and why I took Michael Dimond’s mailing list with me when I left the so-called monastery in Fillmore, New York, and how he tried to get it back when I used it in New Mexico.

7-31-2011 7-31-2011 44 min. Alr0028

Mary Ever Virgin and the Lineage of Jesus

[22.8 MB]

This lecture presents the dogmas that the Blessed Virgin Mary was a virgin when she conceived, a virgin when she gave birth, and remained a virgin forever. Hence it refutes the Protestant lies that Mary had other children by showing how they take Bible verses out of context. This lecture also shows the two lineages of Jesus as traced through St. Joseph’s legal line (as recorded in Luke, Chapter 3) and his biological line (as recorded in Matthew, Chapter 1). And it shows how the tracing of Joseph’s biological line is the same as tracing Mary’s biological line and that James the Less, Jude of Thaddeus, Simon, Joseph, and Salome were cousins to Jesus. Also available on video (Vlr7).

12-25-2007 12-25-2007 100 min. Alr0026

Mary Is God’s Masterpiece and Against Psychiatry

[7.34 MB]

God builds Mary, His most perfect mansion, and prepares her to be a fit dwelling place for Him when He enters her womb. God converses with Mary before she is created. Humility is one of the main virtues that makes Mary perfect—her humble acknowledgement that without God she is nothing. Men cannot know who they are unless they obey all of God’s commandments. Only Catholics can have their sins and guilt remitted by the sacraments, devotions, and other practices of the Catholic Church. Hence it is a mortal sin against the faith to go to psychiatrists, psychologists, philosophers, self-help remedies, etc., for spiritual help. (This audio was previously titled Asr57.)

12-24-2006 11-2017 32 min. Alr0282

Mary Is the Mother of God, Conceived Without Sin, and Needed Redemption

[4.28 MB]

This lecture shows the reasonableness of the Immaculate Conception once the dogmas of the Incarnation and Mary being the Mother of God are believed by faith. It also shows how Mary is God’s greatest masterpiece and how God tested angels and tests men by their love and submission to Mary. It also teaches that Mary was not only conceived without sin but never committed any sin. God wills that all men should not sin and promises to make this possible, and Mary cooperated most perfectly with this promise. (This audio was previously titled Asr54.)

12-8-2006 5-2020 19 min. Alr0219

Mary Is the Mother of God, Ever Virgin, and Conceived Without Sin

[4.94 MB]

This lecture teaches the dogmas that Mary is the Mother of God and that she was ever a virgin. It also explains how she was conceived without sin. God needed to take on flesh from a human to redeem men. Mary is that human. Without Mary, there is no Christ to redeem men. And Christ would never have come into the womb of a woman and taken on her flesh if she had ever been under the dominion of the Devil. (This audio was previously titled Asr55.)

12-10-2006 9-2017 22 min. Alr0275

Mass Prayers and Confession without a Priest

[28.6 MB]

This lecture teaches that when there are no Catholic priests available, Catholics must nevertheless say Mass prayers on the Lord’s Day and Holy Days of Obligation, keep the Lord’s Day holy, and confess their sins to God with the promise to confess them to a Catholic priest when one becomes available. It shows how in this emergency situation God remits the mortal sins of Catholics who confess in this manner without receiving the sacrament of penance even if they have imperfect contrition, which is upheld by canon law. I speak of how we Catholics of Mary’s Little Remnant pray the Mass prayers and keep the Lord’s Day holy and how we confess our sins to God with the promise to confess them to a Catholic priest when one becomes available. And it warns of the many mortal sins committed by confessing to non-Catholic priests in which not only will your mortal sins not be remitted but you will also commit the additional mortal sins of sacrilege and heresy for being in religious communion with the non-Catholic priests and thus you will be an automatically excommunicated formal heretic. It also warns of false consolations the Devil gives to those who attend Mass at non-Catholic churches or who confess their sins to non-Catholic priests and how the Devil makes you feel guilty if you do not. He will make you feel that you will commit more mortal sins if you do not confess them to a non-Catholic priest; but, in truth, you will never stop committing mortal sins unless you stop attending the Masses of and confessing to non-Catholic priests. (This audio was previously titled Asr222.)

11-13-2011 3-2014 42 min. Alr0115

Men Must Be Frugal

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Frugality means to not waste things and to budget your money by not spending more than you make. It means buying things at the best prices, recycling or reusing things when you can, not wasting utilities or food, not replacing things that are working well enough, and doing without things that you cannot afford. (This audio was previously titled Asr231.)

9-29-2013 8-2015 34 min. Alr0110

Men Must Believe in the Catholic Jesus to Be Saved

[10.9 MB]

This lecture teaches through Bible verses that men must believe in the Catholic Jesus in order to be saved. Also available on video (Vlr30).

4-8-2012 4-8-2012 47 min. Alr0036

Men Must Do Penance

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This lecture teaches that penance is necessary for salvation. It also teaches the reasons for, benefits of, and types of penance. It also warns that penance done for wrong motives is not only worthless but also sinful. (This audio was previously titled Asr232.)

12-2013 12-2013 59 min. Alr0120

Men Must Judge Just Judgments

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This lecture gives one explanation of “separating the wheat from the cockle.” (This audio was previously titled Asr10.)

2-5-2006 7-16-2015 15 min. Alr0143

Men Must Learn the Catholic Faith to Be Saved

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To be saved, men must make a diligent and sincere effort to learn the Catholic faith. To learn the Catholic faith, men must ask God to open their understanding and give them true wisdom. And they must have humility and desire to live a moral life and obey all of God’s commandments. If not, then they will not get true wisdom and thus will not truly understand what they are learning, “for wisdom will not enter into a malicious soul, nor dwell in a body subject to sins.” (Wis. 1:4) St. Peter says the “unstable wrest…the…scriptures…to their own destruction.” (2 Pt. 3:16) That is why there are almost as many Protestant religions as there are Protestants and why there are so many nominal Catholic churches and religions. (This audio was previously titled Asr230.)

9-8-2013 9-8-2013 49 min. Alr0114

Men Must Love God to Be Saved

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This lecture teaches that to be saved men must love God, and loving God means loving the truth and obeying all of God’s commandments. If you do not love the truth and obey all of God’s commandments, you do not really love God no matter how much you may think or feel that you love Him. (This audio was previously titled Asr228.)

8-25-2013 8-25-2013 10 min. Alr0117

Men Must Make Just Judgments, Obey God’s Commandments, and Overcome Human Respect

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Part of this lecture deals with the correct meaning of St. Paul’s words from 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 about not judging him or others. He means do not judge any men to be saved or in a state of grace because they may be hiding their mortal sins from others or even from themselves. However, he teaches in many other places that a Catholic is obliged to make judgments regarding persons whose sins are manifest by condemning their sins and denouncing them. He teaches that a Catholic must judge others to be in a state of damnation if their deadly sins are manifest but cannot judge if men are in a state of grace. Human respect is one of the main reasons that people become non-judgmentalists. To be saved, men must obey all of God’s commandments. Only Catholics can obey the first three commandments. To be saved, Catholics must become like unto God and they cannot do that by trying to be like unto mere men by respecting and loving mere men more than God. They must seek to imitate God and not men. (This audio was previously titled Asr109.)

12-23-2007 4-2018 41 min. Alr0309

Messias Comes into the Second Temple, The

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This lecture shows that the Old Testament prophets Aggeus, Zacharias, and Malachias prophesied that the Messias would come into the Second Temple and that He would be both man and God. Indeed, Jesus Christ, God from all eternity and man from the time of His incarnation in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the Messias who came into the Second Temple and thus made it more glorious than the First Temple. Old Testament prophets also prophesied that the Second Temple would be destroyed because most of the Jews will not accept Jesus Christ as their Messias. Hence the “Messias” that the apostate Jews are waiting for is the Anti-Messias, the Anti-Christ.

5-14-2015 5-14-2015 27 min. Alr0131

MLR News Report 11-2011

[4.46 MB]

This News Report exposes some of the blasphemies and lies contained in the TV program “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” that was produced by Nova and broadcast by PBS on 11-18-2008. (This audio was previously titled Asr156.)

11-19-2008 11-19-2008 19 min. Alr0092

MLR Protests Pride Month 2024

[23.7 MB]

This is the first LGBT event in Truth or Consequence (TorC) since 2018, when they paraded through town. That was the first such public event of the LGBT community in TorC. And MLR (Mary’s Little Remnant) protested it. See RJMI video/audio The Proper Way to Protest and LGBT Parade. This time they did not parade through town but on the Rio Grande River and had several events in buildings in town. MLR protested Pride Month and these events on the Triangle in TorC. * This lecture shows how LGBT persons’ love is from the Devil and not from God. They love the Devil and sin and Hate God and holiness. Whereas, true Catholic love God and holiness and hate the Devil and sin. * This lecture also deals with the necessity to condemn not only the sins of LGBT but also condemn the sinners, especially when they publicly flaunt their sins; and those who do so, must be harshly rebuked, mocked, and denigrated, to make reparation to God whom they mock and denigrate. This will also help to deter others who may fall into these sins and convert those who have fallen into these sins. However, if any LGBT person wants to talk with me in private and has some good will, I will not be harsh but gentle and will be more than glad to help you overcome your sin, as we true Catholics do love all men and want them to be saved. See my book God Did Not Create Men to Be Homosexual to help you overcome your LGBT sins.

6-30-2024 6-30-2024 101 min. Alr0393

Moslems Invade Europe

[17.6 MB]

Moslems from North Africa and the Middle East are invading Europe without a gunshot being fired. This is a punishment to Europe because of its apostasy from the true Catholic God, Catholic faith, and Catholic Church. It also proves how weak and effeminate most of the Europeans have become. One country that is not as evil as the rest regarding this matter is Hungary. The mass influx of Moslems into Europe is causing the European countries to lose their national, racial, and nominal Christian identity.

Most of the refugees coming into Europe are economic refugees and thus have no valid claim to temporarily relocate. Only the refugees that are in danger of death have a valid claim to temporarily relocate. However, most if not all of the refugees are rebellious and disobedient to the countries they enter. They want to go where they want to go, live where they want to live, do what they want to do, and work where they want to work. No refugee has a right to demand such things. They should be happy to be given food and board in a minimum security camp. The economic refugees should be sent back, and the refugees who are in danger of death should be sent back once it is safe for them to return.

The USA and other Western powers are the main cause of this refugee crisis because they destabilized by war North Africa and the Middle East, such as Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, which serves the purpose of the Antichrist and the Zionist Jews. When the organized and unified anti-Israel and anti-West governments in these areas are removed and civil war and chaos ensue, they will no longer be a danger to Israel and will be easy to conquer when the time comes. They will also accept putting into place a government that is pro-Israel and pro-West. Because this has not succeeded according to plan, the next best thing is to destabilize these areas with the bonus of Moslem refugees invading nominal Christian Europe. That is why I say that the Zionist Jews are more pleased with destabilizing these areas because of the effect it is having on Europe.

While the USA pretends to be fighting an all-out war against ISIS (aka ISIL or Daesh), it is only fighting a partial war against it in Iraq while supporting it in Syria so that ISIS may help in overthrowing Bashar al-Assad’s government. Hence the so-called moderate rebels in Syria whom the USA is supposed to be training to fight against ISIS failed because the USA wanted them to fail. Instead, the moderate rebels the USA is seriously training and equipping are the ones that are fighting against the Assad government. Putin’s Russia knows this and thus is rightly coming to the aid of the Assad government and rightly carrying out a full war to protect Assad’s legal government and to fight against ISIS and other terrorists. That is what will bring back stability to Syria, the stability it had until the Zionists, USA, and other Western powers instigated and supported the rebellion.

Another big USA lie is that it blames the civil war in Syria on Assad. Yet there would be no civil war if the USA did not instigate, encourage, and support the anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

Lastly, Assad must have done something very good because the Zionist Jews, Freemasons, USA, and other Western powers adamantly and vehemently oppose him. For one, he has an organized and unified government that is not pro-Israel and not sufficiently pro-West and thus can be a threat to Zionist Israel, just as Iran is. Before the Antichrist comes to power, he wants to remove any credible opposition and thus make it easy for him to come to power in one day.

9-24-2015 9-24-2015 26 min. Alr0150

Most Men are Evil and Catholics Must Be Zealous

[2.76 MB]

Apostate Antipope John XXIII heretically teaches that modern men evolve and become good all by themselves. The world hates Jesus and true Catholics. Evildoers have more zeal than nominal Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr37.)

7-30-2006 10-2016 12 min. Alr0203

Most Men Are Fickle Hypocrites

[10.2 MB]

Pilate favored Jesus and even called Him “The Christ” and “King of the Jews,” something the apostate Jews refused to do. This lecture deals with the fact that most men are fickle and hypocrites. Palm Sunday is one proof of this. Most who hailed Christ as the Messiah and King of the Jews on Palm Sunday cried out “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” one week later. One moment they say they will believe and obey God and the very next they deny and disobey Him. There is nothing new under the sun in this regard. Most of God’s chosen people during the Old Testament era did the same thing to the prophets that came before Christ. And most of God’s chosen people during the New Testament era did and do the same thing to saintly Catholics who believe, profess, and live the full deposit of the Catholic faith. One reason that men are fickle and hypocrites is they do not want to obey one or more of God’s commandments, which includes loving God above all things. One commandment most men violate is allowing their wives to rule the family and home, which are mortal sins of effeminacy and feminism and overthrowing God’s hierarchic order in the family. Even the elect, but for different reasons than the reprobate, could fall prey to fickleness, as did St. Peter when he denied Christ. St. Peter fell into sin because he was not praying enough and possibly not mortifying himself enough. This caused Peter to not get the grace he needed to remain humble regarding his own weakness, and hence he fell into overconfidence in his own goodness and ended up denying Christ because of it. What is worse is that this lack of grace caused Peter to think his heart was good when in fact it was evil. Even after Christ told him his heart was evil, Peter insisted that his heart was good and hence he would never deny Christ. However, a few hours later Peter did deny Christ. The lack of grace blinded him so that he did not see the perversity of his heart. This should scare Catholics and cause them to work out their salvation in fear and trembling and hence never presume that they are good without first examining themselves thoroughly and objectively in the light of what the Catholic Church infallibly teaches regarding faith and morals and the other necessary things Catholics must do if they want to be saved, such as persevering in prayer, penance, and mortification and their obligation to profess the Catholic faith, which includes admonishing sinners when they must. If you lack any of these, your heart is evil no matter how good you think it is. Most people who end up in hell think they are on the road to heaven the instant they die. Let that knock the false confidence out of all you prideful men who make excuses for your sins because you lack the humility to truly abjure, confess, repent, and amend your life. (This audio was previously titled Asr119.)

3-16-2008 2-2018 45 min. Alr0297

Motives for Fasting, on Denouncing Heretics, and on Slavery

[2.76 MB]

This lecture consists of Pope Saint Leo the Great’s Sermon No. 42 on Lent and motives for fasting, with additional comments by RJMI. This good pope teaches how heretics who have secretly entered into a Catholic church can be detected and then must be denounced and cast out. How much more must notorious heretics who do not hide their heresy be denounced and cast out of a Catholic church in order for that church to remain a Catholic church. If this is not done, heresies will pass from one generation of nominal Catholics and nominal Catholic churches to another with no way of stopping it so that the Catholic Church and Faith will no longer be recognizable in these nominal Catholics and nominal Catholic churches. This good pope also teaches that slavery is justified as long as slaves are treated justly by their masters. (This audio was previously titled Asr203.)

2-28-2010 2-2018 24 min. Alr0288

Mountain Climb in Thanksgiving for the Hellenization Book

[43.6 MB]

This lecture was given in thanksgiving to God for all the graces and help he has given me to complete my book The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers and Scholastics. I also give special thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary; St. Joseph, Patron of the Holy Catholic Church; the Good St. Anne, Grandmother of God; and St. Gabriel the Archangel. While I was writing the Hellenization book, I vowed to God that on the day when this book would finally be completed and published on our website I would climb Turtle Mountain, the highest peak of the local mountain range I see every morning from my house. For having completed a monstrous mountain of a book, I would climb a physical mountain and would dance on the top of it. The Hellenization book was published on my website on 7/26/2018, the Feast Day of the Good St. Anne, the same day I climbed Turtle Mountain in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This lecture documents that journey, but most importantly our miraculous journey back. (Also available in video as Vlr63.)

7-29-2018 7-29-2018 63 min. Alr0312

Must Forgive Penitent Sinners

[10.9 MB]

This lecture deals with the moral dogma that Catholics must forgive a penitent sinner from their hearts or their own sins will not be forgiven. (This audio was previously titled Asr220.)

4-3-2011 4-3-2011 48 min. Alr0109

Must Give Caesar His Due

[7.61 MB]

Why Catholics are in godless lands under non-Catholic rulers. Give Caesar his due in all things possible and not sinful. A Catholic’s duty in non-Catholic States to pray and work for the conversion of the rulers and people, pay taxes, defend just causes, etc. (This audio was previously titled Asr49.)

11-5-2006 10-2016 33 min. Alr0205

Necessity of Diligence and Against the Heretic Ludwig Ott

[4.13 MB]

Good works without murmuring are necessary for salvation. God wants you to be good; if you are not, it is your fault not God’s. The heretic Ludwig Ott’s contradiction on infallibility. (This audio was previously titled Asr26.)

5-21-2006 10-2016 18 min. Alr0200

Necessity of Giving Alms

[8.75 MB]

This lecture deals with the Catholic obligation to give alms, which is a corporal work of mercy. Almsgiving is a positive part of the Seventh Commandment. This lecture teaches when alms should be given, to whom should they be given, and how much should be given. When a Catholic gives alms with a pure motive, he expiates his sins, gains actual grace and protection from God, merits help from God in his wants and needs, makes it easier for his prayers to be answered by God, relieves the poor souls in purgatory, protects himself from greed, helps to convert sinners by his example, and saves himself from damnation for lack of charity toward those in want. (This audio was previously titled Asr134.)

7-6-2008 6-2017 38 min. Alr0250

Necessity of Honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary

[5.69 MB]

This lecture deals with Catholic teachings on the Virgin Mary, such as the Assumption, and how illogical, hypocritical, and deceitful Protestants are for demoting and not honoring Mary while honoring the apostles. It also shows how all of the early Church Fathers honored Mary above all creatures and hence devotion to Mary is part of sacred tradition, a tradition that has been denied and replaced with a tradition of men by Protestants who, if they could, would deny the Blessed, Immaculate, and Ever-Virgin Mary her rightful place, which is second to God! (This audio was previously titled Asr100.)

10-21-2007 4-2017 25 min. Alr0242

Necessity of Learning the Catholic Faith and On Moderation

[9.23 MB]

This lecture deals with learning the Catholic faith and moderation. A Catholic’s primary duty if he wants to be saved is learning and loving the Catholic faith above all other things. Hence a Catholic who does not make a habit of studying the Catholic faith every day is most certainly on the broad road to hell. Anything that is an absolute obstacle to your daily study of the Catholic faith must be cut out of your life like a cancer, even if you must give up temporal things—including your very life itself. Moderation is also necessary for a Catholic to be saved. The immoderate use of good things can either be sinful or lead to sin. Without God’s grace men cannot moderate themselves and hence are controlled by their passions. Their passions dominate their will instead of their will dominating their passions. (This audio was previously titled Asr116.)

1-27-2008 5-27-2016 40 min. Alr0171

Necessity of Loving All Men and Putting God First

[5.71 MB]

Good Catholics love their brothers. A Catholic loves non-Catholics but not their false religions. For example, a Catholic does not love Moslems as Moslems but loves them as men who have souls to be saved. Love not anything more than God, be it money, job, family, etc. Be not lazy or a workaholic. Turn away from the world and spend time with God. False prosperity is one of the worst curses. (This audio was previously titled Asr38.)

6-18-2006 3-2017 25 min. Alr0237

Necessity of Prayer and Studying the Catholic Faith

[6.30 MB]

To be saved, Catholics must properly pray and study the Catholic faith. (This audio was previously titled Asr221.)

10-30-2011 10-30-2011 28 min. Alr0118

Necessity of Praying for the Souls in Purgatory

[6.62 MB]

Catholics who do not pray for their suffering brothers in purgatory have no charity and cannot be saved. There is a perfect bond of charity between the Church Triumphant and Militant and Suffering. By their prayers, alms, and penances, Catholics who are in a state of grace can help the suffering souls in purgatory to alleviate their pain and shorten the time they have to spend in purgatory. Even though the poor souls cannot earn merit for themselves to expiate the punishment due to their sins and to remit their venial sins, they can pray for Catholics on earth. Catholics should strive to remember the poor souls not just during the month of November, which is dedicated to the poor souls, but during the whole year as well. (This audio was previously titled Asr153.)

11-2-2008 7-30-2016 29 min. Alr0183

No Popes or Cardinals since 1130

[41.6 MB]

The Great Apostasy began in the 11th century and thus not with the Vatican II Church. The crimes committed back then were as evil and numerous as the crimes of the Vatican II Church. There have been no popes or cardinals since 1130 AD. All of the so-called popes and so-called cardinals from Innocent II (1130-1143) until today were and are apostate antipopes and apostate anticardinals for supporting or allowing one or more of the following crimes or criminals: 1) All of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals supported or allowed the desecration of Catholic places with images against the Catholic faith and morals. And most of the desecrations remain to this day. For this crime alone all of them are idolaters and formal heretics and thus banned from holding offices even if they did not hold any other heresy or idolatry. 2) Some of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals supported or allowed the heresy of scholasticism, which is the glorification of philosophy. 3) All of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals supported or allowed the glorification of the false gods and false religions of mythology at least by supporting or allowing Catholic places to be desecrated with the images of idols, false gods, false religions, and pagans. 4) All of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals glorified immorality at least by supporting or allowing Catholic places to be desecrated with immoral images. 5) All of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals were guilty of the heresies of non-judgmentalism or non-punishmentalism, which were necessary for the crimes and criminals of the Great Apostasy to make steady progress and succeed. 6) Many of the apostate antipopes and anticardinals held other heresies, some of which are listed in the RJMI article, “No Popes or Cardinals since 1130.”

12-21-2013 12-21-2013 60 min. Alr0046

Nominal Catholic Churches

[11.3 MB]

A Catholic church becomes a non-Catholic church in three ways: by schism, by doubting or denying a basic dogma, or by culpably doubting or denying a deeper dogma. For a church to become a non-Catholic church, the head priest of the church must either teach the schism or heresy to the flock or allow it to be taught by a priest or someone else under him. Schism or heresy is taught to the flock and thus in the church either from the pulpit or lectures or the classroom or catechisms or newsletters or in any other way. Every person who adheres to a non-Catholic church, including baptized infants, is outside the Catholic Church for the mortal sin of schism and thus not Catholic. And most are also guilty of the mortal sin of heresy. That is why everyone who attends Mass at a Vatican II church in these latter days of the Great Apostasy is not Catholic because one or more heresies are being taught to the flock in every Vatican II church. All of the Society of Saint Pius X churches have always been heretical churches from the very founding of this order by the heretic Archbishop Lefebvre because he was a salvation heretic and had the salvation heresy taught in all the churches of his order. This is also true of many pre-Vatican II churches that called themselves Catholic churches but were not. This will help a Catholic know whom he can or cannot pray for as if they are in purgatory. All of his dead relatives or friends who adhered to a non-Catholic church died as non-Catholics, and hence Catholics are forbidden to pray for them as if they are in purgatory. In the history of the Catholic Church, many Catholic churches became non-Catholic churches, such as when Catholic churches throughout the world became Arian churches when the Arian heresy was taught in these churches and when Catholic churches in England became Anglican churches when the Anglican heresy was taught in these churches. (This audio was previously titled Asr145.)

9-14-2008 4-2014 50 min. Alr0091

Nominal Catholics Mock Jesus

[30.4 MB]

Christ abhors those who put the Mass before the faith. They worship a false Infant Jesus. On false devotions that seem pious. Those who knowingly pray in communion with notorious heretics share in the mortal guilt of the heretics they pray with, and they commit other mortal sins. On the obligation of Catholics to profess the faith to those with whom they pray. No priest or layman can be trusted in these latter days of the Great Apostasy; hence you must use the mouth God has given you to ask the priest and laymen what they believe before you attend Mass at his church. If you do not, you share in the guilt of their sins. (This audio was previously titled Asr59.)

12-31-2006 3-2014 44 min. Alr0089

Nominal Catholics, Insincere Conversions, Great Apostasy

[6.31 MB]

Jesus tells us that there are many who think they are Catholic but are not. These are nominal Catholics or Catholics in name only because they are apostates or heretics or schismatics and hence not Catholic. A Catholic can be good and hence in a state of grace almost all his life but fall into mortal sin before he dies and go to hell. And a Catholic can be bad and hence in mortal sin almost all his life but repent and become a good Catholic before he dies and go to heaven. Let this be a warning to good Catholics to persevere unto the end and to bad Catholics to not despair no matter how evil or many your mortal sins are, for God will remit and forget them if you sincerely repent and amend your life. Jews defiled their Temple with mythological gods, such as by placing a statue of Apollo in the Temple, just as bad and apostate Catholics have done from the 11th century onward by placing pictures and statues of mythological gods and pagan philosophers in the Vatican and other holy places. And just as the Jews were eventually punished and the Temple destroyed, so also will apostate Catholics and apostate churches and the Vatican City be destroyed for adding one defilement upon another. (This audio was previously titled Asr196.)

11-8-2009 4-2014 28 min. Alr0090

Non-Catholics Cannot Hold Offices in the Catholic Church

[33.5 MB]

This lecture teaches the dogma that non-Catholics cannot hold offices in the Catholic Church. Hence a Catholic officeholder who becomes a non-Catholic automatically loses his office. And a non-Catholic who is elected or appointed to an office does not get the office. His election or appointment is invalid, null and void. This applies to all offices and thus also to the papal office. Valid papal acts are part of the Apostolic See and are free from all sin and error. However, invalid papal acts are null and void and thus not part of the Apostolic See. Invalid papal acts must be judged, rejected, and condemned but the pope himself cannot be juridically judged unless he sins. When a pope sins, he must be juridically judged (tried, sentenced, and punished) as a sinner but not as the pope. The fact that a pope goes to confession is one proof that he can be juridically judged by his inferiors when he sins. His confessor and inferior tries, judges, sentences, and punishes him, not as a pope but as a sinner who happens to be the pope. But as long as a pope is acting as the pope and thus as the supreme judge and thus not as a sinner, he cannot be juridically judged by anyone. This is the meaning of the dogma that the First See (the Supreme Judge) cannot be judged by anyone. This lecture also presents evidence of invalid papal acts, popes who have fallen into heresy or idolatry and lost their offices, and popes who have been juridically judged and deposed. (This audio is also available in video as Vlr53.)

Here is a list of sub-headings of this lecture:

Summary of Catholic dogmas in this lecture; Ordinary Magisterium dogma: Non-Catholics cannot hold offices in the Catholic Church; Solemn Magisterium dogma: Non-Catholics cannot hold offices in the Catholic Church; Heretics are removed from the diptychs; A pope can become an idolater or formal heretic and lose his office; On St. Marcellinus; On Liberius; On Anastasius II; On Vigilius; On Honorius; Secret formal heretics cannot hold offices; Apparent officeholders who are suspect of heresy; A pope can be put on trial, judged, and sentenced; Some popes and antipopes who were juridically judged.

3-27-2016 3-2022 153 min. Alr0166

Nuclear Bombs Bring Antichrist to Power

[5.50 MB]

It was given to the Blessed, Immaculate, and Ever Virgin Mary to crush the head of the serpent and his minions. Thus as part of Mary’s heel I invoke Her assistance, without which I can do nothing of any good or worth. I invoke her to direct, protect, and guide me in exposing and condemning the Harlot of the seventh kingdom that is bringing the Antichrist to power. The Antichrist comes to full worldwide power in one hour, meaning very quickly and most probably in one day. He does this by limited nuclear strikes worldwide followed by invasion forces of the ten kings who serve him. His main targets are the United States (the physical Harlot) and Rome (the spiritual Harlot). This Harlot, the USA, has two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon, which means it appears to be a lamb but is really a dragon. It is ultimately the Catholic God and not the Devil or the Antichrist or the False Prophet or anyone or anything else that kills and makes to live, that strikes and heals: “See ye that I alone am, and there is no other God besides me: I will kill and I will make to live: I will strike, and I will heal, and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.” (Deut. 32:39) Thus good Catholics fear only God and not the nuclear bomb or anything else. One good angel is more powerful than all the nuclear bombs in the world. One good angel killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night, and this power from God has been ever present from the time of the fall of Adam and Eve. Death to a good Catholic is his ticket to salvation and heaven. And even if God allows the Devil to destroy the earth, God could rebuild a new earth. However, this evil earth is all the Devil, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and those who follow them have. They cannot escape the earth and hence covet the earth and do not want to see it utterly destroyed. Consequently, it is they who fear the bomb. That is why they are so diligent and zealous in controlling nuclear arms so only they have them and not those who oppose their ultimate plan of bringing the Jewish Antichrist to power in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. A Catholic must choose to blow up the whole world rather than commit one sin. Thus the Devil and his minions will not be able to intimidate a good Catholic or make him sin against the faith or morals by threats against his life, his property, or the whole world. Besides, the death caused by a nuclear bomb causes much less pain than the martyrdoms that many Catholics underwent. Any so-called Catholic that gives into the Devil for fear of losing his life or property or the whole world denies the spirit of martyrdom and mocks the martyrs and will lose the faith and fall outside the Catholic Church—such as Pope Pius XII who bowed to threats from the communists and signed the Vatican-Moscow Agreement for fear of the nuclear bomb, and “Cardinal” Siri who bowed to threats against the life of his family and signed the Vatican II documents and followed the apostate antipopes of the Vatican II Church. No fear of God and no martyrs here, folks, but faithless cowards who fear creatures and created things more than God and mock the blood of the martyrs. And apostate Fr. Gruner also fears the bomb more than God. He fears losing this evil world and hence covets it. He preaches a temporal peace on this passing earth instead of the true peace that only the Catholic Christ can give to good Catholics, the peace of soul and eternal life. Those like Pius XII, Siri, and Gruner do not fear the Catholic God above all and have every reason to fear the Devil and the bomb because the bomb will kill them and the Devil will torment them in hell for all eternity. Lastly, this earth is destined to be burned up anyway. When Jesus Christ comes the second time, the almost total burning up of this earth will make a nuclear attack look like a camp fire: “But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up.” (2 Pt. 3:10) The seventh kingdom of the beast uses a bear (Soviet Communism) and a lion (England, Freemasonry, and then the Freemasonic United States) to come to power. He uses one power against the other to achieve his ultimate goal of bringing the Antichrist to power. (This audio was previously titled Asr161.)

12-14-2008 12-14-2008 24 min. Alr0084

Obesity, Fasting, and Penance

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On the necessity for heretics and schismatics to take abjurations to enter the Catholic Church. Deals specifically with fallen-away Catholics who must take specific abjurations to enter the Catholic Church. Sins cannot be remitted until a heretic or schismatic enters the Catholic Church because outside the Catholic Church there is no remission of sins. Most so-called Catholics in these latter days of the Great Apostasy are actually heretics and must take a specific abjuration to enter the Catholic Church.

3-8-2009 9-2017 10 min. Alr0271

Old Covenant Was Preparation for the New Covenant

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The New Covenant not only replaced the Old Covenant but is superior to it, as superior as God is to mere man, as Christ is to Moses. Great and glorious as Moses and the Old Covenant were, Jesus and the New Covenant are infinitely more great and glorious. Not only did Moses know this but gloried in the day when Christ would come and fulfill all the promises and sacrifices of the Old Covenant era and redeem men, as witnessed when Moses spoke with Jesus on Mount Thabor when Jesus was transfigured. Every religious thing Moses did was in anticipation and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant. Moses gave men the law written on tablets of stone and the promise of redemption and eternal life. Christ gave men Himself, the living law in the flesh and the redeemer who redeems men and gives them eternal life. The Old Covenant is referred to as the ministration of death or condemnation because it made men aware of the fact that they were guilty of sin and hence under condemnation and spiritual death, and it taught them what they needed to do in order to benefit from the redemption when it comes. Hence the Old Covenant was glorious indeed for letting men know that they are sinners and need a redeemer and what they must do to benefit from the redemption and be saved. The New Covenant is referred to as the ministration of life because it redeems men and hence remits sins and gives life to souls by sanctifying grace and opens up the gates of heaven to the elect. Hence the New Covenant is also glorious and even more glorious than the Old Covenant because it redeems men and opens the gates of heaven to them. The Jews who rejected Christ turned to Satan for help and formed a new, false religion called Talmudic Judaism, which was specifically created to accommodate their denial of Jesus Christ. Beware, reader, this Judaism is not the true Judaism that was practiced by faithful Jews during the Old Covenant era. It, as well as the Cabbala and Zohar, is a false religion that is based upon paganism and witchcraft. (This audio was previously titled Asr138.)

8-3-2008 2-2018 35 min. Alr0300

Old Testament Feasts, Apostate Jews, Christian Zionists, Feminists, and other Topics

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The Feast of Tabernacles belongs to Catholics and no else, and hence not to apostate Jews. * The Christian Zionists treat the Christ-denying Jews as not only blessed and chosen but more blessed and chosen than Christians. * Indian medicine men are idolized. * Protestants and Schismatics are not true Christians, only Catholics are. * A lying apostate Jews said Germans dug up dead Jewish bodies and made sausage out of them. * Elon Musk does not idolize the Jews as other popular men do. * Nathaniel Kapner exposed apostate Jews. * On idolization of the USA. * Hitler was the lesser evil of all rulers in his days, hence get rid of your rabid opposition to Hitler. Read and learn what he really said and did. * On Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bill Riley. The nominal Catholic Riley idolizes the USA, condemns theocracy, and makes a fool of himself. * Big Foot and Yeti are either cursed human beings or apparitions of devils. * Money from the Harlot (USA) to the Ukranine is going into the pockets of gangsters and is part of the raping and decimation of the Harlot. * Putin is the lesser evil of most if not all the rulers in the world today, like Hitler was in his days. * On the building of the Third Temple. * The Christian Zionists are more evil than the apostate Jews and the Antichrist. * The Antichrist will try to kill all of the Jews who will not served him and thus kill atheistic and agnostic Jews and other Jews who will not worship him. * Against feminism. * Many parents treat their children like a disease, either kill them before they are born or pawn them off to others to take care of during the day, like sending them to day care centers. And they send them to public schools to be poisoned by all kinds of evils. Hence the Prophecy is fulfilled that woman shall hate the fruit of their womb.* The feminists are the hardest to convert.

10-1-2023 10-1-2023 28 min. Alr0385

On Abjuration

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How great heaven is. * Gehenna is everlasting * How God directs my works; must learn the faith in order to prove claims; hence the great danger when mystics make claims about the Catholic faith without any evidence to back it up. Men do not need God to directly tell them about the faith because God has given that job to his Catholic Church, which infallibly defines dogmas and infallibly condemns heresies and heretics, etc. * Anti-authoritarians do not want to obey and abjure. And many do not even tell you what they believe regarding the Catholic faith, and hence they are heretics for not professing the Catholic faith when obliged to. * Why I composed the Profession of Faith for the Days of the Great Apostasy the way I did, and why the basic creeds will not suffice * Why a single authority is needed in these final days to restore, enforce, promote, and promulgate the Catholic faith. * If no Catholic bishops are available, then baptized converts must abjure before Catholic priests; and if no Catholic priests are available, them must abjure before laymen or alone if no laymen are available. Just because there are no Catholic clerics does not excuse baptized converts from abjuring and professing the Catholic faith; * One good thing the Antichrist will do is kill all anti-authoritarians, which includes all those who believe in democracies and republics. * Most nominal Catholics act as if Catholicism is a race and not a faith to be believed in and obeyed. Hence they believe the heresy they can never stop being Catholic; or, as the apostate Fr Wathan put it, “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.”

10-8-2006 1-24-2024 72 min. Alr0387

On Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

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This lecture was recorded on Resurrection Day 04/09/2023. The topics discussed here include: *Br. Ryan Gott relates his interaction with a drunken neighbour playing loud music late at night. *How to bring a drunkard to his spiritual senses in a true Catholic society. *Charlemagne on drunkenness and drunkards. *How to help a drug addict. *President Rodrigo Duterte dealt correctly with drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines. *Hitler practically ended drugs and drug dealing overnight when he came to power. *Non-punishmentalism allows drugs and drunkenness to flourish in a society. *Alcoholics can recover and become normal drinkers with the correct Catholic guidance and counsel. *Alcoholics that recover without Catholic counsel tend to replace their addiction with another addiction or obsession. *Psychiatrists and therapists have now replaced the role of priests, they offer psychoactive pills as a remedy for the spiritual illnesses of their patients. *El Salvador president Nayib Bukele implemented the best way to clean up a society plagued with gangland crime and drug-dealing by rounding up and interning all known gangland members and dealers. *The relevance of the Good Samaritan parable in helping addicts.

4-11-2023 4-11-2023 41 min. Alr0359

On All Saints’ Day

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This lecture consists of readings on “All Saints’ Day” along with my comments. It teaches about the Catholic dogmas regarding the saints. (This audio was previously titled Asr102.)

11-1-2007 11-2017 53 min. Alr0281

On Borrowing, Lending, and the Catholic Obligation to Tithe

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This lecture deals with God’s decrees on lending and borrowing. It also deals with a Catholic’s obligation to give tithes to the Catholic Church. (This audio was previously titled Asr107.)

12-9-2007 2-2018 31 min. Alr0299

On Catholic Shrines, Fall of the Temple, Ark of the Covenant, and Other Topics

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This lecture was recorded on 15/02/2022. The topics discussed here include: * Visiting nominal catholic shrines and churches without being in religious communion with Non-Catholics * BBC film / documentary "Fall of the Temple" * No history in the bible from the Maccabean era until Josephus * Fall of the first Temple and the Siege of Babylon * Location of the Ark of the Covenant revealed in 2nd Book of Maccabees * Story of the battle of the Maccabees against idolatries and desecrations in the Temple * The delusion of false prosperity and Americanism culminating into the reign of the Antichrist * Reading the bible and commentaries * Rules for working on the Sabbath and epikeia * Inspirational secular and religious movies * Kindle option for watching and reading MLR content * Perceptions of RJMI and good and bad will * Vatican desecrations * Necessity of members having different roles and talents in The Church * Quotes of St. Augustine on unbaptised infants and 'invincible ignorance' * The salvation dogma and erroneous opinions * Death and judgment * Eucharist 2 in species heresy * Dogmas above human reason * Thingmajigger / whatsamajigger joke * Apostasy and modern day false gods such as Santa Claus and fairies

5-15-2022 5-15-2022 110 min. Alr0338

On Confession, Martyrdom, Vocations, and the Proper Posture for Prayer

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On the proper posture during prayer. Only Catholics can have their mortal sins forgiven by confession. A Catholic must confess his sins promptly or else they become harder and harder to overcome, which means he must examine his conscience at the end of each day. Ask God to make you aware of your sins the instant you commit them so you may immediately confess them, and promise God that you will confess them to a Catholic priest as soon as possible. Without a sincere confession, which includes a firm purpose of amendment, faults lead to venial sins and venial sins lead to mortal sins and mortal sins lead to more mortal sins and a deader conscience. If Catholics do not want to be martyrs and saints, they cannot be saved. True charity among the Catholic brothers is necessary for salvation. Two sins that cause Catholics to hate or despise one another and hence cause dissensions are envy and condescension, both rooted in pride. The sin of envy is committed when a Catholic is envious of the gift of another Catholic. The sin of condescension is committed when a Catholic who has a gift lauds it over others who do not and looks down upon them. Every Catholic has his own vocation and gifts from God, and all are necessary for the optimal functioning of a Catholic community. Some Catholics are more Martha than Mary and others are more Mary than Martha. But both are necessary for the Catholic Church to carry out Her mission on earth. (This audio was previously titled Asr142.)

8-24-2008 2-2018 48 min. Alr0294

On Conspiracies

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This lecture deals with the Catholic dogma regarding conspiracies. There are two kinds of conspiracies: evil conspiracies and good conspiracies. The first evil conspiracy was in heaven when Lucifer and other evil angels rebelled against God. The first human conspiracy against God was when Eve and then Adam rebelled against God. From that time forward, evil men have conspired against the one true God, His one true Church, His one true religion, and His chosen people which during the Old Covenant era were the Synagogue, Judaism, and Jews which during the New Covenant era were replaced by the Catholic Church, Catholicism, and Catholics. Apostate Jews and apostate Catholics are the most dangerous conspirators against God because they were at one time God’s chosen people: “Unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more.” (Lk. 12:48) “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of justice, than after they have known it, to turn back from that holy commandment which was delivered to them.” (2 Pt. 2:21) Evil conspiracies depend upon big lies to succeed because Satan, the Father of Liars, is the main force behind all evil conspiracies. Jesus calls evil Jews liars and children of Satan: “You [evil Jews] are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” (Jn. 8:44) And St. Paul’s worst enemies were evil Jews who persecuted him by their evil conspiracies: “Serving the Lord with all humility, and with tears, and temptations which befell me by the conspiracies of the Jews.” (Acts 20:19) Some of the big lies told by Jews to bring their Antichrist to power are heliocentrism, evolution, the holocaust of Jews during World War II, Jews did not murder Christ, Pilate did not like Jesus and wanted to murder Him, 911, etc. To fight against evil conspiracies, God’s chosen people conduct good conspiracies to eradicate all evil and evildoers, convert good-willed men, and bring God’s Kingdom upon earth—God’s Catholic One World Order. Hence, it is heresy to deny that human conspiracies have existed in all ages since the fall of Adam and Eve. And the man who is ignorant of evil conspiracies will fall prey to them. (This audio was previously titled Asr108.)

12-16-2007 2-22-2016 45 min. Alr0149

On Converting Protestants

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This lecture deals with the four primary and main points that will quickly refute and defeat any and all Protestants: 1. Before you speak to the Protestant about anything, tell him that you want to check his credentials. Ask the Protestant if he or his pastor is infallible. When he says “no,” then say to him, “Why, then, should I listen to anything you have to say because by your own admission you and your pastor could be wrong about everything you believe? And you have no way to know the truth with any certainty. And you cannot say with any certainty whatsoever that what I believe is wrong or right.” 2. Ask the Protestant if the Holy Spirit lies to men. When he correctly says “no,” then say to him, “If the Holy Spirit teaches the truth to all men personally without the need of an infallible Church (as all you Protestants heretically propose), then how come so many of you Protestants disagree with one another over your official doctrines if the Holy Spirit is teaching you all? Either the Holy Spirit is lying or you are lying, and by your own admission it cannot be the Holy Spirit!” 3. Tell him you want to see if he has a link with sacred tradition, with Jesus Christ and the apostles and their followers throughout the centuries. Then tell the Protestant, “Give me the names of people who believed exactly as you do on every dogma from the 1st century onward. Give me the names and places where they lived.” When he fails, tell him that his religion has no link with the tradition of Christ handed down from the apostles through the centuries and hence his religion is a tradition of men. 4. Ask him, “Where did the Bible come from and how do you know it is infallible or the inerrant Word of God?” If he is not too dishonest, he will say the Bible came from the Catholic Church. Then ask him, “If the Catholic Church is not infallible, then how could She determine which books belong to the Bible and which ones do not and then declare that they are the infallible Word of God?” To be honest, he would have to admit that if the Catholic Church is not infallible, then neither is the Bible She put together infallible. Then ask him, ”If Luther was not infallible, then by what right did he declare the Epistle of St. James not infallible, not canonical, and an Epistle of Straw?” (This audio was previously titled Asr176.)

2-15-2009 10-15-2016 28 min. Alr0192

On Created and Uncreated Wisdom

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5-29-2022 5-29-2022 32 min. Alr0336

On Divorce and Marriage

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Idolization of family members is one of the main reasons men end up in hell. To have a holy family, Catholics must separate themselves from obstinately sinful family members, which includes husbands separating from obstinately sinful wives and wives separating from obstinately sinful husbands. The Catholic Church decrees that a Catholic spouse must separate from his or her spouse under certain circumstances and in some cases for life. In urgent cases the separation must happen immediately and hence without the necessity of first getting the bishop’s approval. This separation does not break the bond of marriage. Under certain circumstances the Catholic Church does not forbid the separated spouses to get a civil divorce for reasons of finance, liability, and enforcing the separation—provided the spouses understand that the civil divorce is not a true divorce and hence they are still married in the eyes of God. This lecture also explains the Catholic teaching on marriage and the legal documentation of marriages. (This audio was previously titled Asr114.)

1-13-2008 7-16-2016 46 min. Alr0179

On Dreams

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This lecture deals with how the Devil tempts men in their dreams and why God allows it. While men can do sinful things in their dreams, they cannot be guilty of sin while they are dreaming. However, by tempting men in their dreams, the Devil hopes to get them to desire to commit the sin when they are awake. This lecture also deals with why God allows just men to be assaulted by the Devil in their dreams. (This audio was previously titled Asr73.)

3-25-2007 05-2017 47 min. Alr0249

On Driving Laws and USA’s Non-Punishmentalism

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This lecture teaches the Catholic obligation to obey the driving laws of the land unless the laws are sinful or impossible to obey. It also teaches the necessity to obey and respect police officers unless they command something sinful. It also refutes the USA’s non-punishmentalism that allows criminals to not be properly punished, such as USA citizens and lawmakers protesting against the just beating that the cops gave Rodney King for resisting arrest and using his car as a deadly weapon by speeding away from the police who were in pursuit of him and such as immigration laws that do not sufficiently prohibit or punish illegal immigrants but instead defend and support them. This is just more proof that the USA was created by and has always been controlled by lawless criminals. (This audio was previously titled Asr211.)

6-27-2010 6-27-2010 31 min. Alr0106

On False Consolations

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In this lecture I read the chapter “False consolations are an operation of error from God” from my book Faith before the Mass and the Sacraments, and I make additional comments. (This audio was previously titled Asr224.)

12-4-2011 12-4-2011 56 min. Alr0107

On Finding a Place to Live and Other Topics

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This lecture primarily deals with places to live for good Catholics and what to do and how to behave when they are living with non-Catholics. Hence it warns against family idolization, one of the main reasons men do not enter the Catholic Church or fall out of the Catholic Church. I use examples from my own journey into the Catholic Church and finally, at least for now, settling down in True or Consequences, New Mexico.

8-13-2023 8-13-2023 49 min. Alr0378

On God the Father and Other Topics

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This lecture was done on 11-7-2021 on the Feast Day of God the Father. It started out as an example of how we of Mary’s Little Remnant pray the full Mass Prayers but turned into a lecture, which contains several topics but mostly regarding dogmas related to God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. - Good willed people who follow the apostate Dimond brothers will eventually end up following me and thus following the true Catholic Church and hence the full deposit of the Catholic faith. - The Catholic Church is not identified by the numbers of her members but by the faith of her members, as only few are saved. Only eight people survived the Flood. And Jesus said, “As in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Mt. 24:37) “Yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Lk. 18:8) - The USA is like pagan Rome in the days of the apostles. The apostles, as well as us Catholics in the USA today, lived in the most powerful nation in which many of other nations spoke the language of that nation; Latin then, English now. That is why I am living in the USA and my website is in English. - The Traditionalist nominal Catholics are worse than the Charismatic nominal Catholics, especially when it comes to reading the Bible. - The Old Testament Elect are in heaven and are Catholic. Hence they are not spiritual brothers to apostate Jews but are spiritual brothers only to Catholics. The Old Testament belongs only to the Catholic Church and no one else. - God not only said that there is no other God but him but also that there can never be another God because Lucifer thought he could become God. - God the Father is the anchor of the Most Holy Trinity. The dogma that Christ is eternally born of the Father and thus God the Son always existed is above not only human reason but also angelic reason and can only be understood by God. The same applies to God’s infinity, how God always existed. - Good-willed conservative minded men will eventually be with me and thus become Catholic. - My warnings to the world go unheeded by most men, just as those of the true prophets of old. “And they have not hearkened to me nor inclined their ear but have hardened their neck and have done worse than their fathers. And thou shalt speak to them all these words, but they will not hearken to thee; and thou shalt call them, but they will not answer thee. And thou shalt say to them: This is a nation which hath not hearkened to the voice of the Lord their God nor received instruction. Faith is lost and is taken away out of their mouth.” (Jer. 7:26-28) - Without the Catholic Church’s ordinary magisterium and solemn magisterium, no supernatural truths regarding the one true God, one true Church, and one true faith can ever be known. - To come to the full truth men must be humble enough to confess when they are wrong, as St. Augustine did. Therefore, prideful men, like the apostate Dimonds, will never come to the full truth and thus never become Catholic unless they humble themselves and confess when they are wrong. - To be saved, men must love the truth, be humble, and not be cowards. - God does not need apostate and heretic priests to restore his Catholic Church and thus is using laymen, like myself, to restore the Church in these final days, and in so doing humble the apostate and heretic priests. - The Nicene Creed as listed in the Mass Prayers is not the Nicene Creed. It is the Amended Nicene-Constantinople Creed. The Catholic Church has the authority to add or take away things out of her Creeds but can never deny a dogma stated in an official Creed. - The person of God the Father did not create all things but the person of God the Son did. “All things were made by him [the Word, Jesus Christ]; and without him was made nothing that was made.” (Jn. 1:3) Hence when it is said that God the Father created all things it means through God the Son. Therefore, it is best not to say God the Father created all things as this can lead to confusion, contradictions, and even heresies. The original Apostles’ Creed did not say “I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ…” It said “I believe in God the Father almighty and in Jesus Christ…” - God intentionally left some things obscure so that men must go to his Catholic Church for the answers, for the infallible meaning; just as when Jesus spoke in parables to most while leaving it to the apostles to explain the parables. - This lecture answers the riddle as to how when Jesus said he must go to the Father he also said that the Father is in him. It has to do with the distinction of each Divine Person united in the one Divine nature (the one Divine Essence) they share in common. - The Incarnate Jesus Christ had two births, one eternal of the Father and one in time of the Blessed Virgin Mary. - The physical image of God the Father is like a man. Hence man is made in God’s image in two ways: spiritually because he has reason and freewill and physically because he looks like God. Hence beware of the blog God error (which may be a heresy) that states that God has no form or his form is that of a ball of fire. - On God’s infinity and my experience. - God is everywhere in power but not in nature. - During the last one thousand years, many things about the Catholic faith were not only not explained but were unexplained. - Many denied the Salvation Dogma. - Some objects can be blessed or cursed.

11-7-2021 11-7-2021 113 min. Alr0328

On Fireworks

[1.75 MB]

Catholics are forbidden to sell, participate in, or attend fireworks celebrating the Fourth of July, not because fireworks are sinful but because the event being celebrated is anti-Catholic. The Fourth of July represents the creation of the Harlot, the United States of America. It celebrates the Judeo-Masonic victory over the Catholic Church’s control of North America and thus celebrates the USA’s institution of heretical and other sinful laws. However, Catholics can attend fireworks celebrations that are not anti-Catholic, such as celebrating New Year’s Day. And Catholics should have fireworks displays for favorite Catholic Feastdays and victories against the enemies of the Catholic Church. (This audio was previously titled Asr212.)

7-4-2010 7-4-2010 8 min. Alr0119

On George Galloway

[11.9 MB]

This lecture deals with the Zionist Jews’ ongoing diabolical campaign to silence anyone who speaks out against them and their evil plots in bringing the Antichrist to power. The latest victim of their ungodly censorship is George Galloway, a 22-year member of the British Parliament. His supposed crime was the giving of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza after apostate Israel murdered men, women, and children in an attempt to oust the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip by force, intimidation, and blockade—destroying their homes and blocking any aid to the wounded Palestinians. These evil Jews also attacked UN installations that were giving humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Responding to these genocidal crimes, George Galloway organized and led a convoy from England to Gaza where he supplied with humanitarian aid and money the wounded and displaced Palestinians and thus incurred the wrath of the Zionist Jews. Zionist Jews in Canada influenced (meaning commanded) the Canadian government to ban George Galloway from Canada and hence from his planned speaking tour. And the Canadian government, like a faithful lapdog and puppet, bowed to the command and obeyed the Zionist Jews. A JDL Jew warned Galloway that he would be arrested upon entering Canada because the Canadian government branded him as a terrorist for supporting Hamas, a group they branded as terrorist while not likewise branding the Zionists as the worst of the terrorists (that is, according to their own definition of terrorist). When Galloway said he would speak from the USA to the Canadians, the JDL Jew then threatened to identify and punish any Canadian who dared listen to the broadcast. Indeed, Galloway did speak to the Canadians and many other people around the world by Internet on March 30, 2009, live from New York. And he got a much bigger audience, thanks to the ban and negative publicity from the Zionist Jews and their diabolical cronies. The satanic head of the apostate Jew is showing more and more, as it must in order for the Antichrist to come to full visible power. (This audio was previously titled Asr184.)

5-10-2009 2-26-2016 52 min. Alr0152

On Gluttony, Fasting, and Feasting

[5.10 MB]

On Gluttony and the times for fasting and feasting. (This audio was previously titled Asr16.)

3-12-2006 10-2016 22 min. Alr0197

On Gratitude to God and Perseverance

[5.10 MB]

Giving thanks to God is necessary for salvation. The evil Prophet Balaam was forced to bless the Israelites instead of curse them. God protects His chosen people as long as they obey all of His commandments. Balaam had an inclination to convert to Judaism for the peace and rewards that come with it but was not willing to live the life to earn that peace and rewards. He was not willing to change his pagan lifestyle and obey all of God’s commandments. Hence he developed a hatred for the faithful Israelites whom he previously wanted to emulate. (This audio was previously titled Asr93.)

3-12-2006 10-2017 28 min. Alr0276

On Heaven and the Ascension of Jesus

[5.99 MB]

Jesus’ ascension into heaven shows His divinity and points men’s thoughts and hearts away from the evil earth and toward heaven, their true home if they die as good Catholics. There are three heavens mentioned in the Bible: the heaven where birds fly, the heaven where the stars shine, and the heaven of heaven where God and His angels and saints live, also known as the third heaven. (This audio was previously titled Asr126.)

5-1-2009 7-2016 26 min. Alr0177

On Heresies regarding the Holy Eucharist and Divine Essence

[13.7 MB]

This lecture was done on 4/16/2023, the Octave Day of the Resurrection (Low Day). Only Christians and nominal Christians believe in the resurrection. The majority of this lecture exposes some heresies regarding the Holy Eucharist and the Divine Essence. It exposes the Holy Eucharist heresy that Christ’s body and blood are under the appearance of each species, under the appearance of the bread and the wine. It exposes the heresy that the Holy Eucharist is the living Christ and thus contains his soul. It exposes the heresy that the Divine essence does not beget, is not begotten, and does not proceed. It teaches the dogma that even though Christ is truly born of the Father, he always existed. Hence Christ is eternally born of the Father. This is one of the dogmas that is above the understanding of all created beings. Only God can understand it. It must be believed by faith alone, such as the dogma of God’s infinity and the dogma that the Holy Eucharist is Christ’s body under the appearance of bread and Christ’s blood under the appearance of wine. Hence the bread and wine are illusions that God perpetuates to test men’s faith to see if they acknowledge in all humility that only God knows all things and thus there are certain things creatures can never understand by reason, which includes things that contradict human and angelic reason and science but not God’s reason and science.

4-16-2023 4-16-2023 59 min. Alr0366

On Indulgences, the Seal of Confession, and Re-Confessing Remitted Sins

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The Catholic Church on earth, the Church Militant, has the jurisdiction and thus power from God to grant indulgences to the living. But she has no such power in Purgatory, the Church Suffering. Hence, while it is a dogma that the prayers and other works of satisfaction by the faithful on earth help the poor souls in Purgatory, the Church on earth does not have the jurisdiction and thus power to say how much the souls are helped. Hence indulgences for the poor souls (such as, 200 years for this prayer or a plenary indulgence for these prayers or acts) is an erroneous if not heretical teaching and practice that was never taught or practiced by the Catholic Church for at least her first 1000 years. It has the pope making judgments in the Purgatory in which he has no such power. – The seal of confession was never meant to protect obstinate, unrepentant sinners and thus let them go on sinning and harming souls without any consequences, such as obstinate pedophile priests. – Another modern erroneous, harmful, and if not heretical, practice and teaching is the re-confessing of sins that were already confessed and absolved.

2-6-2022 2-6-2022 69 min. Alr0340

On Judging

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This lecture teaches the true meaning of what Jesus meant when He said, “Judge not, that you may not be judged.” (Mt. 7:1) Logic dictates and Jesus teaches in other Bible verses that men must make judgments. The main part of these lectures is taken from my book On Judging.”

6-10-2007 5-13-2016 22 min. Alr0168

On Judging the Dead

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This two-part lecture is titled On Judging the Dead and teaches what types of people go to hell when they die. Hence it deals with the Salvation Dogma. Each and every man who died worshipping a false god or practicing a false religion or believing in no god is in hell. Each and every Catholic who died with the guilt of mortal sin is in hell. The only men who go to heaven during the New Covenant era are men who die as Catholics and are free from the guilt of mortal sin. – This lecture contains testimony from an apostate Vatican II priest, Fr. Thomas Rausch, who says it is a great unknowable mystery as to who goes to hell. That is like a math professor saying that addition is a great unknowable mystery. Aren’t priests supposed to know the mysteries of God that men need to know in order to be saved, which includes knowing what types of dead men are in hell so as to warn living men how to avoid hell? However, Fr. Rausch is quick to tell us what types of people go to heaven, which includes men who worship false gods, practice false religions, or do not believe God exists, which is a denial of the Salvation Dogma that has been infallibly defined by many popes from the birth of the Catholic Church. What is even worse is that this bastard priest puts forward the heretical possibility that hell may not be everlasting and hence all the devils and humans in hell will be released, which is heresy and the denial of a basic dogma. Indeed, Fr. Rausch has attempted to open a wide gate and strange door to heaven that lets every stranger in—pagans, infidels, apostate Jews, Moslems, Protestants, Atheists, and all non-Catholics no matter what they believe. – Catholics must presume that all men who died as non-Catholics or as Catholics in mortal sin are in hell until credible evidence proves they repented and converted before they died. That is the way the Catholic Church treats such men — as not among the faithful departed and forbids Catholics to pray for them. Also available on video (Vlr5).

6-2007 2-25-2015 65 min. Alr0078

On Just Wars, Faith before Race, Purim, and Apostate Antipope Pius XII’s Exploding Body

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Christ first came to save souls by his sacrificial death. But he will come the second time as the conquering King of kings. * Against the heresy that Christians are not allowed to kill for just causes. * Catholic boys and men must be trained up for war if physically capable. * Our bodies have not yet benefited from the redemption. * Cannot have a Catholic kingdom on earth without Catholics. * Nominal Catholics who put race before faith do not have the faith and can never bring about God’s Kingdom on earth. * A good Catholic kingdom punishes and weeds out obstinate evildoers. * Biden pays lip service against the genocide in Gaza, but secretly supports it. One proof is that he keeps sending apostate Israel money and weapons so it can continue its genocide. * When Russia and China destroy Rome and conquer Europe and the Americas, I am going to dance on the roof. * The apostate antipopes betrayed the Cristeros. * Apostate Antipope Pius XII’s exploding body.

2-25-2024 2-25-2024 46 min. Alr0388

On King Charles III’s Coronation and Allegiance to Unbelieving Rulers

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On the grandeur and beauty of the coronation ceremony, which the Anglicans got from the Catholic Church. *Even nominal Christian nations like England have remnants of the glory of the Christian rituals, ceremonies, churches, discipline, and order. Hence the apostate Jews and other rabid anti-Christians hated this ceremony. *Catholics must pledge allegiance to non-Catholic rulers and obey them in all things but sin and things that unjustly threaten their lives. *It is expected and consistent with their faith that only Anglicans should be allowed to hold positions of authority in Anglican nations. The same applies to Catholics in Catholic nations. But now, Democracies have destroyed that consistency and replaced it with secular, utopian nations, which merge all religions into an amorphous blob. For example, London has a Moslem mayor. That would never have been allowed not too long ago. * Catholics would have been better off living in Catholic Ghettos in America under English and Anglican rule than they are today in the USA. *The things that Harry, Charles son, is right about and wrong about. *On Charles’ rebelliousness and his adultery with Camilla and his ill treatment of Diana. Adultery and divorce used to make one incapable of holding an office. Charles’ son William would make a better king. But maybe the coronation changed Charles, and thus he will become less evil. *Catholics can resist and fight against non-Catholic rulers if the rulers try to force them to sin against the faith or morals or if they endanger their lives.

5-7-2023 5-7-2023 73 min. Alr0371

On Miracles, Jesuits, Conversion of Americas, and Other Topics

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The topics discussed here include: * St Patrick's Miracles and his conversion of Ireland * The power of Almighty God * Black Robe movie and the Jesuits * Francis Xavier, the desecration of Catholic places, and the conversion of The Americas * How God inspires you when He chooses * "Good bad" movies * Modern day desecrations * Questioning God's motives and non-judgmentalism * The devil's influences and powers in the final days of the Great Apostasy * Different types of magic and correct terminology * Miracles that converted The Americas * The Jesuit order and other high intelligence apostate groups: "spiritual gangsters" * Confusion and pointlessness of clocks having to be changed * Biblical evidence that Christ is the Son of God.

3-13-2022 3-13-2022 65 min. Alr0343

On Obedience

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This lecture teaches the necessity of obedience for salvation “because it is like the sin of witchcraft, to rebel: and like the crime of idolatry, to refuse to obey.” (1 Kings 15:23) Obedience is one way Catholics put their faith into action. Without it, their faith and devotions are false. Catholics must be obedient to their superiors in all things but sin. And they must be obedient to the law of charity which commands them to do good works to Catholics, first and foremost, and then to non-Catholics. These good works include the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, as well as other good works.

6-2009 6-2009 70 min. Alr0011

On Order and Schedules

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This lecture teaches the necessity of moderation, order, routine, and a daily schedule if Catholics want a hope to be saved. (This audio was previously titled Asr194.)

10-25-2009 7-2017 12 min. Alr0256

On Penance and Mortification

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St. Paul said, “For unto you it is given for Christ, not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him.” (Phili. 1:29) This lecture deals with voluntary mortification, its necessity for salvation and the many ways that Catholics can mortify themselves. Voluntary and involuntary mortification is necessary for salvation, remits the punishment due to remitted sins, protects Catholics from falling into sin, relieves the souls in purgatory when done by Catholics in a state of grace, and helps others. Mortification appeases the wrath of God and makes His mercy available to those who practice it and to those for whom they pray. (This audio was previously titled Asr143.)

8-31-2008 3-10-2016 44 min. Alr0165

On Praying for the Faithful Departed and On Confession

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On who to pray for as faithfully departed. Just because a man is listed by the Church as faithfully departed does not mean he is saved (he could be in hell). Necessity for priests to give sufficient penance for confessed sins. (This audio was previously titled Asr20.)

4-14-2006 10-2016 12 min. Alr0199

On Raising Catholic Children

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This lecture deals with Catholic parents’ obligation to raise their children as good Catholics. That means they must make sure their children are praying, doing penance, and studying the Catholic faith sufficiently—and force them to do so if they are not! If parents are not vigilant in these duties, they are guilty of mortal sins for doing their best to send their children to hell! Catholic parents must put religion first in their home and fill their children with the love of God and His Catholic Church and the Catholic faith. That means they must also display religious items in their homes and also wear religious items on their bodies, not just hidden under clothes but also in public view. (This audio was previously titled Asr192.)

10-11-2009 10-2016 51 min. Alr0195

On Russia and Ukraine, the Christeros, and Wars

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The topics discussed here include: * Ukraine/Russia and choosing sides * Vatican antipopes, freemasons, and their involvement in wars and politics * The Mexican Cristeros and their just war * World War 2 and the history of the Irish/British conflict

3-13-2022 3-13-2022 30 min. Alr0344

On Schools, Solomon's Repentance, England, and Other Topics

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On Colleges that Catholics can attend – On the advantages of Catholic brotherhood – On Solomon’s repentance - There is a war going on down here – On William Norris’s Pub in Ireland - on Anglican England

2-6-2022 2-6-2022 36 min. Alr0341

On the Apostate Dimond Brothers and Canonizations Are Not Infallible

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If Apostate Alphonsus de Liguori is a saint, then the Salvation Dogma is not a dogma but only an opinion or axiom or thesis because Alphonsus taught in his Theologia Moralis that it is possible that certain men, such as Protestants and Talmudic Jews and Moslems, can be saved during the New Covenant era without explicit belief in the Incarnation and Most Holy Trinity. This is more proof that canonizations are not infallible. To get around this dilemma while maintaining their false belief that canonizations are infallible, the apostate Dimonds do not condemn Alphonsus’ teaching as heresy but say he only made a “mistake.” Hence they substitute another word for heresy that downgrades the true nature of the crime from heresy to a non-heretical error. Thus the Dimonds are heretics on this point and yet again deny the very Salvation Dogma they proclaim to uphold. Another hypocrisy of the apostate Dimonds is that they use out of context a quote from John de Lugo to defend their heresy that Catholics are allowed to knowingly pray in communion with notorious heretics and attend Mass at non-Catholic churches. Yet Lugo denied the very Salvation Dogma the Dimonds pretend to uphold. Lugo heretically believed that Moslems and Talmudic Jews can have an implicit faith in Jesus and the Holy Trinity and be inside the Catholic Church and hence in the way of salvation. So much for the heretic Lugo’s credibility! Yet the Dimonds put him on a pedestal of orthodoxy because the apostate Alphonsus Liguori held Lugo and his teachings in high esteem. The Dimonds also prove once again that they are effeminate wimps when it comes to God’s judgments and punishments against men, women, and children. They call me diabolical for saying that I would like to drag Apostate Thomas Aquinas out of hell, put skin on him, peel the skin off him, and then pour vinegar on him. Well, if Thomas Aquinas died as an apostate and hence is in the hell of the damned, then I would be doing him a favor compared to what he suffers in hell from the hand of God. My punishment of Thomas would be like a spring breeze compared to his sufferings in hell. Hence if I were diabolical for wanting to punish the damned apostate Thomas in the way I propose, then God would be even more diabolical for punishing him much worse in the hell of the damned. Consequently, the Dimonds deny the dogma that God tortures men in hell and on earth and thus cast God as the Devil for doing so. (This audio was previously titled Asr150.)

10-19-2008 2-4-2016 49 min. Alr0160

On the Ascension of Jesus and the Evils of the World

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On the Ascension of Jesus. Catholics must desire to go to heaven more than to stay on earth. Apostles’ weak faith in not believing things told to them. Beware of false charity. Must disdain the world and worldly people. (This audio was previously titled Asr27.)

5-25-2006 10-2016 14 min. Alr0201

On the Blessed Virgin Mary, Incarnation, Lucifer, and Other Topics

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This lecture was done on 3/25/2023. The reasons why the Incarnation is the greatest miracle; Lucifer’s fall and the object of his fall; how wonderful it would have been if men had never sinned; the whole world is in the grip of the Devil; very, very few are faithful in the end times; it is heresy to believe homosexuality is not a sin; the necessity of God’s grace to avoid sin and do good; against coveting; adultery is not only a sin of sexual impurity but also sins of infidelity, degradation, and violence; why devils were not given a second chance but humans were; on freewill; only God’s grace can cure mental illness and other spiritual ills, not psychologists, psychiatrists, and pills; men cannot have their own way. They serve either God or the Devil; true brothers are spiritual brothers, those who share the same faith and way of life; Catholics’ ultimate father is God and mother is Mary; you must give God permission to help you overcome your sins; and on the nominal Catholic heresy that men can never stop sinning, which nominal Catholics are told when they confess their sins to these bastard, apostate priests. I am living proof against this heresy because I was unchaste for most of my teen and adult life until I was 40 years old, and now have been chaste for 27 years. So much for the heresy that priests or anyone else cannot be chaste.

3-25-2023 3-25-2023 61 min. Alr0365

On the Borgia Antipope and the Great Apostasy

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God uses illness to keep try your faith, keep you humble, grant you and others graces, and strengthen you will; More men are waking up to the Sedevacantist position; Apostate Antipope Francis I blessed homosexual unions, and he made 22 new anti-cardinals to protect the apostasy; the Borgia movies series is an accurate portrayal and proof of the Great Apostasy. It is backed up by testimonies of many historians, especially Louis Pastor in his work The History of Popes, which has an imprimatur. Do not watch this movie series unless it is censured. You can get the censured version from me; the Great Apostasy had liberals on the left and stoics on the right; as the Great Apostasy progressed, non-judgmentalism and non-punishmentalism also progressed; the three ways to restore the papacy and hierarchy: 1) an apostate antipope converts and removes the anti-cardinals and bishops and put in good Catholic one. 2) God kills all of the anti-cardinals and the anti-pope and raised up a good pope to take his place. 3) God raises up Catholics to oppose the apostates and eventually chooses a pope from among the good Catholics; God tried many times to convert the apostates, but they never ackinlese the root of their problem which is sins against the faith that they were committing. As a result, they could not even overcome their sins of immorality that they wanted to overcome. This is known as the Romans One Curse; The Great Apostasy did not start with the Protestants, it started with the nominal Catholics who created a great scandal and added fuel to Protestantism; No good-willed man will join the Vatican II Church, which gives the true Catholic Church a bad name; the reason the apostate antipopes discouraged the reading of the Bible by the laymen is because if they did the laymen would be able to condemn most of the sins and crimes committed the apostate prelates and priests.

10-8-2023 10-8-2023 42 min. Alr0382

On the Diabolical Curriculum Proposed by Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools Board of Education

[23.5 MB]

The Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools Board of Education, which makes laws for all the public schools in Sierra County, New Mexico, proposed a new school curriculum for Kindergarten to 12th grade which contains the following diabolical things: 1) Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and other sexual perversions (LGBTQ); 2) Critical Race Theory (CRT) , which is anti-Christian and anti-white people because the white races were the main races that brought Christianity to the world; 3) Marxism; 4) Paganism; 5) Witchcraft; 6) Radical feminism, which by default undermines fathers and males: and, 7) The destruction of the traditional family. At the 4/26/2023 meeting, the vote was 2-2. Board President Christy Lafont and Board Member Mark Hedge voted in favor of adopting the curriculum and Board Secretary Jamie Sweeney and Board Member Julie Stroup voted no. Board Vice-President Dr. Barbara Pearlman attended the meeting via Zoom and lost her connection minutes before the vote. Had she been able to vote the motion to adopt this diabolical curriculum would have passed. There was another vote on 5/8/2023 at the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools Board of Education. The events that took place before, during, and after this final vote are listed in this video/audio.

5-20-2023 5-20-2023 100 min. Alr0367

On the Dimond Brothers Immanent Heresy, Apostate Jews, Freemasons, and Other Topics

[23 MB]

When Catholics live with Pagans; Can keep Faith secret but can never deny it; Can be considered Penance; God gives grace to endure – Blessing of Sacramentals Blessings over the Internet; Confessions over the phone/online; Dogma that God Remits of sins without a Catholic Priest – The Dimond Brothers’ Heresies; The heresy of attending mass with non-Catholics; The heresy of receiving sacraments from non-Catholic priests; The Arian heresy that the Divine Essence does not begot and proceed. Catholic Dogmas kept secret – Faith issues and Desecrations in non-Catholic Churches; This is the last 1000 years; God cursed people this last 1000 years; The big Theological shift began in 1100 AD – Blasphemies against Jesus Christ; Sinners and equal rights – Idolisation of Popes; Popes deposed and trialed in the first 1000 years True Church Fathers spoke hard words; Nominal Catholics are Canaanites; Nominal Catholics biggest enemy; Great Apostasy did not begin after anti Pope Pius X – Christian Zionism in Europe; Freemasons are rebuilding the Temple; Good Catholics are spiritual Jews; Race & Religion; God destroys those who are disobedient; Freemasons became popular 1700 AD; Treason and the Death Penalty – Hitler’s Germany; Military funding; Transfer Agreement to Palestine; Nazi’s have no power today so who is messing up the world today; Europe is not blessed – Mess in the world today?; Banks own the world; Sacrifices in the highest levels; Current nominal Christians are wimps; The Nominal Catholic Church” protects abusers; Follow the money – Possession of Israel; Sins against the Faith and immorality; Peace at all costs – Protestantism and Authority; The New Testament; Faith and Deeds; Denial of documented facts; God created the Christian Kingdom – Taboos in authority; The Devil; Rebuke the Devil; UFO’s are of the Devil; Witches and Warlocks; Heaven is outside the Universe; Liars don’t hear the Faith; Dreams and attacks – Everyone is saved heresy; God knew the destination of baby Judas; Pagans on an island; Most men do not accept the Faith; American Indian pagan culture; slavery; corporal and capital punishment; There God of the Old Testament is the same God as the New Testament.

6-11-2023 6-11-2023 99 min. Alr0368

On the Doubting of St. Thomas and the Private-Interpretation Heresy

[6.29 MB]

The Bible verse 2 John 1: 9 teaches that only Catholics worship and believe in the true God. St. Thomas was not the only doubter among the apostles. All the others, except possibly St. John, also doubted just as Thomas did. God used the doubt of Thomas to indict the apostles so that they could see how they behaved a week before and how the women felt when they told the apostles that Jesus rose from the dead and they did not believe. One could imagine the apostles telling St. Thomas that Jesus rose from the dead and Thomas telling them that he does not believe them. The apostles’ doubts are a warning to future Catholics not to doubt dogmas just because they cannot comprehend them. All apparent contradictions in the Bible have a solution. Protestants selectively interpret Bible verses literally by not taking literal the ones that contradict their heresies, such as not taking John 20:21-23 literally when Jesus gave the apostles the power and authority to forgive and retain sins. (This audio was previously titled Asr122.)

3-30-2008 6-18-2016 28 min. Alr0174

On the Dogma of Purgatory

[7.88 MB]

This lecture defends the Catholic dogma on purgatory against those who deny it, such as Protestants. Purgatory is taught in the Old and New Testaments, by Church Tradition as handed down from the original apostles, in prayers offered up in the Masses of the Roman and Eastern Rites and other prayers from the time of the apostles, in inscriptions on the tombs of dead Catholics from the time of the apostles that ask for prayers to be offered up for them, and by miracles in which souls in purgatory ask their brothers in the Church Militant to pray for them and help them in other ways (such as by giving alms or doing penance). The Protestants’ own false bibles prove the dogma of purgatory. (This audio was previously titled Asr154.)

11-9-2008 6-8-2016 34 min. Alr0172

On the Effects of Exorcisms and Grace

[5.4 MB]

This lectures teaches the difference between the effects of exorcism prayers on those who do not know about or desire it and those who desire it. It helps both but in different ways. And it teaches about the kinds of grace and their effects: Assisting graces (temporary and permanent) and sanctifying grace. And it teaches about the necessity of grace to think or do anything good, and how grace goes before a thought or act, during it, and if cooperated with, then after it as a reward for the merit earned.

6-2-2024 6-2-2024 23 min. Alr0391

On the Greatness of St. Anne and the Blessed Virgin Mary

[9.79 MB]

This lecture gives glory to the Good Saint Anne, the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Grandmother of God. She is one of the four greatest creatures that God has ever created. She is our life, our sweetness, our hope, and our salvation. Yes, she is our salvation also because without this faithful and holy Jew there would be no Mary and without Mary there would be no Incarnate Jesus to redeem and save men. That is why Jesus said, “Salvation is of the Jews,” as recorded in John 4:22. Jesus said “of the Jews” meaning several Jews. Hence salvation and the Incarnate Jesus Christ Himself come from faithful Jews, while damnation and the Antichrist come from evil Jews. The faithful Jews who paved the road for the coming of Jesus Christ and gave Him His flesh are minor saviors. Salvation could not be accomplished without the Old Covenant or without the prophets who prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ or without the line of David that gave Jesus His human flesh. However, the act that accomplished salvation was Christ’s death upon the holy cross. The miraculous finding of the relics of Saint Anne by the Holy Emperor St. Charlemagne is one proof of many that the Catholic Church is God’s one and only true Church and that relics of the saints are to be honored and venerated. Only the Catholic Church has true miracles. Only She has the miracles Christ promised from the birth of the Church onward. No Protestant or Schismatic Church has this line of miracles, which is one proof that their supposed miracles are false. If Protestants claim that their supposed miracles are proof their Churches are true, then the Catholic Church got them all beat because only the Catholic Church has a line of almost uncountable miracles from the birth of the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday. Therefore both Churches cannot be true because both profess different beliefs and the Catholic Church, speaking for God, condemns all Protestant and Schismatic Churches as false Churches. Hence God could not give miracles to both. God gives miracles to the Catholic Church, and the Devil gives false miracles or magic and deception to Protestant and Schismatic Churches. In this lecture I give public testimony of the great help the Good Saint Anne gives me, without which I would be an obstinate evildoer and have no hope to be saved. (This audio was previously titled Asr187.)

7-26-2009 9-2017 43 min. Alr0272

On the Holy Eucharist

[4.54 MB]

Fear of losing is rooted in pride – Perfection takes effort and correction – The Holy Eucharist explained for non-Catholics and to edify Catholics. (This audio was previously titled Asr25.)

5-14-2006 8-20-2016 20 min. Alr0187

On the Intercession of the Saints

[7.70 MB]

Thank God for creating His saints and giving them the grace and aid to be saints. And thank the saints for cooperating with God’s grace Under the New Covenant era, only Catholics can be saints. To be saved, all Catholics must strive to be saints Intercession of the saints is necessary for salvation Against the Protestant heresy that saints are not in heaven and that they do not intercede for men on earth. (This audio was previously titled Asr48.)

11-1-2006 11-2016 34 min. Alr0216

On the Holy Rosary

[9.55 MB]

On the necessity of praying the daily Rosary. The Rosary is the Catholic Church’s third most powerful prayer after the Holy Mass and the Divine Office. No one gets to heaven without true devotion to Mary. How to get a Protestant to understand the Catholic Church’s dogmas on Mary. First ask the Protestant if he believes that Mary is the best creature God ever created. Logic dictates that he answer yes. If he answer no, he is of extreme bad will and hence there is no point in proceeding with deeper dogmas about Mary, such as the Immaculate Conception. – On true versus false devotion to Mary and on the multitude of false and blasphemous Marian apparitions and how to detect them. (This audio was previously titled Asr99.)

10-7-2007 6-8-2024 40 min. Alr0176

On the Holy Spirit

[4.14 MB]

On the seven gifts and twelve fruits of the Holy Ghost, which bring true peace and joy and, most importantly, eternal salvation. Only fools who love evil despise the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost. Sadly, most men are fools who love evil and hence do not have true peace and joy and are on the broad road to hell. (This audio was previously titled Asr127.)

5-11-2008 1-2017 18 min. Alr0225

On the Holy Trinity

[6.95 MB]

This lecture teaches about the Catholic dogma of the Most Holy Trinity. It explains how God exists as One God in Three Divine Persons. It refutes the apostates who deny the Holy Trinity by denying one or more Persons of the Holy Trinity. It also refutes the Modalist heretics who believe that Jesus Christ is God but heretically believe that Jesus Christ is the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost all in one; and hence they deny the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. (This audio was previously titled Asr83.)

6-3-2007 1-2017 30 min. Alr0226

On the Feast of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit, and More

[9.14 MB]

Hopefully the Holy Spirit is our nearest and dearest friend – The Holy Spirit creates, sanctifies, and teaches us – New Pentecost a fulfilment of Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments – God’s power, grace, and miracles are needed to convert people – Catholic duty to offer the Holy Spirit to others – Confrontation with apostate Fr. Roca, priest of the Sanctuario de Chimayo in New Mexico – Sacrilegious receptions of Holy Communion. (This audio was previously titled Asr29.)

6-4-2006 2-4-2016 40 min. Alr0161

On the Just Beating of Men, Women, and Children

[38.8 MB]

This lecture deals with corporal punishment, the just beating of men, women, and children. It relates to the unjust persecution of two NFL players, Adrian Peterson, who justly beat his child, and Ray Rice, who justly beat his fiancée. It deals with the difference between beatings that are just and beatings that are unjust and thus true abuse. If children are not justly beaten when they deserve it, then they will grow up as rebellious criminals. If adults are not justly beaten when they deserve it, then public places in society will be full of rebellious criminals, as is the case with the USA and other democracies that are so full of crime and criminals because of the lack of sufficient judgments and punishments. “For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. Persevere under discipline. God dealeth with you as with his sons; for what son is there, whom the father doth not correct? But if you be without chastisement, whereof all are made partakers, then are you bastards, and not sons.” (Heb. 12:6-8) “Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell.” (Prv. 23:13-14) (This audio was previously titled Asr233.)

9-21-2014 9-21-2014 57 min. Alr0104

On the New Epiphany

[5.10 MB]

It will be several years before the one and only God, the Catholic God, manifests Himself to the world in a powerful way. For the final epiphany, the Second Coming, Jesus Christ is given gold, frankincense, and not myrrh, but a sword. He comes not as an infant born to suffer, which myrrh represents, but as a conquering King and Judge to destroy the wicked and burn the earth with fire and to commence the General Judgment, which the sword represents. The whole world lays down their gifts before the Antichrist, even those who think they are giving them to Jesus, such as Protestants, members of the apostate nominal Catholic Church, all the Traditionalist sects, etc. Most of the world is already laying their gifts at the foot of the people, the apostate Jews, who are bringing the main Antichrist to power. Those who believe, as do most nominal Catholics, that apostate Jews can be saved without believing in Jesus Christ lay their gifts at the foot of the Jewish Antichrist, not the true Christ. (This audio was previously titled Asr61.)

6-1-2007 11-2016 22 min. Alr0215

On the Old Testament and Its Saints, Stoicism, Daily Routine, and Other Topics

[11.1 MB]

Brief on Br. Ryan Gott’s trip to Ireland and England; * Against the heresy that the Old Testament saints were not as holy as the New Testament saints; * Against stoicism; * Against the idolization of race; * Why Feminists, Faggots, and Black Radicals are exulted by the Devil in these final days; * Jesus Christ and the Holy Family are white. The pure color of the Hebrew (Israelite, Jewish) race is white; * Against those who deny the papacy because of bad popes and apostate antipopes. They throw out the baby with the bath water, the papacy with bad popes and apostate antipopes; * Importance of a balanced daily schedule. God does not want you praying or studying the faith all the time (24/7). He wants you to do your daily duties, to recreate, and to enjoy the good things he created. Too many spiritual devotions are like smothering God and yourself.

9-3-2023 9-3-2023 48 min. Alr0380

On the Salvation Dogma Book and Other Topics

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This lecture was recorded on 10/23/2022, the 20th Lord's Day after Pentecost. During his stay with the apostate Dimond Brothers of MHFM monastery Brother Richard Ibranyi authored a book in 1997 titled "Outside The Catholic Church There Is No Salvation" which was published by Tan Books. This is a review of that book among other topics, including: * The importance of the Salvation Dogma. * Other articles such as "St. Augustine and Formal Heretics"; "Few Are Saved"; and "Damned Infants" (which refutes apostate Aquinas' heresy that unbaptised infants are united to God in hell) will be included in the updated version of the book. * Discussion on additions and articles that will be in the updated version of the book and how they can be accessed individually. * Only members of the one true Catholic church can be saved and attain heaven is the main point in the book which needs to be understood. * If men don't believe earthly things as in John 3:12, what is the point trying to convince them of heavenly things and the Catholic faith? * The advent of philosophy and scholasticism since the 16th century has attempted to poison the definitive meaning of the Salvation Dogma established by the Church since its first 1000 years. * Any imprimatur book that denies the Salvation Dogma is heretical. * Obstinate deniers and haters of the Catholic faith are placed under a curse by God so that they can not find the truth anymore and go seeking it in false religions. * False religions attempt to blame God for human faults and weaknesses. * Mother Angelica of EWTN took part in anti-Catholic ceremonies and promoted apostasy, EWTN is still under that same evil. * Nominal catholic charities in line with the Vatican are encouraging illegal immigration, human trafficking, and lawlessness. * Any news journalist that reports the truth on big issues such as illegal immigration, human trafficking, or human sacrifice is fired by the mainstream media companies. * The nuclear wars and population plan of the Antichrist. * Aquinas' works combined with philosophy, scholasticism, and false religions is akin to building a church similar to the Tower of Babel.

10-23-2022 10-23-2022 58 min. Alr0357

On the Salvation Dogma, Nominal Catholic churches, Valid Baptisms and Ordinations, and the Sacramental Intention

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Catholic men who will be called to become priests and bishops must study the Catholic faith most diligently, which means first and foremost, study my works and other works regarding the Catholic faith that are on my St. John the Baptist website; * Why everyone, including infants, in these days who are under apostate Antipope Francis are nominal Catholics and thus outside the Catholic Church. The first reason they are out is because of schism. The Salvation Dogma teaches that all who adhere to non-Catholic churches or sects, even infants, are outside the Catholic Church first and foremost for schism; * Invincible ignorance of the Catholic faith cannot save anyone. It cannot give men what they need to be saved, which are knowledge and belief in the Catholic faith; * On the validity but illegality of baptisms and ordinations outside the Catholic Church; * On the interior intention heresy which states that the minister must interiorly intend to confect the sacrament for it to be valid. This heresy began in the 16th century; * Do not continue to try to convert men after they had enough evidence and have not accepted it.

9-3-2023 9-3-2023 71 min. Alr0381

On the Third Edition of The Holy Catholic Bible

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On the content, size, printing, paper weights, and binders.

7-16-2023 7-16-2023 51 min. Alr0376

On the Transfiguration

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On the Transfiguration of Jesus. (This audio was previously titled Asr16.)

3-12-2006 10-2016 5 min. Alr0198

On the True Love of God and Very Few Saved

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True love for God is proved by keeping all of God’s commandments. Of the few Catholics in these Final Days, most will not be saved. Infiltrators will join themselves to the few Catholics in order to try to subvert them either with heresies or immorality. How to weed out heretics. The root of all sin is pride, which manifests itself by not accepting just admonishments. Must cast out from the flock heretics and bad Catholics who are obstinate sinners. God does not hear the prayers of obstinate sinners. Catholics must treat with gentleness mortal sinners who are sincerely trying to overcome their sins. (This audio was previously titled Asr43.)

1-10-2006 3-2017 38 min. Alr0227

On the Witnesses, Russia, China, and Gambling

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Even though we must be prudent and prepare for the reign of the Antichrist by storing up food and other things, that will not be enough. We will need God’s protection, like when he fed the Hebrews in the desert with Manna and meat and gave them whatever they needed to survive and protected them from their enemies. * In these final days, we know God will protect the Two Witnesses and the remnant of Catholics who are under them because God will use them to convert many, to do miracles, and to punish the wicked. But most men in the world will hate them. To be hated by most of the world means the world will know about them and the true Catholic faith. * And when the time comes, many good Catholics will die as martyrs, and there is no better way to die. * Catholics must not only be willing to die for Christ, but also to kill for him. * God does not always destroy the wicked directly but most times requires that his faithful followers destroy them. * The corruption and immorality of the Western Nations, which includes the Americas, is way worse than that of Russia and China. * The only way the USA can be purified is by an external force taking it over. * While Russia and China has been serving the Antichrist to a degree, they will not ultimately follow him. * On good vs. sinful gambling. * Against the stoics. * On the heretical and stoic Council of Elvira in AD 306.

6-25-2023 6-25-2023 41 min. Alr0373

On the Word Hell and Other Topics

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5-29-2022 5-29-2022 20 min. Alr0335

On Torture

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This lecture deals with torture. Torture is not intrinsically evil. If it were, then God would be evil because He tortures people in hell, in purgatory, and on earth. Torture is necessary since men are sinners. God uses torture to punish sinners and to perfect His chosen people. Torture is good and necessary when used correctly and for the right reasons and is evil when used incorrectly and for evil reasons. The two things that determine if torture is just or unjust are the methods used for torture and the reasons for torturing a person. Both of these things must be just or torture would be unjust. This lecture deals with the Catholic Church’s teachings and practices regarding torture so that men may know when torture is just and when it is unjust. There is no nation, no matter how civilized it thinks it is, that does not condone torture in practice even though now a days many verbally speak out against it. When it comes down to the survival of a people or nation, torture is employed if that is what is needed for survival. The survival of our very souls depends on torture, the torture that Jesus Christ underwent to redeem men. This lecture deals with the hypocrisy of the United States in condemning other nations as tyrannical and other peoples as tyrants for using torture while the United States herself uses torture against some of her enemies. (This audio was previously titled Asr103.)

11-11-2007 2-12-2016 41 min. Alr0137

On True Charity

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True charity vs. false charity – Spiritual works first, then corporal works Apostate Mother Teresa’s false charity – The curse of false prosperity. (This audio was previously titled Asr14.)

2-26-2006 11-2016 19 min. Alr0214

On True Humility and a Call to Perfection

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Nominal Catholics who sincerely abjure from all of their apostasies or heresies or schisms and enter the Catholic Church and then confess their sins are the same as the humble and shame-filled sinner who stood in the back of the church and beat his breast and hence obtained forgiveness from God. Those who do not are the same as the prideful and arrogant Pharisee who stood in the front of the church and extolled his innocence and holiness when, in fact, he was a reprobate. Modern heretical theology now gives nominal Catholics, as well as all men, an excuse for every sin they commit by allowing them to believe they are not really guilty when, in fact, they are guilty. And the modern heretical theology of non-judgmentalism does not permit anyone to condemn anything or denounce anyone. Hence everyone infected with these heresies is a self-righteous Pharisee who thinks he is good but is actually evil. Sinners who sincerely repent are not infected with these heresies. They have true humility and hence admit that they were rotten bastards and thank God for being merciful to them by giving them the grace to repent and convert. (This audio was previously titled Asr136.)

7-20-2008 10-2016 37 min. Alr0211

On True Wisdom

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Ecclesiasticus 1: This lecture speaks about true wisdom, where it is found and how to get it. The fear of God is the beginning of true wisdom and the true love of God. Without humility and sorrow for your sins, you cannot have true wisdom. And without patience, you cannot save your soul. (This audio was previously titled Asr129.)

6-1-2008 9-2017 34 min. Alr0273

On Voter Fraud, Cowards, Politics, and Other Topics

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This is in Audio/Video format. Cowards, Black Radicals and Politics [Sub topics 1. God wants you to participate and fight if necessary, not just pray 2. Voting for lesser evil 3. New York riot video 4. Catholics should be involved in politics 5. Many conservatives are too soft on some issues] Dominion Voting machines [Sub topics 1. Couy Griffin's good work and willing to go to prison for a just cause 2. Satan consolidating and centralising power 3. Examples of Dominion fraud, Canary in the Coalmine, 4. Democrats got the ball rolling against voting machines, like Bev Harris' 2005 Documentary 'Hacking Democracy', HBO 2020 documentary 'Kill chain' by Harri Hursti also on hacking machines] The Harlot and other topics [Sub topics 1. The people will revolt 2. The Harlot USA will fall 3. God allows evil doers to punish/kill evil doers 4. Vaccines 5. The mentality of the atheist 6. Utopians 7. Satan's plan 8. Manipulation 9. Don't provoke people, gauge the situation to avoid scandal 10. Future conservative meetings 11. Forrest fires and conspiracy's 12. The curse of false Prosperity 13. Capitalism 14. All men are liars]

6-19-2022 6-19-2022 49 min. Alr0337

On Voting for the Lesser Evil

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(Under Correction)
This lecture explains why Catholics must vote for the lesser of evils. For more information, see RJMI book On Voting for the Lesser Evil

7-24-2016 7-24-2016 34 min. Alr0181

On Working and Against Laziness

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This lecture deals with the great evil of laziness and the necessity of working diligently in order to be saved.

7-2009 7-2009 71 min. Alr0012

One Church, Infallibility, and Mediation

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Audio of RJMI book One Church, Infallibility, and Mediation, published in 2005.

1-2010 1-2010 52 min. Alr0014

Opinions on the Assumption of Mary

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The Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul, however, there are two allowable opinions regarding Mary’s departure: One teaches that Mary died and hence her soul was separated from her body and then reunited, and the other teaches that Mary did not die and hence her soul never left her body. (This audio was previously titled Asr92.)

8-15-2007 5-2018 6 min. Alr0305

Original Sin and Its Effects

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This lecture deals with the root cause of the original sin that Eve committed and then Adam. Eve’s sin mimicked the sin that caused Lucifer to be cast out of heaven. (This audio was previously titled Asr71.)

3-11-2007 5-2017 26 min. Alr0248

Our Lady of Sorrows and the Sign of Contradiction

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This lecture deals with Jesus as a sign of contradiction and stumbling block to sinners and the swords of sorrow that pierced the Blessed Virgin Mary’s heart because of sinners. Men have two choices, either they will sympathize with the pains and sufferings of Jesus and Mary and share in their pains and sufferings by denying themselves and carrying their crosses and be saved or they will not and be damned. (This audio was previously titled Asr111.)

12-30-2007 4-2017 17 min. Alr0243

Political Compromisers, England’s Punishment of Ireland, and Other Topics

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This audio is also in video format. * Absent group members still benefit from the Catholic prayers when they cannot attend services * On Br. Ron Elmy’s death and reaching out to his family * How can a true Church be divided into different sects? * So-called Catholics have become the natural opponents to true Catholicism in the political arena * True Catholics now have more in common with conservative protestants on political opinions * Catholics must not compromise on issues of faith and morals in politics * It is better to lose political office and status than to sell-out on natural law principles such as abortion for political gain * The perils and consequences of compromising on abortion and natural law in politics * Democracy is a fictitious and notoriously inefficient form of government as most people always vote for evil and the demise of their own society * The respect shown by England for their monarchy * African tribal chiefs had their own people sold into slavery to foreign nations. England was the first to oppose slavery, although slavery is not intrinsically evil. * The English civilized Africans under their rule and taught them some Christian values * God used the English to punish Ireland as He used the Egyptians to punish the Israelites in the Old Testament * Some of the Irish submitted to the British yoke as they understood that God was punishing their nation and they co-operated with them * A people in exile or under foreign rule should obey the just laws of their rulers and only oppose them if they make you sin against faith or morals * God always punished faithless or idolatrous nations in the Old Testament * The protestant Irish freedom fighter Wolfe Tone invited the French army to help overthrow the British in 1796 but both their ships were blown off course in gales. Further proof that God was holding the Irish to British rule and was not ready to liberate them * The Jews were placed under the Roman yoke in the Old Testament due to their unfaithfulness to God * History has shown that when people are respectful and co-operative with their oppressors their oppressors reciprocate * The desire for an Irish republic is akin to a desire to be ruled by free-masonry. A Catholic should wish for a Catholic monarchy * Bringing civilisation to a nation should at least lead it away from paganism and down the correct road towards the natural law and ultimately to the one true Church * Indians are now attacking Mexicans, who brought civilisation to them and taught them Christianity * What is happening in the world today, from 1033AD onwards, bears testimony to the 1000 year chaining and unchaining of Satan * The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne was the last great leader and similar to King David * You need to be with true Catholics for protection in these days leading up to the reign of the Antichrist * Conservative protestants are more aware of what is coming in the final days compared to nominal Catholics * Conservative minded teachers are being screened and are not being hired anymore * When the mainstream media vehemently goes after a politician like Trump it is a sure sign he is doing something good * The joy of true conversions

9-25-2022 9-25-2022 89 min. Alr0354

Politicians Bow to the Jews, and Mary Was Married before She Conceived

[2.43 MB]

Both USA presidential candidates, McCain and Obama, worshiped the Beast by adoring the people of the Beast, the apostate Jews and apostate Israel. If they did not do homage to the Beast and lick the dust from the feet of apostate Jews, their political careers would be ruined. – More proof that St. Joseph was married to the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary before the Incarnation. (This audio was previously titled Asr139.)

8-10-2008 3-19-2015 11 min. Alr0124

Pope Gelasius I on Papal Supremacy, Phinees and God's Justice, and Other Topics

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This lecture was recorded on 8/14/2022, the Tenth Lord’s Day after Pentecost. The topics discussed here include: * Pope St. Gelasius I and his first letter regarding papal supremacy and infallibility, the Acacian schism, and only council decrees that deal with faith and morals and are confirmed by the pope are infallible, which is also infallibly taught by the ordinary magisterium. * Last true Church Father was no later than the 600s AD * St. Athanasius was condemned by an invalid Church Council * The Conciliarist heresy promulgates that a pope needs to be in counsel with his bishops before he speaks infallibly which undermines papal supremacy * * St. Phinees The Zealot, the Levite and grandson of Aaron, and his zeal for God's justice * Martyrdom includes being prepared to kill for God as well as dying for him * Soldiers are more apt to convert than others as they know the value of loyalty, obedience, honour, and brotherhood * The Israelites were ordered to kill off the heathens and pagans in the promised land when they reached there, as they would infect their new society with their spiritual fornication * Idolization of infants and God had evil infants killed * Just and unjust killing of infants * Justified seizing of booty from the spoils of war * Moses killed evil infants

8-14-2022 8-14-2022 33 min. Alr0348

Pope St. Leo the Great on Perfection and the Broad Road That Leads to Hell

[10.2 MB]

This lecture consists of Pope Saint Leo the Great’s Sermon No. 49 on Lent, with additional comments by RJMI. This lecture teaches that Catholics who want to be saved must always strive to be perfect and if perfect to increase in justification and diligently maintain the state of perfection, knowing that if they fall from perfection into mortal sin they will end up in hell for all eternity. It also teaches that the rich and poor and the healthy and sick are all tempted but in different ways. Pope Saint Leo the Great teaches that so few are saved that hardly anyone is on the narrow road to heaven. I speak of my journey on that narrow road, which at times I fell off onto the broad road and then came back onto the narrow road. This is how most men convert into the Catholic Church by going forward two steps and falling back one step to the point, hopefully, that they never fall back onto the broad road that leads to damnation. To keep people from thinking about hell and that they are on the broad road to hell, no one speaks of hell anymore, especially among the heretic and apostate priests who call themselves Catholic but are not. Neither do they nor the media speak much of death or show pictures of dead people so men are not reminded that they are going to die one day. (This audio was previously titled Asr205.)

3-17-2010 2-2018 45 min. Alr0287

Pope St. Leo the Great on Several Topics

[4.16 MB]

This lecture consists of Pope Saint Leo the Great’s lecture No. 46 on Lent, with additional comments by RJMI. This great and good pope teaches the dogma that Christ is God and Man and to deny either is heresy. He teaches that the fasts of heretics are worthless and even evil. Unless fasting is accompanied by the love and possession of the full deposit of the Catholic Faith and true charity, it is worthless and can even be evil. The Catholic Faith must come before all else. He condemns philosophy and other wisdoms of the world and exhorts men to long and seek for the true wisdom that is from above, the Catholic Faith as infallibly defined by the Catholic Church. Men go to hell for rebelling against just one of God’s commandments. What you allow or disallow in your own home and other areas of influence is one proof of what is in your heart. That is why good Catholics do not allow bad Catholics to be socially in their presence if possible. This is the only way that Catholics can preserve a holy place that leads to salvation. If they do not cast out non-Catholics and bad Catholics from their intimate living quarters when it is within their power to do so, then they will be preserving an evil place that leads all who live in it to damnation. Bad Catholics in this context are Catholics who are notorious mortal sinners and obstinate in their mortal sins. Catholics who are in mortal sin but truly sorry for their sins and are sincerely trying to repent and amend their lives are not considered bad Catholics in this context. They are on the road to hell but are earnestly trying to get off that road. (This audio was previously titled Asr204.)

3-7-2010 4-2017 18 min. Alr0244

Predestination, Grace, and Free Will

[11.8 MB]

This lecture offers what I believe to be the only and hence true solution to the Grace and Aids dispute. It deals with the mystery of predestination and how it relates to grace and free will. It explains how God first generates souls in His mind before He actually creates them, how God determines which souls are good or bad (of the elect or reprobate), and how God places them in time. It preserves the Catholic dogma that man’s salvation depends first on grace and then the cooperation of his free will with grace. It centers around how God generated and then created His greatest masterpiece, the Immaculate and Ever Virgin Mary. This solution was miraculously given to me on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, 2006, and the following Octave Days with the help of my Catholic brothers.

12-26-2006 12-26-2006 52 min. Alr0008

Preparation for Lent

[4.13 MB]

On the preparation necessary for the season of Lent.

2-19-2006 10-2016 18 min. Alr0193

Preparation for Lent and On Exterior Mortification

[5.34 MB]

Preparation for Lent and on exterior mortification. (This audio was previously titled Asr15.)

2-26-2006 2-24-2012 23 min. Alr0099

Preparation for Martyrdom

[5.33 MB]

This lecture consists of Pope Saint Leo the Great’s Sermon No. 40 on Lent, with comments by RJMI. It mentions how heretic priests (like Fr. Fuino in Newark, New Jersey, who said Mass at St. Lucy’s) reject and despise the spirit of martyrdom. (This audio was previously titled Asr202.)

2-21-2010 7-2017 23 min. Alr0259

Preparation for the Second Coming

[8.30 MB]

Every so-called Christian looks forward to celebrating Jesus Christ’s first coming as an infant to save mankind. But very few look forward to Jesus Christ’s second coming as a conquering King to torment and destroy the wicked, burn up the earth with fire, and save good Catholics. Jesus tells men to always keep His second coming in mind and to expect it when certain signs are fulfilled. People do not like to think about the second coming because they love this world seated in wickedness (1 Jn. 5:19), their flesh, and the Devil more than they love God. If they think that my way of teaching and speaking is rough and full of wrath, you have not seen anything yet—wait until you see Christ roar from heaven against evildoers to destroy them off the face of the earth and send them to eternal hell fire. Men of good will who have listened to my preaching will then thank me for preparing them for such a woeful day full of dread and doom and destruction: “The great day of the Lord is near, it is near and exceeding swift: the voice of the day of the Lord is bitter, the mighty man shall there meet with tribulation. That day is a day of wrath, a day of tribulation and distress, a day of calamity and misery, a day of darkness and obscurity, a day of clouds and whirlwinds.” (Soph. 1:14-15) (This audio was previously titled Asr106.)

12-2-2007 11-2016 36 min. Alr0218

Preparing Your Soul for Lent

[6.68 MB]

This lecture consists of Pope Saint Leo the Great’s Sermon No. 39 on Lent, with comments by RJMI. (This audio was previously titled Asr201.)

2-14-2010 7-2017 29 min. Alr0258

Pro-Homosexual, Anti-Slavery, Black Racist Obama Is Anti-Bible, The

[48.5 MB]

This lecture condemns President Obama for his promotion of homosexuality, anti-slavery, and black racism. It points out the hypocrisy of liberal black pastors who pray with and praise Obama as opposed to the conservative black pastors who correctly condemn Obama. Obama ignores the massive crimes blacks commit while he condemns most white people as racists for the very few crimes that whites commit against blacks, and thus he is a black racist. Good-willed black people know that most of the crimes are committed by blacks, not just black-on-white crimes but also black-on-black crimes. This lecture also teaches that God ordains slavery for just causes and that slaves must not seek to evade slavery by unjust means and before God ordains that they should be freed. This lecture shows that the black slaves in Southern USA were unjustly freed from slavery by the liberal Northerners who placed them in a spiritual slavery—a slavery worse than the physical slavery they were under down south. Instead of being freed from slavery by God and in God’s time, they were “freed” from slavery by Satan and in his time and thus were free to sin with impunity and hence are still slaves, spiritual slaves. It also points out the unjust persecution of the Confederate flag and the hypocrisy of this persecution. The USA flag and Israeli flag unjustly oppress many more people, nations, and races than did the Confederate flag.

6-28-2015 6-28-2015 71 min. Alr0142

Proper Way to Protest an LGBT Parade, The

[83.1 MB]

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, my current hometown, had escaped the plague of LGBT (lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders) parades until this year on 6/16/2018. This was the first year that they dared march in public and flaunt their gross perversions. While we in Mary’s Little Remnant cannot protest all of these parades in the world, we were bound to protest this one because it was encroaching upon our Catholic camp, the only home of the Catholic Church in these Final Days. Not only Catholics but all men of good will who condemn these sins and sinners should protest against these parades or else the plague will continue to spread like wildfire, as it already has. Proper protests can stifle their successes and cause them to lose ground. Hence this lecture, which is a record of our protest, is a guide to others so that they may know the proper way to protest LGBT parades. And it also shows the improper way that the Protestant churches in our town responded. Most did not respond at all (the local apostate nominal Catholic Church was deadly silent); and those that did respond, did so improperly. They did not even call it a protest but simply a “March for Jesus.” And they did not condemn the sins and sinners and call them to conversion and thus condoned them and even ate with them after the parade. Hence they supported the LGBT parade by sins of omission and association. However, they did condemn our protest! This audio is also available on video as Vlr62.

6-29-2018 6-29-2018 121 min. Alr0311

Prophecies about Jesus

[21.9 MB]

This lecture contains some of the prophecies that prove that Jesus is God, Man, and Messias. (This audio was previously titled Asr2, 3, 4, and 5.)

12-25-2005 10-2016 96 min. Alr0196

Racism, Heretical Council of Trent, Family Idolatry, Cults, and other topics

[10.9 MB]

Heresies in the invalid Council of Trent * Faithful Jews and Faithful Gentiles and the differences between race and Faith * Erroneous arguments of the holiest of saints * Racial pride vs true racism * Erroneous attachments and idolizing of family members and friends * Low number of genuine converts as seen in the days of Noah * Ezekiel 14: 14-23 , concerning family members and God's justice and punishments * Character assassinations for following the Faith and using the word “cult” * Fifty children were killed by wild bears for mocking on the prophet Eliseus * People get shocked when the truth is given to them and reject it without looking at the evidence * How Catholics should behave at public meetings * The future MLR political party will be called “The Natural Law Party” * Lack of so-called Christian politicians condemning immorality and homosexuality * The Germans and Nazis lost WWII; So who won? And who is in control today?

7-17-2022 7-17-2022 47 min. Alr0345

Real Holocaust of World War II, The

[24.2 MB]

The real holocaust of World War II was not Germans killing six million Jews in a Holocaust, which never happened, but the unjust killing, raping, and torturing of millions of Germans by the apostate Jews, Freemasons, Soviets, and other Allies—not just near the end of the war when they murdered hundreds of thousands of German citizens but after the war when they raped, tortured, and murdered hundreds of thousands of Germans. My grandfather, grandmother, father, and aunt were personal witnesses of the Soviet atrocities that occurred in Hungary. This is a part of history that has been hidden to make the USA, who pretends to be a lamb but is actually a dragon, and the other Allies look just, righteous, and humane. Hitler’s treatment of prisoners was very humane and according to the Geneva Convention; whereas the opposite was the case regarding the Allies. This lecture can serve as an introduction to the documentary titled Hellstorm, which can be accessed on my website at Politics: Hitler’s Germany.

8-23-2015 8-23-2015 35 min. Alr0147

Reality of Hell, So-Called Jewish Holocaust Nothing Compared to Eternal Hell

[4.79 MB]

More on the existence of hell and its nature. One of hell’s many torments is eternal hell fire, a holocaust that greatly exceeds any earthly holocaust. During the Old Covenant era, God burned and killed evil Jews by fire and then burns them by eternal never-ending fire in the hell of the damned. God destroyed and punished these evil Jews not because of their race but because of their rebellion against Him and His commandments. God similarly punishes fallen-away Catholics and bad Catholics during the New Covenant era. (This audio was previously titled Asr78.)

5-6-2007 5-2018 21 min. Alr0310

Reigns of the Antichrist and the Two Witnesses, The

[8.26 MB]

This lecture and others that follow in this series explain the following major events that take place beginning with the reign of the Antichrist and the reign of the Two Witnesses: the arrest and murder and resurrection of the Two Witnesses, the conversion of Jews, the defeat of Antichrist’s army at Armagedon, and the capture and destruction of the Antichrist followed by total darkness in which the elect are being marked. Hence the period of total darkness is the last chance for men to convert and repent. The next light to light up the earth is Jesus Christ, the true light that enlightens the whole world, when He appears with His army in the heavens. At the face of Christ, the stars fall and burn up the earth, the sun and moon are destroyed, islands sink, mountains crumble, the elect and wicked are gathered in the Valley of Josaphat (Kidron Valley), all the wicked are killed and thrown into hell along with all the devils, and the elect wait on a purified earth for Christ to land on Mount Olivet. The General Judgment then takes place followed by the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven and then the making of a new heaven and a new earth. This lecture explains how the reign of the Antichrist and the reign of the Two Witnesses last for 3 1/2 years and begin and end at the same time. The reign of the Antichrist begins after he destroys the Harlot and reigns in the Temple and demands worldwide adoration. And his reign ends when the Two Witnesses are resurrected. Upon the resurrection of the Witnesses, a great earthquake splits apostate Jerusalem in three parts, destroys a tenth of the city, kills 7000 apostate Jews, converts some Jews, causes the Antichrist and the False Prophet to flee and hide, and causes Antichrist’s army to get defeated at Armagedon (Valley of Josaphat). Available on video (Vlr10). (This audio was previously titled Asr163.)

12-25-2008 12-25-2008 36 min. Alr0056

RJMI at Most Holy Family Monastery

[15.4 MB]

In this audio I, Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi, speak of my time spent with Fredrick (aka Michael) Dimond in Most Holy Family Monastery in Berlin, New Jersey, and then in his monastery in Fillmore, New York. It exposes some of Michael Dimond’s evil ways and hypocrisies and my mortal sins of omission.

7-21-2011 7-21-2011 52 min. Alr0027

RJMI Update 4-12-2015

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This lecture is an update on all the great and good work that God has given us at Mary’s Little Remnant. It speaks of my 2015 Resurrection season lecture titled Conspiracies of the Jews, which as of 4/16/15 is not yet posted. It speaks of my main books that expose the Great Apostasy, two of which still need to be completed and published; that is, The Anti-Church Fathers and the Hellenization of Christianity and Faith before Signs and Wonders. The completed books are Canonizations Are Not Infallible, The Desecration of Catholic Places, and The Great Apostasy. This lecture speaks of the main Catholic items that I am working on: the prayer book, the abjuration forms, the catechism, the Roman Missal, the Catholic Bible, the Roman Martyrology, and the hymn book. In this lecture I did not mention that I am also working on canon law and biblical chronology and the Divine Office. I speak of my ongoing process of correcting my past works. I speak of what non-Catholics must do to enter the Catholic Church and thus be in religious communion with Mary’s Little Remnant. And it speaks of the Final Day conversions.

4-12-2015 4-12-2015 44 min. Alr0128

RJMI Update 7-26-2015

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I speak about Vimeo banning our videos. I am adding two sections to my Hellenization of Christianity book that deals with Scholasticism and other humanists and hence the book is delayed. The new title is The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers, Scholastics, and Other Humanists. I completed a new book titled Apostate Adolf Hitler’s Sins and Non-Sins. It is being edited and will be posted soon, along with my book Woe to You Who Call Evil Good! which has been greatly revised.

7-26-2015 7-26-2015 15 min. Alr0145

RJMI’s Abjuration of 7-2013

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What follows is the Introduction to my abjuration:

“I, Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi, held several heresies that denied basic dogmas and thus was a formal heretic and not Catholic. I originally held these basic dogmas but then denied them because of my mortal sin of human respect for not wanting to condemn so-called popes and so-called saints and because of my mortal sin of allowing myself to be infected and corrupted by heretical so-called papal teachings and decrees, so-called sacred congregation decrees, so-called canon laws, canon law commentaries, catechisms, and theology books. I was also guilty of the mortal sin of presumption for presuming that the apostasy could not have been so great and for so long in spite of the fact that I knew that so-called popes and so-called saints taught and did things that were idolatrous, heretical, immoral, harmful, and contradictory.

The abjuration document is in the “Catholic Forms” menu and the “RJMI Catholic Articles” menu.

7-7-2013 7-26-2013 72 min. Alr0044

RJMI’s Journey into the Church, St. Lucy’s Church, and Other Topics

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This lecture was recorded on 1/1/2023, the Feast Day of the Circumcision of Our Lord.It includes a court room scene from the 'mafia' movie “Find Me Guilty” which references St. Lucy's Church in NJ. The video concludes with imagery from within St. Lucy's revealing the breath-taking finery and beauty of the statues, decor, and artifacts’. The topics discussed here include: * Apostate Judaism’s equal rights and usury. * Merchant of Venice movie explains usury. * Living frugal to avoid usury and debt. * Evils of sinful capitalism * College football play-offs, stadium crowds bring to mind the Machabees wars. * The Book of Machabees synopsis. * Christmas holy week announcements. * Death of ‘The Rat Man’ ie apostate antipope Benedict XVI. * RJMI being taught scholastic nonsensical philosophical babble at college. * RJMI recounts his times and interactions with St Lucy’s Novus Ordo church in NJ, Fr Paul Wickens in the American Legion Hall, Fr Stefano Gobbi’s Marian Movement of Priests, and Malachi Martin: Recounts his reactions to their denial of Catholic Dogmas and other sacrileges. * The influence of the heretical Bayside prophecies and the fake Mary on nominal Catholics. * RJMI video “Fear of The Jews”. * Encounter with the SSPX and condemning their superior Lefebvre. * Journeying through various false traditionalist groups. * Discussion with the CMRI on death-bed conversions and their denial of Catholic dogmas. * The Salvation Dogma book and religious indifferentism. * The seriousness of denying and ignoring the Salvation Dogma. * The only religious group that nominal Catholics now condemn is true Catholics.

1-1-2023 1-1-2023 88 min. Alr0360

Root of the Great Apostasy, The

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The very root of the Great Apostasy is philosophy, mythology, and immorality, all of which entered in among Catholics at the instigation of the so-called popes who were actually apostate antipopes. The so-called Renaissance, which actually began in the 11th century, was the beginning of the re-paganization of the world and the falling away of the Gentile peoples and nations from the Catholic Church in great numbers. Paganism had been dealt a fatal blow in the 1st century when Satan was chained up and Catholicism began to steadily ascend to power in the hearts of men and then in the hearts of nations. But the death wound to paganism was healed one thousand years later in the 11th century when God unleashed Satan from his prison. The very root of the Great Apostasy was the resurrection and exaltation of philosophy, which infected theology and created the scholastic era and thus created a hybrid of the two, which I call Theophilosophy. Hence the theology of the Church Fathers and the Medieval Catholic theologians, which caused the Catholic Church to convert many peoples and nations and ascend to temporal power in the world, was no longer the theology of the Scholastics. This new theology, this scholastic theology, is not theology at all but a mix of philosophy and theology that created a new and evil way of thinking and talking among so-called Catholic theologians. And it is heretical. From the evils of scholasticism came the glorification of the false gods and false religions of mythology. And the resultant effect of these sins against the faith was the Romans One Curse by which Catholics and nominal Catholics fell prey to massive, numerous, and obstinate sins of immorality. These three crimes are depicted in the holy places which are desecrated with images against the faith and morals, which glorify pagan philosophers, pagan gods, and pagan religions and are immoral.

11-22-2007 4-2014 58 min. Alr0006

Rule of Mary's Little Remnant, The

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This lecture contains readings from the RJMI Book "The Rule of Mary's Little Remnant" with added commentaries and information. This lecture is also available in video format.

4-22-2019 4-22-2019 32 min. Alr0318

Sacramentals, Witnessing The Faith And Other Topics

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0:13 - How sickness is a time for reflection, helping brothers, bad advice with good intent; 3:17 - Witnessing the faith; 5:47 - Sacramentals, being ashamed of Christ 15:10 - Stanley and inventing reality; 21:55 - Antichrist and the great apostasy 25:12 - More on sacramentals, witnessing, misplaced fear.

7-10-2022 7-10-2022 34 min. Alr0342

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Pseudo intellectualism, The

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus shows God’s immense love. It shows that the origin of love and faith is in the heart (the will) not the brain (the intellect). All the marks of God’s love for men are shown in the picture of the Sacred Heart. Jesus loves all men, but not all men love Jesus and hence go to hell. If you do not obey all of God’s commandments, you do not love God. Your heart must belong to God, not the world. If you falsely believe God is a tyrant, logic says to get on His good side; if you do, you will find He is not a tyrant, but the most beneficent, good, loving, holy, pure, just, merciful God. If a man loves God as a dog loves his master, he will be saved. A warning to the pseudo-intellects who put the intellect above the will. Faith and love comes from the heart, only then can one use his intellect for good. (This audio was previously titled Asr46.)

10-22-2006 10-2016 40 min. Alr0204

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Pseudo intellectualism, The

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus shows God’s immense love. It shows that the origin of love and faith is in the heart (the will) not the brain (the intellect). All the marks of God’s love for men are shown in the picture of the Sacred Heart. Jesus loves all men, but not all men love Jesus and hence go to hell. If you do not obey all of God’s commandments, you do not love God. Your heart must belong to God, not the world. If you falsely believe God is a tyrant, logic says to get on His good side; if you do, you will find He is not a tyrant, but the most beneficent, good, loving, holy, pure, just, merciful God. If a man loves God as a dog loves his master, he will be saved. A warning to the pseudo-intellects who put the intellect above the will. Faith and love comes from the heart, only then can one use his intellect for good. (This audio was previously titled Asr46.)

10-22-2006 10-2016 40 min. Alr0204

Saint Augustine against Non-Judgmentalism

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In this lecture I read from and comment on St. Augustine’s “A Treatise on Rebuke and Grace” (De Correptione et Gratia) in which he teaches that Catholics are obliged to rebuke sinners and that among the worst sinners who must be rebuked are those who deny the very Catholic obligation of rebuking sinners. They are known to say, “Just pray for the sinner but you have no right to rebuke him.” Hence we see that evil non-judgmentalists were around in the days of St. Augustine but were quickly weeded out by good Catholics like St. Augustine who did not allow them to go undenounced and unpunished. St. Augustine teaches that Catholics cannot even have true charity unless they rebuke sinners according to the severity of their crimes. St. Augustine teaches the twofold necessity of grace and rebuke in order for sinners to repent. (This audio was previously titled Asr183.)

5-3-2009 3-2018 34 min. Alr0301

Saint Cyprian on His Conversion from Paganism

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In this lecture I read from and comment on St. Cyprian’s “Epistle I to Donatus.” St. Cyprian, a Church Father who lived in the 3rd century, speaks of his conversion and how paganism dominated in his day. His description of pagan Rome in the 3rd century is identical to the description of Apostate Rome and nominal Catholic Europe that was re-paganized by the resurrection and glorification of philosophy and mythology and the creation of theophilosophy—all of which led to massive immorality. The Gentile converts returned to their vomit, just as evil Jews did time and time again during the Old Covenant era. This re-paganization of Catholic lands was the beginning of the falling away of the Gentile nations (Catholic Europe) from the Catholic faith which progressed steadily until these final days in which there are only a handful of Catholics left in the world. That is why Jesus said, “The Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Lk. 18:8) (This audio was previously titled Asr181.)

3-22-2009 2-2018 47 min. Alr0293

Saint Cyprian on Jealousy and Envy

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St. Cyprian’s Treatise 10: On Jealousy and Envy. (This audio was previously titled Asr174.)

1-25-2009 2-2018 37 min. Alr0298

Saint Ephrem of Syria’s Hymns on the Blessed Virgin Mary

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This lecture was recorded on 8/15/2022, the Feast of The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother Mary in to Heaven. St. Ephrem lived in the 4th Century AD and wrote a wide variety of hymns, poems, and sermons in verse. The lecture here focuses on his works: Hymn 26; Hymn 18; and Hymn 3. Poetic writings which heavily imply the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, revealing her as Co-Redeemer, and teach that Jesus Christ is not only man but also God. Hence these works also draw on Catholic dogma refuting the great Arian heresy which rejects the divine nature of Christ

8-15-2022 8-15-2022 11 min. Alr0349

Salvation Dogma, Indian Syncretism, and the Destruction of Apostates

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Roman Missal reading: John Chapter 10 teaches the Salvation Dogma. – Apostate Bishop Sheenan’s heresies about the Indian god and the mixing of the Indian religion with Catholicism. – God will destroy the apostates. (This audio was previously titled Asr23.)

4-30-2006 9-2018 23 min. Alr0315

Satan Is the Worst Enemy

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While Talmudic and Zionist Jews are the main and most powerful human enemies of God on earth, they are not the worst and most powerful enemy: Satan and the other fallen angels are. This lecture deals with the existence, abilities, plots, and ways of Satan and the other fallen angels, also known as devils. Satan fools men into believing that he is God or that man is God. God allows Satan to have power over men because men chose to follow Satan instead of God and because God tests His elect. God uses Satan as a minister of His justice. Satan only has as much power as God allows him and can only use that power by God’s permission. Without humans being protected by God, Satan would mangle and destroy humans physically, mentally, and spiritually in an instant and with ease. (This audio was previously titled Asr67.)

2-11-2007 8-2017 54 min. Alr0264

Second Coming of Jesus Christ, The

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A new introduction from 2018 has been added to this lecture. When I gave this speech, I was not Catholic. This speech granted me many actual graces and other helps from God to move me forward on the long, narrow, and hard road into the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, I did condemn and denounce from the rooftops the wickedness of the Vatican II Church and its evil and wicked leaders. This speech proves that we are living in the Final Days in which Vatican City will be destroyed and the Antichrist will soon come to power and then Christ will come the second time to destroy all non-Catholics and bad Catholics and burn up this wicked world by fire. Also available on video (Vlr1b).

4-1996 6-2018 50 min. Alr0031

Seeking God with Your Whole Heart

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Only those who seek God with their whole heart will find Him and have a hope to be saved. You must be willing to overcome every obstacle that stands between you and God. That means a person must be willing to go through hell and high water and bust down steel walls to get to God. Some of these steel walls are idolization of family members, love of money and power, intellectual pride, loving this passing world more than God, etc. Anything that stands between you and God is an idol and will send you to hell. (This audio was previously titled Asr146.)

9-21-2008 6-2017 23 min. Alr0253

Second Coming of the Messias, The

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A new introduction from 2018 has been added to this lecture. This lecture was recorded in Most Holy Family Monastery in Berlin, New Jersey, in 4-1996, several days before my Second Coming of Jesus Christ speech. Also available on video (Vlr1a).

4-1996 6-2018 94 min. Alr0030

Several Topics 11-27-2022

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Advent resolution prayer; Apostate Jews undermined Christmas by present giving; presents do not always equate to love; Mexicans will be easier to convert than USA citizens; the memorization verse on Faith before the Mass; what kind of jobs Catholics can get in this world; hymns at end of Mass prayers; Bruce Gott reads Bible along with our comments; Jesus Christ comes from heaven, not the Anti-Christ; one mind, which means one faith, proves there can only be one Church; Protestants lie like the apostate Jews, but nominal Catholics are the worst liars of all; the denial of the Salvation Dogma is the same as denial of Jesus Christ; the Church on Pentecost Day consisted of only 120 people; I do God’s work ahead of time, and he will reward in his time; Woe to those who disrespect me and thus the work God has given me; You need us (good Catholics), we do not need you (non-Catholics); It comes down to whose god is the most powerful. The Catholic God is and he is the only true God; God will not show his power through nominal Catholics; on false apparitions and false seers, they are afraid of the second coming; The Catholic faith is the only way to tell if a sign and wonders is from God or the Devil; If you think the desecrations in so-called Catholic places are good, then you are an idolater; Because nominal Catholic do not care about the true Catholic faith, God tuned them and children over all kinds of sins and punishments. Bruce Gott hit us with Bible verses.

11-27-2022 11-27-2022 52 min. Alr0359

Sign and Wonder Seekers Put the Mass before the Faith — Like the Apostate Dimond Brothers

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In this lecture I read from my book End Time Signs, and I make additional comments. It refutes sign-and-wonder seekers who do not truly care about the full deposit of the Catholic faith or obeying all of God’s commandments. This reveals the ultimate signs and wonders without which no one can be saved. The Catholic faith is the ultimate sign to test if one is Catholic or not. And the ultimate wonder is that people choose to believe in every false god, false religion, or heresy instead of in the Catholic God, Catholic religion, and all the dogmas of the Catholic Church. For example, it is a wonder that the apostate Dimond brothers attend Mass at a Vatican II church and pray in communion with people who they admit are heretics, such as apostate Antipope Benedict XVI, the heretic priest, and the heretical congregation at St. Josaphat Church in Rochester, New York. If anyone has the means to go to that church on Sunday when the apostate Dimonds attend Mass there, video record them going in and coming out and then interview them. Send the video to me and I will post it on my website. Ask the apostate Dimonds if the church they just attended Mass at is a Catholic church and ask them if the priest is Catholic and if he prays in communion with the apostate Antipope Benedict XVI in the Te igitur prayer of the Mass. And then denounce the apostate Dimonds for praying in communion with these heretics and apostates and attending Mass at a non-Catholic church. One may ask, “What possesses the Dimonds to do such things?” The Devil does because they are heretics themselves on several counts along with the additional mortal sins of hypocrisy and scandal. In this lecture I also speak of how God punished a heretical husband and wife, who adhered to the heretical SSPX, for not believing in Catholic dogmas and for not denouncing heretics after I presented the evidence to them. The wife asked for a sign and tempted God, and God gave them a sign—but not the one they expected. God killed their child a week later! (This audio was previously titled Asr198.).

11-29-2009 3-2017 18 min. Alr0230

Sins of Omission, Confession of Guilt, Secret Sins

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This lecture teaches how a person shares equally in the guilt of another by sins of omission and how most people who are guilty of sins of omission are not even aware of it since they are under the operation of error because of their many unrepented mortal sins. Sins of omission include not admonishing a sinner or not warning a just man when one should. This lecture particularly deals with the sins of omission one commits by knowingly praying in communion with heretics and attending Mass at non-Catholic churches, such as the apostate Dimonds do and tell others to do. (This audio was previously titled Asr118.)

2-10-2008 3-2014 39 min. Alr0098

Sins That Lead to Hell, False Churches, and the Salvation Heresy

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St. Paul teaches what kinds of sins place men on the road to hell, which includes men who believe in Jesus, thus refuting the Protestant heresy of salvation by faith without deeds. Protestant churches defile the land like a plague of boils and each claims to be the true Church of Jesus Christ. Logic alone proves that all of the Protestant religions and churches are false. Protestants who hop from one Protestant church to another do not care about the one Faith that Christ’s true Church, the Catholic Church, professes. Instead, they go to churches that contradict one another regarding matters of faith, which proves that none of these churches can be the pillar and ground of truth mentioned by St. Paul in 1 Timothy 3:15. St. Paul teaches that one of the sins that places men on the road to hell is immodesty. Women who dress immodestly are whores who seduce men in one way or another. The notorious heretic Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange denies the Salvation Dogma, believes humans may be on other planets, and believes that most men are saved. Hence I call him the Deranged Lagrange, just another prideful Thomistic Theophilosopher. (This audio was previously titled Asr141.)

8-17-2008 3-2017 25 min. Alr0231

Sins That Send Men to Hell, The

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Proof that you love God is that you obey all of His commandments. And no one can be saved unless he truly loves God and thus unless he truly obeys all of God’s commandments. Jesus said, “If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” (Mt. 19:17) When men disobey even one of God’s commandments, they sin. This lecture lists a few of the many sins that send men to hell. (This audio was previously titled Asr229.)

9-1-2013 9-1-2013 29 min. Alr0121

SJB Website Updated and Available on Hard Drive

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The Saint John the Baptist Website was updated on 7-2-2010. All the documents are in PDF format with easy access, search, and download capabilities. The menus are uniform. The RJMI Audio lectures and Lectures are easier to access. Certain menus can be printed out as catalogs. And the Mary’s Little Remnant Catalog has been revised and made uniform. The whole website (all the documents, audios, and videos) is available on hard drive. This will be the only way to access the site when it gets banned from the Internet for a certain period of time. Updates can be sent by mail. (For more information, see “Hard Drive and Offline Access of Website” on the “General Information” page on the website.)

7-11-2010 7-11-2010 14 min. Alr0023

Social Media, Against Aquinas and Philosophy & Other Topics

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The pitfalls of promoting the Faith on Twitter and other social media * Trump on the death penalty * Posting of the Profession of Faith and consent form for coming into the Catholic Church on the John the Baptist website * Refuting Thomas Aquinas, philosophy, and scholasticism * Pride and rebellion against just authority * Feminists and effeminate men

7-24-2022 7-24-2022 61 min. Alr0346

Strange Voices, Part 1

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Part one of the evidence against the apostate Second Vatican Council and apostate Antipope John Paul II. Also available on video (Vlr2).

1999 12-9-2011 121 min. Alr0032

Strange Voices, Part 2

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Part two of the evidence against the apostate Second Vatican Council and apostate Antipope John Paul II. Also available on video (Vlr3).

1999 12-9-2011 119 min. Alr0033

St. Judith Was a Figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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St. Judith was a figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

11-27-2022 11-27-2022 29 min. Alr0358

Tea Party and Gypsies, The

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Evil as it is, the Tea Party is the lesser of evils compared to the Democratic and Republican Parties. But even the Tea Party’s politicians compromise their own correct beliefs to get elected, such as Christine O’Donnell, who is running for the Senate in Delaware. At one time she correctly said that a spouse who looks at pornography commits adultery. For upholding the natural law on this point, she was accused of being extreme, which implies that those who look at evil, filthy pornography and commit adultery are not extreme but normal. Hence, extremely evil behavior is now considered normal in this evil Sodom-and-Gomorrah world while virtue is looked upon as extreme and evil. The Prophet Isaias condemns them: “Woe to you that call evil good and good evil.” (Isa. 5:20) But, sad to say, O’Donnell did not hold her ground. She has since recanted in order to get elected by saying that she has matured and no longer holds her former opinion—as if the natural law can either change or be destroyed. Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same thing regarding homosexual unions, which he supported in order to get elected as Governor of California, a homosexual-infested state, the Sodom of Western USA. In order to get elected, President Kennedy did the same thing by holding on to the heresies of religious liberty and separation of the Catholic Church from the State. – The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, finally did one good thing out of a multitude of evil things. He kicked the evil Gypsies out of France and got attacked by the European Union and Community for doing so. Do not let anyone fool you. The Gypsies are not a race but a false religion that practices witchcraft and glorifies stealing and robbing and cheating. I know them well! My father, who is a doctor, had many Gypsy patients, including the king and queen of the Gypsies. They are reprobates of the highest degree! President Sarkozy ought to send the evil Gypsies to the European countries that defend and glorify them. Let the Gypsies live in their countries. This is more proof that God has cursed once Catholic Europe with an invasion of one infidel after another because Europe has not been Catholic for a long time. (This audio was previously titled Asr215.)

9-19-2010 9-30-2016 31 min. Alr0123

The Divine Essence and Incarnation

[13.0 MB]

The lecture deals with the relationship of the one divine essence of God with the Incarnation. While the one divine essence that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share in common are united to a human nature only the divine person of God the Son is united to a human nature. Hence the person of God the Father and the person of God the Holy Spirit are not united to a human nature. Beware of the apostate Dimond Brothers, they are Arian heretics. They hold the heresy that the divine essence does not beget, is not begotten, and does not proceed. They hold several other heresies and are also idolaters.

7-9-2023 7-26-2023 56 min. Alr0374

The Salvation Dogma and Natural Law

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The Salvation Dogma states that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Hence all who die as non-Catholics are damned to the everlasting fires of gehenna. Most men go to gehenna (Mt. 7:14), including most Catholics because only good Catholics are saved; and God tells us only few Catholics will be saved. (Mt. 20:16). The first reason Catholics must believe this is because the Catholic Church has infallibly defined it. * This lecture deals mainly with why the so-called good man who lives by the natural law cannot be saved by the natural law alone. The natural law deals with laws that deal with morals (moral laws) and laws that deal with faith (faith laws). The violation of faith natural laws is infinitely worse than the violation of moral natural laws. Hence a man who keeps the moral natural laws but violates the faith natural laws by worshipping a false god or false religion is guilty of mortal sins against the faith and thus is evil. All men, even those who never heard about the Catholic God, faith, and Church, can reject all false gods and false religions by God’s grace, reason, and the natural law that is in the hearts of all men. As men reject these, God gives them more grace and moves them toward the Catholic Church. But if men do not reject the knowable falsehoods in their false religions and false gods, then they are not only guilty of mortal sins against the faith but are also mortally sinful liars, and as such they can never be saved until they stop lying about the things they can know. “If I have spoken to you earthly things, and you believe not; how will you believe if I shall speak to you heavenly things?” (Jn. 3:12) Hence stop idolizing humans by wanting them all in heaven. Worry about your own soul. If God ever let obstinate evildoers in heaven, then heaven would be gehenna!

6-9-2024 6-9-2024 38 min. Alr0392

The Seven Swords of Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

[16.0 MB]

This lectures deals with the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 1) The Prophecy of Simeon; 2) the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt; 3) The loss of the child Jesus for three days; 4) the meeting with Jesus on the way of the Cross; 5) the crucifixion and death of Jesus; 6) the taking down of Jesus from the Cross; 7) the burial of Jesus. No creature suffered more than Mary regarding the passion of her son, Jesus Christ. It is worse for someone to watch a loved one being tortured than the one being tortured. And the more the love, the more painful is the sorrow to watch it. And because Mary loves God and her son more than any creature can, her pain and suffering was the greatest. It was only by a miracle that she did not die. Hence she is referred to as a martyr and the Queen of the martyrs. * Simeon was a faithful Jew who believed in Jesus without the need of seeing miracles. But Caiphas was an unfaithful Jew who did not believe in Jesus even though he saw many miracles. Here, then, is a perfect example of a good Jew and an evil Jew. * Men are judged by God according to their disposition to his holy Mother Mary. If they do not give her proper honor as the greatest creature God has ever created or ever will create, then they cannot be saved. And if they do not grieve sufficiently for the pain and sorrow she felt during the Passion, then they are heartless bastards and cannot be saved. * Protestants are like Lucifer who did not give Mary proper honor and respect but became jealous and envious of her. * Men must not try to be more or less than what God has made them to be or they will never ultimately be happy. * Herod knew Jesus was the Messias or else he would have not tried to kill him. Herod was power hungry and wanted to be the Messias, hence he was jealous and envious of Jesus. * Just as the Holy Family had to flee to Egypt to escape from Herod, so the Catholic Church is in the desert in New Mexico in these end times, as prophesied in the Book of the Apocalypse. * The main home of the Catholic Church can only be in one place and ruled by one person who teaches the Catholic faith or else there would be schism. * If nominal Catholics and bad Catholics are not sufficiently condemned and punished, then the Catholic Church, which is pure and undefiled, gets a bad name. * The Catholic Church’s purity consists of her deposit of faith, offices, and sacraments, even if there is not one Catholic on earth. * The devotees of the false apparitions of Mary want Mary to come back to earth and live on this wicked earth to take care of all the problems and thus suffer again while they sit in a corner doing nothing. They are cowards who do not want to take up the cross. Mary did her time, and future Catholics must do theirs and thus take up the cross and bear the persecutions that come from preaching the faith, condemning sinners when necessary, and punishing them if possible. True Catholics have the duty and power and protection from God to do all these things.

3-31-2024 3-31-2024 69 min. Alr0389

Things All Catholics Must Do to Be Saved

[5.05 MB]

This lecture was recorded on 08/07/2022, the Ninth Lord’s Day after Pentecost. The topics discussed here include: * The 3 pillars are akin to maintaining a car: Prayer is like fuel to the car; study is like driving the car; penance is like maintenance of the car. * Necessity for Catholics (the faithful and catechumens) to do their daily prayer requirements including the Divine Office Prime and Compline and the other prayers as laid out here * Necessity for Catholics to do their scripture reading schedule and Catholic faith studies * Rules for the wearing and display of Catholic sacramentals * Consequences of not following the Catholic rule.

8-7-2022 8-7-2022 22 min. Alr0347

Thomas Aquinas’ Eternal World Heresy

[18.1 MB]

This lecture deals with Thomas Aquinas’ heretical teaching that God could have created the world eternal, a world that always existed, which would make the world either greater than God or equal to God. This is a denial of the basic dogma that only God has always existed. If anything else always existed, then that thing either came before God and hence would be the only God or is coeternal with God and hence there are two Gods. In 1277 the Bishop of Paris, Stephen Tempier, condemned this as a heresy that was always condemned from the beginning of the Church because it deals with the dogma that only God is infinite. Only God had no beginning and hence always existed. Two Franciscans, Bonaventure and William de la Mare, also condemned Thomas’ opinion as heretical, along with several other of his opinions. - This lecture also deals with the great evil of the scholastic method, which is a mix of philosophy and theology that I call Theophilosophy. It is an evil way of thinking and talking that was invented by pseudo-intellectuals to exalt and idolize their intellects. I call this evil way of talking “garblely-gook.” Theophilosophy is the very root of the Great Apostasy.

3-24-2008 3-24-2008 79 min. Alr0007

Transfiguration Was Proof That Jesus Was Greater than Moses

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The Transfiguration proved Jesus will end the Old Covenant and institute the superior New Covenant and Jesus is superior to Moses and the prophets. (This audio was previously titled Asr38.)

8-6-2006 3-2017 12 min. Alr0235

Transgender Freaks

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From 4/21/15 to 4/25/15 the Jewish-Masonic controlled media in the USA bombarded the public with transgender freaks and presented them in a positive light. Not only are adult males trying to become females and adult females trying to become males, but parents are also trying to change their sons into daughters and daughters into sons—believe it or not! We call these freaks a “he-she” or a “she-he,” or more properly an “it.” This is not just immoral but heretical and blasphemous for pretending that God creates a person to be a male but gives him a female soul, or vice-versa. The real reason this happens is demonic possession in which the devil tempts a man to think and feel like a woman, and vice-versa. And this temptation of the devil is aided by society’s acceptance and promotion of this abomination instead of condemning it from the rooftops and not allowing any person to dare try to change his or her sex. In a good Catholic State, any person who would dare try to change his or her sex gets the death penalty. The intent of the media is to spread this unnatural, immoral, disgusting, revolting, putrid corruption among men. This does not happen by chance but by plan, a plan hatched by the devil, his Antichrist and the apostate Jews with the help of the Freemasons. This is just one more sign, along with homosexuals getting so-called married, that we are living in the Final Days.

4-26-2015 4-26-2015 52 min. Alr0129

True Catholics Are Not Immoral

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The apostate Jews and other enemies of the Catholic Church are using apostate and nominal Catholics to discredit the true Catholic Church. To those of good will, know that the true Catholic Church does not allow gross immorality to run rampant and unchecked and worse—promote it! Apostate and nominal Catholics are under the Romans One Curse, which bears the evil fruit of massive, gross, and unopposed sins of immorality as a punishment from God because they do not have the Catholic faith even though they think they do. This is not new. Most of God’s chosen people during the Old Testament era were evil, and now during the New Covenant era most Catholics were and are evil. During the New Covenant era only Catholics can be saved but only very, very, very few of them will be saved. (This audio was previously titled Asr65.)

1-28-2007 10-2016 19 min. Alr0207

True Charity, Admonishments, and Punctuality

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Even though a Catholic cannot know for sure if he is in a state of grace, except by a special revelation from God, there are certain signs by which a Catholic can know for sure if he is not in a state of grace. A Catholic can know if he is not in a state of grace if he does not have true charity. True charity consists of obeying all of God’s commandments. True charity among Catholics consists of first possessing and professing the full deposit of the Catholic faith and obeying the moral commandments. It also consists of knowing when to bear with one another’s faults and when not to, when to admonish and when not to. It also explains the importance of punctuality. (This audio was previously titled Asr81.)

5-20-2007 12-2016 45 min. Alr0221

True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is Necessary for Salvation

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No one can be saved without true devotion to the true Mary, the Catholic Mary. No one can have God for his Father unless he has the Blessed, Immaculate, and Ever-Virgin Mary as his mother. One cannot even become a catechumen unless he first has true devotion to Mary. Let all non-Catholics take notice to call upon the Catholic Mary in your time of need with a sincere heart. Only then will God begin to open your heart for conversion into the Catholic Church. The power of devotion to Mary was shown to St. Dominic who was told by Mary not to give a subtle sermon to intellectuals, but a simple one in which he explained the Hail Mary and preached the importance of this great prayer, as at that time these intellectuals were progressively putting more faith in human reason than in God and were progressively becoming infected with pride. The holy woman Judith was called the joy and glory of Israel and blessed above all women in her day. So how much more must the Blessed Virgin Mary be called the joy and glory of Israel and blessed above all women that ever were or ever will be. The holy woman Judith destroyed, indeed, a very great enemy of Israel, Holofernes, by cutting off his head and thus delivered Israel. And another holy woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, cut off the head of Satan himself, the root of all evil, by allowing the Messiah to be born in her womb and take on her human nature so that He, Jesus Christ, could redeem men from their sins. Hence the Catholic Mary was the primary creature that God used to assist Him in delivering men from the bondage of Satan and sin, as it was given to Mary to crush the head of Satan with her heel. (Genesis 3:15) How much greater, then, is Mary than Judith! Although true devotion to the Catholic Mary is necessary for salvation, beware of false devotion to the false Mary. Beware of the false, mushy Mary whom false devotees present to the world. With her heel the true Mary crushes the head of the serpent, as well as all obstinate evildoers. The false Mary is a non-judgmentalist who does not condemn all sins nor condemn all false religions and false gods nor denounce or punish all sinners. (This audio was previously titled Asr188.)

8-15-2009 4-2018 45 min. Alr0304

True Meaning of “Ask and You Shall Receive”

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Necessity of asking God in prayer for your wants – The true meaning of “ask and you shall receive.” You must be of good will and even then you do not get everything you ask for. (This audio was previously titled Asr39.)

8-13-2006 1-24-2012 32 min. Alr0126

True Owners of Israel and on the Devil’s Ability to Spy

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Another verse among hundreds that proves one needs faith and deeds to be saved. Only Catholic Jews have the right to live in Israel but not to make it God’s home base. Instead of converting, apostate Jews went to the Devil for help and hence the Devil is their god. More on the abilities, ways, and plots of Satan — Satan’s spy agency far surpasses any human spy agency. (This audio was previously titled Asr68.)

2-18-2007 11-2017 40 min. Alr0280

True Science, the Holy Eucharist, Geocentrism, Creationism

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This lecture teaches what true science is as opposed to false science. There are three levels of true science: divine science, angelic science, and human science. Divine science is known only by God and hence by no creature. Angelic science is known by God and angels and by men in heaven, purgatory, and hell but not by men on earth. Human science is known by God and angels and can be known by all men, including men on earth. True human science honestly addresses all the evidence and admits that there are things above human science that must be accepted by faith alone and thus are unexplainable by human science. False human science does not honestly address the evidence and fabricates false evidence in order to attack and discredit God, the author of true science. The worst of the false scientists are atheists because they do not admit that there are things above human science and hence deny angelic science and divine science. Any scientist who does not admit that there are things human science cannot explain is not a true scientist but is a liar who should not be given any credit among true scientists. Some of God’s truths are explainable by human science and others are not. The truth that the earth is at the center of the universe and immovable can be explained by human science. The Holy Eucharist is a dogma that cannot be explained by human science because it is above human science and hence must be believed by faith alone. Even though some truths appear to contradict human science, they do not contradict science because they are explainable by divine science and some by angelic science. There are two ways a scientist who is a faithful Catholic approaches things that can be explained by human science. If the thing has been defined by the Catholic Church’s solemn or ordinary magisterium, then the Catholic scientist must start with this as the absolute truth and make his science fit the known truth. The Catholic scientist first and foremost believes these truths because the Catholic Church teaches them. His scientific explanations of these truths are mere confirmations of the truth. If the thing has not been infallibly defined by the Catholic Church’s solemn or ordinary magisterium and is explainable by human science, then the Catholic scientist is free to formulate an opinion and try to prove it by science. (This audio was previously titled Asr115.)

1-20-2008 3-2014 59 min. Alr0096

True vs. False Dreams

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This lecture deals with dreams that come from God and dreams that come from the Devil and how to distinguish between them. (This audio was previously titled Asr72.)

3-18-2007 3-2017 35 min. Alr0232

True vs. False Visions

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How to deal with people who have visions – How to discern the spirits – Beware of the Devil who appears as an angel of light. (This audio was previously titled Asr34.)

7-9-2006 11-2016 13 min. Alr0213

Trump and Kari Lake Support Sodomites and Will Norris' Questions to Mike Lindell

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This lecture contains a clip from Mike Lindell’s show The Lindell Report on 2/8/2023. And it contains comments from our Brother William Norris and from myself (RJMI). William Norris had the God-given opportunity to ask Mike three questions. 1) On why was Trump disloyal to Mike, one of his most staunch defenders who running for the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC), by not supporting Mike. Instead, Trump secretly worked to get one of his worse enemies elected, Ronna McDaniel, who is anti-MAGA and a horrible swamp creature. 2) On why Trump does not condemn the Covid 19 vaccine; or, at least, acknowledge that there are some major problems with it; and, 3) On what Mike thought about Trump and Kari Lake supporting and promoting sodomites by hosting a Gay Gala for LGBTQ Republicans (called Log Cabin Republicans) at Trump’s Mar a Lago on 12/15/2023, which should now be called Gomorrah a Lago. When William told Mike about this homo and transgender fest at Mara Lago, Mike pretended that he did not know about it. But he implied that he did know when he said that conservative Christians are turning against Trump. All Mike said is that you did not see him there. But Mike got himself into a bind when he said he would never support anyone who goes against his moral compass, as he was referring to his not supporting pro-choice (pro-abortion) candidates. Well, to be consistent, Mike must no longer support Trump who is pro-homo (pro-LGBTQ), once he sees the evidence, which this lecture contains. We at Mary’s Little Remnant believe Mike has a lot of good will, but on this issue he caved in. And we hope this lecture will get him to stop idolizing Trump so that he calls out Trump when Trump does something grievously wrong. I also give Mike good counsel on how to handle situations like this. I told him you can still support Trump only because he is the lesser evil; but in order to do that, he must call out Trump when he does, says, or promotes something sinful or otherwise wrong, as I did in my lecture The Trump Counter-Revolution and the Rigged System. If Mike does that, then he can still support Trump and not be a hypocrite regarding his moral compass. And I pray that this lecture will help other conservative minded men who are caving in and moving to the left (at least by sins of omission) on how to handle such situations. Lastly, all of the attacks on Trump by his enemies did not do as much damage for his chance to get elected as Trump did to himself. His abominable sodomite party at Gomorrah Lago may have well been his political suicide, as many conservative minded men, especially among the Evangelicals, will not vote for him because they are so disgusted and thus may not look at the long view. Also, if a lesser evil candidate runs against Trump for the Republican presidential candidate, then all truly socially conservative minded Republicans must vote for him. One such candidate may be Ron DeSantis.

2-13-2023 2-13-2023 86 min. Alr0364

Trump Counter-Revolution and the Rigged System, The: Part 1 – The Overview

[87.2 MB]

Recently in the USA, an outsider sneaked under the radar and was elected to be the 45th President of the United States. That outsider was Donald J. Trump. This lecture exposes the hypocrisy of those who have opposed his campaign from the very beginning up until today. It was to be expected that most lefty-liberal Democrats would oppose the more conservative President-elect, but it is a shock and embarrassment that he has also been viciously opposed by several Republicans, as well as by those who claim neutrality, such as the FBI and the CIA. Part of the political split is due to the fact that Donald Trump is not a “Country Club Republican” (aka Republican Freemason). Also, many of his policies endanger the Freemasonic and Talmudic Jewish plans to bring Antichrist to power and destroy the Great Harlot, the United States of America, such as his promises to end the war against Christianity; choose conservative Supreme Court Justices; limit abortion; oppose militant homosexuals and full feminists; create jobs; eliminate unfair trade deals; expel illegal immigrants; oppose the lying, liberal Major Media; support law and order; and to oppose the unjust wars the USA wages in other countries. Unfortunately, Donald Trump does support some plans on Antichrist’s agenda, such as his unfailing support for the Apostate Jews and the Apostate State of Israel, which includes his support for the One-State Solution; his support for non-militant homosexuals (civil unions and certain LGBTQ rights); and his support for half-feminists, limited abortions, immodest women, womanizing, evil rock music, and contraception. However, even though he is bad on these issues, he was way less evil than any other electable candidate in the 2016 presidential election. For more information, see the RJMI book On Voting for the Lesser Evil, and the RJMI article “Catholics Must Vote for Trump in USA’s 2016 Presidential Race.” The second part of this lecture will be given sometime in the future. (This lecture is also available in video.)

12-25-2016 12-25-2016 127 min. Alr0224a

Typical Week of Miracles at MLR

[7.04 MB]

This lecture tells of a typical week at Mary’s Little Ranch in which three miracles occurred:

  • The Miracle of the Organ
  • The Miracle of the Trinity Rock
  • The Miracle of Saint Winefride

(This audio was previously titled Asr214.)

8-29-2010 8-29-2010 27 min. Alr0116

Update 2020

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This lecture is an update on all the different RJMI works during 2020 that have been completed or are in progress. Also available in video format as Vlr66.

4-12-2020 4-12-2020 43 min. Alr0319

Update on My Book “The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers and Scholastics”

[5.59 MB]

This lecture is an update on the progress of my book The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers and Scholastics. Instead of waiting to upload the whole book to my website when the entire work is completed, I will instead be uploading individual chapters as they are completed. When the entire book is finally completed, I will then delete the individual chapters and only leave the entire, completed work on my website.

8-7-2016 8-7-2016 8 min. Alr0186

US General Pace Was Attacked for Condemning Homosexuality

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On 3/13/2007, United States General Pace correctly denounced homosexuality as immoral and got attacked by the Military, Press, and general public. (This audio was previously titled Asr72.)

3-18-2007 3-2017 8 min. Alr0233

USA Defends Israeli Illegal Occupation

[9.08 MB]

This lecture exposes the United States and President Obama’s hypocrisy of defending and promoting Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land. Instead of utterly condemning the illegal occupation, the Harlot, the USA, actually promotes the illegal occupation by not demanding that Israel give back every bit of land it illegally occupies according to the United Nations Protocol 242 and Article 49 of the Geneva Convention. Yet the USA and Israel expect the Palestinians to lay down their arms and stop fighting while their land is illegally occupied. Would not the United States fight against Canada with all her might if Canada illegally occupied Montana! Would the United States be satisfied if Canada just occupied half of Montana! This lecture exposes Israel’s “two steps forward one step backward” ploy in which it goes two steps forward into Palestinian land and then one step backward by giving the Palestinians back half the land they just took. And it also exposes Israel’s “stop and go slowly forward” ploy in which it stops or freezes expansion into Palestinian land and then slowly goes forward. The end result is that Israel continues to increase and expand its illegal occupation of Palestinian land. More proof that the Harlot promotes apostate Israel is that the USA opposed the United Nations’ recent condemnation of Israel for war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza. Judge Richard Goldstone, a Jew and Zionist, conducted the investigation in his capacity as a UN war-crime investigator. And the UN and Goldstone are being persecuted not only by right-wing Jews and the official government of Israel but also by the United States. And for the record, the one true God, the Catholic God, bans the apostate Jews from possessing any part of Israel and thus their occupation of any part of Israel is illegal in the eyes of God. Hence any nation or person that recognizes current-day Israel’s right to exist is an abomination in the eyes of the true God. Therefore, even if Israel gives back the illegally occupied Palestinian land, the Zionists will still be illegally occupying the parts of Israel that they do possess. (This audio was previously titled Asr195.)

11-1-2009 2-6-2016 40 min. Alr0159

USA Feminist Agenda and the Jewish Holocaust Hoax, The

[12.9 MB]

More proof of the feminist agenda militantly foisted upon other nations by the USA and the rest of the Judeo-Masonic conspirators. The main Harlot, the USA, continues to corrupt the world ever more. Brief comment on Christ the King being refused an honarary title in Poland. On the Jewish Holocaust hoax and the hypocrisy of the USA and other Judeo-Masonic nations in not allowing the facts about the Holocaust to be published in their so-called free press. Not only are Holocaust revisionists not allowed to make public their findings in the Judeo-Masonic press organs, they are imprisoned if they even question or doubt the Holocaust in any way. The Jewish Holocaust has become a “sacred” dogma that no one in the Judeo-Masonic world dare even doubt. If anyone does, he is excommunicated and made anathema by the Judeo-Masonic religion. Yet one can deny and blaspheme Jesus Christ, His gospels, His disciples, and His true Catholic Church and be given free press and even be rewarded. (This audio was previously titled Asr63.)

1-14-2007 2-8-2016 56 min. Alr0154

USA Spreads Her Corruptions, the Atomic Bomb, and the Final Destruction of the Harlot

[8.33 MB]

In her ongoing campaign to corrupt the world with feminism, the Harlot (the tyrannical USA) acting though its puppet government in Iraq commanded that 25 percent of the candidates running for office must be women. Democracy is a doctrine of atheism in which man is sovereign and not God. J. Robert Oppenheimer, an apostate Jew and the father of the Atomic Bomb, foretold the possibility of 20 major American cities being blown up by the A Bomb in one night. And acting as a diabolical prophet, Dick Cheney prophesized that during Obama’s presidency major cities in the United States may undergo nuclear attacks in which hundreds of thousands of US citizens will die. No doubt this Freemason knows about the Elders of Zion’s plan to do just that, but Cheney blames it on terrorists and compares it to 911. But those of us who know that 911 was done not by terrorists but by apostate Jews and Freemasons also know that these same forces will blow up major US cities with nuclear weapons and blame it on others, as they did with 911. While President Obama increases God’s wrath against the United States by making the Harlot even more immoral, he will also call down God’s punishment against the USA by making Zionists and their Antichrist angry enough to activate their plans for the destruction of the Harlot because Obama is a dove and not a hawk and hence too sympathetic to the Palestinians and not aggressive enough against the enemies of apostate Israel. There are many schisms among the apostate Jews within the dove and hawk parties. The Jews that are most responsible for bringing the theocracy of the Antichrist to power are religious hawks, Talmudic Jewish hawks. They use the other Jews to accomplish their goals and will dispose of them when they no longer need them. The Russian Oligarchs whom Putin kicked out of Russia are non-religious hawks. While apostate Jews are transferring their assets to China, they are orchestrating the financial downfall of the USA as a preliminary step before they destroy this great Harlot. Larry “the Lizard” Silverstein—one of the master minds behind blowing up the World Trade Centers and Building 7—said that there will be big changes in the next five years because he knows that power was given to the apostate Jews to bring about the financial crash they have been planning for centuries. God is warning the citizens of the United States to repent and convert into the true Catholic Church before it is too late. They can start by rejecting and condemning the greed, materialism, and massive immoralities of capitalism and democracy. The chief Jews who rule the world use democracy to corrupt the nations but do not practice it because they know it is not only false but illogical and a prescription for chaos even in the natural order of things. If you want to have a chance to save your immortal soul and win the battle against the Antichrist, do all in your power to move to New Mexico and be around us few good Catholics who can teach you what you must do to save your soul and win this war, even if by martyrdom—the greatest victory of all. (This audio was previously titled Asr 175.)

2-8-2009 2-8-2009 36 min. Alr0135

Various Topics, No. 1

[14.7 MB]

Operation of error and the veil of darkness How to deal with non-Catholics, including those you must work with – Catholics must only socialize with Catholics – Love of family more than God will send you to hell – When to stop evangelizing a person who is not listening. Also available on video (Vlr42). (This audio was previously titled Asr19.)

4-13-2006 4-13-2006 63 min. Alr0070

Various Topics, No. 2

[14.6 MB]

On Jesus’ great sufferings during the Passion. Any portrayal of Christ’s Passion that does not shock you is not a true depiction of the Passion. Catholics must have the spirit of martyrdom and hence not be afraid of blood and torture. Your flesh will die and the world, as we know it, will be destroyed – Hierarchy of obedience God gives the strength and grace to do your duties joyfully and without complaint – There is a time to pray, work, recreate, do penance, fast, feast, etc. – Moderation in all things – Only God cures spiritual ills and makes you truly joyful, not psychiatrists, psychologists, etc., who only bring down God’s wrath – Against workaholics – To convert, people need to be punished by God to tear them away from the world – Some of my conversion story on how God punished me – On voluntary penances – On when to admonish and when not to – On fasting rules and gluttony. Also available on video (Vlr43). (This audio was previously titled Asr21.)

4-15-2006 4-15-2006 64 min. Alr0071

Various Topics, No. 3

[9.42 MB]

Christ’s resurrection of the Old Testament elect and their being baptized – The apostles’ weak faith in the Resurrection is a warning to Catholics – Do not have a weak faith by disbelieving the End Time signs of the Great Apostasy – In these final days, the Catholic Church has been crucified and buried in the tomb but will rise again Catholics’ preaching duty amidst persecution – Do not socialize with non-Catholics – God only hears the prayers of Catholics and good-willed men – People of good will do convert – Against false charity (discern who is of good will) – Beware of false prophets, like Fr. Grunner, who preach an era of peace in these End Times when men are worthy of nothing but the reign of the Antichrist – Democracy is not a viable form of government in God’s eyes. It is illogical and breeds rebellion. Also available on video (Vlr44). (This audio was previously titled Asr22.)

4-16-2006 4-16-2006 41 min. Alr0072

Various Topics, No. 4

[13.4 MB]

The meaning of the fullness of time in which Christ was born. To be saved, men need to worship the true God, obey all of His commandments, and be redeemed. Christ first taught men by His life, example, and preaching before He redeemed them by His death upon the Holy Cross. Before Christ preached, His life as an infant shows that He loves men, that He is merciful, that most men are evil, that He favors only a few men, that He separates Himself from obstinate sinners, and that the Father draws all good-willed men to Him. Self-professed Catholics who are actually non-Catholic heretics do not know, worship, or adore the true Babe of Bethlehem. One proof is that none of them sufficiently, or even at all, raise their voices on high against all of the false messiahs; that is, all the false religions and false gods and their false promises of salvation or utopia. Most of them even respect these false messiahs. Also available on video (Vlr45). (This audio was previously titled Asr58.)

12-25-2006 12-25-2006 58 min. Alr0073

Various Topics, No. 5

[7.31 MB]

Most men are liars and deceivers, including most of God’s chosen people from the Old and New Testament eras. The worst liars are Jews who started and spread the lie that Christ did not rise from the dead. – The word of God as interpreted by the Catholic Church teaches that few are saved and only a handful are faithful in these latter days of the Great Apostasy; hence almost every person who thinks he is Catholic is not Catholic. Prophecy teaches that all the members of the Vatican II sect and Traditionalist sects are not Catholic even though they think they are. Many of these nominal Catholics mortally sin by omission and implicitly deny the Catholic faith by not professing the faith when they are obliged to. Also available on video (Vlr46). (This audio was previously titled Asr74.)

4-8-2007 4-8-2007 32 min. Alr0074

Various Topics, No. 6

[6.40 MB]

More televised Holocaust lies that replace the Passion of Christ with the Passion of Apostate Jews and turn dead evil Jews into dead good Jews. All Jews are portrayed as good and martyrs by the mere fact that they were killed; however, killing of Gentiles is of no major concern. The same program uses the apostate Vatican II document Nostrae Aetate to deify the Jewish race and Angelo Roncalli (later apostate Antipope John XXIII) as a forerunner in this work who protected and justified evil Jews when he was in Constantinople during World War II. – Christ’s redemption opened up eternal life to men. But men would do well to think that without Christ’s redemption all men were doomed to the pains of eternal hell, to think of the wretched state they were in before Christ made it possible for good-willed men to be saved from this eternal punishment. – Fear only God and nothing of this world. Fear not the gore and persecutions that await good Catholics. Catholics are to be manly and not effeminate. Also available on video (Vlr47). (This audio was previously titled Asr75.)

4-15-2007 4-15-2007 28 min. Alr0075

Various Topics, No. 7

[9.06 MB]

Jesus’ pains and sufferings for the redemption of men’s sins began in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before He was to be crucified. In the Garden Jesus’ sufferings were spiritual and so great that He sweat blood. The first reason Jesus suffered was to redeem men from their sins. Jesus also suffered for the pain He was about to undergo in His natural body and for all the future abuses to His sacramental body in the Holy Eucharist and for all the future attacks from within and without against His mystical body, the Holy Catholic Church. Because Jesus could not suffer before He became man and because He could not suffer after He died on the cross, Jesus took upon Himself all the sufferings for all the sins of men and all the attacks against His Church—past, present, and future, beginning in the Garden and ending with His death upon the cross. So when Catholics say that Jesus suffers every time a man sins, we mean that during His passion Jesus truly did suffer for every sin, which in His foreknowledge He knew would be committed, and not that Jesus is now suffering in heaven. – In the Garden Jesus proved that He delivered Himself up by His own power when He knocked down and paralyzed the guards before He let them arrest Him. This proved to the guards that they could not arrest Jesus unless Jesus Himself allowed it by un-paralyzing them. And the paralyzing of the guards served another purpose, the protection of the apostles. Jesus would not let the guards up unless they promised not to arrest the apostles. – When Jesus told Peter to not take up the sword, He was not condemning the use of the sword but only the use of the sword on that occasion. Hence Jesus was not condemning the just use of capital and corporal punishment. – It was no small thing when Jesus healed Malchus’ ear. This miracle was an act of mercy to Malchus and to the other guards by giving them a reason to repent and turn away from the evil deed they were about to do by arresting Jesus. Also available on video (Vlr48). (This audio was previously titled Asr120.)

3-23-2008 3-23-2008 40 min. Alr0076

Various Topics, No. 8

[35.8 MB]

St. Stephen, King of Hungary, was a killer for Christ, as were Abraham, Moses, Josue, Samuel, David, Judas Machabeus, Constantine, Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, etc. – More proof that the faith must come before the Mass, that Catholics are forbidden to knowingly pray in communion with notorious heretics. – The evil Jews who rebelled against Moses also rebelled against Christ. – Psalm 118 instructs men that they must obey ALL of God’s commandments if they want to be saved and that they need God’s grace and help to do so and that they must cooperate with that grace. It also instructs God’s chosen people, Catholics during the New Covenant era, to learn the faith in order to know what they must believe and what they must obey to be saved. – Confusion and the veil of darkness are curses from God. Hence so-called Catholics who are confused are in a state of damnation. The only way to become unconfused is to learn about the faith from Catholics only. I and the few good Catholics with me are the only ones teaching the full deposit of the faith and how to live by that faith. This is not said out of arrogance but because it is true and so you can have a hope to save your souls by avoiding the many nominal Catholics who are keeping you confused and on the road to perdition. (This audio was previously titled Asr94.)

9-2-2007 52 min. Alr0097

Various Topics, No. 9

[7.5 MB]

Catholics must do good works to be saved – Must diligently do daily duties – On frugality – Do not be afraid of losing – Pride prevents men from correcting their mistakes – Against murmuring. (This audio was previously titled Asr24.)

5-7-2006 3-3-2016 33 min. Alr0163

Various Topics, No. 10

[5.57 MB]

Only God calms the sea (carnal and spiritual) – Must know the reason for tribulations (persecution or punishment) – Carry cross without complaint – Necessity of prayer – How to read the Bible. (This audio was previously titled Asr9.)

1-29-2006 7-30-2016 24 min. Alr0185

Various Topics, No. 11

[8.41 MB]

To miss your daily prayers regularly is a sign that you are in mortal sin. Without sufficient daily prayer, you will not have the grace necessary to prevent you from falling into mortal sin. Another sign that a Catholic is not in a state of grace is if he is not joyful but is melancholy. (This audio was previously titled Asr147.)

9-28-2008 9-30-2016 37 min. Alr0189

Visitation of the Harlot, A

[14.5 MB]

This lecture consists of the reading of RJMI article “A Visitation of the Harlot,” published in September 2001 in RJMI book End Time Signs, with many additional comments not contained in the article.

12-2009 12-2009 63 min. Alr0017

Vocations to the Priesthood, My Journey into the Church, and Apostate Traditionalists

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This lecture was recorded on 08/28/2022, the 12th Lord's Day after Pentecost.. The topics discussed here include: My conversion and his experiences on wanting to become a priest * Encounters with Fr. Gobbi's 'Marian Movement of Priests' * The error of putting priests and the Mass before the Catholic faith * My encounter with the apostate priest Fr. O’Keefe, who turned out to be a thief and a homosexual) and his relationship with the apostate Bishop McKenna and Fr. Bernard * A priest offering Mass who does not have the faith commits the sin of sacrilege and brings down curses, as revealed in Ecclesiasticus 34: 23-24 * Vatican 2 priests are more devious, scheming, and corrupt than street gangsters * Any man who has a real vocation to the priesthood in modern days must defer their calling until such times as God has renewed and re-purified his Catholic Church * Any priest who remains in the Vatican 2 church or the false traditional churches never had any such vocation * False love (lust) vs. true love * The devil is the father of false consolations and spiritual deceit. God does not console anyone who is in the sin and heresy against the Faith and morals * God gives his consolation to Catholics in his time, and in his way * The true love and peace that God provides surpasses human understanding * When times are really bad God calls on his people, as He did with Abraham, out of paganism, and Moses out of Egypt * The false security of numbers when it comes to true Faith, only eight were spared in the times of Noe * A priest should never offer Communion to someone in his church he does not know. The Vatican 2 Church and most Traditionalists offer Communion to anyone who approaches the altar rails * Everyone needs to go back and study the first 1000 years of the Catholic Church to understand the dogmas and traditions that were firmly established before the Great Apostasy and desecrations * As revealed in the Book of Psalms: All men are liars. Either to protect their jobs, reputation, family, social status, or fear of ridicule * Don’t argue with people who are manifestly obstinate in their lies and willful blind to reason * A truth is always a truth and cannot be changed to appease someone's erroneous position

8-28-2022 8-28-2022 50 min. Alr0352

What Apostate Jews Think of Catholicism

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In this lecture I read from and comment on a letter from a Talmudic Jew, Rabbi Moshe Yess. He is a leader of the Lubavitch Chassidic sect of apostate Jews whose home base in the USA is in Brooklyn, NY. This sect blasphemously believes that their dead leader, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, is the messiah and will rise from the dead. In this letter Moshe tells us what apostate Jews really think about Jesus Christ and Catholicism. He tells us that Jesus Christ is a false messiah who deceived the world and that Catholicism is a false religion that likewise deceived the world and hence God is now punishing and destroying the Catholic Church and Catholicism. He revels in the fact that so-called Catholics are turning away from the true teachings of Catholicism and turning to apostate Jews and their teachings (in other words, because they are falling for the big lies told by apostate Jews). Moshe sees the apostasy and chaos among so-called Catholics as proof that the Catholic Church has been spiritually destroyed and only awaits total extinction, while their religion of Talmudic Judaism and their messiah will come to worldwide power. This proves what I have been warning people about, time and time again: the apostate Jews have to present themselves as God’s chosen people and the Antichrist as the true messiah while discrediting God’s true chosen people, Catholics, and the true messiah, Jesus Christ. The apostate Jews are deceiving people by presenting the Catholic Church as an evil entity (like King Nabuchodonosor’s Babylon) that God is using to punish them and that God will destroy in the end when the Jews come to full power under the pretense of being blessed by the true God. The truth is that apostate Jews are cursed by the true God, the Catholic God, who will destroy their Antichrist, False Prophet, and evil kingdom upon the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Christ. Ah, Moshe indeed is fulfilling prophecy, but not the way he thinks. It is he, as well as those who believe like him and support him, who is bringing to power the Antichrist, whom he thinks is the true Christ. (This audio was previously titled Asr91.)

8-12-2007 6-2016 44 min. Alr0175

Why Catholics Must Do Penance

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This lecture teaches Catholics what they must do to make a good Advent, which includes fasting, giving up good things, and mortification and why they must do it. (This audio was previously titled Asr105.)

11-25-2007 8-2017 32 min. Alr0265

When Catholics Must Be Willing to Kill and Die

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There is a time for blessings and a time for curses, a time for peace and a time for war, a time to heal and a time to kill, a time for the Sons of Thunder to hold back their thunder and a time for the two witnesses to unleash the thunder. This lecture teaches when Catholics must be willing to kill and die. (This audio was previously titled Asr124.)

4-13-2008 8-2017 37 min. Alr0267

William Norris Wins an Election

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This lecture was recorded on 1/15/2023, The Second Lord’s Day after Epiphany. Our Br. William George Norris was elected as a Member at Large in the Republican Party of Sierra County. The goal of MLR in politics is to expose the RINOs (Republicans in name only) and try to move the Republicans to the right, as everything is shifting to the left. Our goal is that the Republican party will eventually embrace all of the natural law principles, which all men can know by the law in their heart that God put there; such as by condemning not only homosexual so-called marriages but also homosexuality, transgenderism, drag queens, and all abortions, and work for law that abolish these sinful things. After all, it was not too long ago that all of these things were condemned and banned in the USA. If we fail in shifting the Republican Party to the right and eventually get banned from it or are prevented from having any active participation in it, we will form the Natural Law Party. Men of all religions can belong to it as long as they consent to obey, uphold, and defend the natural law. Will Norris ran on these principles as enunciated in the speech before he was elected. His election proves that there are still a good amount of true social conservatives in red states and red counties whose voice is not being heard by the RINOs and other weak Republicans. These voices are yearning for true justice according to the natural law and not according the sinful laws of the lefty liberals. Even if Republicans do not have a chance of winning, such as in Blue States or Counties, they must still speak the full truth regarding natural law principles as this is how men will learn about the natural laws that they have been hiding in their hearts. If Republicans do not speak up, then their silence places them with the left liberals and that is the only voice men will hear. If Republicans stick to their guns on natural law principles, then the Catholic God will help them and the people will slowly begin to convert away from lefty liberalism to true social conservative values. Hence MLR appeals to all socially conservative minded men, such as conservative Protestants like Caleb Cooper and Deputy Glenn Hamilton. And MLR votes for and favors truly conservative Protestants rather than nominal and apostate Catholics like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice, for they shall have their fill” (Mt. 5:6). Ultimately, full and complete justice can only exist in a Catholic State. One day MLR will control New Mexico or at least a good portion of it. And, no doubt, we will need the power and miracles of the one true God, the Catholic God, to succeed. We will not force people to be Catholic but only that they keep the natural law. Other topics in the lecture include the following: Oaths a Catholic can and cannot take; * Most of the Founding Fathers of the USA were Freemasons or at least Humanists and thus were not even nominal Christians; * Some of our worst enemies are sinful nationalists who place their nations over God and thus are idolaters.

1-15-2023 1-15-2023 52 min. Alr0363

William Norris’ Time with the Dimond Brothers and Journey into the Catholic Church

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This lecture was recorded on 3/6/2022, the First Lord’s Day in Lent. William Norris of Mary's Little Remnant (MLR) in NM discusses his journey from the Novus Ordo Church, into false traditionalism and sedevacantistism, then gives testimony on staying with Bros. Peter and Michael Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery (MHFM) NY, eventually finding the true Catholic faith with MLR in Truth or Consequences New Mexico and moving there to their property.

3-6-2022 3-6-2022 55 min. Alr0351

Worries of the Talmudic Jews

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The Talmudic and Zionist Jews are worried because their plots that have been succeeding seemingly unopposed since the end of World War II are losing some ground. Just this week they broadcast to the Judeo-Masonic world yet another propaganda program titled Anti-Semitism in the Twenty-First Century. As always, these evil Jews lie (as Jesus told us in John 8:44) by calling anyone an anti-Semite racist who opposes and condemns their false religion of Talmudic Judaism or their illegal occupation of Israel or denounces any Jew as evil for his evil beliefs or immoral ways. However, the program is unique because it speaks mostly about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion—something these Jews do not like to do unless they have to, unless many people are beginning to rightly believe that these protocols are true. These protocols reveal the secret plot of these evil Jews to bring to power the Antichrist, who they believe will be the Messiah and King of kings. These Jews are faced with a lose-lose situation: To stop more people from believing, they are forced to publicly discredit these protocols as fraudulent, but in so doing peak the curiosity of people to investigate the protocols for themselves. This is all a great act of mercy by the one and only God, the Catholic God, who for the first time since the end of World War II is exposing to the world the lying plots of the Talmudic and Zionist Jews. This will cause good-willed men to convert and enter the true Catholic Church, not the apostate Vatican II Church, which is an instrument of the Antichrist and his Talmudic Judaism and Masonry. When these Jews see enough people turning against them so as to seriously threaten their plans to bring the Antichrist to power, they will then strike with force and dominate almost the whole world in one day, as prophesied in Apocalypse 17:12. And the evil Jews who are fulfilling this prophecy also speak of it in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and in many other apostate Jewish sources--except they think that good (Jesus Christ) is evil, and that evil (the Antichrist) is good (Isa. 5:20). (This audio was previously titled Asr66.)

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