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Saint John the Baptist

“For our gospel hath not been unto you in word only,
but in power also, and in the Holy Ghost.
For although I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge.”
(1 Thessalonians 1:5; 2 Corinthians 11:6)


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Asr188 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary. 2

Asr183 - Third Sunday after Easter. 3

Asr151 - Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 3

Asr138 - Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 4

Asr121 - Easter Monday. 4

Asr112 - Circumcision. 4

Asr109 - Fourth Sunday in Advent 5

Asr92 - Feast of the Assumption. 5

Asr88 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 5

Asr78 - Fourth Sunday after Easter. 6

Asr77 - Third Sunday after Easter. 6

Asr36 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 6

Asr35 - Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 6

Asr23 - Second Sunday after Easter. 6

Asr17 - Third Sunday in Lent 7

Asr12 - Sexagesima Sunday. 7







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Asr188 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary

[August 15, 2009: 47 min: 10.7 MB]

No one can be saved without true devotion to the true Mary, the Catholic Mary. No one can have God for his Father unless he has the Blessed, Immaculate, and Ever-Virgin Mary as his mother. One cannot even become a catechumen unless he first has true devotion to Mary. Let all non-Catholics take notice to call upon the Catholic Mary in your time of need with a sincere heart. Only then will God begin to open your heart for conversion into the Catholic Church. The power of devotion to Mary was shown to St. Dominic who was told by Mary not to give a subtle sermon to the intellectuals at the University of Paris but a simple one in which he explained the Hail Mary and preached the importance of this great prayer, as at that time these intellectuals were progressively putting more faith in human reason than in God and were progressively becoming infected with pride. The holy woman Judith was called the joy and glory of Israel and blessed above all women in her day. So how much more must the Blessed Virgin Mary be called the joy and glory of Israel and blessed above all women that ever were or ever will be. The holy woman Judith destroyed, indeed, a very great enemy of Israel, Holofernes, by cutting off his head and thus delivered Israel. And another holy woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, cut off the head of Satan himself, the root of all evil, by allowing the Messiah to be born in her womb and take on her human nature so that He, Jesus Christ, could redeem men from their sins. Hence the Catholic Mary was the primary creature that God used to assist Him in delivering men from the bondage of Satan and sin, as it was given to Mary to crush the head of Satan with her heel. (Genesis 3:15) How much greater, then, is Mary than Judith! Although true devotion to the Catholic Mary is necessary for salvation, beware of false devotion to the false Mary. Beware of the false, mushy Mary whom false devotees present to the world. With her heel the true Mary crushes the head of the serpent, as well as all obstinate evildoers. The false Mary is a non-judgmentalist who does not condemn all sins nor condemn all false religions and false gods nor denounce or punish all sinners.  

Asr183 - Third Sunday after Easter

[May 3, 2009: 34 min: 7.79 MB]

In this sermon I read from and comment on St. Augustine’s  A Treatise on Rebuke and Grace” (De Correptione et Gratia) in which he teaches that Catholics are obliged to rebuke sinners and that among the worst sinners who must be rebuked are those who deny the very Catholic obligation of rebuking sinners. They are known to say, “Just pray for the sinner but you have no right to rebuke him.” Hence we see that evil non-judgmentalists were around in the days of St. Augustine but were quickly weeded out by good Catholics like St. Augustine who did not allow them to go undenounced and unpunished. St. Augustine teaches that Catholics cannot even have true charity unless they rebuke sinners according to the severity of their crimes. St. Augustine teaches the twofold necessity of grace and rebuke in order for sinners to repent.


Asr151 - Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

[October 26, 2008: 42 min: 9.68 MB]

This sermon deals with how obstinate sinners do not know they are worthy of being punished by God. Hence they do not know when they are on the eve of a great punishment from God. And when punished, they do not know the real reasons why. And after they are punished, they do their best to forget they were punished at all. St. Peter says that in his day men pretended that God never punished the earth with a flood that killed all but eight people because of the great sins of mankind. And he says they also forgot that God said the next time He will destroy almost every man, woman, and child by burning the heavens and the earth with fire in these final days because of the almost total apostasy of men from God, like in the days of Noe. Till this day, bad and nominal Catholics do not know why God punished them with the Black Plague in the 14th century and the progressive apostasy from that point forward. The real reason is because of Theophilosophy and mythology which was progressively promoted by bad and nominal Catholics, wicked apostate antipopes included. And the apostate Jews until this day do not know why God has been punishing them for more than 2000 years with the loss of the Temple, altar, sacrifices, and active priesthood. The real reason is because they rejected the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and His Catholic Church.

Asr138 - Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

[August 3, 2008: 36 min: 8.15 MB]

The New Covenant not only replaced the Old Covenant but is superior to it, as superior as God is to mere man, as Christ is to Moses. Great and glorious as Moses and the Old Covenant were, Jesus and the New Covenant are infinitely more great and glorious. Not only did Moses know this but gloried in the day when Christ would come and fulfill all the promises and sacrifices of the Old Covenant era and redeem men, as witnessed when Moses spoke with Jesus on Mount Thabor when Jesus was transfigured. Every religious thing Moses did was in anticipation and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant. Moses gave men the law written on tablets of stone and the promise of redemption and eternal life. Christ gave men Himself, the living law in the flesh and the redeemer who redeems men and gives them eternal life. The Old Covenant is referred to as the ministration of death or condemnation because it made men aware of the fact that they were guilty of sin and hence under condemnation and spiritual death, and it taught them what they needed to do in order to benefit from the redemption when it comes. Hence the Old Covenant was glorious indeed for letting men know that they are sinners and need a redeemer and what they must do to benefit from the redemption and be saved. The New Covenant is referred to as the ministration of life because it redeems men and hence remits sins and gives life to souls by sanctifying grace and opens up the gates of heaven to the elect. Hence the New Covenant is also glorious and even more glorious than the Old Covenant because it redeems men and opens the gates of heaven to them. The Jews who rejected Christ turned to Satan for help and formed a new, false religion called Talmudic Judaism, which was specifically created to accommodate their denial of Jesus Christ. Beware, reader, this Judaism is not the true Judaism that was practiced by faithful Jews during the Old Covenant era. It, as well as the Cabbala and Zohar, is a false religion that is based upon paganism and witchcraft.

Asr121 - Easter Monday

[March 24, 2008: 37 min: 8.48 MB]

Continuation of Easter Sunday sermon.

Asr112 - Circumcision

[January 1, 2008: 33 min: 7.61 MB]

The Manger, the House, the Shepherds, and the Wise Men. This sermon deals with the proper sequence of events, as recorded in the Bible and handed down by Catholic tradition, that took place during Jesus’ birth in regards to the time and place the shepherds adored Christ and the time and place the Three Kings adored Christ.

Asr109 - Fourth Sunday in Advent

[December 23, 2007: 57 min: 12.9 MB]

Part of the sermon deals with the correct meaning of St. Paul’s words from 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 about not judging him or others. He means do not judge any men to be saved or in a state of grace because they may be hiding their mortal sins from others or even from themselves. However, he teaches in many other places that a Catholic is obliged to make judgments regarding persons whose sins are manifest by condemning their sins and denouncing them. He teaches that a Catholic must judge others to be in a state of damnation if their deadly sins are manifest but cannot judge if men are in a state of grace. Human respect is one of the main reasons that people become non-judgmentalists. To be saved, men must obey all of God’s commandments. Only Catholics can obey the first three commandments. To be saved, Catholics must become like unto God and they cannot do that by trying to be like unto mere men by respecting and loving mere men more than God. They must seek to imitate God and not men.

Asr92 - Feast of the Assumption

[August 15, 2007: 61 min: 13.8 MB]

It is an infallible dogma that the Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul. However, there are two allowable opinions regarding Mary’s departure: One teaches that Mary died and hence her soul was separated from her body and then reunited, and the other teaches that Mary did not die and hence her soul never left her body. The rest of this sermon teaches about other glorious truths regarding the Blessed and Immaculate Mary’s assumption into heaven.

Asr88 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

[July 15, 2007: 42 min: 9.51 MB]

A reminder that I censure movies, such as The Black Robe, that contain immorality, immodesty, and heresy before others view them. – Living a moral life without the Catholic faith does not save men. – Deathbed conversions are rare and many are insincere. God will make manifest to credible witnesses a sinner’s repentance on his deathbed. When God raises men from the dead, He does so within a short period after they die. It is unnecessary and even odious to God’s order that men be raised from the dead more than a generation after their death into a time in which no one knows them. It is also an error condemned by the ordinary magisterium to believe that God will raise from the dead many men just before or after His Second Coming in order to preach to them and convert them.

Asr78 - Fourth Sunday after Easter

[May 6, 2007: 21 min: 4.86 MB]

More on the existence of hell and its nature. One of hell’s many torments is eternal hell fire, a holocaust that greatly exceeds any earthly holocaust. During the Old Covenant era, God burned and killed evil Jews by fire and then burns them by eternal never-ending fire in the hell of the damned. God destroyed and punished these evil Jews not because of their race but because of their rebellion against Him and His commandments. God similarly punishes fallen-away Catholics and bad Catholics during the New Covenant era.

Asr77 - Third Sunday after Easter

[April 29, 2007: 26 min: 6.05 MB]

Sr. Josefa Menendez describes the nature of hell from first-hand experiences.

Asr36 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

[July 23, 2006: 49 min: 11.1 MB]

Riddles that prove Jesus is God and man: Jesus is David’s Lord and son, and Jesus dies but lives forever Unbelief is in the will and not in the intellect – Wicked people bear bad fruit, and most of them know they are not holy – Fallen-away Catholics who think they are Catholic are the worst evildoers. The worst bad fruit is their denial of the Salvation Dogma, and hence they un-evangelize non-Catholics.

Asr35 - Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

[July 16, 2006: 26 min: 5.97 MB]

God is just: Jews and Moslems once united to fight against Catholics are now fighting one another – USA supports the Beast (Anti-Christ Israel) once again Poverty converts the good willed The reasons Jews believed in Moses are the same reasons they should believe in Jesus (Jn. 9:28-29).

Asr23 - Second Sunday after Easter

[April 30, 2006: 38 min: 5.78 MB]

Roman Missal reading – John Chapter 10 teaches the Salvation Dogma (faith comes only by hearing supernatural revelations) – Apostate Bishop Sheenan’s heresies about the Indian god and the mixing of the Indian religion with Catholicism – God will destroy the apostates.

Asr17 - Third Sunday in Lent

[March 19, 2006: 43 min: 10.0 MB]

Roman Missal reading –The epistle proves the need of faith and works Two Kingdoms: Christ’s and Satan’s – Old Testament Elect’s sins were forgiven but not remitted until they were baptized after Christ’s resurrection. 

Asr12 - Sexagesima Sunday

[February 19, 2006: 34 min: 8.18 MB]

Good Catholics will be persecuted and hated by most men – Edify and help brothers who are persecuted – Follow up on persecution of Rick Gonzalez – To be saved, must be humble and accept admonishment.




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