Iraq Invasion Conspiracy


“After this I beheld in the vision of the night, and lo,
a fourth beast, terrible and wonderful, and exceeding strong,
it had great iron teeth, eating and breaking in pieces, and treading down the rest with its feet:
and it was unlike to the other beasts which I had seen before it, and had ten horns.”
(Daniel 7:7)

The Jew-backed USA is the beast mentioned in Daniel 7:7
that brings the Beast, the Antichrist, to power.
One victim of this iron beast was Iraq,
whom the Jew-backed USA unjustly invaded based upon bold lies!



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Buying the War

Video: HDD – OL (83 min., Vci3)

Bill Moyers Journal


AIPAC and The Israel Lobby

Video: HDD – OL (51 min., Vcz2)

VPRO Tegenlicht (Backlight)


The Influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War

Video: HDD – OL (56 min., Vci2) and The Center for American Progress.  A Robert Greenwald Film


Warning: At the end of this video, the people who did a very good job of exposing the lies surrounding the Iraq Invasion glorify the USA as if this Harlot, who is the major force in corrupting the world and helping bring the Jewish Antichrist to power, is something good when, in fact, the USA is and was very evil from the day of its creation. They need to know that as long as they keep defending the USA and Democracy they are a major cause of the problem and not its solution.

George Galloway vs. US Senate on Iraq Invasion

Video: HDD – OL (4 min., Vci1)

Galloway, George


Conspiracies from the Catholic Perspective: Iraq Invasion

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