Voting Fraud Conspiracy

Voter Fraud Ahead

“Do no Fraud.”
(Mark 10:19)

“[The Antichrist]… shall obtain the kingdom by fraud.”
(Daniel 11:21)


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William Norris and Phillip McCabe Testify on Voter Fraud


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Norris, William George and McCabe, Phillip Frank

(True Catholics and members of Mary’s Little Remnant)

On two occasions (5/24/2022 and 6/21/2022) William Norris and Phillip McCabe testified on Voter Fraud before the Sierra County Commission, NM. On the second occasion, I have the recorded testimony also of Joanna Tighe, Chairman of Sierra County’s Republican Party; Kimberly Edgeman; and Couy Griffin, Founder of Cowboys for Trump.

On Voter Fraud, Cowards, Politics and Other Topics

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The part on voter fraud begins at around 13 minutes.

Absolute Proof

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Lindell, Mike

Hacking America's Computerized Voting Machines

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Lindell, Mike

Frank, the Voice of Free Speech

Mike Lindell before Louisiana Senate Committee

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Lindell, Mike


2000 Mules

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D'Souza, Dinesh

2022 - A documentary film which exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome.

Hacking Democracy

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2006 - Hacking Democracy looks at how votes are counted in the US and the irregularities that occurred during the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. This documentary tracks Bev Harris and Kathleen Wynne of the Black Box Voting election watchdog group, who set out to uncover just how far the electronic voting system can be tampered with.

Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections

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2020 - From directors Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels and Sarah Teale, the team behind HBO’s 2006 Emmy-nominated documentary Hacking Democracy, Kill Chain again follows Finnish hacker and cyber security expert Harri Hursti as he travels across the U.S. and around the world to show how our election systems remain unprotected, with very little accountability or transparency. Hursti’s eye-opening journey is supplemented by candid interviews with key figures in the election security community, as well as cyber experts and U.S. senators from both parties who are fighting to secure the integrity of the vote before November 2020.

Sidney Powell

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Fox News

Who is Couy Griffin?

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Palmer, Ewan

10/25/2021 - Founder of Cowboys for Trump

Couy Griffin convicted of trespassing on Jan. 6 refuses to certify primary

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6/2022 - Couy Griffin against voter fraud.

David Clements before Torrance County Commission

Video: HDD - OL (3 hours, Vcv4)

Clements, David

5/25/2020 - His testimony on Voter Fraud before the Torrance County Commission, Estancia, NM.

Dominion Is Busted

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Moseder, Nick

Standing the Gap

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On election fraud.

USPS Whistleblower

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Project Veritas

11/4/2020 - Michigan USPS Whistleblower Details Directive From Superiors To Back-Date Late Mail-In-Ballots Nov 3.

Michigan GOP-Chair Election Fraud

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Fox News

Ballot Chaser

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Project Veritas

Election Integrity Forum (10/15/22)

Document: HDD&OL (10 pgs., Tm19)

Norris, William

On 10/15/22, William Norris, Nicholas Wurth, and Ryan Gott went to the Sheridan Albuquerque Airport hotel to witness an Election Integrity Forum put on by Audrey Trujillo, the candidate for Secretary of State in New Mexico. The event was moderated by renowned international journalist Lara Logan. It was an all day event from 9-4pm.

Conspiracies from the Catholic Perspective: Voter Fraud

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By Norris, William George



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