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expbul1a  HDD:  Hard Drive
expbul1a  OL:      Online
expbul1a  RJMI:  Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi

Hard Drive and Offline Access of Website

expbul1a In preparation for the day when my website may be banned from the Internet and for all those who do not now have access to the Internet, the complete Saint John the Baptist Website is available on hard drive—all the documents, videos, audios, etc. And the videos will be in the highest possible quality. Because of the size of the video files, you may not have enough space on your internal hard drive to fit the whole website. Hence an external hard drive is the best solution. It is recommended that the external hard drive be at least 2 TB (Terabyte) capacity to fit future additions to the website. We would then periodically update the website by sending you DVD’s, an SD card, or USB Flashdrive. 2 TB external hard drives range from around $75.00 to $150.00. You can either purchase the external hard drive and have us copy the website onto it, or we can purchase the external hard drive at the best price and copy the site onto it and send it to you. We would then charge you for the cost of the external hard drive. The charge for the website on hard drive is $120.00, shipping included. (If you cannot afford it, we can lower the price. And if you are very poor, we will copy the website to your hard drive for free.) When you see HDD – OL next to an item on the website, the HDD accesses the item if you are viewing the website from the hard drive. And the OL accesses the item if you are viewing the website online. Most items do not need the HDD – OL because they will be automatically accessed on either the hard drive or online, depending on how you are viewing the site.

Non-Catholic Items

expbul1a  Items from non-Catholic authors present truthful and credible evidence exposing big lies. However, that does not necessarily mean I approve of everything they say in the works listed or their website in general. Only the Catholic items on my website give the whole picture as to the ultimate reason why things happen.

expbul1a  Sections that need censoring in the online non-Catholic audios and videos are listed from the time these sections start to the time they end. You can turn off your speakers when you come to these sections; and if it is a video, you can also turn off the screen or look the other way. All offline videos and audios that we have on Hard Drive (HDD) have been censored.


expbul1a  You can download an item by right clicking on a sermon’s title and then choosing the “Save Target As…” command from the pop-up menu. Then save the file to desired location.

expbul1a  The web videos are lower quality and can be downloaded for free. The videos are also available in higher quality DVD format. See Mary's Little Remnant Catalog for the current prices.


expbul1a  To order items from the website, see Mary's Little Remnant Catalog.

Firefox Users

expbul1a  If you cannot view my pages, the problem is with your Firefox browser. It can be fixed by this add-on:

Error Reporting

expbul1a  If you think anything on my website needs censoring or correcting, let me know.

expbul1a  If any links are not working, let me know.

expbul1a  The “Movies” page is not yet working.



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