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The Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics
Part 3 of 6: Scholastics and Other Philosophers Idolize Reason
Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi

02:10 Scholastics either deny faith or put reason over faith, brain over heart, intellect over will; 07:53 Good or evil, faith or faithlessness, virtue or vice is in the heart not the intellect; 08:40 Men know by the natural law that faith is over reason and the heart over the brain; 12:48 Culpable ignorance caused by an evil heart; 16:40 God opens the understanding of men who first use their hearts by putting their faith in Him and dogmas; 24:16 Scholastics try to reasonably understand some dogmas that are above human reason; 41:55 Beware of scholastics who say that faith is over reason but actually put reason over faith; 51:12 Jesus promotes devotion to His Sacred Heart, not to His Sacred Brain.

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