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The Hellenization of Christianity by the Scholastics
Part 5 of 6: Brief History of Scholasticism
Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi

0:02:29 – Scholasticism was underground from 4th century to 10th century; 0:04:28 – Scholasticism progressed from 11th century onward; 0:26:48 – In the 13th century Lombard’s Sentences became a standard theology book; 0:33:11 – The opposition to some aspects of scholasticism; 0:39:42 – The corruption of the Dominicans and Franciscans; 1:20:23 – The corruption of the Augustinians; 1:22:56 – The University of Paris; 2:12:55 – The University of Oxford; 2:15:03 – The Babylonian Captivity; 2:17:30 – Apostate antipopes during the Babylonian Captivity promoted Thomism; 2:18:05 – The Black Death; 2:21:30 – The Western Schism; 2:23:19 – Apostate Antipope Eugene IV desecrated St. Peter’s Basilica in 1445; 2:24:29 – Apostate Antipope Pius V proclaimed Aquinas “Doctor of the Universal Church”; 2:24:57 – Apostate Antipope Leo XIII proclaimed Aquinas “Prince and Master of All Scholastics”; 2:25:40 – Apostate Antipope Pius X made studying philosophy and Thomism mandatory for bishops, priests, theologians, and canonists; 2:28:13 – Apostate Antipope Benedict XV and the Code of Canon Law upheld Pius X’s decree; 2:32:06 – From the 11th century onward the glorification of philosophy and mythology, occult practices, immorality, and the desecration of Catholic places made steady progress.

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