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On RJMI’s Position & Authority

See RJMI article RJMI’s Position and Authority.

See RJMI letter On RJMI and Mary’s Little Remnant.

See RJMI letter RJMI’s Authority to Rule Catholics.

See RJMI letter RJMI Is the Sole Ruler of the Catholic Church in these Final Days


On RJMI Works

See RJMI article On RJMI Works.


Rules for Mary’s Little Remnant

See the RJMI book, The Rule of Mary’s Little Remnant.

RJMI Items

expbul1a  RJMI books have their original and current version listed by date. Current versions contain additions or revisions from previous versions. Major additions and revisions are posted in my “What’s New” menu. Some of the original version dates of my earliest works (before 2005) may be inaccurate.

expbul1a  Minor revisions to RJMI books, such as added Bible verses or corrected grammar and spelling, are not posted in the “What’s New” menu and do not warrant an update to the current version of a book.

expbul1a  When I mention a movie that I and other Catholics watch, know that I censor all the movies we watch with a special editing program to remove any immoral, immodest, and heretical or otherwise anti-Catholic scenes. The final product is an edited video that is safe to watch.


See the Archive Menu.



expbul1a  All of the works by Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi (also known as RJMI or Mary's Little Remnant) are copyrighted. I, RJMI, allow you to download my works for free and distribute them to others for free. However, you must not alter or take out of context any of my works. And you must state my full name as the author and my website or business address. (See “Contact Us.”) Any use of my works without abiding by these terms is unlawful in the eyes of the State and most importantly in the eyes of God.

General Information

See the General Information menu.

Contact Us


expbul1a  Address:

Mary's Little Remnant

302 East Joffre Street

Truth or Consequences (TorC), NM 87901-2878


expbul1a  Website:


expbul1a  Emails: sometimes I do not get messages sent to this address. If not, then use this address



Mary's Little Remnant

302 East Joffre St.
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 87901-2878


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