Evolution Conspiracy

“And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth:
and breathed into his face the breath of life,
and man became a living soul.”
(Genesis 2:7)



God tells mankind that He made Adam from the slime of the earth and therefore not from another form of life! This doctrine, known as Creationism, was taught by the unanimous consensus of the Church Fathers and hence is part of the Catholic Church’s ordinary magisterium and thus is known with certainty to be a truth revealed by God. This is a test.

Apostate Jews lie to mankind by spreading the lie that Adam came from a monkey: “We [The Elders of Zion] have spread the spirit of revolution and false liberalism among the nations … We have been leading many of them so far as to convert them into atheists and, even more, to glorify themselves for descending from the monkey (Darwinism). We have given them new theories, impossible to be performed, as Communism, Socialism and Anarchism, which are now serving our purposes... The stupid gentiles have accepted them with great enthusiasm without noticing that these theories are ours and that they are our most powerful instruments against themselves.” (The Catholic Gazette, “The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church,” 1936, quoting the Elders of Zion)

RJMI tells mankind, Do not let the apostate Jews make a monkey out of you!




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Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

Video: HDDOL (67 min., Vce1)

Illustra Media


Against Intellectual Evolution and False Prosperity

Audio: HDD&OL (54 min., Alr86)


Org. ver. 9-16-2007; Cur. ver. 3-2014

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On Conspiracies

Audio: HDD&OL (46 min., Alr149)



See 33:30: Click here for lecture description.

The Death of Evolution

Book: (204 pgs., Ceb1)

Johnston, Wallace


Evolution Hoax Exposed

Book: (104 pgs., Ceb2)

Field, A. N.


Institute for Creations Research

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