The Holocaust Conspiracy




The Holocaust of Jews during World War II is a Big Lie!
This fable replaced the Passion of Christ as the number one crime of humanity. It deified and enriched apostate Jews. This fairy tale, told by Jewish fairies, is one of their main weapons in bringing their apostate Jewish Antichrist to power by silencing and penalizing anyone who dares call an evil Jew an evil Jew or
exposes their evil plots against the one and only true Christ—The Catholic Christ!



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Apostate SSPX Bows to Vatican II Church and Apostate Jews

 Video: HDDOL (50 min., Vlr21)

Audio: HDD&OL (47 min., Alr9)



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Auschwitz: The Surprising Hidden Truth

Video: HDDOL (50 min., Vch7)

Irebodd, Dean


This documentary shows how the buildings at Auschwitz where the so-called Holocaust of Jews took place could not have been used for that purpose.

Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil

Video:  HDDOL (132 min., Vch6)


Irebodd, Dean


This video exposes the lying methods of the USA Government in propagating the Holocaust lie and other lies about Germans and German so-called atrocities during World War II. It exposes the hypocrisies and lies that took place during the Nuremberg Trial of German so-called criminals, which was no trial at all but a Kangaroo Court. The real criminals were the USA and her Judeo-Masonic allies. This video shows the real reasons inmates in German prisons near the end of the war were starving. It was not because the Germans wanted to starve them but because of typhus and a lack of food, as even German soldiers and citizens were starving.

Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 2

Video: HDDOL (181 min., Vlr50b)

Audio: HDD&OL (177 min., Alr130b)



Video Part 2: See 01:04:52 – Their lies about the “Holocaust”; 01:05:00 – They replaced the Passion of Christ and the Holy Mass with the “Holocaust”; 01:10:10 – Their lie that Hitler wanted to exterminate all the Jews; 01:10:39 – Hitler’s Final Solution was emigration not extermination; 01:23:17 – Hitler favored baptized Jews in the Third Reich; 01:30:06 – Why so many Jewish “survivors”?; 01:36:53 – Humane conditions in German-controlled prison camps; 01:43:45 – The “Holocaust” was not practical or possible; 01:46:56– No bodies or human ashes found in Treblinka; 01:50:11 – Jews & Gentiles starved from food shortages in the Third Reich; 01:55:40 – There were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz; 02:05:26 – Buchenwald Hoax: Tattooed skin, shrunken heads, psychological warfare; 02:18:39 – Jews brainwash Jews with Holocaust lies.

The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History

Video: HDDOL (68 min., Vph2)

Irving, David

c. 1995

The Holocaust Exposed

Video: HDDOL (36 min., Vph10)

Anderson, Stephen


Judea Declares War on Germany

Video: HDDOL (72 min., Vch2)

Toben, Dr. Frederick

c. 2004

The Last Days of the Big Lie

Video: HDDOL (125 min., Vch9)

Hunt, Eric


This documentary exposes Steven Spielberg’s “The Last Days” as a litany of lying “witnesses” of the phony holocaust.

Off Your Knees, Germany!

Video: HDDOL (92 min., Vch8)

Soaring Eagles Studios

c. 2011

This documentary shows how the Judeo-Masonic controlled governments in Canada, the United States, Germany, Israel, and elsewhere persecuted, kidnapped, and imprisoned Ernst Zündel because he publicly and zealously told the truth about the Holocaust Hoax.

One Third of the Holocaust

Video: HDD [Pt 1, Pt 2] – OL [Pt 1, Pt 2] (248 min., Vch5)

Irebodd, Dean


This documentary explains how the German wartime camps at Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec were not death camps, as is usually claimed. It thereby debunks one third of the Holocaust.

Strange Voices: Part 2

Video: HDDOL (119 min., Vlr3)

Audio: HDD&OL (119 min., Alr33)



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Starts at 59:31 into the lecture.

Treblinka Was No Extermination Camp

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vch4)

Toben, Dr. Frederick

c. 2007

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

Video: HDDOL (62 min., Vch1)

Cole, David


Truth in History – The Holocaust Lie

Video: HDDOL (114 min., Vch3)

Irving, David

c. 1995

Various Topics, No. 6

Video: HDDOL (29 min., Vlr47)

Audio: HDD&OL (28 min., Alr75)



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On Conspiracies

Audio: HDD&OL (46 min., Alr149)



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The Real Holocaust of World War II

Audio: HDD&OL (35 min., Alr147)



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Reality of Hell, So-Called Jewish Holocaust Nothing Compared to Eternal Hell

Audio: HDD&OL (21 min., Alr310)



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The USA Feminist Agenda and the Jewish Holocaust Hoax

Audio: HDD&OL (57 min., Alr154)



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Against Fr. Brian Harrison

Book: HDD&OL (72 pgs., Rr19)



See “You replaced Christ with the Apostate Jews.”

Apostate Hitler’s Sins and Non-Sins

Book: HDD&OL (119 pgs., Br64)



See “His Final Solution for apostate Jews was emigration not extermination” and “Neither Hitler nor anyone else in Germany carried out a Holocaust of Jews.”

Book of Evidence

Book: HDD&OL (169 pgs., Br1)



See “Holocaust Hoax Justifies Antichrist Israel.”

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

Book: HDD&OL (507 pgs., Chb2)

Butz, Prof. Arthur R.


Woe to You Who Call Evil Good!

Book: HDD&OL (76 pgs., Br28)



See “Christ’s Passion replaced by the apostate Jews’ “Passion.”

Conspiracies from the Catholic Prospective: Holocaust

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Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

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