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Apostate Hitler’s Sins and Non-Sins


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A List of the Good and Bad Things Hitler Believed In and Did

Document: HDD&OL (4 pgs., Tr94)



Two Rabbis Tell the Truth about Hitler

Video: HDD&OL (6 min., Vcl8)

Compiled by MLR


Conspiracies of the Jews


Part 1: HDDOL (111 min., Vlr50a)

Part 2: HDDOL (181 min., Vlr50b)


Part 1: HDD&OL (108 min., Alr130a)

Part 2: HDD&OL (177 min., Alr130b)



Video Part 1: See 00:09:56 – The super-racism of the Protocols & Talmud; 00:23:33 – Hitler’s sins.

Video Part 2: See 01:04:52 – Their lies about the “Holocaust”; 01:05:00 – They replaced the Passion of Christ and the Holy Mass with the “Holocaust”; 01:10:10 – Their lie that Hitler wanted to exterminate all the Jews; 01:10:39 – Hitler’s Final Solution was emigration not extermination; 01:23:17 – Hitler favored baptized Jews in the Third Reich; 01:30:06 – Why so many Jewish “survivors”?; 01:36:53 – Humane conditions in German-controlled prison camps; 01:43:45 – The “Holocaust” was not practical or possible; 01:46:56– No bodies or human ashes found in Treblinka; 01:50:11 – Jews & Gentiles starved from food shortages in the Third Reich; 01:55:40 – There were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz; 02:05:26 – Buchenwald Hoax: Tattooed skin, shrunken heads, psychological warfare; 02:18:39 – Jews brainwash Jews with Holocaust lies.

The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History

Video: HDDOL (68 min., Vph2)

Irving, David

c. 1995

The Greatest Story Never Told
(available soon)


Disc 1: HDD – OL (82 min., Vph3a)

Disc 2: HDD – OL (83 min., Vph3b)

Disc 3: HDD – OL (86 min., Vph3c)

Disc 4: HDD – OL (76 min., Vph3d)

Wise, Dennis



Video: HDDOL (90 min., Vph4)

Hunt, Kyle

(Renegade Films)


Hitler Closed Down Masonic/Occult Organizations

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vph6)

Wise, Dennis


The Hitler Speech They Don’t Want You to Hear

Video: HDDOL (20 min., Vph5)

Hitler, Adolf


Winston Churchill's Warmongering Responsible for WW2

Video: HDDOL (8 min., Vph1)

Irving, David

c. 1980’s and 1995

WW2: Who Was Responsible Really?
Video: HDDOL (97 min., Vph7)

Geyer, Alphart


The Real Holocaust of World War II

Audio: HDD&OL (35 min., Alr147)



Click here for lecture description.

Zionists Needed Both World Wars

Audio: HDD&OL (47 min., Acz1)                  

Freedman, Benjamin


Benjamin Harrison Freedman (1890-1984) was a high-ranking Zionist Jew who became a so-called Catholic convert. Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman speaks at the Willard Hotel, Washington, DC.

Apostate Hitler’s Sins and Non-Sins

Book: HDD&OL (119 pgs., Br64)



This 119-page book gives evidence of apostate Hitler’s mortal sins of idolatry, heresy, and schism. This book also shows that most of the sins Hitler was accused of committing were not sins at all but good things; and some of the real sins he was accused of, he never committed.

Mein Kampf

Book: HDD&OL (525 pgs., Bmi16)

Hitler, Adolph


Hitler’s Speeches

Book: HDD&OL (160 pgs., Bmi17)

Hitler, Adolph


The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

Book: HDD&OL (507 pgs., Chb2)

Butz, Prof. Arthur R.


Woe to You Who Call Evil Good!

Book: HDD&OL (76 pgs., Br28)



See “Hitler Treated the Apostate Jews As the Catholic Church Always Had,” “Apostate Hitler’s Sins,” “Hitler’s Racism,” “Apostate Hitler Was Less Evil Than the Allied Rulers,” “Pride of Race in the Good Sense, and Race Superiority Based on Faith Not Race,” “Preservation of Race and Its Non-Pagan Traditions Is Good,” “Hitler’s Racism Pales in Comparison to Talmudic and Zionist Jewish Racism.”

The History of the House of Rothschild

Document: HDD&OL (56 pgs., Czt5)


See p. 30, “1933.”

Politics from the Catholic Perspective: Hitler’s Germany

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Norris, William George



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