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Durakovo (For God, Tsar and the Fatherland)

Video: HDDOL

Kirtadze, Nino

[2008; 69 min; Vpr1]

This documentary shows life on the inside of the little Russian village of Durakovo, owned by the Russian Orthodox Mikhail Fyodorovich Morozov. It is in this village that his “Center for Treatment of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts” operates. Note, the original documentary contains several immodest scenes. Mikhail Morozov is not a true Christian and is very immoral. However, he makes many truthful statements and accurate observations regarding monarchies and his distrust of the United States and proves that Putin’s Russia is czarist and not communist.

God Had Homos Killed in Orlando

Video: HDDOL (78 min., Vlr54)

Audio: HDD&OL (78 min., Alr178)



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See 00:37:00 regarding President Putin and the homosexual agenda.

Inside Putin’s Russia, Part 1: Pride, patriotism and how Putin helped redefine what it means to be a ‘true Russian’

Video: HDDOL (11 min., Vpr4)

PBS Newshour


This video proves that Putin’s Russia is czarist and not communist and that it is a lesser evil in the world today because it upholds certain elements of Christianity and morality.

WARNING: Contains immodest women being beaten by the Cossacks from 03:16 to 03:31.

Putin, Russia and the West


Part 1: Taking Control HDDOL

Part 2: Democracy Threatens HDDOL

Part 3: War HDDOL

Part 4: New Start HDDOL


[2012; 60 min each; Vpr2]

On Russia and Ukraine, the Christeros, and Wars

Audio: HDD&OL (30 min., Alr344)

Catholics Must Not War against Russia

Letter: HDD&OL


[7-2022, 2 pages, Lr26]

Against Fatima

Book: HDD&OL


[11-2014; 262 pages; Rr37]

See “Russia is not the worst evil that needs to be converted”

Russia Appropriately Jailed Members of Blasphemous Feminist Punk Rock Band

Document: HDD&OL

Mary’s Little Remnant

[11-2014; 3 pages; Tm7]

Syria, Moslems, and Refugees

Document: HDD&OL


[10-2015; 2 pages; Tr42]

Politics from the Catholic Perspective: Russia

Website: OL

Norris, William George



Russian Jewish Zionists



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Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

Video: HDDOL

Gentelev, Alexander

[2005; 99 min; Vcz40]

Broadcast on Human Edge. This documentary shows how Oligarch Jews came to power in Russia under Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin and how Vladimir Putin suppressed them.

Russian Godfathers


Part 1: The Fugitive HDDOL

Part 2: The Prisoner HDDOL

Part 3: The Politician HDDOL


[2005; 59 min each; Vcz41]

It has been a long time since any major power has greatly suppressed Jewish influence in its nation until Russia under the rule of President Vladimir Putin. This documentary shows how Putin did something right in Russia. He took power away from the Oligarch Jews, and hence Jews worldwide got angry at Putin. It shows how these apostate Jews, in an attempt to regain power in Russia, are plotting against Putin from Israel, London, and the USA, such as by fomenting rebellion in the Ukraine against Putin and Russia. The first part shows how Putin kicked the Jewish billionaire banker Boris Berezovsky out of Russia. The second part shows how Putin imprisoned the Jewish billionaire businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky and took away his oil company. The third part shows how Putin fought against an influential and perverted mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who was allied with the ways of the apostate Jews and was ruining Moscow with corruption and perverted modern art and architecture.

Israel: Promised Land of Organized Crime

Video: HDDOL

Duke, David

[3-5-2011; 33 min; Vcz42]


Prophecies about Russia



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Russia’s 2015 Military Parade

Video: HDDOL

Russian News

[5-2015; 102 min., Vpr3]

V-Day celebration.

Coming attractions for the United States of America.

An Explanation of Apocalypse 16

Audio: HDD&OL


[2-22-2009; 54 min; Alr67]

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An Explanation of Daniel 12

Video: HDDOL

Audio: HDD&OL


[12-26-2008; 63 min; Vlr11, Alr57]

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Mary's Little Remnant

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