Apostate Judaism and Zionism Conspiracy


Final Zionist Picture


“[The Jews] both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and have persecuted us and please not God  and are adversaries to all men.”
(1 Thessalonians 2:15)

“Serving the Lord with all humility and with tears and temptations, which befell me by the conspiracies of the Jews.”
(Acts 20:19)

Hence apostate Israel is an
“abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not.”
(Mark 13:14)

“And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
Son of man, set thy face toward Jerusalem,
and let thy speech flow towards the holy places,
and prophesy against the land of Israel: And say to the land of Israel: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold I come against thee,
and I will draw forth my sword out of its sheath,
and will cut off in thee the just and the wicked,”
when Jesus comes the Second Time.
(Ezechiel 21:1-3)



General 3

Potential Antichrists. 9

Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah Beeri (The Yanuka) 9

The Antichrist Rothschilds. 10

Israeli Lobby. 11

Israeli Nuclear Weapons. 12

Russian Jewish Zionists. 12

Christian Zionists. 13

Post-Antichrist Zionists. 14

Neturei Karta. 14

Victims of the Jews and Zionists. 15

Norman Finkelstein. 15

Patricia McAllister. 16

Helen Thomas. 16

Turkish Flotilla Massacre. 17

George Galloway. 17

Charles Freeman. 17

Richard Goldstone. 18

Other Victims. 18

What Apostate Jews Really Believe about Jesus and His Catholic Church. 18

Definitions. 19



Disclaimer: In works not authored by me (RJMI), there may be some heresies or other errors.
But the overall content, nevertheless, contains true and valuable information.


Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Christ-Denying Jews Have No Right to Israel on Religious Grounds

Letter: HDD&OL (3 pgs)

Letter to the Editor: HDD&OL



Israel’s Violations of International Law and Unjust Oppression of Palestinians

Letter: HDD&OL (with charts, 3 pgs)

Letter to the Editor: HDD&OL

RJMI, researched by William George Norris


On Apostate Jews’ Plans to Destroy Palestine, Palestinians, Other Gentiles, Christianity, and Rule the World

Video: HDD/OL (59 min)



The Accursed Jews, Part 1:
Cursed for Original Sin and Mortal Sin

Video: HDDOL (110 min., Vlr27a)

Audio: HDD&OL (108 min., Alr24a)



Click here for lecture description.

The Accursed Jews, Part 2:
Cursed for Deicide

Video: HDDOL (50 min., Vlr27b)

Audio: HDD&OL (48 min., Alr24b)



Click here for lecture description.

Apostate SSPX Bows to Vatican II Church and Apostate Jews

Video: HDDOL (49 min., Vlr21)

Audio: HDD&OL (47 min., Alr9)



Click here for lecture description.

Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi (Catholic Evangelist) Condemns Benjamin Netanyahu (an Antichrist) and Apostate Judaism

Video: HDD/OL (4 min., Vcc20)



A Jew says the Jews Control the World

Video: HDD/OL (1 min)

By Dershowitz, Alan

A rare moment when this lying Jew tells the truth.

Ark of the Covenant – Lost or Hidden Away

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz13)


Zionists plan to rebuild the Temple and find the Ark of the Covenant, which will actually be a replica. (See my book Against Zionism: “The Antichrist will rule from the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem” and “Beware of the false Ark-of-the-Covenant ploy.”)

The Bloodguilt and Deicide of the Apostate Jews Remain

Video: HDDOL (20 min., Vnm7)

Norris, William George


Carter Urges Halt to Israeli Settlements

Video: HDDOL (7 min., Vcz24)

Al Jazeera


Charlie Rose Interviews Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria

Video: HDDOL (54 min., Vcz30)

Rose, Charlie


The President of Syria correctly condemns Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, the elephant in the room that no one notices. He says it is the main cause of all the problems in the Middle East and exposes the USA’s hypocrisy and blind support of Israel as the main problem. Israel could not get away with the crimes it commits without the support of the USA.

Charlie Rose Interviews Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

Video: HDDOL (53 min., Vcz31)

Rose, Charlie


NOTE: Video may contain an ad at the beginning.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal says that Hamas will stop fighting against Israel if Israel gives back the land it stole from the Palestinians. He correctly presents Hamas’ actions as self defense.

Conflict Zone – with Naftali Bennett

Video: HDDOL (26 min., Vcz55)

Deutsche Welle (DW) German International Broadcast


Tim Sebastian interviews Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home Party.

Two Rabbis Tell the Truth about Hitler

Video: HDD&OL (6 min., Vcl8)

Compiled by MLR


Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 1

Video: HDDOL (111 min., Vlr50a)

Audio: HDD&OL (108 min., Alr130a)



Click here for lecture description.

Conspiracies of the Jews, Part 2

Video: HDDOL (181 min., Vlr50b)

Audio: HDD&OL (177 min., Alr130b)



Click here for lecture description.

Criticizers of Israel Banned and Punished

Video: HDDOL (10 min., Vnm2)

Norris, William George


Europa, The Last Battle


Part 1: HDDOL (75 min, Vcz58a)

Part 2: HDDOL (69 min, Vcz58b)

Part 3: HDDOL (39 min, Vcz58c)

Part 4: HDDOL (106 min, Vcz58d)

Part 5: HDDOL (53 min, Vcz58e)

Part 6: HDDOL (60 min, Vcz58f)

Part 7: HDDOL (65 min, Vcz58g)

Part 8: HDDOL (123 min, Vcz58h)

Part 9: HDDOL (116 min, Vcz58i)

Part 10: HDDOL (25 min, Vcz58j)

Bratt, Tobias


If not the best, one of the best, exposés of apostate Jews as the number one controllers and corrupters of this world.

Fear of the Jews

Video: HDDOL (62 min., Vlr25)

Audio: HDD&OL (60 min., Alr18)



Click here for lecture description.

History of Israel’s Illegal Occupation

Video: HDDOL (28 min., Vnm5)

Norris, William George


History of the Jews and the Mob, The

Video: HDDOL (59 min., Vcz57)



Myron Sugerman, known as the “Last Jewish Gangster,” describes the Jewish mafia’s role in fighting anti-Semitism in the 1930’s and the crucial role the Jewish mob played in arming the infant Jewish State.

Is Peace Out of Reach?

Video: HDDOL (13 min., Vcz4)

60 Minutes


On Israel’s unjust persecution of Palestinians.

Israel’s Next War?

Video: HDDOL (57 min., Vcz12)



Israeli Soldier against Israeli War Crimes

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vcz26)



Yonatan Schapira, a former captain in the Israeli Air Force, exposes Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians.

Israeli Soldiers Refuse to Serve in Palestine

Video: HDDOL (13 min., Vcz28)

60 Minutes


Israeli Spying

Video: HDDOL (19 min., Vcz25)

Fox News


Jerusalem Belongs to the Catholic Church

Video: HDDOL (46 min., Vlr26)

Audio: HDD&OL (45 min., Alr19)



Click here for lecture description.

Jewish Hate Crime Propaganda

Video: HDDOL (20 min., Vnm3)

Norris, William George


The Law in These Parts

Video: HDDOL (78 min., Vcz53)

POV, Alexandrowicz, Ra'anan


In The Law in These Parts, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Ra'anan Alexandrowicz has pulled off a tour-de-force examination of the system of military administration used by Israel since the Six Day War of 1967 — featuring the system's leading creators. In a series of thoughtful and candid interviews, Israeli judges, prosecutors and legal advisers, who helped devise the occupation's legal framework, paint a complex picture of the Middle East conflict and the balance among political interests, security and human rights that has come with it.

Marching to Zion

Video: HDDOL (79 min., Vcz56)

Wittenberger, Paul & Anderson, Steven


Although this documentary was made by Protestants, it contains a lot of excellent information regarding the creation of the State of Israel and first-hand testimony from Apostate Jews who reveal what they believe about Jesus and other key topics. It also exposes the Christian Zionists and other so-called Christian groups, as well as some US presidential candidates and politicians who support Apostate Israel.

Netanyahu and Chabad-Lubavitch Jews Work for Antichrist’s Arrival

Video: HDDOL (1 min., Vcz36)


This clip shows Benjamin Netanyahu in 1990 getting marching orders from the infamous and now dead-and-in-hell Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Menachem Schneerson to do all in his power to bring their messiah, the Antichrist, to power. This clip shows who the real boss is in Israel, the Talmudic Jewish rabbis who are bringing the Antichrist to power.

The Other Israel

Video: HDDOL (43 min., Vcz1)

Pike, Ted


Exposé of full-Zionists

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Video: HDDOL (80 min., Vcz3)

Media Education Foundation (MEF)


Half-Zionists’ exposé of Zionist crimes against the Palestinians

Politicians Bow to Jews

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz16)

Stewart, Jon


WARNING: Contains immodesty from 00:00 to 00:10.

When comedy makes fun of the power Jews have over Gentiles, then you know that this power is great indeed and necessary for the Jews to bring the Antichrist to power.

The Ultra Zionists

Video: HDDOL (58 min., Vcz49)

Theroux, Louis


This video shows how apostate Israel allows and even assists Jews to violate international law by occupying what the United Nations and even Israel itself has declared as Palestinian land. It also shows how ultra-orthodox Jews who are full Zionists want to occupy all of Biblical Israel, also called Greater Israel or Eretz Yisrael in Hebrew.

USA Supports Israeli Illegal Occupation

Video: HDDOL (22 min., Vnm4)

Norris, William George


We Need to Talk About Israel

Video: HDDOL (2 min., Vcz54)

Stewart, Jon (The Daily Show)


What Jews Did to Germans

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz27)

German citizen


A German citizen who lived during World War II speaks of the apostate Jewish crimes in pre-war Germany that led to evil Jews being punished or ousted from Germany.

Zimbabwe President Mugabe on the Two State Solution

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vcz50)

Ruptly TV


Starts at 1:10 into the video.

The Zionist Story

Video: HDDOL (75 min., Vcz29)

Berelovich, Ronen


Ronen Berelovich, an Israeli soldier, tells the truth about Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land and persecution of the Arabs from the day of its creation in 1948, a story kept secret by the major media.

Against Zionism

Audio: HDD&OL (430 min., Alr22)

Book: HDD&OL (66 pgs., Br50)



Good vs. Bad Jews

Audio: HDD&OL (29 min., Alr169)



Click here for lecture description.

Historical Proof of Accursed Jews

Audio: HDD&OL (60 min., Alr20)



Click here for lecture description.

On Conspiracies

Audio: HDD&OL (46 min., Alr149)



Click here for lecture description.

USA Defends Israeli Illegal Occupation

Audio: HDD&OL (40 min., Alr159)



Click here for lecture description.

Worries of the Talmudic Jews

Audio: HDD&OL (49 min., Alr151)



Click here for lecture description.

Zionists Needed Both World Wars

Audio: HDD&OL (47 min., Acz1)                

Freedman, Benjamin


Benjamin Harrison Freedman (1890-1984) was a high-ranking Zionist Jew who became a so-called Catholic convert. Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman speaks at the Willard Hotel, Washington, DC.

Catholic Captivity

Book: HDD&OL (48 pgs., Br44)



See “God punishes His sinful chosen people with captivity”

End Time Signs

Book: HDD&OL (59 pgs., Br4)


Orig. ver. 2-2000; Cur. ver. 11-2011

See “The heavenly vs. the earthly Jerusalem”

The Jews

Book: HDD&OL (57 pgs., Br19)


 Orig. ver. 2-2003; Cur. ver. 10-2004

Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

Book: Amazon.com (288 pgs., Czb1)

Carter, Jimmy


Half-Zionist Jimmy Carter exposes Zionist crimes.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Book: HDD&OL (56 pgs., Bnc1)

Talmudic Jews


A book of the plots and plans of the Zionist Jews.

Woe to You Who Call Evil Good!

Book: HDD&OL (76 pgs., Br28)


Orig. ver. 4-2004; Cur. ver. 8-2015

Judaism and the Vatican

Book: HDD&OL (199 pgs., Bmi18)

Vicomte Leon De Poncins


Important book to learn how the apostate Jews infiltrated the Catholic Church and subverted her infallible teachings regarding the apostate Jews, especially as it pertains to the apostate Second Vatican Council.

How Apostate Jews Influenced the Great Apostasy

Document: HDD&OL (9 pgs., Tm27)

Josh Friesen

Israel punishing those who had nothing to do with Oct. 7 attacks

Documents: (OnlineNewspaper)



Published as an Opinion piece in the Albuquerque Journal.

Signatures Collected at the 1929 Zionist Congress in Zurich

Document: HDD&OL (2 pgs., Czt6)

Zionist Congress in Zurich


These signatures reveal apostate Jews who are actively plotting to bring Antichrist to power by securing Israel as a possession for Christ-denying Jews so that the Antichrist will eventually rule almost the whole world from Jerusalem.

Mary’s Little Remnant Protests Genocide in Gaza

Document: HDD&OL (4 pgs)



Hitler Was Not a Secret Freemason or Secret Talmudic Jew

Document: HDD&OL (3 pgs., Tr107)



Conspiracies from the Catholic Perspective: Apostate Jews and Zionism

Website: Link

Norris, William George

Real Jew News

Website: Link

Kapner, Nathanael

Nathanael Kapner is a Russian Orthodox Schismatic who has a lot of very good information on his website.


Potential Antichrists

Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah Beeri (The Yanuka)

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Is the Yanuka the Antichrist?

Video: HDD - OL (115 min., Vlr83)



This lecture presents a lot of evidence that Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah Beeri (the Yanuka) may be the Antichrist. It also speaks of the Talmudic Jews’ belief that there will be two Messias: Moshiach ben Yosef (Messiah ben Joseph) and Moshiach ben David. The former suffers and dies and prepares the way for the latter. And the latter, Moshiach ben David, is the main Messias, the one who effects redemption and brings the everlasting kingdom. The Talmudic Jews fell into this apostasy because they refused to believe that Jesus Christ is the Messias and that it is he who fulfills both prophecies of the Messias. Jesus first came to suffer and die in order to redeem men. He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. And he will come again as the conquering King to bring the everlasting kingdom on earth. This lecture also presents evidence from many Talmudic Jews who believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is the Moshiach ben Yosef. And they say that they met the Messias ben David (the Antichrist) and thus he has already arrived but has not yet been publically declared as such. It ends with a condemnation and warning to the blasphemous, apostate, stupid, and idiotic Christian Zionists who are helping the Antichrist come to power by supporting Anti-Israel, Anti-Jerusalem, the Anti-Temple, and then the Antichrist himself. After all, to get the Antichrist, you need an Anti-Israel, Anti-Jerusalem, and an Anti-Temple.

The Yanuka

Video: HDD/OL (12 min)

The Jewish Messiah Is Revealed

 Video: HDD/OL (5 min)


The Yanuka – Fascinating Documentation

Video: HDD/OL (10 min)

Perfect Harmony

Document: HDD&OL (5 pgs., Tmi22)

Aharon Kliger and Aryeh Ehrlich



The Antichrist Rothschilds

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

The Rise of the Rothschilds

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz39)

Still, William


This is an excerpt from William Still’s documentary Money Masters.

The History of the House of Rothschild

Document: HDD&OL (56 pgs., Czt5)


This timeline traces the apostate Jewish Rothschild’s diabolical line and evil plots. The Rothschilds are one of the main evil forces that are bringing Antichrist to power by dominating the banks and financial institutions either directly or indirectly through other Jews and Freemasons.


Israeli Lobby

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

The Israel Lobby

Video: HDDOL (51 min., Vcz2)

VPRO Tegenlicht (Backlight)


The Influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy

Israel, Palestine, and the US Congress

Video: HDD - OL (29 min., Vcz22)

CNI News

Part 1 features James Abourezk, former US Senator, and Dr. Menachem Klein, Professor of Political Science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.


Part 2 features US Ambassador Edward Peck and Uri Avnery, leading Israeli peace activist and former Knesset Member.


Part 3 features Professor John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago, and author of The Israel Lobby.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Book: Amazon.com (496 pgs., Czb2)

Mearsheimer, John J. & Walt, Stephen M.


This is an expansion of the authors’ original 2006 article by the same name.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Document: HDD&OL (83 pgs., Czt9)

Mearsheimer, John J. & Walt, Stephen M.



Israeli Nuclear Weapons

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Israel’s Nuclear Weapons

Video: HDDOL (4 min., Vcz10)

Al Jazeera

Israel’s Secret Weapon

Video: HDDOL (45 min., Vcz9)



Jimmy Carter Confirms Israel Has Nuclear Weapons!

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vcz11)

CNN: The Situation Room



US Pushing Israel to Join the NPT

Video: HDD OL (6 min., Vcz20)

Israel National News

Israel maintains its nuclear ambiguity or bomb-in-the-basement policy regarding its possession of nuclear weapons.

The Third Temple’s Holy Of Holies: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons

Document: HDD&OL (4 pgs., Czt2)

Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army


The Risk Report

Document: HDD&OL (25 pgs., Czt1)

Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control



Russian Jewish Zionists

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime

Video: HDDOL (33 min., Vcz42)

Duke, David


David Duke exposes the apostate Jewish Russian Gangsters.

Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

Video: HDDOL (99 min., Vcz40)

Gentelev, Alexander


Broadcast on Human Edge. This documentary shows how Oligarch Jews came to power in Russia under Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin and how Vladimir Putin suppressed them.

Russian Godfathers, Pt 1: The Fugitive

Video: HDDOL (59 min., Vcz41a)



It has been a long time since any major power has greatly suppressed Jewish influence in its nation until Russia under the rule of President Vladimir Putin. This documentary shows how Putin did something right in Russia. He took power away from the Oligarch Jews, and hence Jews worldwide got angry at Putin. It shows how these apostate Jews, in an attempt to regain power in Russia, are plotting against Putin from Israel, London, and the USA, such as by fomenting rebellion in the Ukraine against Putin and Russia. The first part shows how Putin kicked the Jewish billionaire banker Boris Berezovsky out of Russia. The second part shows how Putin imprisoned the Jewish billionaire businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky and took away his oil company. The third part shows how Putin fought against an influential and perverted mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, who was allied with the ways of the apostate Jews and was ruining Moscow with corruption and perverted modern art and architecture.

Russian Godfathers, Pt 2: The Prisoner Video: HDDOL (59 min., Vcz41b)


See description of Part 1.

Russian Godfathers, Pt 3: The Politician
HDDOL (58 min., Vcz41c)


See description of Part 1.


Christian Zionists

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Christians United for Israel

Video: HDDOL (20 min., Vcz14)

Bill Moyers Journal


WARNING: Contains an immodestly dressed woman, Brigitte Gabriel, from 10:36 to 12:01.

Exposé of Christian Zionists.

John Hagee at AIPAC 2007

Video: HDDOL (10 min., Vcz8)

Hagee, John


Christian Zionist John Hagee praises Christ-denying Jews and Apostate Israel and tells how the USA and its Masonic allies breathed physical life into the home of the Beast, Apostate Israel, by helping to bring it into existence on May 14, 1948, and defending it ever since.

Perspectives on Christian Zionism

Video: HDDOL (25 min., Vcz15)

Bill Moyers Journal


Exposé of Christian Zionists.

The New Covenant replaced the Old Covenant

Document:   DocumentReaders' Letters in the Sierra County Sentinel (1 pg, Lr38)




Post-Antichrist Zionists

Neturei Karta

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Jewish Group Says Israel Should Not Exist

Video: HDDOL (4 min., Vcz7)

Fox News


Post-Antichrist Jew condemns the current State of Israel.

Pre- and Post-Antichrist Zionist Jews Clash

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vcz5)

Hagee, John

Two different types of Jews arguing.

Rabbi Weiss Rips Zionism

Video: HDDOL (8 min., Vcz6)

Weiss, Rabbi


Post-Antichrist Jew condemns the current State of Israel.


Victims of the Jews and Zionists

Norman Finkelstein

One hypocrisy of Finkelstein’s that needs to be mentioned is that he believes in the Holocaust, which proves that he himself is not really interested in the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nevertheless, I hope his defense of some of the truth will gain him grace from the Catholic God so that he will first stop being an atheist and then believe in the Catholic God and enter the true Catholic Church to have a hope to save his immortal soul. Unless he does that, he will go down in history as just one more lying Jew, even though other Jews lied more and better than he. And worst of all, he will be damned to eternal hell where he will suffer everlasting pain. And who knows, maybe the Jew who lies more and better than Finkelstein, such as Alan Dershowitz, may end up converting into the Catholic Church and saving his soul and thus no longer be a lying Jew while Finkelstein ends up in hell along with all the other lying Jews. All who are in hell, devils and Jews and Gentiles, are liars.


Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Addressing Dershowitz: Norman Finkelstein

Video: HDDOL (8 min., Vcz47)

Weiss, Rabbi


Finkelstein tells how Dershowitz tried to block the publication of his book Beyond Chutzpah, in which he shows how Dershowitz misrepresents the facts regarding Israeli human-rights violations. And the Wikipedia article on Finkelstein says that “Alan Dershowitz actively campaigned to block Finkelstein’s tenure bid.”

Excerpts from the Norman Finkelstein Debate with Alan Dershowitz

Video: HDDOL (18 min., Vcz46)



In this debate Finkelstein exposes the lies, frauds, and deceptions contained in Dershowitz’s book The Case for Israel.

Finkelstein vs. Wolf Blitzer

Video: HDDOL (7 min., Vcz45)

Fox News


Finkelstein exposes Zionist Israel’s hypocrisy of not really working for a two-state solution with the Palestinians and of their unjust persecution of the Palestinians and the stealing of their land.

Yoav Shamir Interviews Norman Finkelstein

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz47)

Shamir, Yoav


This is interview was taken from the film “Defamation” by Yoav Shamir. Finkelstein shows that many of the Zionist Jews present themselves as victims as an excuse to unjustly victimize other people and steal from them. He also shows how they use the so-called Holocaust and so-called anti-semitism to bribe and victimize the Gentiles.

Finkelstein’s Tenure Denied and Attempted Ban of His Book

Document: HDD&OL (2 pgs., Czt8)



Patricia McAllister

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Patricia McAllister Denounces Zionist Jewish Bankers

Video: HDDOL (19 sec., Vcz43)



Patricia McAllister is a former LAUSD school teacher. She was fired for correctly denouncing Zionist Jewish bankers during an interview with reason.tv.

Patricia McAllister: Fired for an Anti-Zionist Comment!

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz44)

McAllister, Patricia


This is the MyFOXla.com interview with Patricia McAllister.

Patricia McAllister, Fired LAUSD School Teacher

Document: HDD&OL (2 pgs., Czt7)

McAllister, Patricia



Helen Thomas

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Helen Thomas: The Jews Didn’t Have to Go Anywhere after WWII

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz38)

The Joy Behar Show


Under Fire for Comments, Helen Thomas Retires

Video: HDDOL (2 min., Vcz35)



Helen Thomas Fired

Audio: HDD&OL (21 min., Alr112)



Click here for lecture description.

Helen Thomas Quits After Israel Comments

Document: HDD&OL (2 pgs., Czt4)

Yahoo News


Turkish Flotilla Massacre

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Ed Koch and Jeremy Scahill Debate Over Gaza Flotilla

Video: HDDOL (8 min., Vcz32)



Exposing Israel: Kenneth O’Keefe on HARDtalk

Video: HDDOL (23 min., Vcz33)



An ex-USA Marine who was onboard during the massacre testifies to the Israeli murders and unjust brutality. Even though he’s a heretical peacenik, he speaks the truth about this massacre.

World Condemns Israel Raid on Gaza Aid Convoy

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz34)

Al Jazeera


Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Blockade

Audio: HDD&OL (50 min., Alr87)



Click here for lecture description.

Gaza Flotilla Campaign Summary Report

Document: HDD&OL (42 pgs., Czt3)


Even though the IHH is a heretical peacenik organization, it speaks the truth about this massacre.

George Galloway

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Galloway Banned from Canada, Faces JDL Jew Accuser

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz17)

Channel 4, Live Toronto


George Galloway is a half-Zionist who was banned from Canada for opposing Zionist domination in apostate Israel. They banned him for giving humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Galloway Breaks Ban Live from New York

Video: HDDOL (70 min., Vcz18)

Galloway, George


On George Galloway

Audio: HDD&OL (52 min., Alr152)



Click here for lecture description.

Charles Freeman

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Charles Freeman, Another AIPAC Victim

Video: HDDOL (20 min., Vcz19)

CNN with Fareed Zakaria


Freeman is a half-Zionist and an Americanist and apostate for respecting Talmudic Judaism and a possible Freemason for covering up 911. Nevertheless, the Zionists persecuted even him for criticizing Israel. (This video contains an immodest commercial from 10:48 to 13:09.)

Stephen Walt on Zionist Persecution of Charles Freeman

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz21)

Danish TV


First 30 seconds are in Danish. The rest is in English. Stephen Walt talks on the Charles Freeman case and Zionist persecution on Danish TV.

Richard Goldstone

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Justice Richard Goldstone

Video: HDDOL (48 min., Vcz23)

Bill Moyers Journal


Judge Richard Goldstone, UN war-crimes investigator and Zionist, is persecuted by right-wing Zionists for correctly denouncing Israel for war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Other Victims

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

The Persecution of Rick Gonzalez

Book: HDD&OL (52 pgs., Br36)




What Apostate Jews Really Believe
about Jesus and His Catholic Church

Title, Length, Catalog No.


Date & Description

Jews Say the Catholic Church Is Edom and Is Going Down

Video: HDDOL (6 min., Vcz37)

 The Singer & Gimple Show 64

3-2010: “Eisav and the last Exile Part II,” Broadcast Live from the Temple Mount, Israeli National Radio”

Two apostate Jews call the true Catholic Church Edom and compare Her to pagan Babylon and speak of Her ultimate destruction and their rise to power with their messiah, the Antichrist, whom they say will be accepted by many disillusioned Christians. This will appear to come true when God allows evil Jews to orchestrate the destruction of the apostate Church in Rome which calls itself the Catholic Church. But true Catholics know that the true Catholic Church can never be destroyed and is not in Rome since at least 1130. (See RJMI Article No Popes or Cardinals since 1130.)

Nathanael Kapner: Confessions of a Former Jew

Video: HDDOL (3 min., Vcz52)

Kapner, Nathanael


Nathanael Kapner, a racial Jew, left Apostate Judaism and became a Russian Orthodox Schismatic. He testifies to what the Jews really believe about Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and non-Jews.

Nathanael Kapner: Why I Left Judaism

Video: HDDOL (5 min., Vcz51)

Kapner, Nathanael


Nathanael Kapner, a racial Jew, left Apostate Judaism and became a Russian Orthodox Schismatic. He testifies to what the Jews really believe about Jesus and His Catholic Church.

What Apostate Jews Think of Catholicism

Audio: HDD&OL (44 min., Alr175)



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The Talmud Unmasked

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Pranaitis, Rev. I. B.


Woe to You Who Call Evil Good!

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Orig. ver. 4-2004; Cur. ver. 8-2015

See “Apostate Jews conspire against Christ and His Catholic Church”


Catholic Christ

The Catholic Christ is Jesus Christ, the true Christ and true Messiah.

Talmudic Christ

The Talmudic Christ is the Antichrist, the false Christ and false Messiah.

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is God’s one and only Church during the New Covenant era.

Talmudic Church

The Talmudic Church is a false Church that consists of Jews who practice the Talmudic religion. The Talmudic Church is often referred to as the synagogue or the synagogue of the Jews.

Catholic religion

The Catholic religion or Catholicism is the one and only true religion during the New Covenant era.

Talmudic religion

The Talmudic religion or Talmudism or Talmudic Judaism is a false religion created by Christ-denying Jews to accommodate their denial of Jesus Christ and hence their false interpretations of the Old Testament. It is incorrectly referred to as Judaism because it is actually a corruption and perversion of true Judaism, which ended with the death of Jesus Christ.


Catholics practice the Catholic religion and belong to the Catholic Church and are God’s only chosen people during the New Covenant era.

Talmudic Jews

Talmudic Jews practice the Talmudic religion and belong to the Talmudic Church and are not God’s chosen people.

Apostate Jews

Apostate Jews are Jews who do not believe in the Catholic Christ.

Type of apostate Jews

The original meaning of the word “Jew” is an Israelite who belongs to the tribe of Juda. However, the meaning has changed. The word Jew as used today in the racial sense refers to all Israelites; that is, the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob who formed the twelve tribes of Israel. They are also known as Hebrews. (See my book The Jews: Who is a Jew?) The Jewish race includes Jews who believe in a false god or gods or no god at all and Jews who practice false religions or no religion at all and Jews who believe in the one true God and practice the one true religion. The only Jews during the New Covenant era that believe in the one true God and practice the one true religion are Catholic Jews. All other Jews are apostate Jews, also known as perfidious Jews or unbelieving Jews. Among the apostate Jews there are Talmudic Jews, Agnostic Jews, Atheist Jews, Buddhist Jews, New-Age Jews, Messianic Jews, etc.


Zionism is the belief that apostate Jews have the right to repossess Israel after the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D. and banished the apostate Jews from Israel. God and His Catholic Church condemn this belief because only faithful Jews have the right from God to repossess Israel. And the only faithful Jews during the New Covenant era are Catholic Jews because only Catholics are God’s chosen people during the New Covenant era and hence only Catholics can be faithful to God. Therefore the only Jews who have the right to repossess Israel are Catholic Jews and in God’s good time. Consequently, every Jew who is not Catholic does not have the right from God to repossess Israel and thus in the eyes of God any such possession or attempted possession is illegal, mortally sinful, and an abomination in a place where it does not belong.


Zionists are those who support or promote Zionism.

Pre-Antichrist Zionists

Pre-Antichrist Zionist Jews are Talmudic Jews who believe that they must first possess Israel and re-build the Temple before their Christ, who is actually the Antichrist, visibly rules the world. An example of pre-Antichrist Zionist Jews is the Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox Jews.

Post-Antichrist Zionists

Post-Antichrist Zionist Jews are Talmudic Jews who believe that their Christ, who is actually the Antichrist, must visibly rule first and it is he who will possess Israel and re-build the Temple. Hence they believe the current State of Israel is illegal. An example of post-Antichrist Zionist Jews is the Neturei Karta Orthodox Jews. One of the leading rabbis of this group is Rabbi Yisroel Weiss.

Other Zionists

The Zionist Talmudic Jews’ religious goal of having their Christ, who is actually the Antichrist, rule from the Temple in Jerusalem is not shared by all Zionists. Some of the Zionists who do not share their religious goal are atheistic Zionist Jews, agnostic Zionist Jews, and Zionist Talmudic Jews who do not believe in a personal messiah (such as the reform Jews). These other Zionist Jews want to repossess Israel for other reasons such as nationalism, economics, or a haven to protect Jewish criminals. Nevertheless, the Zionist Talmudic Jews whose goal is to have their Christ, who is actually the Antichrist, rule from the Temple in Jerusalem are using these other Zionist Jews to further their ultimate goal, which will come to pass by God’s permission because of the great evil of mankind in these final days.

Christian Zionists

Christian Zionists are so-called Christians who believe that apostate Jews have the right from God to repossess Israel, re-build the Temple, and offer animal sacrifices—all of which have been condemned by the Catholic Church. They also believe that apostate Jews are under a religious covenant with God, are blessed by God, and are God’s chosen people—all of which have been infallibly condemned as apostasy by the Catholic Church. Christian Zionists, then, are apostates in the strict sense of the word for justifying Christ-denying Jews and hence denying Jesus Christ by implication. Christian Zionists are the stupidest, evilest, and most hypocritical of all Zionists because they claim to believe that Jesus Christ is the only Messiah and that men need to believe in Him to be saved, yet they also believe that apostate Jews who deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and are bringing the Antichrist to power are good and blessed by God. Without knowing anything about Catholic dogmas, anyone can see that these beliefs are illogical and contradictory. Christian Zionists have indeed called evil good and have blessed what God has cursed and thus confirm Christ-denying Jews in their deadly error of apostasy from God.


Half-Zionists believe that apostate Jews have the right to possess Israel and Jerusalem but they also believe the Palestinians have the same right. Hence they propose that apostate Jews and Palestinians share Israel and Jerusalem. God and His Catholic Church condemn half-Zionists because apostate Jews have no right from God to possess Israel, not even the smallest part of Israel. However, God is using the half-Zionists to rightly expose some of the crimes of Israel and certain Jews throughout the world.

Greater Israel

Greater Israel is the Zionists’ goal to repossess and own all the land that God promised to faithful Jews during the Old Covenant era and thus to have no Gentiles dwelling in the land. But Zionist Jews are unfaithful Jews and hence have no right from God to own or possess any part of Israel.


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